Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Tea-Baggers Is Comin!

So tomorrow they be busing in the great unwashed to have themselves a tea-bagging soiree at Edward Zorinsky Park. (By the way isn't it funny they are holding this meeting of the minds in a park named after a Democratic politician?) Of course they damn sure aren't holding this thing in Miller Park. I know of nobody locally who is going to this thing and I am proud to say I have many a friend and acquaintance who think that my politics sucks. (Of course unlike the tea-baggers who are performing tomorrow my friends all have a real job.) Yes the same people you will see here tomorrow are the same paid off-Broadway performers you saw in Nevada over the weekend. All though this is Tea-Baggers gone wild and not A Little Night Music some how Stephen Sondheim's Send In The Clowns is still oddly appropriate.

If I could go I admit it would be at the very least curious to see Dickerhoof, Fleckenstein and Cubachi have a 3 way in public. This of course is far from a good enough reason to get me to waste my precious time watching these home school reject jerkoffs protesting G.W. Bush's tax code while claiming it is Obama's. So when I get home tomorrow from my place of employment I will do what I pretty much always do when the weather is nice. Grab a paper, a book, ( for Ranger, Dog Fucker and Ralph a book is this thing with words that you read providing you have the capability to do so.) my ipod, sit out on my porch and relax with Sinatra.

While I am sure that the 5 people there who are actually from here will warn the others to not go east of a certain point because that is where all of the non white's live I still have to be careful with my Dogs. Since I know that A. I am being stalked. B. My Stalker is a tea-bagger and C. He admits to fucking dogs. What a quality group these off Broadway tea-baggers are.

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