Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cedarford knows The meaning Of Service

I challenge Melanies 49,880 as of any significance. Total wounded is only 22,057 according to:

She appears to be counting also the sick and pregnant and John Kerry "owie!" band aid minor injuries.

There does seem to be a tawdry eagerness to inflate the war costs (50,000 Americans injured, 655,000 Iraqi civilians killed!!) And an eagerness to blame the Americans for ALL the 53-57,000 actual deaths of Iraqi soldiers,cops, insurgents civilians, terrorists when the vast lion's share of the soldier, cop, civilian deaths have been by terrorists and insurgents.

And our 3,000 dead have not been murdered by Bush, as Lefties say, but by murderous Islamoids...referred to by many of the Left like Cindy Sheehan as "freedom fighters".

The 3,000 Deaths remains the Death Count Watchers "gold standard" and anti-Americans and anti-war people plan their 3,000 DEAD!! festivities and rallies over the next 10 days..

The number of annual military fatalities in the last 3 years is still significantly less than the military fatalities in peacetime Carter and Reagan years before Reagan modernized the military and cut the death rates.

The 3,000 is sad and sadder still because of Bush's postwar bungling, but as war deaths go it is a trivial number. It is being embraced and hyped by the Left purely for political gain.
The fallen soldiers used to make their prop cemeteries and prop names of the dead lists. Victimized and infantilized for the hope of demoralizing Americans and undermining their will. It is a good thing we have denied the Lefties the photo op of coffins and the theatrical Leftie mourners ready to weep and wail when the "collapsed in grief over coffins" opportunity presents.

cedarford 12.31.06 - 11:22 pm

Just another self-righteous asshole. A trivial number of people die of
lightning every year in America out of 2.4 miillion annual deaths, and assholes like theroachman think the end of the debate is to evoke the unchallengable victimhood and moral supremacy of the soldier or the lightning hit family. Lightning is a trivial statistical contributor??? Oh yeah!! Tell it to the Victim's family!!! Tell Them!! Scumbag

5 years of "unbearable death" under Chimpy McHitlerburton, folks, is less than one week of dead from the American Civil War. Less than 2 hours worth of Soviet dead in WWII.

So just drop it, because no matter who you try that crap on, it winds getting stuffed back into your face.Anonymouse

Actually, folks like you are wallowing in a small number of deaths, glorying in it, as a talisman you think will give you power as you milk those dead Americans for all they are worth. You disgust most families that have
a KIA or badly wounded soldier with your insistance they died for nothing, patronizing them as stupid helpless infants. You seek to steal their valor and accomplishments by casting them as victims. When you say Bush murdered a bunch of psychotic Iraqi insurgents and terrorists, you make those serving under him murderers by proxy. Its the John Kerry Playbook shit lowlifes like you love, Anonymouse - "American soldiers are the raping, murdering, Ghengisss Khaaans of

If anyone is getting it stuffed back in their face, it is the
anti-American Left that is being abandoned as the Democrats decide to go more towards the Center. The Murtha votes and Pelosi backing off from her cut and run position are fair proof that the Dems do not wish to be tarred as anti-American.

Cedarford 12.31.06 - 11:53 pm #

Chinaskee and the culture of life

I hate to burst all of your bubbles but you leftist schmucks didn't win anything
last November. The Democrats won and you aren't Democrats. Sure you might call
yourself Democrats but in reality you're just a bunch of leftist schmucks. You
won nothing. Ned Lamont lost. Tammy Duckworth lost. In fact the whole entire
"Let's Lynch George W. Bush " crowd lost. You schmucks on this board are nothing
but a shrill and vocal minority who have nobody looking out for you in
Washington. There will be no impeachment. There will be no surrender in the war
on terrorism. None of the things you powerless leftists morons wish for will
come to pass in the next two years. You're the useful idiots Lenin wrote about
and you're all too fucking stupid to even realize it. In closing I only have
this to say. I hope at least one of you America hating scumbags gets yourself killed by a drunk driver tonight. And I mean that most sincerely. And I hope when it happens you bleed for a long time before you finally gasp that final breath. Fuck all of you leftist bastards each and every one.

Chinaskee 12.31.06
- 10:12 pm #

G-Dawg In Da House

Liberals are Traitors. Liberals hope America loses.Liberals root for the

G Dawg
12.31.06 - 6:58 pm #

Chinaskee loves American freedom

Oh bullshit. They did so have training camps there. I swear I've never seen
a bunch of intellectually dishonest scumbags in all my life than the
crew on
this board. The whole bunch of you should be ashamed of yourselves
disseminating the lies you do here. You don't like it here in this
country ? You
think we're the bad guys ? Well then maybe you people should
start thinking
about getting the fuck out before we're forced to take up
arms and throw you all
out.Chinaskee 12.31.06 -
6:45 pm #

We are spreading freedom abroad and bullshit at home!

You liberals are the enemy within. And if you don't start behsving yourselves
you will leave us no choice but to start locking you all up in concentration
camps for the good of the country.

AmericaLoveItOrLeaveIt 12.31.06 - 6:10 pm #

Is it about Terrorism? It isn't but it is

President Bush never claimed Iraq was behind 9/11, and you libtards have never been able to back up your lies on this point. The war in Iraq had everything to do with the war on terror, however..

Top Five Percent Homepage 12.31.06 - 6:01 pm #

Another Conservative shows his love for the troops

Dead American soldiers are good for the left since they can be used as pawns by
foreign policy doves: body bag pictures and grieving mothers -- all of it
undermines American morale and support for strong foreign policy.
Dead soldiers can be cast as "victims," and their corpses cynically used as clubs against America's foreign policy. In holding itself up as the great defender of
victimized military members, the left denigrates the courageous choices made by
military members every day. Deciding to enter the armed services isn't a choice
the left understands, but it is a choice -- an honorable, brave, praiseworthy
choice. The leftist claim that soldiers are victims means that they are boobs
and ignoramuses, incapable of choosing a lifestyle that risks death in defense
of American freedoms.Implicitly, then, the "chickenhawk" argument rejects all
options aside from civilian pacifist control of American foreign policy. If all
soldiers are victims, too stupid or ignorant to make up their own minds about
joining the military, how can we trust them with foreign policy? And according
to the "chickenhawk" argument, civilian hawks cannot control foreign policy. The
only ones left are complete pacifist loons like Michael Moore and Arianna
Huffington. How convenient! And convenience is what the "chickenhawk" argument
is really about. Pacifists don't want to discuss real foreign policy issues --
they want to call names. That's what "chickenhawk" is about. At the end of the
day, "chickenhawk" is morally and intellectually chicken.

Zakkai 12.31.06 -
6:06 pm #

He Loves The Troops...He Loves Them Not.
2008 Cares about the troops...

"Hence the barely disguised glee at reaching 3,000 deaths after a months long
expectant countdown."Truth be told the liberals most likely wish the number was
much higherAnything that helps to promote their cut and run agenda and makes
Bush look bad.Their outright hatred of President Bush seems to mold whatever
position they make take.Pathetic.

2008 12.31.06 - 5:14 pm #

Then 2008 says fuck the troops...

Oh Bullshit...First off they are not "children", they are all adultsThey all
signed up by choice, nobody put a gun to their head.Think they knew the danger
when they joined? I certainly do.

2008 12.31.06 - 5:50 pm #

A Priest A Reverend What's the difference?

Do you see the pattern here? the Ranger doesn't.
The Ranger's fantasy wife has shown up again.

You need not worry about my lifestyle. I am married to a
even got married in George H. Bush's church in Kennebunkport
by his
priest!Ranger Bob 12.30.06 - 6:16 pm #

Of course we already learned from The Ranger's own My Space he is single and much like his great job and his Cornell diploma his wife only exist in the Ranger's mind. But this particular lie is so bad that even Ralph (another Republican nutter we will get to know better) called him out on it.

BUSH, IS A CHRISTIAN OF A DEEP AND ABIDING FAITH!!!!!!!Ralph Homepage 12.30.06 - 6:29 pm #

Now when someone as Crazy as Ralph, who by the way has no idea there is a caps lock key, calls your lie have got a problem. Newshounds regular "john t' tried to lend some sanity to the situation while cornering the Ranger...

BTW Ranger Boob, I didn't think the Bush's were Catholics.-john t Homepage 12.30.06 -
6:31 pm #
But The Ranger doesn't give up. Oh no. After getting his ass called out the Ranger rebounded with...
He was a reverend, not a priest. The church was episcopalian.Ranger Bob
12.30.06 - 10:40 pm #

It gets even better. After having his ass handed to him some more The Ranger had to go and "Google" the information on where he got "married"

I'm not a very religious person which is why you will not find me along
sidethefar right. As far as the church is concerned. They are members of
St.Martin'sEpiscopal Church, where President Bush was a former vestryman. Heis
currentlyon the board of the Episcopal Church Foundation and serves onthe vestry
of St.Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Maine.
Ranger Bob12.30.06 - 11:07 pm #
But at least here The Ranger admits he is a lying piece of shit...

You'd think for as much lying as Ranger Boob does he'd be better at
-john t
Homepage 12.30.06 - 11:14 pm #
Haha! It's all true my friend.
Ranger Bob
12.30.06 - 11:15 pm #

After This of course the regulars just started laughing at The Ranger...

For the amount of times Boob has been caught in a lie he should just
changehis name to BullshitBob and be done with it.

FrankC 12.30.06 - 11:17 pm #

Bwahahah! Ranger Bob has started to melt down again. He'sslinging his
"another lesson from Ranger Bob" on the "Saddam Hussein is
12.30.06 - 11:20 pm #

WOW you mean RangerBoob has been caught lying on two differentthreads at the
same times? That's got to be some kind of a Newshoundrecord.FrankC 12.30.06
11:22 pm #

When you're not really married, you don't know the difference between a Priest and a Reverend, you have to "Google" the information about the Church you were allegedly married at and you continue to tell this lie because telling a ridicules lie about your life and getting laughed at is better than the sorry truth... you are a sad sad man.

Another Lesson From Ranger Bob

The Culture Of Life

Kudos to Fox News Channel for re-airing the burial of President Ford.Shame on MSNBC, and CNN for airing taped programs from years ago. Shame, shame, shame! You have sinned away your day of grace.

John Stackman IV Homepage 12.31.06 - 12:22 am #

Let me Introduce you all to Newshounds troll Ranger Bob In his Own words.

Thanks go to Woke Dude On News Hounds...
gee ohate (2008)let me ask you a question how much do they pay you to be on here, really?Posted by: woke dude at February 25, 2006 10:48 PM

Woke Dude,I make a good living being on this website. Let's just leave it at that.
Posted by: George McCallister at February 25, 2006 10:50 PM

are you 2008 also?just between us?
Posted by: woke dude at March 17, 2006 09:19 PM

Actually they are my roommates.
Posted by: Ranger Bob at March 17, 2006 09:35 PM

How do you like my new handle? I was getting bored with Ranger Bob.
Posted by: Chuck at April 29, 2006 12:37 PM

2500 would be chump change if Saddam obtained WMD's and used them on either Israel or the U.S.Another lesson from Ranger Bob.
Posted by: Donny Brasco at May 28, 2006 05:42 PM

Sorry my roommate was using my handle and I forgot to change my nick.Haha! LOL.
Posted by: Ranger Bob at May 28, 2006 05:44 PM

go back to being a retired asswipe.Another lesson from Ranger Bob. LOL!
Posted by: Franky T at June 2, 2006 11:26 PM

Yes that's the Ranger and yes he posted under all of those different names. He is a compulsive liar. he has no job so he makes himself rich. He has no friends so he posts under multiple names and talks to himself. He has no wife...his my space...


Male 37 years old
RALEIGH, North Carolina
United States

Yet tonight he posted on Newshounds

My wife fits the bill well my friend. If I had a girlfriend I would be like
slick willy who cant keep his piece in his pants.Ranger Bob 12.31.06 - 12:15
am #
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Children:I don't want kids

Bob's Friend Space
Bob has 1 friends. ( How did he manage that?)

This site is not just about The Ranger and his many personalities and lies. There are far too many other conservative idiots to just focus on The Ranger. When ever a quote is left here it will be in it's original state unless stated otherwise. I hope this becomes a great, well not so great, wasteland of conservative thought.

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