Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Oh I just noticed that the video had two parts... Part 1 consisting of Hannity ...

I found my way to the comments page not via the Part 1, so I didn't realize it.

There should be a drinking game for every time Hannity starts counting things off on his fingers, and skeltor makes end-of-segment rapid fire snarky non-sequiters.

Seeing the transition from Hannity to Colmes in part 1 was stark though... seems Colmes was festering his little resentment all this time... couldn't wait to express his indignation. It's so petty... and yes Ann is petty too, but Ann isn't the host. Ann at least tries to be personable... tells him she's loves him while he just stews in his moment.

That he goes on and on about her thinking her religion is the only valid one (right after she tells him she believes the Jews are just as favored by God as Christians).

Well shock of shock.. most religions are mutually exclusive toward other systems.

That Alan is so worked up about this shows just how insecure he is... he's not a person of a strong faith... a person convinced of himself couldn't care less about another person's religious opinion of him.

I'm sure atheists feel the same way. Do any atheists really care that Christians/Muslims believe they go to hell? I would expect not since atheists dont believe in such a place and nor does a christian or muslim have the power to send them there (after death).

So i'm left wondering... is Alan so flimsy of his own views as to be really offended by Ann discussing orthodox Christianity or is it a put on.

I would hope it's a put on.. but then that means he's being totally disingenious.

Oh well... in any case, Colmes demostrates his cavilierness about antisemitism by his eagerness to label someone with it who is not.

That tells me he doesn't care about antisemitism... it's just a prop for him to use.

I Guess Only People Who Can't Spell Whiny Think Ann Is A Brilliant Minded Pundit.

LOL, she owned him, as she always does. Like her or not she is brilliant. AColmes sounded like the whiney biyatch ACoulter sounded like the bright minded pundit.

Happy Halloween!... This Is Some Scary Shit

A Coulter Lover!

I love how Colmes just throws out his cheapshot while talking at about 200 words per second..

"You're a jewhating antisemite but moving onto hillary clinton even though i think you're scum please tell me your thoughts..."

Its clear that Ann is not an Antisemite and I'm glad she didn't let Alan do a drive-by on her.

Alan couldn't do anything other than stammer and re-read his same two-sentence prep piece, showing his inability to actually discuss the issue like an adult. His motivation was to throw the label on her. That's fine i guess.. that's the kind of show it is.

(Personally I think H&C is the WORST type of cable show, I cant stand H or C)

But Alan's schtick is long since stale. Storing up all his "hits" for the last 10 seconds of a segment like he usually does.. or his fast motor-mouth jabs... its just pointless.

Hannity is just as inane but in other ways.

>Vince, ru kidding? Ru asserting than Ann or Hannity dont have stale schticks?

Hannity is just as stale as Colmes. Where did I ever declare my fandom of Hannity?

Ann never gets old for me though. I'm entitled to my opinion.

>Are you suggesting that they dont throw labels on people.

Well nothing like calling someone Antisemetic in passing while in the middle of asking about presidential candidates.

> Are you suggsetion Hannity or Ann discuss issues like adults?

Well Ann certainly did defend her words... Colmes stammered saying basically "well whatever, you OFFENDED people".

Yeah, we get it Colmes... you're offended a Christian stated Christianity 101.

It's Colmes show, not Ann's... he and his co-idiot host, Hannity, control the tempo and topics. If Colmes was decent he wouldn't just throw out a "you're a jew hater.. now about hillary...".. that diminishes the real jew hatred that is out in there.

No matter how much you dislike or hate Coulter,, no one can say she's a Jew hater.

But like I said before... that's the type of tv show H&C is. so i guess I cant expect anything better.

>Are you really suggseting that colmes is a motormouth and Hannity isnt.

Nope. What's with people like you?

I said I can't stand Hannity.. but for different reasons.. and since Hannity is off-topic here i didn't feel like i had to go into that.

And so what if Hannity is a motor mouth.. I was talking about Colmes..the fact other peopel do the same thing doesn't negate what I'm saying.

If this was a story about Hannity i'd be going through my list of things i dont like about him.. and those things arent exclusive to him either.. does that negate my criticism?

> Why are you so descriptive of your disapproval of Colmes and give a passing frown and Hannity. Hannity cornered the market on blindsiding guests aith nonsense. A. Coulter cornered the market in labeling people and discussing issues with immaturity....

Because this is about ... wait for it... colmes and coulter.

>You can be watching the same show most other people are watching....

I try to never watch H&C.

Proud American Finds Himself Annoying

Yes roachman I find ignorance annoying. So you do annoy me in that regard.

Why Would God Be That Pissed At Me?

Well you all have a good night. Talk to you at a later time. It has been fun. May God bless you all. He has certainly blessed me. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

I do know Jack Schitt. He Is A friend Of Mine.

I thought that you liberals were all claiming that we went to war for oil?
You would think that we would now have a huge supply of oil and the price would be dropping.
"No war for oil" all you unwashed liberal protesters were screaming in the streets.
I guess Bush is just helping his buddies and doesn't care if it hurts him politically with the price so high and rising.
Yeah, another conspirary.....
You people really are a joke.

Enrico Needs His Ass Wiped

Liberals are apparently unable to find a job, find a place to live, and wipe their own ass. Taking care of these tasks is not the purpose of government. Grow up, loser.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bill Likes To Get Smacked Down By Johnny Dollar

Ah once again BUSTED and SMACKED DOWN by Johnny Dollar!
I deleted the "fake" comment and banned the troll.
Commie Marie Theresa
What a good little COMMUNIST CHAVEZ PUPPET. Nothing like the love of FREE SPEECH by a skanky, flea infested MUTT. Screw IRAN, NUKE THE MUTTS!!

Actually No It Doesn't

Ever the polite liberal eh john t. Won't even call a blatant lie, a lie to his face.

Does it even look like the Sean Hannity American could have a rational discussion with a liberal about anything?

A Gem From Off Topic

Bla bla bla bla bla....

Tyrli pyrli myrli myr, bla bla bla bla, tydyms tydyms tydyms he he. Bl'ad pozor sran'ka. Please ban me ;)

Posted by: pyzhykoff on Sun 10.28 10:56pm

TTH Has A Bad Case Of Diarrhea

I see the thread Nazis have deleted my truthful posts.

I guess that shows how interested the fucking menopausal bitches that run this site are in any informed dissent.

Fuck you all....

This site has a bad case of diarrhea against truth.

You are a loosing breed..

And Just what is a loosing breed?

Friday, October 26, 2007

the Leftist-Islamic alliance?

Olbermann is a DNC hack. He's a sock puppet of the Leftist-Islamic alliance.

I Wish Somebody Would Stick Glenn Beck In The Ass With an AIDS Infected Penis!

I am just joking!!! For those of you who don't read this website we here like to use a little thing called our brains and sometime you know we joke and sometimes we don't. Like when we advocated Michelle Malkin washing that smelly cunt she says smells like rotten tofu and cleaning that peat moss off her face. That was no joke! But wanting Glenn Beck to get rammed up the ass with an Aids Infected's all a big joke!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

CNN should be embarrassed for giving this parasite a job.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Archie Bunker Posts On Newshounds Under The Name Tyrone

Hillary is a dyke
Obama is a Muslim nigger
Richardson is a spic

Monday, October 22, 2007

Why Am I Not Surprised The Girl Is Drinking.

According to his signature this is G-Dawg...

Some people look exactly how you would expect they look...Like a douche.

G-Dawg Is Not Very Smart
G-Dawg Answers When Were You Born?

"Savannah, Georgia"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How Sick Is G-Dawg?

Credit goes to Chrish

How funny! I hope this burns all of Malibu. Every single home owned by the left-wing liberal hollywood crowd.

I Love It ...

Burn Malibu ... Burn.
G-Dawg | Edit comment Delete comment | Email | 10.21.07 - 6:13 pm | #

Friday, October 19, 2007

Actually I Am A Bookie. And I'll Lay You 10 to 1 G-Dawg Never Learns To Spell Regular

No, but the regualar liberal posters on this site are paid. Probally by I would bet money on that.
G-Dawg | 10.19.07 - 7:24 pm | #

I Dont Give A fuck About What George Thinks Either

I doubt if FOX Business Network really gives a fuck what you idiots think of them.

FOX marches on!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cedarford Back?

FLC - where is your facts on GWBush
not providing insurance to the provery-stricken children of the US?
This program was started back in 1997 with a 10yr limit. You obviously didn't have a problem back then did you under the clinton's administration?

What was being passed on as the "Super-SCHIPS" would of covered all children above the proverty rate, 400% over the curreny poverty scale. So to come with your conclussion of poverty stricken children, you're vying for families that make 50-60 grand a year, to have their children covered by this new proposal and have every taxpayer pay for the uninsured children up to the age of 25. This would set up a new standard for the poverty stricken families being classified as the new poverty level: all those with a family of four and income lvl is at least 60thousand a year.
Question is when does it stop? what about those making 70-90thousand a year? or above 90k-150k a year?

The democrats used the Fost child as their poster boy to show how bad his family was without insurance, if it were not for the SCHIP program. But its been exposed that his family was well off, to include all the assets that they had, they were beyond the 400% above the poverty level. yet, what was missed, the Fost kid was already covered within his state under the current SCHIP program. Boohoo, cry me a river for trying to pull the wool over the american public with Nancy and the Dems standing next to this poor "poverty-stricken" kid.
You guys really are out of touch, and
yes, you democrats with control of the congress didn't have enough votes to override Bush's veto. Good Game Nancy.
Surgio | 10.18.07 - 10:47 pm | #

Let's see it's long it's pointless... could be cedarford.

Irony Irony Irony

There are too many stupid people having kids. And kids are having kids.

If certain people are so stupid to realize what the cost are to raise kids, then screw them.

My sister only had 2 kids, and didn't have her first until her 30's and her husband makes over $200,000/yr. WHY? Because they know how expensive it is to raise kids, send them to college, etc.

I don't want to pay for STUPID people.

I Hate Fake Independents

Obviously, you are simply either a left wing nutbag or just lacking in your facts FLC! latchitever above, has helped O'Reilly in making it simple for those who can not or will not investigate the facts (you are definitely among as displayed by your "I hate Bush whether the sun is shining or not" diatribe.

BTW - The "headline" that you used (Newshounds that is) is misleading at best (and I thought it was just the right that did that! silly me!!). The reason he was calling the parents "dumb or lazy" was because they weren't taking the responsibility to sign their kids up! Please, get it right for once!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congratulate Me Thread

If I have any friends left :) I feel so proud. Ralph called me a pussy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Calling A Truce

I was going to write a fairly lengthy and not so nice rebuttal to some comments made by Ellen on off topic BUT after reading Ralph's latest screed I have decided not only to not write it but to drop the matter. I am calling a truce with Ellen and the other Mods. I won't give Ralph the satisfaction.

Does this mean I am thrilled with the way she mods the boards and some of her other tactics? Absolutely NOT! But I had to make a decision and the decision I made was when it comes down to it I have far more Respect for Ellen then I ever will have for Ralph. So I am dropping the subject and I am going to try and keep whatever dissatisfaction I may have with the mods private. Bottom line I won't give Ralph or any of the other fools anymore satisfaction.

Thoughts And Prayers For A Member Of The Newshounds Family.

Newshounds poster Bronx Boy USAF Vet has passed away at the age of 62. And I want to take the time to extend condolences to Liz and the rest of his friends and family. Bronx Boy was a fantastic member of The Newshounds family and will be greatly missed.

What The Hell Happened Tonight?

If Anybody could tell me I would be most appreciative. I went to Newshounds off topic to post something about The President... big mistake. I found myself in the middle of a controversy I had nothing to do with. I hadn't even been on Newshounds in hours.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ellen Or Konservo?

Kudos to Mr. Progressive for keeping his cool while the so many of the regulars here acted like middleschool adolescents. I apologize for their imbecilic behvior.

I'm talking about FrankC, johnt and others.

As far as I'm concerned, you can leave for good.
john t is banned forever...

If this were any other Mod I wouldn't even Question this but seeing as how it's Ellen...OK I am 85% sure it's Konservo but I would like to know for sure.

Late edit...The comments are already gone so I've got my answer. The sad thing is Ellen is so power mad I had to question it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Really?

On his radio show, while discussing an incident in which a student shot four people at his Cleveland high school before killing himself, John Gibson asserted that "I know the shooter was white. I knew it as soon as he shot himself. Hip-hoppers don't do that. They shoot and move on to shoot again."

Seriously if we give a microphone and a platform to dickheads like Gibbon to say stupid shit like this why do we act surprised when their acolyte dickheads say shit that is equally as stupid?

Trolls Complain About Cherry Picking...

By the way your moniker makes no sense but anyway...

I found it MOST interesting this morning while doing my normal search of the news on the internet that index.html did everything BUT state the ruling of UK court of Gore’s so called film while did report the ruling 0,2...,301071,00.html. This is why a station like Fox is needed, to report what the other networks won’t because they cherry pick. They cherry pick because they know a large majority of Americans WILL NOT QUESTION THEM! Yes there are times when I don’t agree with FNC, but shit at least they try to give both sides of the story…and I know you lefty folks just hate that…too bad…deal with it like we have to deal with BS from the other networks. Good night fellow Americans!

Oh Wow Konservo You Had Me Fooled

I'm a lib and all, and I was just thinkin'

Doesn't the sidebar graphic of mAnn Coulter (I wrote "mAnn" because it rhymes with Ann, but Ann is a feminine name so when I write "mAnn" it is funny to me) help her reach more people?

I mean, unlike Rush, who we took out of context, mAnn (I wrote "mAnn" because it rhymes with Ann, but Ann is a feminine name so when I write "mAnn" it is funny to me) was serious. It's highly probable that she wants the recognition.
I'm a lib and all, and I think that Al Gore should win every award in the known universe.

I say this because all of us semi-moral libs really really like him.

(As opposed to immoral libs who like Bill Clinton, even though he's a creep old perv.)

Ahh...Christian Conservatism

As for the dead women and children (and non-Islamofascist adult males), if you want to make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs.


From The Same Joey Who Said Bush Won The Popular Vote

You people are really sick and delusional.....
Joey | 10.11.07 - 10:15 pm | #

Libsmacker Has Me Confused Part 2

What has Petraeus done? Killed innumerable Islamofascist terrorists.

Libsmacker | Homepage | 10.11.07 - 9:44 pm

Now that right there is one hell of a reason to give him a Nobel "Peace" Prize.

You ignorant fool.

Al Gore winning the Nobel won't kill a single terrorist. Some award.


Just The Facts Maam


Gore bitch slapped Bush in the popularity rating in the 2000 election. Daddy's stacked court had to step in to help Junior. Daddy is always there for Junior.
Free Speech | 10.11.07 - 9:53 pm | #

Left wing lunacy at its best (or "worst")....
Check the facts - Bush won the popular vote.

Libsmacker Has Me Confused

He starts off talkng about Betray us then when he gets questioned he changes the subject.

What has Petraeus done? Killed innumerable Islamofascist terrorists. Something Gore couldn't get done while in office.

Al Gore: A do-nothing on terror.

Libsmacker | Homepage | 10.11.07 - 9:44 pm | #

You do realize Gore was vice-president, right?

Deus serva Americam.
Sergei Andropov | Homepage | 10.11.07 - 9:46 pm | #

Sure. Just like Cheney.

Libsmacker | Homepage | 10.11.07 - 9:47 pm | #

Tribe Fan Is Way Better Smart

Liberals have control over public schools and they are a mess. No God in public schools and look what happens ... public schools suck.

On the other hand, Conservatives run private school and the kids come out way better educated and they don't shoot each other.

Another example of why God needs to be in our schools.

I Couldn't Have Said It Better

I've got to post this because it's so true...

When I listen to Rush or watch Fox News even for a minute, it always reminds me how proud I am to be a Democrat.

Uber Troll Has Sex Change!

So I go to Newshounds to see if I could find some quicky troll quotes to post and I noticed this...

Jennifer = Uber-Troll

Monday, October 8, 2007

Konservo. In Da House

Ann Coulter... brains, beauty and a great soul.

No wonder she's not a liberal!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Jack Hearts Rush

After our hard working congress drafted a resolution to smack lil Rush Limbaugh on his grossly over-sized boiled ass because the 700 pound Heroin addict with a boil on his ass called the American troops phony, committed ditto-head Jack Kingston R. Georgia wasn't going to take this lying down. So he drafted a resolution declaring his intention to give Rush the Mother of all blow jobs.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who Are Rush's Fans? Part 2

Michelle Malkin on her blog today has exposed that Vote Vets used a phony vet in on of their ads in 2006 and when truth come out they yanked it quickly. Vote Vets was founded by Weasley Clark and has 1,000 members not 28,000 and just an appendice to, the leader of VoteVets Jon Stolz spewed his usual diatribes and rants at those he diasgrees with.

Michelle Malkin on her blog today has exposed that Vote Vets used a phony vet in on of their ads in 2006 and when truth come out they yanked it quickly. Vote Vets was founded by Weasley Clark and has 1,000 members not 28,000 and just an appendice to, the leader of VoteVets Jon Stolz spewed his usual diatribes and rants at those he diasgrees with.

The group,, is spending $60,000 on the ad, which will air on Fox News and CNN. In addition, a radio version of the ad will run during Limbaugh’s show in Washington, D.C., and Palm Beach, Fla., the group said.

At issue is Limbaugh’s controversial “phony soldiers” remark that was made during a broadcast last week in response to a caller who criticized soldiers who spoke out against the war in Iraq. While Limbaugh says his remark is directed at people pretending to have a service record and seeking the limelight, Democrats have taken the statement as an insult to the troops who are serving but do not support the war and called the remark “hateful” and “unpatriotic.”
But... The real question is will this's ad be another one of their bogus ads???

Last year released an attack ad claiming that we're sending US troops into combat with leftovers from a war which ended 30 years ago. But as Q and O reported, this was not true:

That soldiers were being sent into combat in Iraq wearing vests "left over from Vietnam" is disingenuous at best and to then show only the partial capability of the vest in question is even worse.

Some may write it off to "politics", but the sponsors of the ad, supposedly a veteran's organization, should be ashamed of themselves. phony.html

Josh Lansdale falsely charged he was denied health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs because of non-existent cuts to the VA budget.

Lansdale disappeared shortly after he made the ad for Democrat McCaskill.
This was found out about Josh's "battle injuries" while he was missing:

Josh enlightened all Missourians with this message during his starring appearance in Claire McCaskill’s misguided propaganda peace. This description might leave many voters with a mental image of Josh falling in a hail of gunfire and heroically leaving the battlefield with a shattered ankle. Interestingly enough, though, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to several sources, the Source has learned the true nature behind Jumpin’ Josh’s injury. Rather than in a glorified firefight, Josh actually ‘busted’ his ankle in an intense volleyball match, believe it or not.
Josh Lansdale went on to make ads with the democratic anti-Iraq War group phony.html

Maybe this is good that this is happening now. I think the intent of Limbaugh's statement was in reference to real phony soldiers, as stated by the caller and Limbaugh's reply.

The real phony soldiers who have been called into question, and there is more than just Jesse MacBeth, have mostly supported the left until they were discovered, then they were dropped, without any remorse from the group that initially supported them. Mr Limbaugh has always supported the troops, he is popular on AFN, and has never uttered the words "this war is lost" "this is the wrong war at the wrong time" "this is all about money and oil" these sayings are from individuals and groups who claim they support the troops while they are engaged in active combat with enemies of this country.

I really wonder what the reaction from the left will be when the next comerical, be it by radio or TV, has a decorated several times wounded veteran express his views on what supporting the mission and the troops means that don't agree with the left. And the ad is coming, probably being made as I type this post.

All this is going to show who supports who in this whole matter be it left or right.

And the thing that should matter most is how this helps the enemy in his ability to show the divide that exists in this country, and hiding behind the quote "I have a right to express myself." I really wonder who supports the troops.

The democrats statements from Kerry, Reid, Murtha, Obama, and Durbin smearing the troops, calling them murderers and terrorists, make Rush's statement pale by comparison.
Hypocrites all.
Like I said, wait to see the reaction of the left when the next comerical comes out.

I really wonder how that ad will be treated by the media

Translation: When a liberal says something it must be true and go unchallenged. However, if someone they disagree with says something it is bad and untrue, etc.

So, let me get this straight--

Because he said "phony soldiers"--plural, that means that Media Matters, Harry Reid, John Kerry and 39 other Democrat senators are NOT lying about what he said, and that they're NOT hoping that people won't examine the context of what he originally said?

Of course, for many left-wing idealogues, the whole context won't make any difference. They'll believe whatever they desperately need to believe, no matter the evidence. Sounds just like the hacks at Newshounds, doesn't it?

First of all, Media Matters--a partisan organization--has already admitted that they edited the transcript of the radio show in question. You could have learned that from a very quick perusal of even the simplest AP wire blurb on the story.

And if "Rush has repeatedly denigrated war veterans," as you say he has, you won't have any trouble naming ONE such instance, will you?

Now, I may be "fucking stupid," but I can spell the word "really" correctly, so what does that make you?

Are you kidding me? In seven and a half hours, you haven't been able to to provide a single link to corroborate any of the idiotic things you've said here. If it's so easy, why aren't you able to do it? See my post above for the MM-edited transcript and the full transcript (which you never asked for).

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who Are Rush's Fans?

this is tp Harry Reid, Tom Harkins & other Democrats have more important business than to stand up & put down Rush Linbaugh. I noticed they havr called our soldiers every name they could think off & some they had to ask 1st graders.Rush was talking about one soldier & he was given 5 MONTHS IN JAIL. Please start doing what you were sent to Washington to do, maybe you could help seniors like myself who pay $141.00, $146.00 for another prescription, these are only two. So quit bad mouthing each other & get to worl
I Pray the Lord will make you see the light to love even your enemies
Gretta Caldwell
This type of retribution makes Senators Reid and Harkin and much of the Democrat leadership look childish and petty.The American voters are looking for somebody that is able to show a brand of adult maturity........Sure, Limbaugh has had some history of drug problems, but nobody , except the fringe left, believe that Limbaugh would spout such an anti-military comment. The record shows that the comments that Hillary's cheerleaders (Media Matters)reported are taken out of truthful context, and that Limbaugh is almost a victim of the Left Wing smear machine.

Do you liberals think Jesse Macbeth is a "phony soldier"?

Hillary's cheerleaders? Give us a break.

Give us a break!? Who's "Us"? Media Matters? Hillary Cheerleader? It's interesting that you refer to "Us" and then post as "Anonymous".

Its funny that with Liberal Lefty Democratics, it takes official Government actions to try to shut Limbaugh's golden Microphone. The only way the fringe left can shut Limbaugh's mouth, is to tie up the congress with childish temper tantrums.

Limbaugh may be a mouthy blowhard....but at least the mouthy blowhard doesn't tell lies, unlike his critics who can only attack him by removing truthful context from the historical record.

Everyone, except the looney left, knows what a smear job looks like. This one is not subtle enough to pass the laugh test.

So you agree Limbaugh's comment was spot on. Good for you!
s it true that Hillary said that she started Media Matters?

Hillary involved with Media Matters is a s trustworthy as Big Oil researching alternative Energy sources......[August 4, while speaking at the YearlyKos convention in Chicago, Senator Mrs. Bill Clinton boasted of "institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress."]

I have researched the Limbaugh story about phoney Soldiers, and it is clear that he is referring to the several phoney solders who claimed to be part of military action that involved atrocities, when in fact, they were "fibbing" in an effort to ...(as the fringe left likes to claim).... "support the troops".

Murtha, Reid and Dick Turbin should apologize to the Troops for their lack of support....and then they should apologize the Limbaugh for "bearing false witness" against him.

I spit on "phoney soldiers"....they suck...

BS and you and all liberal cohorts know it. This is just another case of SPIN SPIN SPIN.

If you libs want to make any headway you need to be HONEST.

Out of interest why don't you worry about your own darned country. Are you one of those American wannabes?
I laughed when I heard the MM reports about it.

The far left: getting dizzy from all their spinning.
projecting is second nature to you leftists.

Just as soon as this hypocrite Reid apologizes for smearing the troops by saying ' the war is lost' then he can stand there in his 'phoney indignation.'
Rush has invited Reid to come on his show and level his accusations to his face.
I doubt the coward will.
Further,Reid blabs on about about Rush not serving in the military.
If that is the bench mark to be qualified to talk about the troops then Hillary , Reid, and Durbin can just shut up.
Hypocrites all.......

Seeing as you seen to be one of the ones who blindly accepts without question whatever Media Matters feeds you I would suggest you do some homework about them and how they operate. You just might be surprised, assuming you are not so jaded by your liberal views that you can still accept the truth.

The attacks on BOR and Rush have one goal: Dems winning the 2008 elections and their tactics are to bully intimidate people like them so they back down. Michelle Malkin in her brilliance says she will not back down at all.
Kevin | 10.02.07 - 11:19 am | #

Regarding Rush, its true that a DEMOCRAT state attorney engaged in a 3-year fishing expedition that produced absolute nothing. It was before the partisan DEMOCRAT hack Ronnie Earl went after Delay and engaged in jury shopping to get result he wanted. Nifong, Gonzo both resigned in disgrace and so should Ronnie Earl

In case you didn't understand that,

fuck you.
CharlieDon'tSurf | 10.02.07 - 11:36 am | #

Bit slow eh?

He played an Aug 4 speech by Hillary on his Aug 6 show.

He replayed it today.

Even you can understand that right?

Didn't go Gaga at all. Just stated that Media Matters is nothing but a propaganda machine created by the Clinton's.

Rambo Rich | 10.02.07 - 1:22 pm | #

That was NEVER said, either implied or in whatever fantasy world you happen to live in.
No, actually its a propaganda technique defined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 autobiography. But who would expect you to know anything about history.

myze | 10.02.07 - 1:36 pm | #

The truth hurts eh?

myze - they're going to want links for proof!!

I'm a Progressive Democrat!
How dare you insult Hillary!
She will be our greatest President ever!
She will outlaw the Republican party and throw their leaders in jail!
Never speak out against her again!

I support Moveon.Org!
I hope they silence the Right!
We need to get rid of FOX and the Right!
Just like how Germany has banned the Nazis, America must ban the Republicans!


They must be silenced!
They're killers!
Look at how Bush is allowing people to be killed in Burma!
Bush blew up the bridge in Minneapolis and the Levees in New Orleans.
Him and his regime are evil!

Do you see the irony of a Canadian (American lite) so damned worried about American politics?

Actually most sixth graders know correct grammar.

they won't be hired by the Saudis to conquer America or the Republicans for a coup de tat.
dogcatcher | Homepage | 10.02.07 - 3:50 pm | #

This whole has been cooked up by Media Matters lying to the American public and will fly right back in the libs' faces since we know the truth.
odualc | 10.02.07 - 4:55 pm | #

Were Charles Gibson and Brian Ross of ABC also unpatriotic when they ran a story Sept 24 about "phony heroes [plural]" and mentioned the same phony pretending to be a soldier?

I haven't seen their names brought up on the Senate floor...

Am I stupid? Of course I am.


Thanks for confirming that you're merely parroting the libtard talking points.

When you get the basic facts of the story, come back and try to say something intelligent.

What's hilarious is watching you libtards pretending that you've caught Rush dissing any non-phony soldiers.

You lost. Again.


I've listened to the audio from Rush's show. I'm not convinced of either argument. The whole thing is vague and inconclusive.

The reality is the whole deal with BOR, Rush and just this week with Savage in S.F. is a back door attempt to reinsute the fairness doctrine. Even though liberals control most colleges and universities and most of the media-they don't have control over the new media-fox news and talk radio. Why do you think this website which focues on fox news has so many liberal whiners on it. Its because unless they can control whats on the format its 'biased' and 'garbage'.

Erasmus the mild | 10.02.07 - 4:56 pm
Unlike leftwingers on hear whine and whine when Fox News doesn't do puff pieces on liberals and democrats and gasp actually asks tough questions of them-(when they actually appear on the network).

How 'Bout A Big Heaping Helping Of Troll Turds?

Easy to see trhat you have never been in the fog of war! Shit happens.
Another conspiracy thinker. Tell Nurse Ratched you forgot to take your pills.
Oh, forgot to ask, has your mom washed your Mr. Bubble T-shirt lately? Those Cheese-Whiz stains are very unsightly.

I wonder, is there more tap dancing during a Hillary interview or Fred Astaire movie?

I ask, you decide.

US casualties in Iraq are at the lowest point in a year ( the surge is WORKING despite you traitors desires to the contrary)

Iraqi civilian casualties are HALF what they were last month.

You cowardly, lying, traitorous ASSHOLES ARE SOON GOING TO BE EXPOSED AND RIDICULED LIKE THE idiots you are...
Why don't you go to a bar and find some company.

posting anti-Bush articles ad nauseum is not a way to spend your life.....
50 years from now, Clinton will be remembered by schoolchildren for one thing only: Impeachment.

Thanks to President Bush, they'll still be free to think and worship as they wish, rather than as the Islamofascists would like.


Yeah, well, public support for Hitler was pretty damn high in Germany right before World War II.

Um, maybe because the bill also has provisions for health care for illegals.

But, then again, they are part of the democrat voting base, so that's all cool with liberals.

You jerk-ass liberals that complain about Bush being "against the children" in the schip thing----

Read the facts and don't listen to the democrat crap.

Bush is for schip for LOWER INCOME children!

Not the abortion the democrats are pushing where it extends free medical to children of families making $80000 a year....
Thank you, my little friends.

You are carrying my water nicely, and I shall become much richer...

Down with bush.....
14,000 would've been 30,000 under Clinton. This is 7 years later, Idiot.
62 deaths last month in Iraq is GOOD?
Feeble progress for feeble minds.
That's why normal Americans hate traitorous liberal scum like this Newshounds bunch.

We aren't ready for menopause in the WH. I don't want my taxes raised.

Clinton not going to win. An easy beatdown for the top 2 conservatives in the Primary.
My best interests? I earn more now and pay less taxes than under One Trick Pony.

Are you for affirmative action? Do you want the deathtax raised? Do you want gov't provided healthcare?

I'll take what we have now thanks.

Beware The Homo-Fascist

Brook is a Homosexual-Fascist.
He does Soros and Clinton's bidding to silence the opposition!

Monday, October 1, 2007

God Hates Fags Morons Protest The Nebraska Iowa State Game.

I attended the Nebraska Iowa State game Saturday and as I was walking across the bridge to the Stadium you could see a group of about 10 people, Men and women and children with their God Hates Fags signs. They were chanting some nonsense and The Nebraska fans to their credit were making jokes at them as they crossed over the bridge.

The friend I attended the game with said there must be a whole 10 of them and I said there are always is. In fact I think it's the same 10 idiots every time. The sad part is the kids that are being brain washed though.

The Bridge is in the background behind the brainwashed child.

The Huge Turnout.

Fried Green Retard Must Have Hung Himself

Bob (Do you know who the fuck I am?) Stoops is either reacting to his teams upset against Colorado or Fried Green Retards blog.

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