Sunday, February 28, 2010


Racist Say The darnedest things.

The Founders were all White, Brilliant and smart. They created a Constitution for the White Children of Adam. There were no black founders. Our Founders considered Blacks beasts of burden.
If they had intended to include blacks they would have included blacks at the Constitutional Convention. In fact, they declared blacks as sub-human in the Constitution itself.

The US Constitution says Blacks are only 2/5 human. The Founders knew long ago that Blacks are Sub- Human apes..I say nothing. The US Constitution does.
Are we trying to make Humans out of Apes?
Why do we allow them a Black Caucus?
Why are they in Congress or in Higher Offices?
Why are they in Law Enforcement?
Why are we allow they to have Black History Month?
Why are we allowing them to get away with Affirmative Action?

Late Edit by Jonathan: This idiot also realizes that whites that were not well-educated and did not own land also joined slaves and women as people who could not vote, or were lower on the ladder in the eyes of the Founding Fathers in the early years of the United States, right?
He also realizes that, along with slaves and women, the people barred from attending the Constituitonal Convention were significant portions of his own race - i.e. poorly educated, non land-owning whites - the Founding Fathers supposedly made for their caucasion brethern. Only those who were rich, owned slaves, had land, and were highly educated attended. You know, the same people who wrote the freaking document!
By his rhetoric, me, ET, the Count, and this idiot would all be in the same boat: no represntation of any sort. And lets not forget that in the year 2010, whites are still the majority ethnicity group in the U.S. Somehow, its us "sub-human apes" that are taking everything away from Whitey.

News flash, white boy: you're not losing shit, so shut the fuck up!

Congratulations To Canada

I am not a hockey man to say the least but I watched the OT of today's Gold Medal game. The USA played very well through out the tournament but Canada won 3-2 in OT. Too bad Favre wasn't on the USA Olympic hockey team or maybe their sudden death OT rules would be under change.

So Is The NFL Going To Change Every Rule That Cost Jesus A Game?

The NFL is thinking about fucking up big time because the Little baby Jesus didn't make the Super Bowl.

Bold is my opinion

INDIANAPOLIS -- An NFL spokesman said Saturday the league could change its overtime format for playoff games at a meeting next month.

There has been bitching about the Overtime rule in the NFL for years. never mind that under the NFL rule unlike the College or high school rule defense still matters and never mind the fact that the team that wins the coin toss only wins 50% of the time despite the persistent myth otherwise. It's bad enough 17-17 College games at the end of regulation end up 59-52 with skewed stats and serious injuries.

Under the new format, both teams would get the ball at least once unless the first team to get the ball scores a touchdown, Greg Aiello said. If the first team to get the ball makes a field goal and the other team ties the game, action would continue until a team scores again.

What? Unless the first team to touch the ball scores a touchdown? how does this make any sense? If both teams kick a field goal in OT...then we have sudden death overtime? OK that makes soooooooo much sense. NOT!

Under the current rules, the first team to score wins.

"There have been various concepts that have been discussed in recent years, but this one has never been proposed," Aiello said.

Could be because it sucks dick and makes no sense.

The competition committee will discuss the new concept with teams and players at league meetings March 21-24 in Orlando, Fla., when it could come to a vote. At least two thirds of the teams would need to agree to the changes for new rules to be adopted.

Please pray that some sanity reigns and more than 1/3 of the teams say fuck this shit,

The competition committee met with the players' union and players on Thursday during the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Discussion continued when the competition committee met with a general managers' advisory committee on Friday.

The debate about the rules gained steam after the NFC championship game, when New Orleans beat Minnesota 31-28 in overtime and Brett Favre's Vikings never got the ball in the extra period. Under the proposed rule, Minnesota would have gotten another possession because the Vikings didn't allow a touchdown.

There you have it folks. despite giving the Vikings the easiest schedule in the history of the NFL Jesus of Mississipp couldn't get his team to the Super Bowl. So what do we do now? Start changing every single rule that has ever cost him a game. Soon there would be a rule that whenever Brett Favre throws an interception Favre's team will get the ball where ever the defender is tackled should it be further up field from where the pass was orginally thrown. Or at the point of the Interception if it is not. Should the defender score a touchdown the points go to Favre's team.

Overtime was adopted for regular season games in 1974, a sudden-death format that allowed games to end in a tie if neither team scored in 15 minutes. Overtime for playoff games always has been sudden death.

And should remain sudden death. Defense counts. It is part of the game. Favre didn't lose the NFC championship in overtime he lost it when he did what he always does. Chocked in regulation. I have never seen one person, not even Michael Jordan, who makes people so eager to bend over and have him shove it their ass good and tight.

Changing major rules because Brett Favre lost a game. pathetic.

Pat Robertson: "God even angrier with Chile than Haiti"

I really do hate this asshole.

“If I had to guess, I’d say it must have to do with Chile’s persecution and attempted prosecution of their great former leader, and a personal hero of mine, Augusto Pinochet – who, it should be noted, had never been convicted of a crime when the Lord called him home three years ago.” The popular host of ‘The 700 Club’ and longtime bingo circuit icon also added, “General Pinochet not only assisted the CIA in the overthrow of Chile’s Marxist government, but is widely credited with personally arranging the meetings of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of his countrymen with Jesus.”

I hope this fucking charlatan receives a one-way ticket to hell, the scumbag.

Late Edit from RalphyFan:

I also missed it at first read, Jonathan, but it looks like that post may not be for real. The topic tags include "political humor," "satire" and "snark," and if you do a quick search on Pat Robertson and Chile you find many similar efforts, including one blaming the earthquake on a pact between Chileans and Chupacabra. So, much as it annoys me to have to say so, I think we may have to give Robertson a pass on this. (That said, the "scumbag" label stays.)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


The Losing streak is over. The men beat Texas Tech 83-79 in Double Overtime. Picked a really good game to go to. Have more to say later. The Losing streak is over

Sek Henery scored 21 points and hit several big 3pt baskets.

Late Edit From The Count:

I am not saying I don't get mad and say things like my God these guys suck more than anything has ever sucked before in the history of sucking or Christ you guys are fucking morons BUT I do not base my love for team on win loss records. Being there in those years when the team is...not very good makes being there when the team is...better much sweeter. Sure I would rather win a helluva a lot more than this team has won. It would be pretty cool to be one person out of say 3 or 4 thousand people who could honestly say they were fans of Nebraska's Women's basketball team before they got on this run and became one of the best teams in the country. Imagine how they must feel tonight now that their team is 27-0? Not say the other 10,000 people at the Women's game tonight aren't thrilled shitless that the team is doing so well. Hell I am. Well maybe not shitless but pretty thrilled non the less. That being said for that small group that has been there all along this must be soooooooooo sweet right now.

You take the good, you take the bad you take them both and what you have? Well besides a really bad TV show? So for the people who questioned why I even bothered watching Nebraska's game with Texas Tech today let alone got up went to Lincoln and cheered on a 1-12 team I say I did it because someday that team will be 12-1 (yes I still believe that) and when they are man am I going to be so happy. happier than the the other happy guy sitting next to me because I was there way back when.

So I went to the game today with a friend I was going to go with the Contessa but somebody else wanted to go and given the Contessa 's feelings for basketball let's just say she wasn't disappointed. Knowing there wouldn't be a great crowd at the game I bought the cheap $10 and moved to the $20 section before game time. The Devaney holds 13,500 seats there were about 7,500 at the game and even that was better than I thought we would have. The Men's game started at 3 the women's game at 7 and a Lincoln Stars hockey game also commenced at 7 so parking, especially getting out was awful. If you showed your ticket from the Men's game you got into the Women's game for free. I would have hung around and watched the women but my friend had to get home because he had to watch his kids. BTW where as the Men's game was played in a half empty arena not only did the women sell out But because you could get back in for free with the Men's ticket they actually had to turn several people away at the door.

The weather gods were on our side today we got a 35 degree day with sunshine. Not hardly summer but not nearly as bad as what we have been getting. It was JR. Days for the Football team (high school Jr's being recruited by the school are brought in) so Bo was at the game sitting below us several rows as was Barney Cotton and Jeff Jamrog. Bo Pelini was with his older daughter who seemed to like to dance a lot out of her seat. I didn't go up to him I wanted him to be able and enjoy the game + I was afraid I'd say something stupid.

Anyway as for the game after getting out to a 19-16 lead Nebraska played a stretch of their worst basketball of the season and that is really saying something. Nebraska trailed 33-19 and there was no reason to really hold much hope that this game would be any different than any other game this year was worse. By halftime we got the lead down to 8 and then the best part of the game to that point took place. The Half time entertainment. The Red Panda acrobat. A chick on a unicycle balancing dishes.

As her closing bit she balanced about 10 dishes on one foot while peddling with the other foot and kicking them on her head. She was better than any Superbowl halftime and probably cheaper as well.

Nebraska was still down by about 8 or 10 when they went on a 20-2 run and took a 8 point lead with 4 minutes left and seemed to have control of the game. But this Nebraska so they blew the lead. BUT they did do something they haven't done much this year especially in conference...found away to win. Sek Henery and Brandon Ubel, who are normally the two whipping boys for the fans, as if it's somehow their entire fault this team has been so lousy, were the heroes today especially Sek.

So to answer Jonathan's question was this win significant? Not really but it was a win and I celebrated it as such. There is no sure thing with this team but Colorado at home Tuesday could be if not should be another win. Win or lose Nebraska will still almost certainly finish in last place But as if they were my child when they lose I may get disappointed but I don't love them any less.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Definition of a walking contradiction - Mark Noonan

As Mark Noonan goes off on one his rants about how liberals are the cause of overpopulation and teen pregnancy, he takes a moment to bash liberals for believing that we are more superior than everyone else.

Mark Noonan says: February 26, 2010 at 6:37 pm

But they do think they’re smarter – its a conceit the have and they won’t let it go…and they get vile if anyone denies they are as great as they think they are

Not just 30 minutes into his rant, Noonan contradicted himself.

Not believing in God is does not mean you get to allow your mind free range – you have to constrict your thought in various ways lest an invalid thought about God or anything supernatural upsets the whole atheist apple cart. Not believing in God also cuts a person off from the most widespread human activity – worshiping God and subordinating our personal desires to the service of God and our fellow men.

Translation: Without God, I essentially possess a truth that only I can see; therefore, making me superior over you.

This won't be the first time Mark steps over the proverbial rake without looking down. Here's Mark at 6:37 p.m.

Mark Noonan says: February 26, 2010 at 6:37 pm
But they do think they’re smarter – its a conceit the have and they won’t let it go…and they get vile if anyone denies they are as great as they think they are.

...and here he is again later on in the discussion

Get it? Your first step in being smart is to admit that you know nearly nothing. Do that, and you’ll be on the correct path – you’ll also stop being a liberal, but that will just be an extra benefit.

Translation: Unless you quit being a liberal, you'll never be able to see the truth that I posses over you, making me superior to you.

Did I forget to mention this happens frequently in his blogersations with various people?

Mark doesn't have a very good grip on reality, methinks.

Not as miserable as you've made all our lives, W

Apparently, Jimmy Carter made Bush Jr.'s life a living hell.

George W. Bush took a shot at fellow ex-president Jimmy Carter during this morning's closed-door reunion breakfast for Bush-Cheney alums, saying Carter "made my life miserable."

While discussing his future plans, according to Mike Allen, Bush implicitly criticized Carter for offering him unsolicited advice during Bush's presidency.

"I have no desire to see myself on television. I don't want to be a panel of formers instructing the currents on what to do. ... I'm trying to regain a sense of anonymity. I didn't like it when a certain former president -- and it wasn't 41 or 42 -- made my life miserable," Bush said

Too bad, so sad.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

On Lady Gaga

Confession: I don't see the huge appeal in Lady Gaga. Yes, she dresses uniquely wherever she goes and that makes her front page news for People and Us Weekly; and yeah, she has a slew of hits that have reached no.1 several times over, but I just have to raise an eyebrow when people say that she's original, or that her stuff is new and fresh. Don't be fooled, people: we've seen Lady Gaga before. She was Madonna in a past life...the 1980's. From the crazy wardrobe choices, to the dance pop hits, its the Material Girl in a shiny new wrapper.

A Dip Into the Fundie End of the Gene Pool

I'll admit it - I have a weakness for the collection of rampant nuttiness that can be found in the archives at Fundies Say The Darndest Things. Think the work of our fave Jeremiah, only wackier and far less coherent. And, in the absence of any fresh rants from him worth commenting on lately, I thought I'd pop into FSTDT and see what was noteworthy this week.

As always, they didn't disappoint. Forge ahead, Gentle Reader, and marvel at the cognitive dissonance.

From The I Saw It, So It Must Be Real File:
WYSIWYG — What you see is what you get!!

The Biblical geocentric model of the universe is called WYSIWYG—what you see is what you get...True science is supposed to be based on observation. We see the array of stars wheeling around the earth approximately daily, and we motorize our telescopes to follow their steady motion. We see the sun rising and setting daily. We see the planets doing roughly the same thing, and we see the moon following them on a somewhat different schedule, all revolving around the earth as our eyes testify.

There is no justification at all from what we observe to arbitrarily assume the stars to be fixed and the earth rotating. The beauty of geocentricity is that what you see is what you get! It is a simple and readily understandable scenario for those who are willing to believe what their eyes tell them, and make the mental transition back to the instinctive reference frame of a stationary earth.
Oh, now, come ON. This is even worse than the Creationist Museum, with people putting saddles on dinosaurs and trying to call it science! What's next? I see a rainbow, so instead of learning about refraction and moisture in the atmosphere, I will assume that God is fingerpainting? I go to see Avatar in 3D and I believe that blue aliens are really flying right at me? And don't get me started on how freshly silly this is coming from a group that very likely bases its faith on the manifestly UN-seen.

From The "Super Sunday" Word of Prophecy File:
We are in our 111th congress and 111th supreme court justice
we are also in the 111th pope of saint malachy's prophecy
44 kings of Israel, 44 presidents and now 44 super bowls.

I think this is a numerical sign that we are at a juncture of some judgement about to come to the US and WW 111

Has anyone else received numerical synchronicity signs from the Lord? I have like, alot of them.
I won't even touch any of the grammar or spelling. But..."44 super bowls"? Really?? I guess the new question is, whose team colors would Jesus paint his face with? All-out wacko. I wonder who runs the Seraphim Football Pool.

From ET's This-Time-It's-Personal File:
(Wiccans in the Military)

I feel this is a devastating blow to the core of who and what America used to stand for. I would rather die at the hand of terrorist or enemies than to be protected or represented by pagans. In the Old Testament did God's make armies full of devil worshipers prosper and defeat the enemy? Uh, no. So then why do we think it is okay and that God will continue to protect and make us victorious if we are allowing open worship of false gods? That's like setting up an idol of Baal right next to the temple of God. Do you think He is going to stand by quietly? As you can tell, I am furious.
OK, you who know me know my reaction to this one, going in. (A) Ignorance: pagans don't buy into the Christian god/devil dichotomy, so this is a moot and invalidated point; (B) Surprise! There have been Wiccans and pagans in the military - and, quietly and unobtrusively, everywhere else you go! - for a long time, they just haven't had the right for their faith to be recognized on military headstones until recently (one good thing to come, against all odds, during the 8 years of BushCo); and (C) so far, I'm not seeing any kind of divine intervention stepping in to warn off those scary pagans from serving their country just like many Jews, Sikhs, Atheists and a host of other non-Christian members of the US military do. But, then, if you'd "rather die at the hand [sic.] of terrorist [sic.] or enemies," dear FSTDT poster, please knock yourself out and enlist. I daresay I will appreciate your service far more than you appreciate that of those with whom you disagree.

And, finally, From The "What I Tell You Is True...From a Certain Point of View" File:
Many people think that Star Wars is a good movie. This may be entertaining, but in fact it is evil. Why, you ask, is a tool for millions of Satan's favorite movie? The answer is the police force.

Throughout all three movies, people always said that in May the Force be with you. However, what is power? In the "angel" Obi-Wann Karboi said, "It's something inside all living creatures." But, is it not God?

Police make people like the devil. Luke is a "teaching" the dirty, wizened, dwarf substitute for God, Yoda make things flying in the air TELEKENISIS. This is the devil!

Darth Vader should be a good evil and Owen en. This is not correct. They are evil, because Owen En hope Luke (a desecration of the things the name of the devil, biological) use of such super-senses feeling and get good. George Lucas is telling us that the Jewish Christians, God is not enough, and want us to believe, at a higher secular human force. Tell Jesus, George!

The R2-D2 is the mute false god Baal who children are told is "cool." It so cool when you play God, and that your position? I do not think so!
OK. Full disclosure. I've been a classic SW geek of the first water for years. I won a trivia contest on the original trilogy back in the eighties, at no less a venue than a science fiction convention, where I can promise you the competition is stiff. Even after all these years, I know the odds against successfully navigating an asteroid field (3,720 to one, if you're wondering). But, all that said...I can't make anything resembling sense out of this post! The police force? Where does that come from? Obi-Wann Karboi, Owen En - does this guy have any concept of actual character names (be it noted, he's posting this on a fan fiction site, which seems like a built-in recipe for ridicule all by itself)? R2-D2 is BAAL? Yoda's CGI flying-objects tricks are Satanic? Police make people like the devil?

My only conclusion in response to this one has to be that the individual who posted this was unbelievably high for the SW viewing, the posting, or more likely for both.

And right about now I am all-but-wishing I was in the same boat, perusing these posts...because then they might make something a little more approaching sense, instead of saddening me anew at the way ignorance and denial continue to be held up as American virtues, in some circles.

And just to bug this last poster, I'll close by saying May The Force Be With You.

Fox Fan Is Never Going To Grow Up Or Evolve

Why can't you see that most Conservatives actually care for this country. You just focus on the bad poeple and don't comment on the good. You are steryotyping ALL conservatives as loony people who just want to bring harm to people. I for one am a proud teenage conservative and that is not going to change.

Posted by: foxfan23 on Wed 2.24 2:07pm

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nebraska Women's Basketball Big XII Regular Season Champions

The Women beat Oklahoma at Oklahoma tonight 80-64 to wrap up the Big XII women's regular season champions. Great job to each and every member of the team the coaches and Head Coach Connie Yori

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say Something Nice About Somebody

Time for a feel good thread hey?

Say Something Good About Somebody;

ET: Very wise! One of my favorite people from Newshounds. I draw strength from her guidance.

Jonathan: Wonderful with words (wish I had his writing gift) also very intelligent. Great young man.

Edit from Jonathan:

Count: a man who never minces words to speak the obviousness of a situation, and a passionate Cornhuskers fan, and a good friend all-around.

ET: The voice of reason on the O/T, and here on Banned and Dangerous. An incredibly wise woman I would like to aspire to be like.

There Are Some Sick People In This World

Scotty Puss Puss, Steven his IQ Count is 1, and John Teabag you are all assholes. That is my opinion of course but I would bet a million dollars that God would agree with me.

If I thought he had even one one millionth of that bet I would take him up on it because I know God personally. And believe me she doesn't think much of this clown at all. Who are these people?

So Scotty lives with Mommy, Stevie lives with Daddy Ray, and John Teabag has actually done well with himself,

I don't know who any of these people are and since my name is not "Stevie" I won't worry about it.

but teabag, your addresses are public information, information about your home ownership, how much you paid for it, what loan you have on it, is all public information. Youre talking about charges again dickhead,

I have read this three times and still can't make sense of it.

tell us all the state and penal code number asshole. Again the retard attacks along with the sodomy fantasy, children with mental disorders and speech apraxia must not be exposed to that hatred.

Well he is the retard with a sodomy fantasy (he likes to fuck dogs) and he is somebodies child and clearly has a mental disorder. As for his Million dollar bet since he wrote a check with his mouth his ass couldn't begin to cash I wouldn't sweat it. Once again nice clientele Johnny.

Monday, February 22, 2010

LT has left the building

As the Count has sadly reported today, San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson was let go by the front office, Dean Spanos. I knew this would happen well after San Diego's loss to the Jets in the divisional round of the playoffs, so the news doesn't come as a huge shock. Losing someone like LT - not playing in his prime as he was the last two seasons - someone who's made NFL history in his nine seasons as a Charger, is never easy to lose. I wish him the best of luck to wherever he goes (preferably, i'd want him to finish off his career with Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints).

What does this mean for San Diego going forward? A few things:

1.) Philip Rivers is now, officially, the face and leader of this football team. The weight of this team will rise - or fall - mostly on his arm. This the route A.J. Smith wanted to go down since the '04 draft, and now he has it. Which leads me to...

2.) San Diego needs to build the offense that will play to Rivers' strengths. We need a backup center for Nick Hardwicke, a right guard, and a physical running back we can either get out of the Draft, or search for one in the free agency market.

3.) The narrative going into the 2010 campaign? Same as last year: the most talented team in the NFL, with great depth. A favorite to win its fifth straight AFC West title, its sixth in seven years since 2004. Can Rivers lead his team to get to Dallas, the site of Super Bowl XXV? Or will it be another year where the team chokes in the post-season?

Oh Lord He's Going To Play Sherlock Holmes Again

Our Good Friend "Dogfucker is on yet another quest to find out the personal information on Newshounds Posters...

then ashely is right, you creeps publish IP addresses.

How about we take it to the next step, publish addresses and home phone numbers? Scotty H, John B, Stevie L?

Of course he tried this before with me an ended up harassing some poor guy in Maryland who is probably republican as the day is long. Is only clue is he's sure my name is "Steve or Stevie" Which of course it's neither. I'll help him out though.

I am not...



Shutter Island

Shutter Island, the new film by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese, is as much of a mind-bender as the characters who inhabit the mental asylum for the criminally insane. On my first viewing on Saturday, it was like me and the audience were going 12 rounds with a prized fighter at the top of his game. The movie pummels the viewer with vivid and graphic flashbacks of Teddy Daniel's (Leonardo DiCaprio) past, hidden motives from the head honcho, Dr. Cawley (the great Ben Kingsley), and a deadly hurricane which threatens to bring down the walls of Ashcliffe, both literally and figuratively.

Here's a tip: just let all the madness and dark poetry Scorsese paints sink in. For decades, Marty's used the criminal underworld and the mean streets of New York City and Boston, to name a few, as a blazing torch way into the darkening, haunted depths of the human soul. From the terrifying opening score composed by Robbie Richardson, to the ever superb editing of Scorsese's longtime partner Thelma Schoonmaker, Shutter Island is another triumph of gut-punching storytelling mixed with utter devotion to the filmmaking of old.

Teddy and his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are U.S. Marshals assigned to investigate the disappearance of one of Ashcliffe's patients, Rachel Solando. Once there, the pair quickly begin to realize that the truth behind the woman's disappearance is as elusive as she is. On Shutter Island, everyone has some demons - or secrets - buried within. Even Daniel's motives for taking on the case, are shrouded in mystery. That's all i'm telling you about Shutter Island, partially because there are certain parts from this head trip of a movie that I still don't understand. I will tell you that DiCaprio gives his most complex and devastating performance yet as Daniels, as he tries to connect the dots to the many mysteries on Shutter Island, before he loses his own sanity. I can tell you that Ben Kingsley plays Dr. Calwey with quiet menace that'll keep you guessing his agenda up until the end. And I can tell you that production designer Dante Ferrti and cinematographer Robert Richardson are magnificent in bringing to life this hellish mental facility.

In the end though, you don't have to figure everything out to realize that Scorsese's still at his best, even when the story twists, turns, and throws a twist that would shock M. Night Shyamalan himself. A great filmmaker and his talented cast will keep you enthralled every time.

***1/2 stars out of ****

Chargers Release LaDainian Tomlinson

OK Jonathan what is your opinion? Are you surprised?

The San Diego Chargers released running back LaDainian Tomlinson Monday afternoon.

LaDainian Tomlinson

Tomlinson played nine seasons in San Diego, but at the age of 30 and with declining numbers, Tomlinson has been anticipating his release for the past month.

"This is a part of the business that I hate, and it's particularly hard when you're dealing with someone I consider a friend," Spanos said in a statement. "Change involving great players is never easy. I respect L.T. as much or more than any player I've ever known. And no one appreciates his contributions to this organization more than I do. That is why this is such a difficult announcement for me to make."

Tomlinson rushed for 12,490 yards in nine seasons and rushed for 138 touchdowns during his career in San Diego. He caught 530 passes and scored 15 touchdowns through the air.

A former first-round pick, Tomlinson rushed for only 730 yards in 14 games last season and had a 3.3-yard rushing average. He struggled on first down during the Chargers playoff loss to the New York Jets.

Still, the Tomlinson years were some of the best in Chargers history. Tomlinson immediately established himself as a star during a rookie season in 2001 when he rushed for 1,236 yards and scored 10 touchdowns. His ability to run, make big plays and score touchdowns helped allow quarterbacks Drew Brees and Philip Rivers to develop into Pro Bowl stars.

The Chargers reworked Tomlinson's contract last offseason to give him one more chance to re-establish himself as a top running back. He was scheduled to get a $2 million bonus in March and a $3 million base salary under the restructured contract.

At 30, Tomlinson will have to find a new team to restart his career.

John Clayton is a senior NFL writer for Information from The Associated Press is included in this report.

Edit by Jonathan: The talk after the stunning playoff loss to the Jets, was the future of LT, and how he was probably going to get the boot. He even said it himself that didn't expect to be back next season. So, no; this isn't a big surprise to Chargers nation. It doesn't suck any less, though. I'll have more of my thoughts later on in the evening.

A Reason For Me To Watch Curling

In Yet another sign I am getting old I turned on MSNBC and saw that Olympic curling was on. Before I could turn the channel I noticed one Cheryl Bernard the Captain of Canada's curling team. My first thought when I saw her was wow she's kind of attractive. My second thought after I found out who she was, was...44? really?

Canadian Olympic curler Cheryl Bernard.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Was this the hip-hop makeover Michael Steel was referring to?

Oh, Christ. These two rappers - one's called "Stiltz," the other, "Serious C" (i'm not making this up) combine to become "The Young Cons."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nebraska Plays Well...For 3 Minutes

Then it was business as usual Missouri 74 Nebraska 59.

The Policy Of This Blog

All 3 people who post on this blog are responsible for what they post.

What I post is my opinion.

What Jonathan posts is his opinion

What ET Posts is her opinion.

None of us are responsible for what the other person posts.

Nobody here makes any money from this blog. ( not even sure where that even came from)

IF I feel anything Jonathan or ET has posted is somehow not appropriate I will delete it. I think I have done that 1 time. I have erased my own posts on many occasions.

I will say what I want to say on this blog. If I say something that the other two people find inappropriate I would consider their opinion and make a choice and most likely agree to erase the post. I will not let some fool like Nipigon tell me what I can or can not say here. If he wants to start a blog say what he thinks about me and set the rules he can knock himself out.

I also can decide who I do not want leaving comments here. Not sure why I have to defend this but it seems I always have to. Again if Nipigon wants to start a blog and rip me with out me being allowed to say a word fine by me.

If your posts consist of calling the other 2 people who post here Sexist or Racists names you don't get to post here.

If your posts consist of long rambling nonsense about your online ministry you don't get to post here.

If you leave post after post after post that neither make sense nor contain anything of substance YOU do not get to post here. I do not understand why Newshounds tolerates this but they do.


Wow And To Think I Refrained From Arguing With Him Over There Tonight

This on the thread where Uber is pestering Aria over a comment she made about Teabaggers and followers of John Stack.

And Count,

If you would let me post you would increase your traffic by 100%.
I laughed so hard when you said you shut down your site when Murtha died.
Then I realised that you were concerned that ET or J.P.Holmes or that other guy might say some bad things.

Do you realise you are a major fucking joke?

Just asking.

Hee He Heeereeeee Hee.

P.S. You live by the sword yu

fuck it you know t

I am not sure where his anger comes from...Ok yes I am...the bottle. I'll say this. I have found some of the sympathy for this Stack guy to be odd at best and misplaced at worst. BUT you have to keep in mind in the case of Billy? John? He has mentioned here he has no moral problem with murder and it's clear he has as many mental issues as Stack did. Oh well. The Celtics won tonight looked good doing it for a change so it's been a good night.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Questions: The Weekend Edition

I'm going to shake up my edition of Jonathan's Random Questions. Instead of me ranting and raving, I want the Count and RalphyFan to join the fun. Just ask your question on page and explain why this question either pisses you off or has you generally stumped. I'll be updating more over the weekend, and I hope the Count and RalphyFan join in as well.

- Will the conservatives please make up their fucking minds about what they hate President Obama for?! At the Conservative Political Action Conference today, former Bush lawyer for the Department of Justice Viet Dinh actually criticized the president for killing too many enemy combatants. I'm not making that up.

"Why have executions increased?" asked Viet Dinh, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center and one of the authors of the USA Patriot Act. Dinh complained that "the president and vice president expound this fact as a fact that they are actually successful in war."

"That doesn't mean I think they are not illegitimate," he added. "No, we have every right to kill the other side's warriors. But at what cost? When we do not have an effective detention policy the only option we have is to kill them before we can detain them. And if we don't detain them, we don't know what they know and what they are up to."

Are you fucking serious?! For the last eight years, the Bush policy to handling terror suspect was to shoot and/or torture first, ask questions later. If international law, and the Congress disagreed with said policy? Fuck em, i'm gonna do it my way. Now that a Democrat is running the show, you're concerned about our world image and how we fight radical Islam? Bull!

- What does it say about our media when most of the networks actually covered Tiger Woods's apology for being a bigger man-whore than Bill Clinton and John Edwards combined? Tiger's 13-minute apology to his friends and his fans was, of course, covered on ESPN and ESPN2, because that makes perfect sense. He's an icon of the world of sports. Then, I flipped to MSNBC, and guess who was on the tube? Tiger. Same story with CNN. And CBS. And ABC. Exactly, what was the appeal of Tiger on CNN? Was he also going to admit that he and Mark Sanford were both taking trips to Argentina simultaneously? Surly there had to have been other stories for ABC and MSNBC to cover besides this.

Weekend Dawn Patrol Edit from RalphyFan:

OK, Jonathan, I'm up for it! Returning in somewhat saner mode to a topic that got my goat (and that I deleted) earlier this week...WTF is up with former Georgia Congresscritter Bob Barr? Yes, I get that he's a self-described conservative (who got booed, coincidentally, just yesterday at this year's CPAC confab: go figure). Yes, I get that he's written on the Clinton years as a "wasted legacy" - we should all have such a profitable "wasted legacy," methinks, compared to today's economic wasteland.

So now he's on such shaky ideological ground, he has to take on the comparatively safe bugbear of Paganism in order to regain credibility.

Barr...come on, pal. It was under the BUSH administration - a move I never honestly saw coming, to be frank - that Paganism/Wicca was recognized as a legitimate religion and authorized for memorialization on servicepeople's tombstones.

But Barr's on the warpath, railing against the establishment of a stone circle at the Air Force Academy in CO as excessive tolerance, just because he finds distasteful the notion of following someone "who dances around a circle of stones in the woods carrying a lighted candle...into battle."

I wonder if he ever thought about how some servicepeople would find the notion of following those who fall to the floor in church, shrieking incoherently in "tongues," into battle. Or following those who ritually consumed the flesh and blood of their deity on a weekly basis, into battle.

The fact of the matter is, military service to one's country is not confined to any one faith, any handful of faiths, or any lack of faith thereof...the opinions of the Boykins of this world to the contrary.

Accommodating multiple religious beliefs amongst those who feel called to serve their country in a military role is a matter completely separate from the fitness of those individuals to serve, or to lead, or to be followed wholeheartedly into conflict.

Barr demonstrates a complete inability to differentiate his personal religious convictions from his patriotism; and, further, an inability to acknowledge that someone who shares the latter might not share the former.

And that is shameful.

Uber Billy John On Tiger Woods

I really want to leave the Tiger Woods thing alone because honestly nobody could give a shit less than me but this is weird even by Uber Billyjohn's standards...

LEAVE HIM ALONE! You are lucky he even performed for you BASTARDS!

I don't understand why Elin is getting a pass by the press.
As a loyal Dr. Laura listener, I realise that Tiger strayed because Elin wasn't her "husband's girlfriend". Obviously she wasn't giving him what he required.
Yes, Tiger is a God on the links but he is only human at home. (and in bars, nightclubs, diners and
hotels, etc.) Elin destroyed the great game of golf. Yet it is Tiger who is persecuted.

(I type this with the fear of shorting out my keyboard with the steady stream of tears pouring from my eyes.)

Hell Uber if the tears you cried when your BF lost the NFC championship didn't short your computer I am pretty sure this won't.

Guess Benny Can't Heal Everything

The wife of faith healer and televangelist Benny Hinn has filed for divorce in Orange County Superior Court.

Suzanne Hinn filed her divorce papers Feb. 1, according to the court website. Her attorney, Sorrell Trope, could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.

The couple married in 1979 and have three daughters and a son, according to a biography on posted on the website for Benny Hinn Ministries.

The silver-haired Hinn is one of the world's most financially successful faith healers.

He lives in a multimillon-dollar home near Salt Creek Beach Park in Dana Point. And he has flown around the world in a leased Gulfstream jet to lead his "Miracle Crusades," during which tens of thousands of followers have packed stadiums and auditoriums to hear Hinn preach about the Gospel and God's healing powers.

Hinn has been a pastor for more than 30 years but remains committed to "winning the lost at any cost," his website says.

Hinn's ministries are headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, and operates a television studio in Aliso Viejo.

Socky Bore is Really Fucking Stupid

Rocky Lore
Actually, if you read his rant, you'll find out he's a liberal. That makes three crazy liberals this week:
1. Amy Bishop kills professors at Huntsville.
2. Crystal Mangum (Newahounds' favorite rape hoaxer) arrested for attempted murder, child abuse, identity theft, and arson.
3. Joe Stack.

Rocky Lore
Yet Kos, HuffingtonPost, and the like had no problems when THEIR supported posted death threats against Cheney?

OK I've read that one 5 times and still can't figure it out.

Boston Gets A Huge Win In L.A.

Boston beats the Lakers 87-86 tonight in L.A. almost makes up for the fuck job in Boston earlier this year.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tiger Is Ready to Speak...He Just Doesn't Want to Answer Questions

Ok...short of the PGA's prodigal son and man-whore extraordinaire either telling the world that they won't have Tiger Woods to kick around anymore and hide-away in the Tibetan mountains with Buddhist monks or release a laundry list of every woman he's fucked behind Elena's back, do we really give a rat's ass what Tiger Woods has to say tomorrow in his press conference? The man is stained for life because he couldn't keep his dick inside his pants for five minutes, what could he possibly say that will make his situation better? Woods may be the greatest golfer in a generation, but even his legendary skills aren't going to completely erase the fact that he's a bigger cheating scumbag than John Edwards.

Am I Going Nuts Or...

Did an entry just disappear?

Rocky Lore Doesn't Know The Difference Between The History Channel And Showtime

Rocky Lore
The controversial documentary hasn't even been made yet and the script is likely to change. Plus, what about that Reagan movie that eventually aired on premium cable channel Showtime?

On yahoo answers Rocky answered the idiotic question why do Liberals like making fun of babies with down syndrome? Of course here I suspect he's an expert. What with him having down syndrome and all.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not All Loses Are Equal

Lost again tonight this time to Kansas State in Manhattan 91-87. But seeing as how Kansas State is ranked 7th in the country and we had a shot to win the game this was by far and away our best performance of the season. Now we actually have a string of winnable games. Oh and congratulations to the women on their win over Iowa State. 24-0!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olbermann nails it on the Tea Party gang

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Diamonds In the Rough: The 10 Best Movies of 2009 #1-5

Like my 10 worst list a while back, this top 10 list isn't as timely as I hoped, but, once again, now is as good a time than any. 2009 marked the end of the first passing decade of the new century...and we went out with more questions than answers, and doubt rather than a sense of certainty we all felt after making history in 2008. CEO's are still practicing the "greed is good" philosophy that led to the financial catastrophe and recession we are still in, the promise of revamping the nation's health care system is in serious jeopardy of not passing Congress, and doubts are quickly rising about our newly-elected President's ability to carry out his agenda.

Movies in 2009 seemed to imitate life around us. Films that were sure-fire contenders for Oscar glory were deadpanned by critics (Nine, The Lovely Bones), blockbuster franchises turned out to be total crap (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), and average films managed to become favorites for awards season. Still, there were those that broke through all the mediocrity and garbage on 2009's disappointing movie-going season. A movie about the Iraq war managed to be both a white-knuckle-thriller and avoid preaching to either base. Pixar reminded us why they are still the kings of animation going into the 21st century. James Cameron took us to Pandora...and took the movie going experience to a whole new level. And the ultimate revenge fantasy came to life by the man who cut cop's ears off...among other twisted things. Here is my list of the 10 movies that mattered in 2009.

1. Inglourious Basterds - History tells us that Adolf Hitler and his newlywed Eva Braun died by committing suicide before Berlin fell to the Allies in 1945. In the eyes of Quentin Tarantino, Hitler and the rest of the Nazi high command meet their match at the hands of Brad Pitt, Hostel director Eli Roth and their squad of Jewish-American soldiers, known only as "the Basterds." Tarantino's latest effort was more talkative than Pulp Fiction, more violent than Kill Bill Vol. 1, and it was the most entertaining, balls-to-the-wall movie that came out this year. Tarantino's dialogue (subtitled mostly in German and French) is as ludicrous and engaging than ever, while prolonged suspense, tantalizing dialogue and outrageous acts of violence are mated together in a dance of carnal passion as only Tarantino can deliver. Pitt, playing the leader of the Basterds, takes Aldo Raine and plays him like a blast-from-the-past Apache warrior, exacting his mixture of revenge and near-psychotic enjoyment in slaughtering Nazis, with demented glee and raw intensity. Dianne Kruger plays bravery and brains as German movie star as Bridget von Hammersmark, in the biggest role of her life: acting as a double-agent for the Allies. Mélanie Laurent breathes fire and brimstone bottled up as Shosanna Dreyfus, the last French Jew who escaped execution from the hands of the charming, sadistic SS Cor. Hands Lander, who makes Ralph Finnes' Amor Goeth seem sane and friendly. And the film's real bastard, Christoph Waltz, as Lander, creates QT's most memorable character since Jules Winfield spouted Bible verses before going on a killing spree in Pulp Fiction. Tarantino provides the shot of adrenaline movies have been missing for far too long: a cast, a script and it's mad director, all unwilling to compromise to please the naysayers and create a bloody, entertaining, and chilling meditation on how America conducted its foreign policy during the Bush years.

2. Avatar - 11 years ago, James Cameron became the king of the box office with his overrated romantic drama, Titanic, and sailed that ship to Oscar glory in 1998, winning 11 Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture. In 2009, there's a new box-office king that has dethroned Cameron's tale of star-crossed lovers on a doomed ocean-liner, and it's...James Cameron. This time, the world of Pandora and it's indigenous people, the blue-skinned Na'vi are the big draw. Cameron brings 3D to the mainstream, shooting his breathtaking alien planet in the third dimension. But its the story, albeit predictable, that has us engaged: a crippled ex-marine (Sam Worthington) ships out to Pandora to get the natives to move out of the largest deposit of Unobtainium (a resource needed to fuel the dying planet Earth in 2154), only to end up falling for the tribal princess, Neytiri (an excellent Zoe Saldana), and joining their rebellion against the human invaders. We may have seen this tale before (Dances With Wolves, The Last Samurai), and anyone can see the exploitation of the Na'vi in the movie can connect that to America's exploitation of Native Americans, but Cameron delivers it with eye-popping style and passion for his beautiful and terrifying new world.

3. Up - Pixar is to animation as Radiohead is to rock and roll: neither group can do no wrong. They can make their weakest releases - A Bug's Life and Cars for Pixar; Pablo Honey and Amnesiac for the Oxford quintet - and they would still be considered great. Their newest release, Up, continues that winning trend. This time around, they introduce us to Carl Fredrickson (voiced with weariness and touching poignancy by Ed Asner), a retired widow living in the same old house him and his now-deceased wife, Elle, lived in as the rest of the world around him becomes an isolating urban jungle. He uses the retirement saving he's collected, ties countless helium balloons to his house, and presto: it becomes a floating blimp with a roof and sets his sails to Paradise Falls. Accompanying him is a stowaway wilderness explorer, in the form of chubby eight year-old Russell (Jordan Nagai), and what soon begins as a trip to fulfil a promise to his wife, soon becomes a race to protect an exotic bird from the hands of obsessed and disgraced explorer Charles Muntz (the great Christopher Plummer) and a confrontation of Carl's and Russell's demons. With first rate visuals, a bittersweet storyline and a heart-filled score composed by Michael Giacchino, Up soars on Pixar's unlimited and endless heights of sheer imagination.

4. The Hangover - It's about four dumb, drunk boys sending off the friend, Doug, in style in Vegas, of all places, before he gets married in three days. One wild night later, the three buddies Stu (Ed Helms), Phil (Bradley Cooper), and Alan (Zack Galifianakis), the brother's groom - lose the groom-to-be. That's all you need to know about Tood Philip's The Hangover the most outrageous and ballsiest comedy of the decade, where Chinese mafia bosses, strippers, and returning Mike Tyson's prized tiger are all a part of the growing process for this trio of outgrown frat-boys.

5. Star Trek - The MVP of the summer movie season is J.J. Abrams, the director who breathed new life into the presumed-dead Trek franchise, by bringing style, swagger, and depth to our favorite characters from the original U.S.S. Enterprise. Chris Pine doesn't resort to the speaking style of William Shatner, but the cocky attitude, and the charm he displays are still seen thought the movie. Simon Pegg is hilarious as Scotty, and Karl Urban is inspired casting, playing the no-nonsense medical officer Lennard "Bones" McCoy. The surprise standout is Zacary Quinto as Spock. Instead of letting the pointy Vulcan ears act for him, Quinto digs deep to expose the conflict raging between his cold logic and his human emotions.

New Bot Only Deals In Jelly Beans

hey guys! i'm new here. my name's kylee and i'm from Portland.

i like baking and baking friends. oops i mean making. hahah.

umm i want to make new friends! hopefully a real strong man like johnny bravo to
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i reckon i like watching silent picture trailers more than i like watching movies
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i'm a gorgeous noble person. i don't care about anything. except for myself.

it's shiveringly cold here during the winter and most of the year, so how does a fit as a fiddle little one girl stay|presentable?

i seldom get to go outdoors so i use spray tan. it works like magic and it covers up whiteness.
so don't worry my flushed cheek friends (you don't have to lie and hint that you put on too much blush anymore!) ok anyway.
i have planned boys swooning through me and let me tell ya.. i'm running| out of jellybeans ;) ;) sooooooooooooo

Posted by: ExcincMig on Mon 2.15 2:12am

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shit (In This Case Literally) That Makes The Count Laugh

Words Fail Me

Happy Valentines Day

So the Contessa says let's skip Valentines day this year since we're saving up for Alaska. Now I had no intention of not getting anything for her as I am not that dumb especially after I got the calendar out and discovered that this year it's on a Sunday which of course means I have to be with her all day long. So no way no how was I going to buy her nothing. So I got her 6 red roses to symbolize the 6 Valentines we spent together and tomorrow we will have a nice dinner. Hope all of you have a fine holiday in and celebrate in whatever manner you see fit whether that is with a loved one or with the picture section of Going Rogue.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Late Night Open Thread: My New Glasses and I

Check out the new point dexter frames I just got today!

Eat ya heart out Rachel Maddow and Martin Scorsese!

Anyways, feel free to discuss whatever on here.

Maybe I Should Have Saved The Winehouse Picture

First time in years I watched the NBA slam dunk contest and as fellow newshounder Rob said...

Just end the dunk contest now. Put it out of its misery. Please, I'm begging you. Stop the horror. Stop the horror.

That was the worst thing I've ever seen and I've seen some awful things.

I don't know if I'll go that far but it was awful enough that I don't plan on watching it again anytime soon.

Texas 53 Nebraska 26 At Halftime

How Ugly is it?

I may watch some Men's figure skating after all.

Texas 91 Nebraska 51. Final

And The Implosion Begins

Tea Party Leader Says Sarah A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing.

Credit Zachary Roth At TPM Muckraker

A prominent Tea Party leader from Texas is warning that the movement "is becoming nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party," and slamming Sarah Palin as representing "a growing insider's attack to the heart of the Tea Party."

Dale Robertson, the founder of, is just the latest Tea Partier to express concern that the movement is being hijacked by the GOP.

In a lengthy statement -- entitled "Warning: Tea Party In Danger" -- posted yesterday on the homepage, Robertson instructs his felllow Tea Partiers to "[b]e alert to turncoats and deceivers being herded into the Tea Party by usurpers from the weakened Republican Party for the sole purpose of capturing our populist movement."

Robertson continues:

[W]hat I am witnessing is an attempted defilement of the concept of what the Tea Party's purposes are and where we are going. The bastardization of our message I find bilious and disingenuous on its face.

Tea Party members are being eyed as just another piece of voting meat. Tea Party members are targeted for filling the rank and file of minion laden political operations, most of which are lead (sic) by failed Republican hacks.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Barack Thought He Had It Tough

Look At His Poor Dog.

I wonder if Bo comes in from being outside and sneaks down stairs in the White House and goes poop like my Chihuahua Tiki does.

Open Thread

The 2010 Winter Olympics start tomorrow I think.

Can't say that I am at all interested but hey good luck to all.

America's greatest living President was hospitalized today but the good news is Bill Clinton is supposedly doing quite well. That's good to hear.

Great segment on Hawai'i's health care tonight on the Daily Show.

The NBA All Star Game is this weekend in Dallas which is currently under 8 inches of snow.

With all do respect to my Celtics friends the NBA all star game is only marginally better than the horrifying Pro-Bowl.

Baseball tonight started running again on ESPN that makes me wanna cry

Anyhoo thread is open.

Late Edit by Jonathan: The games begin with a tragic loss today:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A men's Olympic luger from the country of Georgia died Friday after a high-speed crash during training. IOC president Jacques Rogge said the death hours before the opening ceremony "clearly casts a shadow over these games."

Nodar Kumaritashvili lost control of his sled, went over the track wall and struck an unpadded steel pole near the finish line at Whistler Sliding Center. Doctors were unable to revive the 21-year-old luger, who died at a hospital, the International Olympic Committee said.

That is so sad to hear. I hope there will be some form of tribute to Kumaritashvili during the opening ceremony tonight.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prayer Of The Count

Dear Lord: I realize that I am one of your blessed subjects though as you well know far from being one of your most righteous. As I look around the world and my very own country that I have been blessed to live in I see so many with problems so much worse than mine Lord still there are days when so many little meaningless things build up one right after another that one can't help but feel overwhelmed. Today was one of those days.

First of all dear Lord thank you for making my Mother free from any ailment that may be truly serious. As you know She had her checkup today and as you know most everything checked out fine except that she needs to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Give her guidance Lord and protect her during the surgery and recovery, And give her an answer to the burning question should she file a workers comp claim so she will quit calling me 15 times a night to ask my opinion.

Lord I realize that you probably are not a fan of American Basketball but I have to ask Oh Heavenly Father what do you have against Nebraska's Mens Basketball team? Is making them perpetually lousy the Divine one's idea of a joke? If it is Lord nobody down here is laughing. Well actually everybody outside the state of Nebraska is but that's not the point. Tonight you saw fit to bless Nebraska with a lead the whole game only to play Lucy to our Charlie Brown and pull the ball away just before we kicked it. Why Lord? have our sins been that egregious? You know Lord because I am faithful, or more likely because I am a sap, I will be right back Saturday believing that somehow someway it will be your will that we actually win another basketball game. And just before your will be done you will step back gather steam and kick us right straight in the nads again.

Finally Lord I pray for my brother John, Uh, Bill, Uh, Sue, Uh, Nipigon whatever his name is Lord only you know for sure. As you know me and Brother Bill don't see eye to eye for he has in my opinion proven to be somebody quite phony which is something I have a hard time forgiving. I can over look the fact that he's nuts Lord but that phoniness doesn't wash with me. Anyway I made Brother Nipigon upset again tonight Lord. I committed what to him was a most egregious sin. I said he wrote something very well and agreed with him. Now Lord I must admit I did not foresee the anger with which I would cause with in Brother Nipigon when I wrote that I thought it was his best post and +1 which is message board talk for "me too" But of course you knew this. But this act made Brother Nipigon very mad. mad enough to write a private message to me to express his anger.

Now I must admit my response was probably not the most Christian response ever written But you would think, well maybe not you, you know all, but most people would think when I said I liked what you wrote, I agreed with what you wrote now quit writing me because you are nuts he would get the message. He didn't. He wrote me again and again. Now Lord I personally have no problem with a man or woman's sexual preference. maybe you do but if that's the case I'll let you deal with it I have enough on my plate doing my job without doing yours. But when I am the object of that persons desires it's my job to step up and say I am flattered but I am sorry I am straight and not interested in you and even if I were not straight I would not be interested in you. As you know when I told brother Nipigon this he started to repeat everything I had said to him earlier when he wrote back to me and told me I was nuts and not to respond to him any more. Since then Lord as you know Brother Nipigon has wrote me YET again All this Lord because I agreed with brother Nipigon and thought he wrote a nice post.

Anyway Lord with your blessing the best part of life is no matter how good or how bad one day has been tomorrow we wake up and that day is over. I thank you again for the blessings you have bestowed upon my life and if my worst issues are a Mother who can be bothersome, A basketball team that constantly sucks...err...isn't very good and a crazy nutter with a crush on me I must be living the good life.

Thank You Lord


P.S. Lord I read Brother Nipigons last PM and as usual it made no sense.

Batty Think's We're Jackasses

I haven't been posting many of Batty's screeds but this one gets mention for the sweet way he addresses us.

The picture I present of myself?

Well gee Sparky I am pretty damn ugly and am here to talk about a foreign policy issue, not some guy on the internet I'll never meet.

I am not a right wing conservative by any means. I have made my liberal views well known. I am motivated by facts and truth and despise above all else the stupid partisanship of being forced into a position on an issue because those who dictate a party line insist you do.

When it comes down to it 90% of war critics comprise their argument of willful ignorance and or just plain dishonesty. I'm sorry but those are tactics I refuse to accept as valid and the facts as we knew them before the war have NOT changed so I still support the decision. It's just silly the way you people all cave in to the status quo, it amounts to fascism on a certain level. It has nothing more noble in purpose than hating on George W. Bush and while I certainly understand and share that desire I have enough sense to understand it's US foreign policy and all the seeds of discontent you jackasses have sown in the international stage since are sprouting up as our downfall.

I hope you are happy. You were determined to prove Bush was the worst President in history and that his policies would ruin America. Your criticism was not after the fact it was active in helping harm our interests. How does it feel to be the architects of self fulfulling prophecies of doom? Lose your job? Poor? Lose your house? Well the world is cheering as you suck just like they do now.

It's human nature to compete. It's stupid to help the competition by giving them PR boosts every step of the way telling them your own policy was a failure and that you're evil.

A fun time at the movies awaits this summer

The new trailer to M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender has been released, curbing my fears a bit if his latest film will suck. I think he's back to an older form of himself, judging by the looks of the 2-minute trailer, but I said the same thing about The Happening and that turned out to be a pile of shit. M. Night's Airbender comes out July 2.

Then there's a 30-second preview of what Woody, Buzz and the gang are up to in Disney/Pixar's long-awaited Toy Story 3, due out June 18.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh Hell No.

The link to this picture of a billboard in Minnesota was left by an anon below. Honestly No I don't.

Late edit by RalphyFan, just for Anonymous. Huffington Post has a photoshopping contest underway to properly re-caption this idiocy. Here's my take:

I Guess I don't Get It...

You cannot measure decency; it is an inherently subjective concept.

I found this statement to be so incredibly idiotic that honestly I was dumbfounded for a response to it. Think about how you start your day:

Most people everyday brush their teeth, comb their hair, shave, put on deodorant and get dressed. Why do we do this? Decency and we are judged for it.

Maybe if we have time we eat a breakfast. Why do we choose what we eat? we eat what we have judged to be at least decent.

We go to work (because it allows us a decent life style)

In the car we may listen to some form of entertainment (because we have judged this to be decent)

We don't kill our co workers, even though there are some we can't stand (because to so wouldn't be decent) And oh by the way If we did we would have to go stand trial and have our decency judged.

We talk to those co workers we do like. (because we have judged them to be decent.)

If we're married we come home to a spouse (whom we married because we judged them to be decent)

We eat supper (again a judgment call on decency)

We then choose what to watch, what to read, what to listen too and what to do all on the bases of whether or not it's a decent thing to do.

We have laws in this country based on what is decent and what is not. You may not agree but those laws pass that judgment.

By pointing out liberals made comments about the death of Jerry Falwell the professor while commenting you can't judge decency was judging decency.

And Oh by the way prof why did you go to Cal?

Now those are just some of the judgements in decency we make everyday

Let's talk about how we judge people.

Are there some people you like more than others? Why is that? because you've judged who you believe to be a decent person and who is not.

why do employers hire one person and not another?

Why is it when you reach a certain age you stop hanging around certain people because you don't like what they are doing?

What makes you vote for one person over another?

You got it...decency.

Why do you choose who you choose to make financial decisions with? On the basis of whether or not you think that person is decent. If you don't make these judgments on decency you would be taken advantage of everyday of your lives. If you don't make these decisions See how fast you go broke.

The person who spends their lives working for the benefit of the many is more decent than the serial killer. Is this not common sense?

To day we can't judge decency is render every Biography written and every documentary ever produced immoral. Would you take the show seriously that said we don't know if that Hitler guy was decent or not that's up to you. You know that Jeffrey Dahmer we're not sure if he was decent or not.

We make so many decisions in a day over what is decent and what is not we don't know we are making those decisions and the day we quit making those decisions is the day we quit breathing. Then other people will judge us.

America's Game

Last night I was watching an episode of America's Game and it was the Pittsburgh Steelers 1975 season. One of the three people who were being interviewed was Dwight White and as I was watching this I thought "wow that guy comes off as a prick" Then I remembered he died unexpectedly in 2008 and I felt bad for that snap judgment what with him no longer being a live and all.

Seriously if you get a chance to watch these (I got the Box posted above for Christmas 3 years ago) They are really quite good. 3 or 4 people from Each Super Bowl winning team tell the story of their season. I wish the NFL would put the ones seasons SB XL up for sale although of course I could just record them off of TV.

Just One More Thing About This Don't Speak Ill of The Dead...

I have been to funerals where the minister/priest has asked for people to stand up and say something about the departed and everybody looks at each other and eventually somebody stands up with that "Guess it's up to me" look on their face and says "Sorry to the family" and sits down. And after it was over everybody short of the deceased's Mother was saying "you know He really was an asshole"

And I have been to funerals where they had to put a stop to the people standing up and singing the praises of the deceased and the singing didn't stop when the funeral was over.

We've all been to both. So what was the difference? Person A was a prick and Person B was a great person. And anybody who would say anything bad about person B or compare the reaction to the death of the two people we would figure to be a complete dick. These are lessons you don't learn at Cal.

Now the Professor is getting into hair splitting. It's clear that The Professor was a follower of Falwell's cult and for whatever reason the death of John Murtha has brought out in him his pent up frustrations over the reaction to the death of the divine profit.

Monday, February 8, 2010

RIP John Murtha

John Murtha passes away

HARRISBURG, Pa. — U.S. Rep. John Murtha, an influential critic of the Iraq War whose congressional career was shadowed by questions about his ethics, died Monday. He was 77.

The Pennsylvania Democrat had been suffering complications from gallbladder surgery. He died at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va., spokesman Matthew Mazonkey said.

In 1974 Murtha, then an officer in the Marine Reserves, became the first Vietnam War combat veteran elected to Congress. One of Congress' most hawkish Democrats, he wielded considerable clout for two decades as the ranking Democrat on the House subcommittee that oversees Pentagon spending.

Murtha voted in 2002 to authorize President George W. Bush to use military force in Iraq, but Murtha's growing frustration over the administration's handling of the war prompted him in November 2005 to call for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

"The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion," he said.

Murtha's opposition to the Iraq war rattled Washington, where the tall, gruff-mannered congressman enjoyed bipartisan respect for his work on military issues. On Capitol Hill, Murtha was seen as speaking for those in uniform when it came to military matters.

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Late Edit: Newshounds resident academic compares Murtha to Jerry Falwell

I should point out that a lot of liberals had no problem whatsoever doing this sort of thing when Jerry Falwell died. Just something to think about.

No you shouldn't and no it isn't

Even after being set straight Sergei continues to compare Murtha to Falwell...

The people now badmouthing Murtha feel roughly the same way about him that you felt about Falwell. You can't say that a tactic is immoral when used against your friends but not when used against your enemies. It's still the same tactic, and it's still wrong.
How can somebody be so fucking smart and so fucking stupid at the same time?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

SuperBowl XLIV Thread

Analysis, predictions, thoughts go here.

Count's prediction

38 21

Random Questions: The "Tea Party" Edition

In this installment of my Random Questions segment on B&D, I examine this weeks tea-bagging convention in Nashville, Tennessee. So sit back and feel free to respond to said questions.

- Can we please call the tea party group for what they really are: a bunch of hypocritical, paranoid, reactionary, bigoted white folks who are being told, through Fox News and conservative talk radio, that President Obama is the second coming of Joseph Stalin? These people are protesting over the out-of-control spending that has taken place in Washington D.C., but have only began to raise their voices four months after Former President George W. Bush left office. So where were these group of patriots when he and Vice-President Cheney handed out billions dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of Americans, lied the country into an unnecessary war of choice in Iraq, and handed huge sums of bailout money to the financial powerhouses who, thanks to years of unregulated activity on Wall Street and the private sector, almost scattered the country's economic infrastructure to the wind? Oh, its a Republican president, so he gets off the hook for fucking up the country for eight years. More importantly, these angry rednecks are beginning to see the writing on the wall: that our country is rapidly changing, and my generation has little or no need for the old prejudices or backwards-thinking social norms or customs the teabaggers are trying hard to cling to like a high school girl hangs onto her crush at the junior prom.

- Exactly what is it about gay people that scares some the tea-bagging community? This afternoon, Roy Moore, the chief justice of Alabama's Supreme Court, had this to say about the president and his strides for equal right for gays and lesbians.

"[Obama] has ignored our history and our heritage, arrogantly declaring to the world that we are no longer a Christian nation. He has elevated immorality to a new level, setting aside the entire month of June to celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride. He now threatens to change our law to allow homosexuality in our military ...

First, we are not a Christian nation! Just because the vast majority of Americans identify themselves with the Christian faith, it does not mean that the country, on a national level, adopts your religion! Plus, Congress would have made an amendment into Constitution recognizing the nation has adopted said religion decades ago. More to the point, why do rednecks fear the gay man, the lesbian woman? Do these people believe that they're carrying some disease that will spread to the rest of the population? Or is their fear based on the fact they do not fit the mold of what their world view should be for both genders?

- To my Republican friends: is this really the way you want to attempt come back into power? Off of the politics of spreading hate, fear and bigotry? When Tom Tancredo, the former Congressman from Colorado gave the opening keynote speech yesterday, stated that Obama wouldn't have become president if there was a literacy test in order to vote, do you endorse his words? Can you honestly look me in the face and claim that you support Tancredo's desire to bring back the Jim Crow-era racism that robbed millions of African-American men and women the right to participate in our democratic process? When I hear of stories of neighbors hanging Obama in effigy, or when I see right-wing supporters carrying signs that link the sitting president to Hitler, Stalin, etc. and misspelled racial epithets about the president, do you actually support this kind of extreme hate speech? Or do you turn a blind eye to such dangerous and reckless speech, that in your minds, the ends justify the means, as long as you reclaim power on Capital Hill? These people represent your party as a whole, whether you care to accept that reality or not.

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