Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wow And To Think I Refrained From Arguing With Him Over There Tonight

This on the thread where Uber is pestering Aria over a comment she made about Teabaggers and followers of John Stack.

And Count,

If you would let me post you would increase your traffic by 100%.
I laughed so hard when you said you shut down your site when Murtha died.
Then I realised that you were concerned that ET or J.P.Holmes or that other guy might say some bad things.

Do you realise you are a major fucking joke?

Just asking.

Hee He Heeereeeee Hee.

P.S. You live by the sword yu

fuck it you know t

I am not sure where his anger comes from...Ok yes I am...the bottle. I'll say this. I have found some of the sympathy for this Stack guy to be odd at best and misplaced at worst. BUT you have to keep in mind in the case of Billy? John? He has mentioned here he has no moral problem with murder and it's clear he has as many mental issues as Stack did. Oh well. The Celtics won tonight looked good doing it for a change so it's been a good night.

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