Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Guess If You Killed The Ayatollah And Defeated Communism You would Be Honorably Discharged

CafeenMan, I'm an honorably discharged Navy veteran who was 41 years old when the war started. I volunteered my services in 1979 when war with Iran seemed emminint, and spent four years doing whatever the government saw fit to do with me. I consider my dues paid, I'm sorry I didn't die or get a limb or two blown off to please you. If you can possibly come up with a less valid talking point, let me know.
Liz: Not seeing the comparison of Israel relevant to harming our national interests.
Rumsfeld was shaking his hand because he was the middle east
envoy, it was his job. You have any comment about Saddam spending weekends at Jacques Chirac's French villa in the '70's? Want to see a picture of the both of them at a nuclear plant? It's simply not relevant. He was our enemy's enemy, then he attacked two allies we were bound to protect.

Posted by: batvetted on Wed 2.3 4:21am

Hey Jonathan Batvette is a neighbor of yours

Want a good laugh?

I agree.

In 1979 I enlisted in the Navy and served on a carrier performing the most dangerous peacetime occupation in the military, working topside on the flight deck. I had been brought up believing in America, hated the Ayatollah in Iran, and would have given my life for my country had war broken out with the Soviet Union, whom I had been conditioned to believe was evil.

Imagine my surprise a few years ago finding the whole thing was complete BS, that there is a secret police force in America with no due process, no accountability, of cold sadistic dimwit ****heads who think it's their patriotic duty to attack the home team behind friendly lines- in secrecy, like a slimy insect under a dark rock, they hide, only getting away with this garbage because the public doesn't know about it. The first part of the military enlistment contract says you will defend he US constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Since these activities are about the most unconstitutional thing I can imagine, this makes those engaged in it enemies of freedom, enemies of America, and it may ultimately be up to every person who enlisted in the military, to declare these people enemy combatants and destroy them.

I know I didn't spend 4 years risking my life to ward off Soviet opression and secure a free nation just t have these punks bring that crap here and grasp it as their own, and stab me in the back as a target for the favor. And SO sneaky about it. None of you have nut #1, you can't say squat to our face, all you stalkers, all you snitches, just figure hell is likely to be a lot like prison.

BeelzaBUBBA is gonna have you bent over for eternity, you litttle *****, for what you did here.


Jonathan said...

"Hey Jonathan Batvette is a neighbor of yours..."

Awww, crap....

Anonymous said...

Oh Batty gets mad when you quote his own words...

**** you. You're no liberal. You're a small minded troll who thinks going into discussions you are too ignorant to hold your own in and backbiting with personal attacks is credible. Joke.

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