Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not All Loses Are Equal

Lost again tonight this time to Kansas State in Manhattan 91-87. But seeing as how Kansas State is ranked 7th in the country and we had a shot to win the game this was by far and away our best performance of the season. Now we actually have a string of winnable games. Oh and congratulations to the women on their win over Iowa State. 24-0!


Jonathan said...

Always gotta look for the silver lining. down the stretch, where do you think the men's basketball team will be?

Anonymous said...

Well they are 13-13 now.

02/20 Missouri 5pm Winnable but I say close loss 13-14

02/24 @ Iowa State 6:30 pm Winnable but road game another L 13-15

02/27 Texas Tech 3 pm Winnable at home they win 14-15

03/02 Colorado 7 pm most winnable game on the schedule. A must win! 15-15

03/06 @ Oklahoma St. 12:30 pm Borderline winnable but it's a loss 15-16

First round of the Big XII tournament...loss. 15-17.

I think they'll finish 15-17 The home game against Missouri and the game at ISU are big if Nebraska wants to have at least a 500 record.

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