Thursday, January 31, 2008

Turd Blossom To Be Part Of Fox News' Super Tuesday Coverage; Truthy To Jerk Off

The libtards' fear of Rove will only reinforces his reputation among conservatives, who enjoyed watching him help President Bush kick the Democrat's ass at every turn.


LOL! LMAO! ROFL! New Rules Not Keeping 2008 Away

Bill: "We Just Have to Slow Down Our Economy" to Fight Global Warming
January 31, 2008 9:26 AM

Former President Bill Clinton was in Denver, Colorado, stumping for his wife yesterday.


Slick Willie is completely losing it...


He sounds more like that nutcase Jimmy Carter every day eh?

MAybe because their wives have not inserted themselves directly into the campaigns. Bill needs Hillary to be president to enhance his own legacy.
Hound Watcher | 01.31.08 - 5:31 pm |

That's the damn truth...

How funny is it to watch Old Slick Willie lash out at the world


He can't control his temper to save his soul......No wonder he looks like he's about 85 years old these days eh?


News Flash for you champ....

Old Freddy ain't running anymore sport


LMAO...And Mrs Giuliani is petrified that Rudy runs off with a younger model...Hence she never left his side.
HSUK | 01.31.08 - 5:35 pm |


Hey sport

Is Rudy even running anymore?

Good Gawd, keep up with the news...


Former President Bill Clinton was in Denver, Colorado, stumping for his wife yesterday.

"We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren."

Let's hope these two fascists don't get their hands on our economy ever again. A slowdown is never going to be what we need. What a dumbass!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Fued.

I was asked by a Regular Why Nipigon and I are feuding and I would like to post my answer.

No problem:

I am also going to post my answer on my blog if you don't mind.

Nipigon used to post on the mains until he changed his name to Stcroix because he got into feuds with 3 regulars. John T., Paige and myself. I always thought he was strange and a bit of a trouble maker but I never thought he was a troll. Well "stcroix" was posting one night and Marie Therese posted this;

st croix = Uber-Troll out of the Reston-Herndon area of Virginia, near CIA HQ. He was pretending to be liberal again - it's his new ruse so he can stay on longer before I zap him.

Barbie66 is in the environs of Atlanta, GA so he/she/it may very well be 2008.
Marie Therese | 12.13.07 - 3:40 am | #

Well he denied this and sent me a PM saying he was also Nipigon 1 and he changed his name because he was getting in fights with regulars.

I didn't believe him but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Well after about month of him on the mains starting off as a liberal then fighting with regulars. I came to the conclusion. That Nipigion was in fact Uber-troll and even if he wasn't he was a troll.

He would try really hard not to but the mask would always slip and he would always start fighting with regulars. Now it's one thing to fight with John T and Myself, and I say this as a friend of John T, but we are both pretty opinionated and fiery, but fighting with Paige is a telltale sign of a troll. She is a rock on the main Page and one of if not THE best contributer.

So basically that's how this started. I have a low tolerance for BS and I feel like Nipigion, through his various sock puppets has been BSing me and the good people of this blog.


Count Istvan.

Late Edit. Another reason why I am tired of this clown. He starts a thread late one night wondering if he could sue me because I posted a PM. ( not an email as he claims) because I thought people should know who they are dealing with.

Assuming no laws are broken, is it okay to post private emails on personal blogs?

Posted by: nipigon1 on Sat 1.19 5:12am

He asked that the thread be erased (which it was the next day) which it was. even tonight he denies he did so...

Oh My God!

He wants to sue me!

Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 11:31pm

Now he is telling me what I can and can't post
This was another thing I found on "another site"

If you don't like people seeing it, don't post it.
Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 11:38pm

This is a pattern with him ask Paige and John T.

See How The Game Works.

GravatarAnd as far as posting things that "weren't said on this site" goes, I think the OT forum would be a very boring place if that was the case.

Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 11:06pm

I agree with you. We should post things people post on other blogs! I found this on another blog...

I like to fuck little boys.

See how the game works?

This Poor Guy Has A Serious Defication Problem

Posted by: jlstexas on Wed 1.30 10:04pm

Count backs his lies up on his blog where he doesn't have to let people have their say.

The Count Allows Comments On his blog none from trolls like you.

He also uses his blog to caomplain about NewsHounds not allowing comments.
What is caomplain? This blog has the exact opposite policy of Newshounds. They welcome trolls and chase off regulars. I welcome regulars and chase off trolls.

And, in case you haven't had the chance to check out his wonderful piece of literature, this is what he had to say about you.
You need him to read it for you?


Has Anybody ever heard of this cunt before?"

Have they? I haven't

Isn't he a sweetheart?
I think so.

Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 10:56pm

How Many Pairs Of Drawers Does Nipigon Shit A Night?

aww , poor little countie is having a tizzy , thinks everyone who doesn't share his view on everything must be a troll .

No anyone who posts with 6 different sock puppets must be a troll

you call me a sockpuppet , then back it up

Yep. I call you a sock puppet then I back it up. Agreed.

. other regs know you are full of shit count ."

Really You aren't reading the PM'S I am.

So, did you back up your accusations? or you no better than the trolls on the mains?
Like I said before Go buy hooked on phonics then come back.

Yeah, that takes balls.
I Guess

Attack someone on your blog and don't let them respond.

Are you done shitting yourself yet?

Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 9:51pm

Nippy my responses are in bold. You clearly could not figure that out.


Has Anybody ever heard of this cunt before?

Nothing Sadder Than A Man And His Sock Cybering

He is lying.
I have never said "Fuck You"

But he doesn't care because he knows that I can't reply on News Hounds and he won't let anyone reply on his blog if the don't agree with him.

Oh, sorry jlstexas,
but whenever Count sees something on the internet that he thinks he can respond to, he thinks (or at least he pretends to think) it's me.

I really feel bad for all of you people who are innocent.

Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 9:00pm


All I ask for is for some proof that I am a troll and what Mod said I was.

Is that so much to ask for?

Posted by: nipigon1 on Wed 1.30 9:03pm

aww , poor little countie is having a tizzy , thinks everyone who doesn't share his view on everything must be a troll . you call me a sockpuppet , then back it up . other regs know you are full of shit count .

I'll continue to post .

Suck Puppet #6 Says...

FUCK YOU ! CHEERS anyway .

Posted by: jlstexas on Wed 1.30 8:17pm

Sock Puppet #6 For Nipigon

when I get my blog going , then I will set my own rules and tell pissants like you to go fuck yourself .

hey Count ! Fuck You if you think I have ever posted under any other name .

Posted by: jlstexas on Wed 1.30 8:09pm


The GOP really dodged a bullet with John Edwards dropping out of the race. We totally feared that guy.

Truth: The Anti-Newshound | Homepage | 01.30.08 - 6:20 pm | #

Yeah, that dumbass faux-populist trial lawyer was a lock for the Presidency. 'Cept he couldn't crack the top two in his home state.


Interesting theory, wingnut. How many of them were impeached?

So none of the five Republican Presidents you mentioned will be remembered 50 years from now for getting themselves impeached?

But....not impeached, right?

Not by people who value actual accomplishments.

He will be remembered for one thing and one thing only; his impeachment for the obstruction of justice and perjury he admitted to.

"President Clinton has acknowledged responsibility for his actions. He has admitted that he knowingly gave evasive and misleading answers to questions in the Jones deposition and that his conduct was prejudicial to the administration of justice. He has acknowledged that some of his answers were false. He has agreed to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas Bar license, and he has agreed not to seek attorneys' fees in connection with this matter." spon=

An admitted liar and an impeached one, too.

Didn't you see the asterisk, where it says the policy only applies to comments that aren't consistent with the goose-stepping opponents of independent thought?


I just tell my router to get a new IP address from my ISP. If I was using a proxy server, the Newshounds wouldn't know that I'm on Bellsouth.


The thread is about whatever I'm interested in, as long as I can keep you morons responding to me.

Undoing the Carter malaise was a pretty good accomplishment. So was defeating Soviet communism. Ditto bringing down the Berlin wall.

Bill Clinton? V-chip.

You should know, right? (About bloated lying nitwits, I mean...given your personal experience).

Is this the week you wash the Mr. Bubble T-shirt, MCMoron?

I hope your mom didn't see those bad words, MCMoron!

Has she heated up your mac 'n cheese yet? Or is she waiting until after the Flintstones is over?

Truth, eh? You're not welcome on my threads and I've told you countless tmes.
Donna | 01.30.08 - 6:29 pm

It's not up to you. I'm the decider.

Tell that to President Gore or President Kerry.

Will you and your mom be thinking about that astronomical debt when you get your $600 checks from this economic stimulus program? You'll probably be too busy rejoicing in the 100% increase in your income this year.


His President? Isn't He Canadian?

I agree that there is two Americas. But I wouldn't want my president to be saying that!

This Entire Thread has Now Turned In to Sock Puppet Theater

John Edwards and Rudy Guiliani Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Somebody Please Ban This Fucker


What have you been told?
nipigon1 | 01.30.08 - 4:55 pm

Please try to stay on topic.
nipigon1 | 01.30.08 - 5:02 pm | #

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Post

I agree 100 percent this site is lame,they dont want discussion they want a place to say hello to there friends, they are mad at trolls for raising hell, and ruining ther web site, But arnt they trying to do the same to fox news channel? they are the TROLS right! the origanal Trols...

This site is as worthless as bat shit!

Posted by: chris on Wed 1.30 5:53am

Time To Repost This

We don't have Exxon where I live. We have Citgo, BP, Sunoco, Shell and Marathon. Well, we use to have Citgo. The Citgo signs started coming down last week.

Oh ya...

The bottom line is look how upset you are and other liberals are about Rudy being ahead in all of the polls.

Big Time Hysterical....
The AB | 03.14.07 - 7:58 pm | #

Now matter how hard you try, you liberals can't stop Rudy.

Rudy is in like flynn.

And Pelosi will be out in 2008 also. The GOP will be taking back the House and Senate beside keeping the White House.

So you liberals are going to be angry for a long time.
The AB | 03.14.07 - 8:00 pm | #

Look how upset you people get when you mention Rudy.

What about this Yakki character.

Hey Yakki, have read a book called UNHINGED: EXPOSING LIBERALS GONE WILD ??

You might be in it.
The AB | 03.14.07 - 8:43 pm | #
You liberal nutballs thought Hillary was going to just waltz into the White House. Now you see that isn't so and you are pissed. You libs remind me of a rat trapped in a corner. Lashing out.

What fun the next 2 years are going to be. Libs are going to be more angrier that ever and we are going to laughing our asses off at you libs.

I couldn't of written a better story.
The AB | 03.14.07 - 8:46 pm | #

Rudy is running and he's winning in all of the polls.

How do you like them apples?
The AB | 03.14.07 - 8:49 pm | #

Rudy was Americas Mayor and now he will be Americas President.

Oh ya!!!

That's the way it is, so get use to it.

Instead of being all angry about, you should just accept it and move on with your life. Anger is no way to live.
The AB | 03.14.07 - 8:51 pm | #

Cross dressing, pro-choice and anti-gun. Why are you liberals so mad about those qualities. Those are liberals qualities, you should be happy.

Be happy ... not angry.
The AB | 03.14.07 - 8:53 pm | #

You can tell the Democrats are scared to death of Rudy. How sweet it is.

But the constact attacks and smearing by the left will backfire on them. WHY? Because everyone loves Rudy and this will only make the Libs/Dems look like did when they manufactured the fake document about Bush.

Rudy will be the next President and you libs can't do a damn thing about it.
The AB | 03.14.07 - 7:34 pm | #

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RIP Margaret Truman 1924-2008

Margaret Truman Daniel dies at 83

Margaret Truman Daniel, the only child of President Harry Truman and a gatekeeper of her parents’ legacy, died Tuesday. She was 83.

She died in Chicago of complications following an infection.

Daniel was the glamour of the homespun Truman presidency. A singer, writer and commentator, she lived much of her adult life in the public spotlight.

In April 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt’s death elevated her father to the presidency. From that moment, Daniel embraced a largely public life as presidential daughter. In the role, she invited the spotlight that her mother had shunned and maintained the public’s memory of her father’s service.

Daniel was born Mary Margaret Truman on Feb. 17, 1924, in Independence, and her parents were thrilled upon her arrival. Her mother, Bess W. Truman, who previously had suffered two miscarriages, had avoided buying nursery furniture. So, upon her birth, Daniel’s parents outfitted a bureau drawer with a pillow...

Odds Are You Had a Better Night Than This Guy


t's ashame that America didn't understand America's Mayor and the threat of terror.

I can only hope Americans support the 2nd best choice against terror. Any GOP canidate.

Hopefully it will be Mitt, since I'm sick of hearing 'my friends' and it will be Dole all over again.


Henry ( R ) | Homepage | 01.29.08 - 10:01 pm | #

Dog Catcher Is Miss Manners

you should act nicer around here.

what's up count?

fuck you.

another for your collection, freak.
no sweat peg.

I like the new rules.

nice to not have you refer to me as "dog shit breath"

what's up count?

fuck you.

another for your collection, freak.

Dogcatcher Independent Comedian

I am on indie too.

8 years ago I would have voted for Gore over McCain, but not this year. (against HRC as the case may be)
McCain "getting out" should be the one that makes your day.

he's the only (R) that can win the general.

I Love This

All I know is that if Rush Limbaugh eats a chili dog, Bob farts all day long.

Posted by: Jeeeez on Tue 1.29 4:12pm


Can You Spell Or A You Just A Drunk?

iam a dem. atack, atack, atack,play dirty this is how we win!

This Is Award Winning Stuff

can you spell or a you just a drunk?

Didn't Bob Say Goodnight?

Oh Yeah and some smovi

I will register. I didn't know you had to.

However, I do not understand how you can say I am name calling or not being civil when you people call me a racist homophobe hater?

Or does that not qualify as namecalling to you?

by the end of is term he will be above 50% hes working things out in mid east as we speek

Bush's approval rating might be in the low 30's, but congress's approval rating is in the low teens.

Nows shes admitting the clintons were crooks, but is all the fault dick morris, morris worked for the clintons not the other way arround. your logic is somwhat warped!, typical of this site.

I agree with you smovi

yeah smovi, the clintons learned all of there dirty tricks from dick morris and now there mad because hes telling the world about them now!
You folks can slam Dick Morris all day, but this is from CNN.Com:

"Roughly 6 in 10 South Carolina Democratic primary voters said Bill Clinton’s campaigning was important in how they ultimately decided to vote, and of those voters, 47 percent went for Barack Obama while only 38 percent went for Hillary Clinton.

Fourteen percent of those voters voted for John Edwards.

Meanwhile, the exit polls also indicate Obama easily beat Clinton among those voters who decided in the last three days — when news reports heavily covered the former president’s heightened criticisms of Obama.

Twenty percent of South Carolina Democrats made their decision in the last three days and 57 percent of them chose Obama, while only 18 percent picked Clinton."
Actually, Morris runs campaigns all over the world in many different countries.
Some real winners on this site,you should be tested on inteligence before you can vote!...dont you think sweetie?
I can be civil; it is easy, most of the time.

What makes it hard is when you have a differing viewpoint than that of some here you are automatically a racist, homophobe, a hater, or an ignorant rich white xenophobe.

Frankly, that is the one single response from Liberals that send me over the edge. And yet, so many times liberals would rather call a person a racist pig than to debate, on merit, the topic of discussion.

This tactic, I have to admit, has helped me form my viewpoint of liberals, and it ain't too kind or nice.....
vance, I am sorry, but you have no idea what I was speaking about.

The discussion was federal income tax reductions. Only. Period.

Just So Long As He Doesn't Have To Serve Himself

We should keep our troops in iraq always, its a good location for us,of course we will be able to send most of them home soon we could use some bases there
smovi | 01.29.08 - 4:36 am | #

Now That They Own The Board Bob Is Really Beaming

If you pay attention to the 2008 presidential race you will see in a ny minute which of the two political parties seem to have racial tensions.......

Further, had it not been for the Republican congress in 1964, the civil rights act would never have passed.

You on the far left seem to think any discussion at all about race makes one a racist. Well, I think the Clintons are going to bring that particular discussion "home to roost", as it were.
And exactly what would you have Edwards do as AG, within the laws of the country?
No, tax cuts for everyone that pays taxes. But, of course, that leaves out the FORTY percent of those that do not pay any taxes.

No, no "hatred". Disagreement does not equal hatred, except in the far left's itty bitty brain.

Don't forget, it is a DEMOCRAT Senator that is the ex KKK head, not a Republican.

And Buffett knows this.

not one stich of evidence that morris has made any thing up,on the other hand clintons are well known for thes kind of tricks...[slick willi]

so they can go out and spend the money boosting the eccomny a jump start

sigh yourself.

I, for one, agree that in order to be fair all those that pay income taxes should have the 2001 income tax reduction remain in place.

Now, for all others, there is no federal law preventing you from sending in more to the federal treasury. So, why don't you folks send in an extra 7%?

Sigh. I know you won't. Who would expect you to live up to the demands you put on others?

The OT please.




-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
You cannot post new topics in this forum
You cannot reply to topics in this forum
You cannot edit your posts in this forum
You cannot delete your posts in this forum
You cannot vote in polls in this forum

There Is All Kinds Of Diversity In The Repunlicna Party

There is all kinds of diversity in the republicna party; we just don't identify everyone by their race or gender.

The Bush cabinet is the most diverse of all.

Now, you might ask; why do blacks vote DEMOCRATIC 96% of the time?

Hooked On Phonics

He is clinton expert you idiot how coud he not be the clintons were his life.

Did I Mention Bob Is Never Going To Post On Newshounds Again?

The dems have created quite a mess for themselves. By always viewing life in "groups" instead of individuals, the democrats have painted themselves into a race versus gender quandry. The NOW crowd is accusing Sen. Ted Kennedy of abandoning the "women's fight for equality" by endorsing Obama.

The NAACP and other race-based organizations are firmly behind Obama for racial reasons only.

So, if you a democrat you either are against blacks or against women, depending upon whom you support; Hillary or Obama.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, the issues are all about individual candidates, as individuals.

I wonder if Condi Rice ran what the race/gender bias folks would do?

And I Will Reply Here

I replied in the OT. Nope not a troll but if I were, you would be engaging me which is forbidden, right?
observer | 01.29.08 - 1:40 am | #

The new policy sucks. And Observer is taking advantage of it. That's not his fault. And I am not engaging a "troll" I am engaging Chrish. Of course there isn't a penny's worth of difference between the two.

You Aren't The Only One

And now I'm unsure about this whole new policy here - was I responding to a troll, and therefore out of line? Or were both of our comments within the limits?

Observer Using The New Policy To Get Regulars Banned

Doesn't matter.

"Under no circumstances should trolls be engaged or debated on the public threads. Readers are to IGNORE them, as troll comments are deleted on sight as quickly as possible."
"Repeat offenders will be banned, possibly without further notice."

I see Stosh is doing it also. Tsk, tsk.

Who Is A Troll? What is A Troll?

There are so many holes in the new newshounds "please don't make me do my job" policy that it boggles the mind but I'll just ask a few.

Who is a Troll?
I would argue, hell I know, Nipigon/Stcroix is a troll. can I not engage him because he isn't universally considered a troll? That's not even mentioning some mods who aren't a nickels worth different than a troll.

What Is A Troll?
Is it somebody who disagrees and has a strong opinion? And is arguing the other side "enaging" said troll?

What if The Troll is Not Trolling?
Today Johnny$ normally a troll, parasite and Fox ass kisser posted a relevant link. Is questioning him about his link "engaging him"?

Yeah great new policy ladies.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Newshounds Went From 2 Good Mods To 2000 Shitty Ones.

Yakki, johnny dollar is THE troll. Engaging him is forbidden.
You are really one for the books. Do you always make yourself look so ignorant?
"rational, critical thinkers" are in very short supply on loonie-left websites like this that are only consumed by hate.

I am not going to waste my time arguing with a total idiot like you.
Anyway, this whole argument is stupid because it is based on a stupid comment by a stupid person, john t.

I will move on.
Many on this blog feel that the Middle East can live under War Lords and never need to be introduced to democracy.

The Taliban hated Ms. Bhutto for the fact that she was a woman and had threatened to kill her even before her return. Liberated women in this country is one reason we are hated by the Muslim world.
Get a spell-checker people. Reading these posts is giving me a headache.
There was a time in the past when all people lived under warlords. Civilization has moved on. The uncivilized people must be converted or destroyed. The world has become too small for both to exist.
It will be interesting to see how the Democrat candidates try to spin this.

Would You Like A Tissue?

I once in a while come by this site. I've posted a few times in the past, giving points which both the original poster and commentors seems to have missed.
Then, I find my posts are gone. I didn't troll, I didn't bait, and I didn't name call. This has happened enough times that I learned that the people here essentially don't hold themselves up to the standard which they believe Fox should. That's being fair and balanced.

Let's face it, the NH people are more closed minded and spin doctoring than anyone on Fox News (aside Coulter and Dick Morris). If you have a dissenting view, they think you're a troll. If you don't also think taking various things people say as right wing propaganda, then you must be erased from the site.

This website is neither fair, nor balanced. Which, is somewhat ironic. I saw a comment by Spin Doctor Chrish, that when comments go too much on a tangent their original point was lost. That's a load of bull. Either someone gets your point from your post, or they don't. It isn't magically forgotten because people get into a debate or even a heated discussion. You just want to keep opposing views as far away as you can.

I think any fair site should let people talk and comment as they wish. If you don't like what I say, you'll ignore me (and me you). I do agree that if someone is hostile, they should be moderated. But, I have a feeling that you will be pretty liberal (pun intended) about what a troll is.

Sorry for the ramble. It just disgusts me how the NH people seem to squelch people who are not of a like-mind.

Posted by: Realist on Mon 1.28 11:47pm

Winning Just Isn't Enough For Truthy

Effective immediately:

ALL comments must be on topic and civil. Any flames, name-calling, etc., from anyone, will be deleted on sight.


Please advise as to which part of your comment policy I violated with my now-deleted posts on this thread.

I didn't see a "Posting While Conservative" prohibition, nor any against fact-based posts.



So no black PMs?


Hmm...looks like someone is in violation of the comment policy. And yet...not deleted.

Could it be that the policy is applied differently for different people? What would that be called in the context of the justice system?


Chrish Turns Comments Back On...Sorta

But it's not enough. basically the trolls can post whatever they damn well please and the regulars have to have their posts approved. To hell with that.

Wow He Sounds Like Somebody That Used To Post Here

I have no doubt that you are right.
I don't think anyone wants to "stop" Fox News. Nor do I think anyone ever wanted this site to be bigger than Fox News.

Is that what you thought?

See, I thought you said the things you did on your blog because you wanted to seem like a big man or maybe because you wanted to be funny.

I didn't realise it was because you weren't very smart.
I guess I need to appologize to you for all the nasty things I said about you.

I'm sorry Stevey. Or is it Stephie? I know you're a stickler for names.

Posted by: nipigon1 on Mon 1.28 5:41am

If I didn't already know who this was I would know now wouldn't I?

Call This A Hunch

I think this was a plan by several mods to piss off certain regulars to the point of leaving by the time they have the new system in place. Ellen's brilliant apology kinda spells it out. She more or less admitted she pissed off a regular she didn't want to and she wants Frank to keep posting un-like some others. Just guessing that when the new system gets put in place Count Istvan won't be a welcome poster.

Another Hunch... I think I know why Uber- Nip is kissing so much ass tonight. If he can get into their good graces as Nipigion 1 it will make it easier for him to get his other sock-puppets in. He stays in business. I find it funny that he's so busy kissing ass tonight not only because as Uber-troll he is one of the foulest trolls on the board but as Stcroix he's still an obnoxious little turd (nipigion 1 is his good boy liberal moniker) telling people what they can post and what they can't post, screaming OFF TOPIC whenever he pisses off a more respected regular. Then posting the same shit over and over.

I'll Post The Answer Here To Keep From Spamming Up Newshounds

Thank you for your concern.

Oh, BTW, How can I post comments on you blog?

Posted by: nipigon1 on Mon 1.28 3:42am

I have to ok the comments because somebody, maybe you, was posting 9 or 10 times a day with threats and insults. Regulars will tell you they have never had a comment not posted. Hell I usually post Ralph's comments but for the time being yours will not be posted. See I am trying to keep the rhetoric down to a dull fire.

That's All I Can Stands I Can't Stands No More

I knew this was coming which is why I tried to stay away. But I couldn't do it. It's hard to tell which is worse the moderators telling the regulars in so many words to fuck off or life long trolls like nipigon 1 using the opportunity to get their nose buried long and deep into their ass crack. Truthfully it's a good marriage.

I am not leaving Newshounds, not until I get banned, but I just want to take this time to thank the many regulars who I have befriended in the two years I have been posting there. There are too many to name personally and if I tried I'd forget someone but you know who you are.

I will leave this post with one last question what the fuck is the donation button for?

Now I Feel Bad.

I told Frank C. to stick it out but after reading Chrish's bull shit tonight

I don't think a mass exodus from this blog would be a bad thing. Just to see how long it stays a live with just Chrish and her little lap dog Uber-Nip following behind to sniff her ass.

And She Personally Don't Give A Rats Ass About Her Blog Either

Posted by: TR on Sun 1.27 10:47pm

If Chrish is oh so upset, she sure doesn't show it by continually posting, with no comments allowed. It is childish. As childish as a fellow NHder like John t attacking everyone. Grow up John. Read some of the comments from all other NH's and see that the posters ARE MAD. I ASKED if anyone there knew what was going on. WHY? Cuz NOBODY in the mains would answer my questions without deleting me and not saying a damn thing. So stuff it up know where john t...troll

Nobody answered you because it wasn't the right place or time. And in case you haven't noticed WE are mad. Mad enough to shut down comments, mad enough to ban supposed "allies." And I personally don't give a rat's ass if you find it childish.

Posted by: chrish on Sun 1.27 11:00pm

Chrish I am going to make this short and sweet. I don't believe in not saying something to a woman I wouldn't say to a man. Fuck you!

Good Then Get Your Ass Out Of The Way And Let Those That Can Run The Blog Run it.

I chose this move to allow myself some much needed time for other priorities in my life.


Posted by: chrish on Sun 1.27 3:27pm

There you have it. She blames the regulars but the truth is she's just too fucking lazy.

Let's See His Name Is

I guess the way I feel about this shit is from my military training.

I understand if no one else feels the same way.

The way I look at it is, there are rules.
If I break the rules, (engage the trolls) I may get deleted or banned.
It doesn't matter what happens to the trolls who decide to break the rules.
It only matters what happens if I break the rules.

Posted by: nipigon1 on Mon 1.28 12:50am

This from the person who posts as Bill, John, Nipigon, Stcroix, uber-troll, lives in New York, Canada, The Bahamas, You get the point.

Go Away Troll And You will Be Much Easier To Ignore.

At the risk of being accused of kissing ass again, it sounds like it would be far easier for us to ignore the trolls.
It doesn't seem like all that much work.

Posted by: nipigon1 on Sun 1.27 5:41pm

Uber-Nippy making sure to get his head is caught good and tight in chrish's ass crack.

Week's Up Sorry. Chrish Wrestles Pigs?

"Debating with trolls can be rather fun."

That attitude is what has caused all the trouble. This blog is not a playground.

I tend to agree with Dave J - there isn't much to say vis-a-vis the posts themselves and the threads get into issues, and then we get the blind loyal idiots in here and y'all consider it "fun" to "debate" them.

But what's that saying - if you wrestle a pig, you get filthy and the pig likes it.

And we have to clean up the mess. Leaving the trash out on our front porch is not an option.

Posted by: chrish on Sun 1.27 3:40pm

You know what Why don't you take responsibility and admit you don't know what the fuck you are doing?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fric and Frac

Thanks go to John T for sending me these.

I'm guessing that was said in jest...surely you realize that this site has nothing to do with the Clinton family or FOX News. It's all about Bush-hatred and getting the liberal wingnuts all revved up and drooling after President Bush outsmarted the Dems in 2000 and just plain whupped them in 2004.

Truth: The Anti-Newshound | Homepage | 01.27.08 - 10:28 pm | #


I'm guessing that was said in jest...surely you realize that this site has nothing to do with the Clinton family or FOX News. It's all about Bush-hatred and getting the liberal wingnuts all revved up and drooling after President Bush outsmarted the Dems in 2000 and just plain whupped them in 2004.

There is a lot of bitterness after Bush knocked out Al Bore and John Frenchy Kerry.
Ranger Bob | 01.27.08 - 10:33 pm

Fair And Balanced...UH HUH

George W. Bush: Fighting to the Finish
SYNOPSIS: The president discusses his tenure in office and how the writings of former President Abraham Lincoln inspired him; footage from inside the Oval Office, the president's Crawford, Texas, ranch and aboard Air Force One.
DATE / TIME: January 27: 7:00PM, 10:00PM
NOTES: English

Glad to see a fair and balanced Cable news channel running such a fine program

A Week Off Of Newshounds?

Usually the only time I can stay away from the site that long is if I have no access to it. But I think it's a good time to see if I can restrain myself from posting on the mains or off topic for a week. in order to that it's best I don't even log on during that period. Can I do it? I doubt it. But I am going to try.

I am NOT doing this because of the regulars. I have many friends there and I want them to continue to post here for any reason they want to this week.

I am doing because I think I need a break. Things are getting to personal right now and I hope with a week off the boards ( If I can stay away a week) Things will be some what cleared up.)


Count Istvan

A Letter To The Moderators At Newshounds

If you don't stop baiting the trolls, I am going to ban you.

Ignore them or take the "debate" to the off topic forum. But please keep it off the threads.

This is my final request.

Sad But True

Oh man, this site has gone to hell.

Better discussions on the OT.

We're Trying To Tone Down The Rhetoric To A Dull Fire.

And for the record I have made 1 comment on the mains tonight so I am not to blame.


The clintons are so truly evil, greedy and power hungary..,I truly fear for the future of our great country, do people remember the shame they brought to us in the 90s how could anyone want that to happen once again! Board of directors at wallmart hillary?...Sounds like you and dick cheny have more in common then we ever knew.....hahaha. Lord have mercy!

Yes and every one remembers how the clintons themselves were involved in the importation of tons of cocaine bill pardoned his younger brother[among others,,,columbian cocaine kingpins,murderers] Martha stewart served hard time, and hillary got off, with not even a slap on the hand for exactly the same situation involving the stock market, They are truly a sleazy disfunctional family, the best america has to offer? 35 years of experiance? and I have a bridge for sale too.....P.S. I feel like a mushroom

At least obama is honest! and sincere, Not trying to treat us like a bunch of suckers thats what I dislike most of the clintons Once a president flat out lies to the entire country like bill clinton did he or his family should not be let within 100 miles of the white house....I think they just shampooed the carpets in the oval office anyway, CSI went in and they found bodily fluids on the ceiling

Hillery being on the board of directors at wallmart proves shes on the take from big lobbyists just like our vice president dick cheny has been accused of its all very ironic.

fox has an agenda just like cnn and bbc have one, the oppisite point of view, Thats why its important to see both sides of the coin, its fun to see, how pro hillery CNN can be, edditing clips just right, not to many tears and cut out last second attacks on obama its almost like its a setup sort of pre aranged to bolster cnns political stake in the campain,,,,,,fair or honest .....not

The Count Must comment here. How much crack does it take to make CNN come off pro Hillary?

A thousand times better lier, thief, and pediphile.

bbc have been caught in lies many times and and most them to do with there anti- bush sentiment

Obama is the the only real chance for change hes from the younger generation hillery and macain are just about the same age either one could die in office. lets face it, they are all old timers, we need a younger person now that is willing and able to put in the time make the changes that are needed.
it was proved that the bbc lied and they have retracted statments and apologised, latly they have been doing better work reporting the truth on a more regular basis but i think most people remember the problems that the bbc has gone through
If any body knows what hillary is like its got to be Dick Moris at one time they were very close friends almost like family I wonder what realy happened between them.
I think there was some sort of sexual tension, with hillery and dick behind the scenes. Anything is possible with that Cocaine Snortin Trailer Trash!
What does ally mean is it somthing you walk down after you score?

thanks for listining 4 in the morning geting late

Please tone down the inflammatory language or move to the Forum.
We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

Obama: Hitlery without the hate.

Looks like he's handling Bill pretty well. Obama is just about doubling up Hitlery, 52% to 27% at the moment.

Bill Clinton has campaigned heavily for his wife.

(CNN) — Bill Clinton's aggressive campaigning in South Carolina in the days leading up to the state's primary may have had a net negative effect among South Carolina’s Democratic primary voters, CNN exit polls indicate.

Roughly 6 in 10 South Carolina Democratic primary voters said Bill Clinton's campaigning was important in how they ultimately decided to vote, and of those voters, 48 percent went for Barack Obama while only 37 percent went for Hillary Clinton.

Heckuva job, Bubba!

1) I've already predicted here at Newshounds that Hitlery would not only win the Democrat nomination, but would win in November as well.

2) As a matter of fact, I don't think Bubba is just spouting off without thinking. He and Hitlery and their surrogates have been making racist attacks on Obama since before the New Hampshire primary, and it paid off with the racist Democrat base there. Didn't work as well in South Carolina, where about half of the folks who voted today are black. The Hitlery camp has calculated that it will work well enough with their racist white Democrat base and with Hispanic voters out West and allow her to lock up the nomination.

We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

Too bad they're not ready to do anything about Islamofascist terrorism. If they had been, 3000 Americans wouldn't have died on 9/11.


We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

An undated photo of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-$$$, and her husband posing with Chicago landlord, and former Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko, raised eyebrows today. But will the photo blunt the effectiveness of one of Clinton's most recent attack points against rival Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.?

The photo, which first appeared on the Drudge Report, and was carried by several media outlets, shows Rezko — who awaits trial next month on federal corruption charges — flanked by the Clintons.

In the Democrat debate, earlier this week in South Carolina, Clinton called out Obama for taking part, while he was an Illinois state senator, in a land deal with the man she described as a "slum landlord." page=1


Hitlery: Dirty.


We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

I noted that your link didn't say anything about Clinton's failure to stop the planning and training for 9/11, or to arrest bin Laden when the Sudan offered him to us.

Clinton: A do-nothing on terror.


We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

Here's a Snopes article for you, explaining how Hitlery would even lie about her own name, depending on who she was talking to: hillary.asp

Hitlery: Liar.


We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

I'm sorry, who was President then?

Robrob | 01.26.08 - 9:26 pm

When Osama conceived, planned for, and trained for 9/11? Why, that would be Bill Clinton!


We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

You libtards like to claim that the whole world loved us when Clintax was in office. If that were true, why did Islamofascists carry out repeated attacks on US targets and conceive, plan, and train for 9/11 on his watch?


We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

I am issueing a bullitin about my name change. I've added '( R )' to my previous 'Henry' name.

All future posts will be 'Henry ( R )'
Please run hill
It will end democrats power for years to come.

On the bright side,they could return all that White House furniture,china and the W's from all the computer keyboards they stole.

Obama 55%


And I believe 911 was in inside job
And I believe Saddam never had any WMD
Phone calls From flight 93 were fake right
Sandy Berger only took copies
He put em in his pants to keep em from falling down right.
yeah right.
No but soon enough,OUR troops are kickin ass and gettin some.

Clinton carpet bombed our friends the serbs and now Kosovo is lost to the headchoppers

Bush took the war to em and is kicking ass,recent finds showed over 75 % of the insurgents came from other countrys. Thats alot of dead Al Quada.

Prosecuters accepted Bergers assurance,but noted he had acsess to original working papers of the NSC which had no
adequate inventory.

The guy snuck them out in his socks and his pants,on one occasion he left ,stashed papers in a constrution trailer and went back for more.
When first confronted he lied.
He is a damn liar

When is he gonna get that lie detector test.


They accepted his lies and gave him a year and fined him and you wanna give him a trophy.
Sandy baggy pants is a liar covering up for another liar.
End of story

Ya think the Clintons got Obama Derangment Syndrom yet.

.. Can you with the CDS just fuck off now and start to focus on the world threatening shit that GW and his playground PNAC pals have put us, the rest of the world in?

You aint seen nothing yet,go on run the crook,Id get less evil voting for Satan.

Is Osama rooting for the Dems again next year

We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.
Do you think a Federal Prosecutor in a "long investigation" of national concern would uncritically accept the defendant's story? Are you a child or simply unable to accept reason?

It was World tribune or World net daily,you won't see it in the NYT

Face it we are fighting WITH sunni and shia killing AL QUEDA
We are gonna prevail
Soon enough dems will take credit for the surge.
I have just one question: Why can't you comment on the other topics on this blog?
IOW: Why are ALL comments BANNED? Just wondering!
WOW!! Considering that I was SWORE at by the bloggers here who disagreed with me just sounds kind of wimpy! So as long as everyone AGREES with the left-wing then everything is hunky-dory? Just wondering!

When and where did I lie and when and where did I say I was a Repulican?

I should assume from the SILENCE that if you have an OPINION that might be DIFFERENT than yours, you are labeled a republican?


Whatever!! All I can say is you people need to get a life and GROW_UP! People DO have other OPINIONS than YOURS!!

You're no different the Neo-KKKons. You want to silence those who don't agree with you. I thought this was a Progressive site, instead you guys use Republican tactics to silence those who disagree.

I was talking to you Fascist!

We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

I, Moe Syzlac, WILL NOT make PERSONAL attacks!! I just WANT an HONEST DIALOG!

YEA, GO AWAY!! We liberals do not like other opinions!

You are an ADULT? Or just a TROLL!!

I will bet that ALL you WIMPS are of the age to BE IN UNIFORM but do not have the GUTS to be in uniform!!

Libs are just a bunch of TOUGH TALKING COWARDS, who can't back up what they say!!

We're trying to tone down the rhetoric to a dull fire.

OH, I guess YOU TOLD ME OFF!!!

Delta Battery 1st Battalion 2nd Air Defense Artillery. NUFF SAID!!

Didn't think so!!

Right!! SHUT OFF the different OPINIONS!! And then...ALL IS WELL!!..
Oh, then I guess it absoves you from ALL your silly comments!

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