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Florida Primary Thread.

All thoughts on tonight's festivities go here.

Edit by Jonathan (4:06 pm PT): Looks like the Count beat me to the punch. At any rate, the polls for most of Florida close at 8 pm ET. And just when the war between Romney and Gingrich couldn't get more heated, Newt unleashed this latest attack ad, claiming that Mitt forced survivors of the Holocaust to eat foods that were non-Kosher.
LAKELAND, Fla. -- The Newt Gingrich campaign has a robocall out in Florida claiming that Mitt Romney once took kosher food away from Holocaust survivors.
The allegation made in the call,obtained by anti-robocall activist Shaun Dakin, is undoubtedly targeted at Florida's large Jewish and elderly populations.
Here's video of said robocall:

Edit From The Count 6:18 PM CT: Doesn't sound like there will be too much suspense tonight. Leslie Blitzer says they'll call it at 8 Eastern. That's 7 Count Time 5 Jonathan Time. The winner will be...come back in 40 minutes if you honestly don't know.

Edit From The Count 7:00 PM CT. Leslie acts like this is huge news...It's WILLARD! WHAT A SHOCK!

Edit by Jonathan (5:13 pm) PT: Here's the delegate count, for those who aren't keeping score at home:
Romney - 84
Gingrich - 27
Paul  - 10
Santorum - 8
The next stop on the Republican '12: 'This Means War!' U.S. Tour is the Nevada Caucus. Stay tuned, folks!

Monday, January 30, 2012

How Dare The President Not Show Up At A Georgia Nut Case Rally!

Joseph Dupont commented 17 mins ago · Flag
God bless Georgia Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi for exploring the merits of the charges that President Obama was not and is not eligable to have been instated as President of the United States. Had the press investigated Obama as they have veted all the Republican front runners in presidential primary, maybe Joe Biden would now be president. Instead of being forthwith , Obama has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep his shady ,little known, past hidden. Hopefully our next president who will have parents that did not hate America and what it stands for! Apparently Obama has time for golf and expensive vacations but he does not have time to appear at birther hearings. He and lawyer were no shows!

Cigar Review Gurkha Assassin Toro

I don't know how Mother Nature is treating you but here in the river city we had a record warm day with the temperature coming topping out at a very UnJanuary 30th like 67 degrees. So I was fortunate enough to be able to go out and have an afternoon smoke in the great outdoors. My Smoke of choice was a Gurkha Assassin Toro with a maduro wrapper. The first Gurkha assassin I had I bought in a Wyoming tobacco shop across the street from our hotel however I can not remember if the town was Evanston or Rawlins. Anyway I smoked the cigar in Omaha and was quite impressed with it's flavor. So for Christmas I wrote on my Christmas list and received a box of Gurkha Assassin Toro's with a maduro wrapper. OK I'll come clean I bought the cigars for myself.

Now first thing when it comes to Cigars size CAN matter. Two cigars same brand, same line can taste vastly different if they are two different sizes. As a personal preference I am not as big fan of Churchill sized cigars as I am medium sized cigars. It's not that I dislike Churchill's so much as I find them to often be just too big for my preference. The Toro which comes in at 6X50 is a about a perfect size of Cigar for me. The first thing that grabs you about the assassins or any Gurkha line cigar for that matter is the box. This thing weighs a good 10 pounds and is to use a lame phrase super cool. Even if the cigars were duds the Box would be something anyone would be proud to own. Still people don't spend $140 or more for a bitchin' cigar box.

The Assassin is a full bodied cigar. Draw is excellent. This thing puts out the smoke output of your average 1977 Harlem arson fire. And the fact that I prefer a Maduro which is a darker wrapper that makes the cigar even fuller than say a lighter Connecticut wrapper. However it is also a very smooth smoke. Don't confuse strength of flavors with the strength of Cigar. A cigar with mild flavors can knock you on your ass and make you sick if it's a strong cigar and you aren't ready. And a full bodied cigar can by nice and smooth. The Assassin is case in point. As I said earlier LOTS of smoke. If you want to get your wife out of the house and she doesn't like cigars...just light this thing in front of her and she's gone. (NO I don't do that! I have a designated cigar room in the house where I smoke and the animals are not allowed in.)

The Assassin is a quick burner, which I prefer I don't like having to smoke for 2 hours to get halfway though a cigar, burns evenly and stays lit. Some Cigars I fight all the way to either keep it lit or have the thing burn evenly that is not a problem at all with the Assassin.

The ash holds up well on the Assassin. It's not a cigar that will catch you off guard with falling ash every other minute. The Ash will become quite long before falling if left unattended and most smokers prefer that. Construction is good. I had one cigar where the wrapper fell apart. That is a real pet peeve of mine. A Cigar that costs $10+ SHOULD have a solid construction and not fall apart. Yes with a handmade cigar sometimes it's bound to happen but it shouldn't happen as often as it does with many lines of Cigars.

So if you've read this far as you can probably tell I am very much a fan of the Gurkha Assassin Toro Maduro. It's joined Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur #II and La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda as my favorite smokes.

Look A Likes

Denver "Uncle Jesse Duke" Pyle
"Rev" Sam "Mensa Man" Sewell

Don't Take A Hollywood Bio Pic As Gospel...

 Max Baer was The Heavyweight champion of the world from 1934-1935. He would lose the title to a Journeyman fighter named James Braddock in a fight that would be inspire a movie in 2005 called Cinderella Man and still remain part of boxing lore. Baer never bothered to take Boxing, nor much of anything else for that matter, seriously and as such most boxing historians regard him as supremely talented but his career as ultimately disappointing. Two movies made nearly 50 years apart would cloud the true nature of his character and spawn much controversy.

I hate to take a break from Rev. Sam. to ask a question. Do people really take hollywood Bio-picture that seriously? In 2005 Ron Howard made a bio pic of the Boxer James J. Braddock's life called Cinderella Man. I was one of about 1 of 10 people who actually saw the film in the theater and thought it was excellent. However it was not without controversy. The movie depicts Max Baer Sr, whom Braddock won the heavyweight title off of, as a mean thoughtless blood thirsty savage. This portrayal greatly upset the Baer family. Mainly Max "Jethro Bodine" Baer Jr. Whom threatened a law suit. In truth Baer Sr. Was a fun loving, good guy whom lost to Braddock, and other fights he should have won, not because he was a blood thirsty savage but he because was in fact the opposite. Baer Sr. was a good time guy who would rather laugh, drink and "grab a broad" instead of train for a fight. His famous quote after losing the title to Braddock "He needed it more than I did. he's got 3 kids I don't know how many I've got." gives us much insight to Baer Sr's true personality really was. Also upsetting however to the Baer family was the Portrayal of Baer's attitude about killing a man in the ring. (which happened) In the movie Baer again is portrayed as a blood thirsty savage reveling in the death. In truth the incident bothered Baer until he own death at the relatively young age at 50 and may have contributed in Baer's seemingly nonchalant attitude towards his own fight career.

If the only movie we had to base Baer's true personality and character off of was Cinderella Man maybe the family would have more of a point about the false portrayal. However it is not. There was another movie thinly based on the life of another boxer named Primo Carnera made in 1957 called The Harder They Fall. Unlike Cinderella Man which flopped, The Harder They Fall was and is still one of the most popular "fight pictures" of all time. The film would be Humphery Bogart's last was an expose of the way fighters are exploited by criminals in the fight game. It was Carnera whom Baer would beat for the title. And who would play the character Buddy Branned whom was clearly based on Max Baer? Max Baer! That's right. Baer played the role of a boxer based on himself whom was every bit mean, blood thirsty, and rotten, not to mention also reveling in the fact he killed a man, as his character would be in Cinderella Man. And he had to have known that the role he was playing was based to be himself.

So even before Ron Howard took the life story of James Braddock and embellished many aspect of the story including the true personality of Max Baer Sr, to make a better movie, Baer playing himself did the very same thing some 50 years earlier. In fact you could make a very good argument that The Harder They Fall showing Baer acting in such a fashion did more to harm the legacy of the man than Cinderella Man did where Baer's character was embellished to make Braddock's achievement look that much more impressive. Would Cinderella Man have the same emotional ending if the film had shown Braddock beating a fat out of shape Baer who spent the fight clowning as was the truth instead of making it look as if Braddock beat some unbeatable brute against all odds?

I say all of this to ask this question. Should people or their families really get that upset over their portrayal in a Hollywood film? The way I look at is most people, if they have any smarts at all, are going to know to take what they see on the screen with a grain of salt no matter how truthful a biopic purports to be. All movies, even ones based on the truth are going to at least 30% fiction. They have to be or they would never have hold your attention.. Baer certainly didn't seemed to mind taking money to play himself as in such a fashion Why did his family have such an issue when Craig Bierko did? My own personal answer as somebody who liked both Cinderella Man and The Harder They Fall is I'm smart enough to know that both Baer and Bierko were making an Hollywood version of a real event. Based on truth but was embellished to tell a story. Others watching these films and other bio pictures like them are also smart enough to take what they see on the screen as face value. And if they are not that says more about themselves and their own intelligence than it says about the people being portrayed.

More From Rev. Sam

Sam Sewell commented seconds ago · Flag

Mr Urban: How does one point the specifics of one being exactly wrong? We all prosper under Republican leadership and we all suffer under Democratic leadership. But let me give you one example:

The housing crisis is Bush’s fault? This video clearly shows that George Bush warned Congress starting
in 2001, that this economic crisis was Coming, if something was not
done. But Congress refused to Listen, along with the arrogant
Congressman, Barney Frank. This video says it all. The liberal media
reportedly did not want this video on You Tube; it was taken off.
This link is of the same video, but is routed through Canada .
Everyone in America needs to see this before it is yanked off the
Internet again! Let’s see how far we can spread it before it’s
pulled off the Canadian site.

Sam Sewell commented seconds ago · Flag
Compare Bush’s SOTU address of 2005 to what we all heard last night. Gee, Bush seems so much more intelligent and mature!

Full Video available at link:

Sam Sewell commented seconds ago · Flag
The Idiots Who Voted For Obama (video at link)

Voted for Obama? Ready to apologize to the nation yet?

Election 2008 – Facts and Causes – How the hell did we get into this mess?

The map of the territory the Republican candidate won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in bog cities or low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare.

Number of States won by:
Democrat candidate: 19 – Republican candidate: 29

Square miles of land won by:
Democrat candidate: 580,000 – Republican candidate: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by:
Democrat candidate: 127 million – Republican candidate: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Democrat candidate: 13.2 – Republican candidate: 2.1
Young people have been taken in by a big city con man and will pay for it for the rest of their lives:
Stupid is as stupid does – IMPORTANT!

Uninformed voted Obama – Informed voted McCain – Poll…Who Elected Obama?http://thesteadydrip.blogspot.com/2008/12/uninformed-voted-obama-informed-voted.html

Who elected Obama?http://thesteadydrip.blogspot.com/2009/01/who-elected-obama.html
Liberalism Destroys Families and Nations


The stated agenda of the left includes destroying the American family and undermining the values of our culture. After the 2008 election I realized that my own children had been led away to disaster by the “Pied Piper” of socialism and political correctness. The below letter is a response from a friend who had his own family torn apart by modern “liberalism”. He also offers a source for a way to way to break the spell of the Pied Piper. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Man I haven't been this busy in I don't know how long!

Sam Sewell commented 4 mins ago · Flag

It is amazing that there are people willing to display such ignorance in public.

Do you really think AKA Obama would have won the election if all the things he is hiding were made known?

Do you really think AKA Obama will be able to finish his first term if all the things he is hiding are made known?

Do you think Obama spent a fortune keeping his history secret because there wasn’t something to hide?

If Obama said, “I have nothing to hide, but I am hiding it”; would you believe him?

If you are not suspicious of a man who hides his history I have a bridge in the desert I want to sell you.

If you are unwilling to call for an investigation of a man who attempts to sell you a bridge in the desert I have some beach front property in Florida at the intersection of I-75 and Florida # 29 that I want you to buy.

If you place a down payment on a contract for the bridge in the desert and the beach front property in the swamp I would conclude that you voted for Obama.

Obama will be exposed –Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this issue
SEE: http://obamaballotchallenge.com/
Sam Sewell commented 7 mins ago · Flag
Why Obama and His Birth Documents are Not Authentic!

Does This Document Make Me ELIGIBLE to be POTUS? (or get a passport to go on a Dream Cruise?)

Here is my birth certificate. No, wait that isn’t true. To be accurate I need to say, “Here is a scanned copy of my alleged “CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD” that has not been vetted by qualified forensic document examiners.”


Scanned documents aren’t valid evidence of anything even if they are legitimate. The entire reason there is a professional field known as forensic document examination is that a great deal can be told from examination of the original document itself. Much, much less can be told by looking at a photocopy of a document and very little, if anything at all, can be told from looking at a digital image that purports to be an image of an original document. Too much opportunity for adulteration, no opportunity to examine the paper, the ink, and any impressions made on the paper, etc. These online arguments discussing images are like people studying animals by examining imitation scat.

The documents Obama would like the public to accept would not meet the standards of “evidence” in any court of law, any administrative hearing, any congressional investigation, application for any license, passport. or official ID papers

We the People will never know if Obama is a fraud unless the original documents are submitted to a panel of court approved certified document examiners. Certified Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

Full Story Here: http://thesteadydrip.blogspot.com/2011/05/eligibility-any-image-offered-on.html

Rev. Sewell is a member of Mensa, a U.S. Navy Veteran, and a Member of the Association For Intelligence Officers. He is an International Commentator and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, a frequent commentator on religious an...


We don't get many of these anymore but here are a couple a doozies from Newshounds...

KenyanBornObamAcorn commented 1 hour ago · Flag
And for the record, we are Constitutionalists, not BIRTHERS! That’s like calling a black person a nigger! 

KenyanBornObamAcorn commented 1 hour ago · Flag When you talk about biased and unbalanced, this article takes the cake. You should really do a little research before making a fool of yourself.

The 14th amendment does NOT grant citizenship to just anyone. You democrats always forget that pesky little phrase that says, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, which means “not awing allegiance to any foreign power” and Obama was born with allegiance to Britain through his father and Obama as admitted this himself!

Lyman Trumbull, the man who wrote the citizenship clause in the 14th amendment is “ON RECORD” in the 14th amendment debates defining what his clause meant:

“The provision is, that ‘all persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens.’ That means ‘subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof.’ What do we mean by ‘complete jurisdiction thereof?’ NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANYBODY ELSE. That is what it means.”

The Count Goes To The Movies

I got dragged to The Descendants. Not my kind of movie but I actually thought it was quite good. I wish the sound from other films weren't drifting into the theater however. BTW. I liked the film and maybe this isn't fair without seeing his competition but while I thought Clooney was solid in the film I DID NOT think he gave an Oscar worthy performance.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

The Way I see it is back and re-open for business, and my latest post after a year in self-exile is on Rick Santorum and his fear of college kids, like yours truly, learning. Please read and feel free to comment. the Count is also free to cut and paste my work on BAD if he wishes.


Rick Santorum Doesn't Like Kids Going to College

I know, I know: it's been almost a full year since i've written anything for my own blog. To be fair, I haven't written much over at Banned and Dangerous, but all of that is going to change. I'm back, and I've got some things I want to talk about in my absence. Right now, the reason why i'm back: Republican presidential candidate, Jesus freak, gay-bashing, contraception-hater Rick Santorum.

Now, you know my stance on religion: I have no problem with one's religious beliefs, but when someone tries to shove his beliefs down my throat, or impose their warped view onto the country, I take great offense to that, and i'm going to call people out. While candidate Santorum was speaking at the First Baptist Church of Naples in Florida yesterday, he had a new target in his sights for his latest Two Minutes of Hate rant: College.
"We've lost, unfortunately, our entertainment industry," the candidate explained. "We've lost our higher education. That was the first to go a long time ago. It's no wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college. The indoctrination that occurs at American universities is one of the keys to the left holding and maintaining power in America -- and it is indoctrination."
Since when is higher education equivalent to indoctrination? And isn't challenging one's beliefs, the way a person thinks and looks at the world a good thing and almost a given when you go to a university? Lastly when Rick added Hollywood into the numerous things good, noble Christ-lovin' folk have lost because of us godless liberals: how can you claim you've lost something you've never fully had control of in the first place?
"If they taught Judeo-Christian ideology, they would be stripped of every dollar. If they teach radical secular ideology, they get all the government support that they can possibly get. As you know, 62 percent of children who enter college with a faith conviction leave without it. And I bet you there are people in this room who give money to colleges and universities who are undermining the very principles of our country every single day by indoctrinating kids in left-wing ideology. And you continue to give to these colleges and universities. Let me have a suggestion: Stop it!"
Rick, colleges and universities across the nation do, in fact, teach Judeo-Christian ideology, the beliefs, it's origins and the like. It's called a World Religions course. Oh, and to say that "they" would strip said school of every dollar for teaching religion is bull. First, let's get to the root of what Rick meant when he said, "they". "They," means the ACLU, the non-profit organization that's on the conservatives and evangelical Christian's shit list for, what they see as trying to eradicate Christianity from the United States. Of course, that notion is further from the truth, as the ACLU has helped Christians on numerous occasions when their right to practice their faith was threatened. Even if the government or the state tried to take away funding from said university, the ACLU would probably come to the aid of the faculty and the students.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nebraska 79 Iowa 73.

Credit YogaFrog for the cap of Ilia Calderon. 

He posts a picture of Ilia Calderon wearing red on the same night that Nebraska gets a rare and unexpected conference road win tonight at Iowa.  Spooky huh? OK probably not. I thought Iowa had been playing better than Nebraska in the last month or 2 and this game being in Iowa I thought Iowa would win. But it looks like Iowa is our own personal lady of the evening to do with as we please. Honestly for being 2 of the lesser Big 10 teams I thought this was a very well played very entertaining game.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union Thread

Tonight is the 112th Address to the Congress and the Nation, so I, and with the help of The Count, shall live blog President Obama's speech. Join us, won't you?

Edit by Jonathan (5:34 PT): It seems that I shall be alone in blogging about the SOTU. Flipping back and forth between  CNN and MSNBC's kickoff to the big event. A few things:
* Ever since Keith Olbermann left for Current, Rachel Maddow has been a surprisingly good moderator or head honcho for the network.Wolf Blitzer and his team is pretty good as well. Cannot go wrong with either network.
* Is there any reason why the news media has to announce that the President and the First Lady have left the White House? Do we expect the President of the wife to be late to the Capital?

Edit by Jonathan (5:44 PT): In comes Vice President Biden, House Minority Leader McConnell, and other senior members of the Senate.

Edit by Jonathan (5:55 PT): The Speaker has called the Session to order, and now we see Dr. Jill Biden taking her seat.

Edit by Jonathan (5:57 PT): In comes Gabrielle Giffords. Amazing round of applause, and She looks amazing.

Edit by Jonathan (5:59 PT): Now, the First Lady, and the President's cabinet.

Edit by Jonathan (6:05 PT): "Mr. Speaker...the President of the United States!"

Edit By The Count (9:20 CT) This brilliant rebuttal from the Republicans:
RNC Research Obama's State of the Union = just more words. Yes Republicans most speeches are just words. However unlike the previous President at least Barack Obama used real ones.
Edit by Jonathan (7:25 PT):  "So it is with America. Each time I look at that flag, I’m reminded that our destiny is stitched together like those fifty stars and those thirteen stripes. No one built this country on their own. This Nation is great because we built it together. This Nation is great because we worked as a team. This Nation is great because we get each other’s backs. And if we hold fast to that truth, in this moment of trial, there is no challenge too great; no mission too hard. As long as we’re joined in common purpose, as long as we maintain our common resolve, our journey moves forward, our future is hopeful, and the state of our Union will always be strong."

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Joe Paterno 1926-2012

He was no hero nor legend to me however out of respect I'll say no more. Here is a little tribute to him.

Conference Championship Sunday Thread



Any thoughts on the games go here!

Edit From The Count:

Go figure the weather figures to be better in the Boston area than in San Francisco.

Gameday Forecast courtesy of The The Weather Channel

For Foxboro:

Gametime Forecast: Partly cloudy with a high in the lower 30s, light winds

For San Francisco:

Gametime Forecast: Overcast with showers at times, high in the mid 50s, moderate winds