Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

Last week in Iowa, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum went neck and neck in the Caucus, with Ron Paul coming in a close third. Romney, with 8 votes, squeaked out with the win. Tonight is the primary vote in New Hampshire, where the former Governor from Massachusetts could strengthen his argument that he is the best, viable option to beat President Obama in 2012. Feel free to comment on here tonight about the results.

Edit From The Count: Cool you started a thread. Shouldn't be too many surprises tonight. This should be a big win for Williard M. Romney. BTW I think Santorum won Iowa and the GOP figuring that would be too much of an embarrassment "found" just enough votes for Romney.

Willard wins! Man the suspense killed me!

Edit by Jonathan: NBC News is reporting that John Huntsman will not get out of the race despite the disappointing showing in New Hampshire tonight. Ron Paul is projected to finish tonight in 2nd place.

Edit again by Jonathan:  Romney: "We are one nation, under God." Really? You think the President have forgotten that?

Edit From The Count: First time I've really heard Romney in 2012. He sucks. But hey he does have the 5 smiling chickenhawks and that trophy he's married to.

Another edit by Jonathan: Just finished listening to Romney's victory speech, and make no mistake: he was speaking like he's already the nominee for the Republican Party, which at this point, he probably is. Unless he bombs in South Carolina and Florida to end this month of campaigning, he's going to challenge President Obama for the White House. Having said all that - i'm not going to say he sucks, but he has learned from the Karl Rove playbook of making your adversary into nothing less than a pariah; a foreign entity that must be cast out in order to restore our noble and righteous name. It's what i've come to like least about the Republican establishment: the continuation of manufacturing fear of the other, or of some policy to justify their ongoing relationship with corporate interests.

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Anonymous said...

So far 64% of Republicans in New Hampshire have said thank you Willard but no thank you.

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