Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis 1925-2010

FSTDT Outdoes Itself

OK...usually I can't bear not to deconstruct the nonsense at Fundies Say The Darndest Things in excruciating detail. But there were two back-to-back, appearing today, where the lunacy really does speak for itself, rendering my very brief comments almost unnecessary. Behold!
Quote# 76430

[After referencing articles about astronauts becoming slightly taller in low gravity.]

Therefore, it should be of no conflict with science to claim that Adam's size, or man's initial size on earth in general, was in the neighborhood of 90 feet tall, or that the first human-race ever walked on earth was around 90 feet tall, give or take 10 to 20 feet between the creatures' differences in heights as we today have people as tall as 7 feet and as short as 2 feet tall. The reason for this is simply because the planet earth was much smaller than what it is now.
I guess it all depends on your definition of what a "foot" is. Though they are usually also very big on insisting on six 24-hour days' worth of Creation. Heh. I have this hilarious picture in my mind now of a 90-foot-tall guy in a loincloth, running around the equator in, like, a total of a dozen strides, treating the Earth like some kind of celestial treadmill.
Quote# 76415

Homosexuals are unable to breed on their own. The only way to increase their numbers is by stealing other peoples children.
Parents had better start paying attention to whats going on in the schools. Bad company corrupts good character.

The first thing the public school does to the children is teach them to disobey their parents. The school will do an innocent lice check - for the health of the children - but they'll use the same comb on all of them. When the kids complain because their moms told them never to share hair brushes, the kids get sent to the principal for their disobedience. Next comes an art project that requires putting a plastic bag over their heads. All these simple things add up. Eventually, the school "proves" that "parents are wrong".
Oh, the peril of lice-checks, art projects, and that most abhorrent of anti-Old Testament garb - worse even, my friends, than the mixing of wool and cotton in your attire - plastic bags on heads. (And, come to that, wouldn't most elementary schools try to teach the kids that putting a plastic bag on your head is a BAD idea? Like those warnings on dry cleaning bags?) Don't ever tell this poster about the bedbug scare in NYC, everybody. He or she might well explode.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pot Kettle Black

From Planet Bob's Blog Pedaphile pal checks in with the whopper...

Blackflon, on September 8, 2010 at 6:01 am Said:

Hey, Bob, don’t feel so bad. Aria and her little band of idiots will always attack you or anyone they disagree with. Rarely will they engage in rational discourse.

Their MO is to lie and make things up.

I would recommend doing a search of Blackflon/houndwatcher on this blogand see what passes for rational discourse from him.

Big 12 Predictions

With Oklahoma State and Texas A&M playing tomorrow I have to get these out a day early. All 5 games have the potential to go either way. That being said I feel pretty solid about 4 of these picks.

Oklahoma State 38 Texas A&M 24. Both teams are undefeated but OSU has been more impressive and the game is at Stillwater. Still at some point OSU will be OSU of course A&M will also be A&M. Factor in the coaching matchup...Mike "I'm a man" Gundy and Mike "Bill Callahan south" Sherman...hell that's about equal as well...equally shitty.

Baylor 34 Kansas 24. Baylor is not that bad Kansas is not that good and again I'm going with the home team.

Oklahoma 24 Texas 17. The worlds largest intrasquad scrimmage. They should put Maroon vs Orange on the scoreboard. It says here the University of Texas at Norman is a better team than the University of Texas At Austin.

Texas Tech 24 Iowa State 21. I think this will be a very close game and a win here could give ISU a shot at a bowl game. T-Tech is the better team.

Colorado 17 Georgia 13. This could be fun. Losing coach might get fired on the spot. Both teams suck Bob Peter's shrinking 97 year old nad sack but I am going with Colorado...which I never thought I would be 2 weeks ago.

Poor Bob Getting His Ass Kicked And Changing The Subject

After I schooled the Ankeny flash on putting words in my mouth I never said he had no recourse but to change the subject. This is of course and old Conservative ploy changing the subject once one has been reacquainted with ones ass. One of Bob's favorite games is to lob insults then accuse others of using insults.

So this is the part where I call you a piece of....., but you know what, you're not even worth the time to type it out. And while I could always go with the Junior High version of name calling that you have used here, it would pale in comparison to the post-graduate level work that Aria is doing on the subject. Say what you will about her, the girl is Oscar Wilde (you can google it) when it comes to insults. "Thundercunt", "Piss Poor Excuse for Afterbirth" - Now THAT'S how you insult someone.

And feel free to use this little exchange on your little blog. What will that be, 20, 25 "Bob is an asshole because" posts that you've done? And sadly, even with your editing you are usually the one who comes off looking like an ass. So no, there will malediction (you can google that too), other to say that your a sad little man.

Oh, and as for the parenting advice, while it's probably to late you may want to give it to your folks. I'm sure they're proud.

As for my parents they have done hell of a lot better job than your piece of shit parents have obviously done. I don't pal around with pedophiles. In this past week I have taken one of my Nephews to a professional football game and went and saw two games my other nephews have taken part in. In other words I have given more of my time to kids that aren't even mine than you have to kids that are yours. that is assuming you have a 14 year old daughter...and again thankfully I don't believe you do. When did you ever find time away from trolling on websites to conceive the girl? And what woman of child bearing age would have the child of an 83 year old man who has so little else to offer? I mean unless millionaires have suddenly made Ankeny the Beverly Hills of the plains.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time For Some Lite Reading

Knowing how I feel about critics you can understand how I am always a little apprehensive about these books. Perusing the book at borders this one didn't seem too bad though I could tell the author was one of those who liked to wow himself with how witty he could be. The little I read was way better than Simon Winder's piece of shit book "James Bond The Man Who Saved Britain" Of course what isn't better than 300 pages of a British James Bond fan opening up his soul because he is a fan of a character he hates and a native of a country he despises? It also seemed better than most of the over blown publish or perish rubbish that comes from the pens of academia fighting to keep their jobs at Coffeyville Jr College.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Republicans Plan For America.

Just in case you don't have time to read the 100 + pages I will sum it up for you.

Tax cuts for the wealthy. More money for the wealthy less for you. Oh and no health care for you either so quit whining. Counting on that social security you paid your money into? Well don't it to is going to the wealthy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts And Grades South Dakota State Game

I am getting this written tonight so I can file this fucking mess away and not give it any more thought.

As the clock hit triple 0 tonight a head coach raised his hands in victory as his team partied on the field in a wild celebration and the fans stood and gave a wild ovation to tell their team how much they loved their teams effort. Certainly not an unusual sight at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln or any other stadium after every game on a Saturday for that matter but what made this unusual is that the coach, the team and the fans doing the celebrating actually had less points than the other team which walked off the field with their heads bowed low as if they would be embarrassed to be recognized by any family or friends. And make no mistake both reactions were more than justified.

Make no mistake South Dakota State had fewer points than Nebraska at the end of the game, 14 fewer as a matter of fact, but they not Nebraska won this game. This wasn't Missouri in 2000 sitting in a circle in their locker-room while their head coach lead them in a chorus of Kumbaya this was a small time football team that hit and played harder than their much larger opponents.

And for all of my fellow Cornhuskers fans trying to whitewash this game by saying things like "well they were a lot better than they were given credit for" This team lost to Delaware fucking State 26-3! Delaware fucking state! Yes SD State played harder and in many ways better than Nebraska did tonight but they are not a good football team and there was no excuse for this performance tonight.

Offense: F. Taylor Martinez was a Freshman tonight. Fumbling away the ball on Nebraska's first play from scrimmage, Two godawful interceptions one of which was returned for a touchdown and called back for a block below the waste and his decisions on the zone read were so poor that Shawn Watson started to call planned handoffs and taking the decision away from him. In the fourth quarter Martinez was replaced by Cody Green and he too was terrible missing wide open receivers twice. I suspect that Martinez let his new found fame and everything that goes with it I.E. the new friends both Male and Female get to his head. The Kid is going to be great no doubt about it but he was terrible tonight. South Dakota State's defensive line handled Nebraska's offensive line and both Helu and Burkhead ran sideways more than they ran forward. Especially Rex Burkhead who usually is the consummate north and south get every yard you can runner. Tonight he decided to be Gene Kelly and Fred Astare all wrapped up in to 1. Pathetic all the way around.

Defense: C- Yes South Dakota State only had 3 points ( though one could argue the officials had more to do with that than the Nebraska defense) But their offensive line pushed around Nebraska's defensive line all night. Nebraska's secondary again was stellar but how much of that was SD State's inability to throw the ball? I get it that the running back for SD State is pretty good but their is no reason for them to have a 100 yard running back tonight.

Special Teams: C- 3 return yards? SD with over 100 return yards? as one of my favorite bloggers Husker Mike said to me on Twitter when I asked him if Nebraska did anything well tonight "Alex Henery punted and kicked fine...that was about it..." I couldn't agree more. BTW thank you to SD State for their decision to kick away from Niles Paul. That was one of the few things going right for Nebraska all night. Of course the one time they did punt to him he fumbled it twice before Austin Cassidy recovered it for Nebraska.

Overall D-. Nebraska had 17 points and South Dakota State had 3. That saves them from an F. The only good thing about this game is that Bo Pelini has 12 days to chew ass before they take the field again. The bad news is until Thursday October 7th this is the last image of 2010 Nebraska football we will have in our heads and 12 days to stew on this bullshit may retire us all to bedlam. Watching Kansas State beat a bad UCF team in the last 20 seconds I mentioned that I saw nothing that made me fear our next game against them...I should have waited a few hours. Oh and how close was Nebraska to total disaster tonight? After Nebraska fumbled on their first play SD State had first and goal on the Nebraska 5. On Second and Third down SD state may have scored a Touchdown both plays were called down. 4th Down SD State lost a yard. In the 4th quarter SD State intercepted a Taylor Martinez pass and returned it for a touchdown the return was nullified by a blocking below the waste penalty.

Around The Big 12.

UCLA 34 Texas 12. Man I was really laughing my ass off until I watched Nebraska play.

Oklahoma 31 Cincinnati 29. Man what a great day for the Big 12. Nebraska and Oklahoma playing like monkey piss Texas getting blasted at home.

Missouri 51 Miami of Ohio 13. Give the Clampetts credit for doing their job something other Big 12 teams did not do today.

Kansas State 17 Central Florida 13. Central Florida gift wrapped this game for Kansas State. Something tells me the next 12 days won't be much funner for them as it will be for Nebraska.

Iowa State 27 Northern Iowa 0: On a night that many Big 12 teams sucked giraffe testicles this qualifies as a nice win for the Cyclones.

Kansas 42 New Mexico State16. At least one Cornhusker is happy tonight.

Baylor 30 Rice. 13. Again all things considered this qualifies as a nice win for the Bears.

Final Score

17 3

Other than a 41-40 victory over Ball State in 2007 I am hard pressed to think up a game where I was this pissed after a win. can't be happy about any part of this game even with the win. This isn't fucking Missouri good enough isn't fucking good enough.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gameday South Dakota State


What to Look for:

Ok let's be honest here. If Nebraska were somehow to lose this game it would be an upset of embarrassing and monumental proportion. If Nebraska shows up and just plays an OK game they win by 40. So the only thing really to look for is whether or not players get injured.

Can SD State score before Nebraska puts in the 4th string?

One non Nebraska Cornhuskers mention because this game should really be a rout...and a really big rout at that.

Just got back from Rosenblatt Stadium and the opening game of Omaha's UFL franchise the Nighthawks. Omaha beat Hartford 27-26 as 60 year old Jeff Garcia threw a TD pass to Robert Furgusen with 6 seconds left in the game. I had an absolute blast as did my Nephew. I know the shelf life for these leagues isn't long and I don't suspect UFL will be much different. I do hope that somehow this thing lasts a few years It really is a fun product.

The FBI might want to look into this fellow.

A blogger named "The Old Man" begins his tirade with this headline: Get That Worthless N****r Out Of The White House. Yes, it's going to be one of those wildly racist rants highlited on Banned and Dangerous, but you can read the whole tirade on your own. I'm not going to post any of his racist bullshit on here because i'd be giving this jackass more attention than he's already getting.

Big 12 Picks

10-0 Last Week 30-4 On the Year

South Dakota State at Nebraska.
This is a Bob Peters Special. It's gonna get ugly quickly. On the bright side most South Dakota fans are also Nebraska so one of their teams is going to win big. Nebraska 63 South Dakota State 7

Central Florida At Kansas State. Kansas State wins with their running game though if somehow CFU can make KSU pass...Kansas State 34 Central Florida 17

Miami of Ohio At Missouri. Missouri has looked bad against D1 competition if this game is close than Jed, Jethro, Ellie May and AJ may have something to worry about. Missouri 38 Miami 12

UCLA at Texas. UCLA isn't as good as their win over Houston last weekend. Texas has offense troubles but wins this Texas 31 UCLA 9

Oklahoma at Cincinnati. It Oklahoma's week to play well. Plus Cincy isn't very good. OU 41 Cincinnati 14

New Mexico State At Kansas. Kansas has lost to worst but they'll win this. Kansas 27 New Mexico State 13

Baylor At Rice. This could be a tough game for Baylor but I think they are the better team. Baylor 38 Rice 28

Northern Iowa At Iowa State. Another game that is tougher to pick than it might appear at first blush. NIU is pretty good and they usually beat Iowa State. Going with Iowa State Iowa State 21 Northern Iowa 17

Washington Game Grades And Thoughts

I have to point out before I rip him just a little that by most all accounts Jake Locker is a first rate human being he just isn't anywhere near the quarterback he is cracked up to be by the experts who insist he is a first round NFL guy. For all of the hype Jake Locker comes off as the modern day Tommy Hodson a whole lot of hype and very few results. Saturday against Nebraska Locker was 4 for 20 for 71 yards and 2 interceptions. More than half of his 75 yards came on 1 busted coverage that lead to a 45 yard touchdown pass. Needless to say Jake Locker is no longer thought of as the #1 pick in the up coming NFL draft.

Nebraska's easy 56-21 was something else other than a probable multi-million dollar pay cut for Jake Locker. It was the first game that Nebraska played a team that on Friday night they would be lucky to beat and on Saturday night wasn't any damn good. No I am not talking about the National dopes like CBS' Dennis Dudd who pick against Nebraska every chance they get then hope and pray Nebraska loses. Nor am I talking about the brainless toothless fuckers who live southeast of Rulo who are just praying that somebody else will do their dirty work for them because they know full well they aren't capable of doing the job themselves. I am talking about Nebraska fans, or supposed Nebraska fans, the ones who post on message boards the Nebraska isn't good enough to beat _______________ and after Nebraska beats ________________ _______________________ wasn't any damn good in the first place. Every board has them and some boards like the GI Independent message board are populated by almost anything but such fans. There was one poster on GI whom I am pretty sure picked Nebraska lose to every game, at the very least the last 6 or 7 games, and every game when Nebraska won he would be on the board that night bitching about how bad Nebraska played, how the team they just beat wasn't any good and how they would lose the next game.

That Washington went from being just a 3 pt dog, a hot upset pick and a tough test for Nebraska on Friday to a lousy bottom 30 never any damn good in the first place team on Staurday in the national media didn't bother me. Hell I expected it. That they did so on Nebraska message boards where supposed Nebraska fans post is the reason I don't do Nebraska message boards any longer.

Offense: A. Ok there was that Cody Green Fumble and 2 or 3 series in the 1st and 2nd Quarter after Nebraska got up 14-0 that weren't crisp but honestly could Nebraska's offense have played any better? 56 points, 3 plays over 50 yards, 3 players over a hundred yards rushing! Oh yeah and I would say Taylor Martinez wasn't rattled even in the stadium where crowed noise was invented and Jesus Christ once peed himself with fear. Other than Martinez, Burkhead and Helu, Brandon Kinnie had a huge game catching passes and returning kicks. And anytime you have 3 one hundred yard rushers you have to call out the offensive line for the great job they did as well. Oh and no fumbles from Niles Paul.

Defense: A- The Rush defense is still something of an issue and Washington may have stayed in the game longer had they not insisted on throwing the ball. Their 80 yard drive to cut the lead to 14-7 in the first half was all on the ground. Washington's other TD drive was a 2 play drive where line backers lost contain on Locker and the secondary busted a coverage. Other than those two drives Washington did jack shit. You can't put Washington's second touchdown on the defense because Washington recovered a fumble on the Nebraska 6 yard line. Nebraska's secondary is wicked bad it's front 7, especially the line-backers, will come along in time. This is the makings of another wicked defense.

Special Teams: A. Some good kick returns, great kick coverage, Alex Henery punted the ball extremely well. Nothing to really say here except great job all the way around. Kinnie's kick off return after Washington made it 21-14 that got the ball out to the 50 and started Nebraska on gthe drive that pretty much ended the game was huge. Niles Paul had some questionable returns but he never fumbled! Great job all the way around.

Overall A: This is how it used to be pretty much every week. Home or away facing an opponent that thought they were going to win and held on tight to that belief for about 4 plays. Then the reality of an upcoming defeat would be too strong to for that opponent to fight against and by the middle of the third quarter the only question left was how bad is this thing going to end up? This was not Western Kentucky Nebraska decimated Saturday just a team made to look like Western Kentucky. In an environment that was supposedly too hostile for an opposing Freshman QB to handle. This is no longer a Nebraska team that thinks it's going to win as it was for much of the Frank Solich era and it's not a Nebraska team that hopes it is going to win as it was for the Bill Callahan era. This is a Nebraska that KNOWS it is going to win as it was for the last 5 years of the Tom Osborne era. This team isn't there just yet but the finish line is in sight.

Around The Big 12.

Southern Miss 31 Kansas 16. Well we were wondering which of the loss to ND state or the win over Georgia Tech was more of a fluke and right now you would have to say the win over Georgia Tech.

Kansas State 27 Iowa State 20. Kansas State's running game would give Nebraska fits if they could throw the ball a lick.

Colorado 31 Hawaii 13. Halftime Hawaii 10 Colorado nothing. a 31 to 3 second half and a near 7 million dollar buy out to bolt the Big 12 later and Dan Hawkins may NOT be good as gone after all.

Oklahoma 27 Air Force 24. Ok first of all Air Force is pretty damn good but this bi-polar shit the Sooners have been pulling for the last two years has to have University of Texas at Norman fans just a little bit worried,

TCU 45 Baylor 10. Same old sorry assed Baylor however TCU is really really REALLY good.

Missouri 27 San Diego State 24. It took a last minute miracle before the Clampetts could throw their last minute victory hoedown. It would seem another miracle magic carpet ride to the Cotton Bowl may be out of the question again.

Oklahoma State 65 Tulsa 28. Give OSU credit for only giving up 7 points until they got their scrubs in to the game. That more than the 65 points they scored themselves is more impressive.

Texas A&M 27 Florida International 20. No Big 12 team should ever need 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter to beat FIU. EVER!

Texas 24 Texas Tech 14. What Texas doesn't have in offense they seem to make up for in defense. However they will need much better offensive play or lots of help from the zebras if they are going to defend their crown.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now Bob Is Reaching To Protect His Friends

Well, first of all thank you for providing some evidence. Why it took several months I don't know, but it's a start.

Okay, so what was the context? Is there a link to these comments, or did you just learn from Andrew Breitbart to edit to your message. Not knowing what this guys was addressing, it is obviously a response to a comment or question from someone. That being said, if I had read these comments without that context being provided (which I just did), my first thought would not have gone to pedophilia. What you see as a statement of lust, I see as one of shock or outrage. Look, I have a 14 year old daughter, and I can't tell you how many times at teacher meetings or school functions I have heard parents saying something like "Can you believe what these kids are wearing? ...with the cleavage, and their ass hanging out of their pants....." These are comments of concern and disbelief, not desire. The mere fact that your mind went to that says a lot more about you, but then again this is a man who, when he sees a picture of two guys standing next to each other assumes they are having sex.

And how do you know that "Houndwatcher" is "Blackflon", and even more disturbing, how do you know that he has never been a substitute teacher. Knowledge like that generally comes from personal experience, or a very, very creeper stalker-like obsession. Either way, it doesn't make you the most credible witness.

But please, provide the link so I can see the rest of the conversation that you didn't want me to see. Seriously hounds, if this is the best that you've got......

Uh OH I Pissed Of Bob Again
Not that it's really any of your business Count, but it happens to be my son. And given the fact that you have posted the picture at least twice on your own blog (a little creepy), and as far as I know are using it as your computer wallpaper, you of all people should know his arm is not around me, he is merely standing behind and to the left of me. Also, given your encyclopedia knowledge of me (despite the fact that you also think I am at least three other Bob's that I am not), you would know that that particular picture was taken when I lived in California. 0 for 2.

But your obsession with this picture does bring up a couple of interesting questions. What is it about seeing a picture of a man with another man nearby that automatically turns your thoughts towards homo-erotic fantasy? Do you have something you want to tell us Count?

But hey, what if you were right and I was gay? So what. I mean, I thought the left were the sensitive and accepting tolerant ones, but if that's true then how do you explain all the homophobia at this site?

Count, I think you have some deep soul searching to do, but at least you can know that I'll be accepting of whatever lifestyle you choose.

Oh so without actually knowing the story behind the photo I.E. That's your son with his arms on yours not your male gay lover it's foolish to suggest that the other man in the picture is your male gay lover. In other words one shouldn't look at a picture and make assumptions with out knowing the story. Damn I wish I was trying to make that point.

As for your acceptance of me I really don't give a fuck whether or not people who chose to associate with an admitted pedophiles accept me of not.

And Bob STILL doesn't get it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Count, and in fine form.

Count likes to make a link with me and a "pedophiles" because a person I don't know or who have never meet posted on my blog twice. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an association. And while I should of course always take the Count at his word, when I asked for proof of the pedophilia, Count has never been able to produce it. I guess this knowledge must be from personal experience.

"So, without actually knowing the story behind the photo....." Because of course he never bothered to ask what the story was, he just went right to his homo-erotic fantasy. And here, even after explaining that my son's arms are not on me - something pretty obvious to anyone but Stevie Wonder - the Count still insists on not letting his little fantasy go.

So tell me Count, what does YOUR picture tell us about you? I know the old one, the picture of the Count from Sesame Street, was just an appreciation for your favorite television show. So what does the new picture mean? Well, since you feel that it's okay to make assumptions, I would guess that the Count is feeling like a pretty, pretty girl lately. Perhaps even a "young" pretty girl.

You know, I'm starting to understand where the Count's knowledge of all things pedophilic comes from....

See when Bob was told that the person he was making such good friends with on his blog was a pedophile by his own admission! not only did he not choose to dissociate himself with that person but he chose to make jokes about it. Like a typical conservative things like ogling 13 year old girls really don't matter only his pocketbook. So yeah I say he associates with pedophiles willingly. I know if I lived in Ankeny and had middle school aged children and I saw a man Bob's age (between 70- 80) hanging around that middle school I would be very worried.

Tea Party = GOP (Now with 2x the crazy!)

Read my take on the crop of ultra-conservative candidates that make up the Tea Party at The Way I See It, and the Count is welcome to cut-n-paste my article if he so desires.


Tea Party = GOP (Now with 2x the crazy!)

First there was Sarah Palin. The architect of downright dipshit candidates that the Tea Party now promote. We all remember her list of maladies: she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was, she couldn't tell you what newspapers she liked to read, winks numerous times in a vice-presidential debate, she supported hunting wolves from an airplane, she used to ban books while mayor of Wasilla, and once received protection against witchcraft from a witch doctor.

Then there was Sharron Angle, the Tea Party candidate that won her Republican Primary and is now locked in a fierce race in Nevada to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Her claim to fame? She used to be apart of Nevada's Independent Party back in the 90's. The party she supported through the 90's (up until she left in 1997) were strongly homophobic.

Next came Rand Paul, the son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul is one of the few Republicans in politics I have respect for. His son, on the other hand, is a real piece of work. We all remember Paul Jr. being interview by Rachel Maddown and how he would tackle the Civil Rights Act of 1964...or his lack of action. Dr. Paul stated that he believes that institutionalized racism is wrong and abhorent, but it's not the place of the federal government to demand that private businesses sy that they cannot discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orentation, and disability. Nevermind that private and public ownership of busses, diners, and other areas that blacks were discriminated against played a huge part in why Dr. King marched on Washington D.C. on August 22, 1963, or why African-Americans in Montgomery, Alabama boycottted public transportiation.

And now we have Christine O' Donnell, the Republican nominee from Delaware. Of all the things i've listed about the batshit candidates, she takes the cake. Not only is she another overzealous Jesus freak and a Palin-clone(i.e. the good ol', plain-speaking girl next door routine, looks and speaks just like your mother or family elder), she also believes that masturbation is a sin against the Almighty himself.

“The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can’t masturbate without lust. The reason that you don’t tell [people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS and all these other problems that come with sex outside of marriage is because again it is not addressing the issue. You’re just gonna create somebody who is, I was gonna say, toying with his sexuality. Pardon the pun.”
No words can describe just how ridiculous that statement is. Did I also forget to mention that she used to "dabble in witchcraft?"

These are the members of the Tea Party, the group not created from Dick Armney's "Freedom Works" think-tank and from irrational fears that the President is a black radical hell-bent on taking away the white man's guns, and his daughter's virginity founded on freedom, on reducing the size of government, on getting a foothold of the out-of-control deficit, on shouting from Arizona to the footsteps of Capitol Hill, "Read our lips: No new ta..." Wait a minute...these guys sound like what former Republican Presidents have been spouting off for the last 20 years!

The Tea Party is really nothing new = it's the GOP, but in a shiny new wrapper, only now they come with frothing-at-the-mouth racial insensitivity towards gays, blacks, and latinos! The sad part in all of this is that the Republicans foolishly thoguth they would be able to control these in this election cycle, the puppetmaster has become the puppet, and if Obama and the Democrats can't get their act together and sell the slow progress they have been legislating, the last 8 years of the Bush Administration wouldn't look so bad after a few rounds with these reactionary lunatics.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GOP blocks repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell

The story:

Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked an effort by Democrats and the White House to lift the ban on gays from serving openly in the military, voting unanimously against advancing a major defense policy bill that included the provision.

The mostly partisan vote dealt a major blow to gay rights groups who saw the legislation as their best hope, at least in the short term, for repeal of the 17-year-old law known as "don't ask, don't tell."

If Democrats lose seats in the upcoming congressional elections this fall, as many expect, repealing the ban could prove even more difficult – if not impossible – next year. With that scenario looming, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that a lame-duck session was being planned and that lifting the ban would be taken up then.

The episode upset advocates who believe that neither President Barack Obama nor Reid did enough to see the measure through.

"The whole thing is a political train wreck," said Richard Socarides, a White House adviser on gay rights during the Clinton administration.
So Republicans are against letting gays serve openly in the military, financial reform, affordable healthcare, etc. but love handing out tax breaks to the richest 2% of Americans, and pulling out every trick in the political book to see that Barack Obama fail, so they can retain power. And somehow, these assholes label themselves as "Christians"?

To my gay/lesbain friends: don't give up hope. The ones who blocked DADT today won the battle, but will, in time, lose the war.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Two Thoughts in the NFL

Some thoughts from week two:

* The Old Gunslinger has dropped two in a row to start the season. In two games, he's thrown 4 int's and his QB rating is 56.1. But an aging, primadonna QB is the least of their problems: the Vikings are probably regretting that they didn't make any significant additions in the offseason, and Sidney Rice, their star WR, is still nursing an injury he suffered in Week 1. Up next is the Detroit Lions, who are tougher and better than their record of 0-2 suggests, and if they drop that one, they'll be making an offer for Chargers WR/dumbass Vincent Jackson hours after the Vikings return home...

* As expected, my San Diego Chargers bounced back from an ugly 21-14 loss on Monday Night and pounded David Garrard and the Jaguars 38-14. Rivers was his usuall awesome self, going 22-29 passing and throwing it for 334 yds and 3 TD's, but the two big stories were the Chargers D attacking the QB left and right all game, forcing 4 picks, including 2 picks and a forced fumble by Anton Cason, the CB taking Antonio Cromarte's starting spot after he was dealt to the Jets. the other big story was rookie RB Ryan Matthews being carted off the field and did not return.

* Dallas...what the fuck? It's one thing to lose to the division rival 'Skins. But to lose your home opener to whiny bitch Jay Cutler!? Inexcusable. Romo, dude: 1 TD, 2 INT's? You're a better (much better) QB than Cutler, and yet, she showed you up by completing 21 of 29 passes and throwing for 277 yds, 0 INT's. You can't play that way against the Texans and expect to win.

* The Chiefs, Dolphins, and Buccaneers are all 2-0. Of the three teams, I see only Miami doing something special. Sure they're in a division with New England and the New York Jets, but have a capable QB in Chad Penne and a dominant WR in Brandon Marshall. The Bucs won't be able to hang with New Orleans, and Atlanta, and Kansas City, a surprising team as they have showed these last two weeks, don't have the experience to win tough games in Novemember and December, like the Chargers do.

Once Again The Onion Gets It Rght

Nation Once Again Comes Under Sway Of Pink-Faced Half-Wit

NEW YORK—Following an Aug. 28 rally in Washington, D.C. attended by an estimated 87,000 Americans, experts confirmed this week that the U.S. populace appears to have fallen under the spell of yet another pink-faced half-wit.

The most recent pink-faced halfwit has reportedly captured the popular imagination through the conventional vehicles of a nationally syndicated talk-radio program and a cable news television show. According to media analyst Rebecca Ellington, the pink-faced half-wit has mesmerized the nation by spewing out hundreds of predictably reactionary and emotion≠ally manipulative on-air diatribes.

This particular pink-faced half-wit is at the height of his persuasive powers," Ellington said of the bloated, hateful multimillionaire. "By exploiting citizens' greatest anxieties during an uncertain time in our nation's history, the pink-faced half-wit has been able to promote his own vain, avaricious self-interests under the guise of standing up for the very disenfranchised people whom he himself is fleecing."


Sunday, September 19, 2010

America has offically jumped the shark

A few months ago, after ESPN spent an hour kissing the Akron Hammer's ass, Count Istvan said this:

Count Istvan said...
you know the saying about the straw and the Camels back? Well this is it. An Hour dedicated to King Lebrick's Ego. America is too far gone. We ain't comin back from the brink folks. This was the jumping of the shark. Next will be the three hour special to announce Pau Gasol's bowel movements.
July 8, 2010 10:19 PM

The Count was wrong about that. This is the jumping of the shark that we won't come back from.

Paramount Pictures has made a deal to turn Justin Bieber's life story into a 3D feature biopic. Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth, is negotiating to direct. The film doesn't have a title, but Bieber will play himself in the film. The pic will be sprinkled with performances from his current concert tour. The film will come out February 11, 2011 on Valentine's Day weekend. Manager Scooter Braun and Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid will produce the film.
Yes. The suits in Hollywood have come down with Bieber Fever, or more accurately, the money he can rake in just on appearance alone.

But wait, there's more!

This comes as Bieber made a deal with Harper-Collins for a memoir about his life.
A fucking book on his life, and a 3D movie biopic.

God help us all.

NFL Week 2 Thoughts

Miami 14 Minnesota 10. Can't wait to read how none of it was Jesus of Mississipp's fault. Wade Phillips days as head coach are numbered.

Wading Into Feminist Waters with FSTDT...

OK. I don't expect the likes of FSTDT to be particularly friendly to the gender-equality point of view from the get-go. But this one was so downright egregious, I have to give it the smackdown, Banned-and-Dangerous-style!

- - - - - - -

By the 1970s, however, liberals had changed the meaning to represent people who favored abortion and identical roles or quotas for women in the military and in society as a whole.

Specifically, a modern feminist tends to:

* believe that there are no meaningful differences between men and women (The most significant belief underlying contemporary feminism is that there are no sex differences; therefore advocacy for equal rights must be extended to advocacy for equal results or outcomes.)
Notice that there is no articulation of what such a "meaningful difference" might consist of. Apart from anatomy, to be honest, what might it be? I'd be fascinated to hear it expounded upon. Revolted, probably, as well...but fascinated.
* oppose chivalry and even feign insult at harmless displays of it (see battle between the sexes)
Define "chivalry," in terms of something other then medieval martial practices. Define "harmless displays." I've had my backside swatted in passing by a dude at my first place of employ, and I told him where he could keep his paws in future. Was that "feigned insult" at a "harmless display"? Would it be OK for a woman to grope a guy's crotch in the hallway, and would he be accused of whining when he complained? When guys are on the receiving end of such, they can opine about what is and isn't harmless, and can "feign" their own insults as long as the day is long.
* view traditional marriage as unacceptably patriarchal
Define "traditional marriage." If by that you mean, Father Knows Best and everybody kowtows, rather than it's a partnership, well, yes, that IS unacceptably patriarchal. Perhaps the writer of this article thinks of the world in Balkan picture-bride terms.
* detest women who are happy in traditional roles, such as housewives, and especially dislike those who defend such roles
Might it be, do you think, that most of those who "defend" these housewife roles do so in the starkest theo/ideological terms, specifically defining the woman as subservient to the man? And let's be clear - it's not objection to the individuals, it's objection to the core ideology that places one gender below another.
* shirk traditional gender activities, like baking
Oh, here we go. The lovely stereotypes. Women bake. Men tinker with cars. Women knit or sew. Men build sheds and watch sports. Put everybody into nice, tidy boxes that you're not allowed to stray outside of. Why in the hell should everybody have to fit into some kind of arbitrary checklist, just so some guy posting on Conservapedia can feel good about his world-view? You're hooked up with a lady who doesn't like to bake? Go to a bakery and pick up some muffins! Jeebus - get a life!
* support affirmative action for women
Oh, I see. This is code for "women shouldn't aspire to anything beyond the secretarial pool." Because women aren't cut out of managerial cloth. Hang it up, buddy. That horse long since left the corral.
* prefer that women wear pants rather than dresses, presumably because men do
Really? You're going to go the "pants" route? That's, like, so 1960s, like my grade school years...or maybe you're jealous that women have the option for either. In public, that is. Your private life, well, that's your own issue...
* seek women in combat in the military just like men, and coed submarines
Let's leave aside for now the false flag about women in the military, which has worked for A Long Time Now. The leap to "coed submarines"? That smacks of DE crazy nominee Christine O'Donnell and her claim that coed dormitories on college campuses will naturally devolve to "orgy rooms." Have a little more respect for military discipline and for the troops, dude, than to jump right to this kind of nonsense!
* refuse to take her husband's last name when marrying
Why should she? What would a man's reaction be, were he expected to take on his wife's surname upon marriage? What the hell is the difference? Why does it remotely matter...unless you're the kind of person who views marriage as more about subjugation than about partnership? I don't have my husband's surname. I'm still married. What's your hangup? Would you rather we cohabited without the formalities?
* distort historical focus onto female figures, often overshadowing important events (Eg: Henry VIII's wives take precedence in common knowledge to his actual reign.)
Ah - I see. If you emphasize women - Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, etc. - you're distorting history by not, for instance, giving equal time to all their male hangers-on and adherents. Never mind that the example proffered, Henry VIII, is most known for his string of unfortunate wives. How do you tell the tale of the Underground Railroad without Harriet Tubman? The story of the right to vote without Susan B. Anthony? History unfolds as it will. It doesn't have a gender bias. The likes of Conservapedia inject that bias. That is their shame.
* object to being addressed as "ma'am," or feminine nicknames such as "sweetheart" or "honey"; object to other female-only names, such as "temptress"
I would ask the writer of this post how he would feel were he to be addressed as "mister," or, more objectionably, as "buddy" or "pal" out of the blue. I assume he would not welcome it. So why does he think a woman should welcome either the formality - which, honestly, just makes anyone, man or woman, feel OLD - or the false, informal familiarity which is offensive out of the gate?

And I won't even get to the the offensiveness of "temptress" as a form of address, except to ask whether any guy would be happy to be addressed as a "stud."
- - - - - - -

This came from the land o' lunacy that is Conservapedia. But, in closing, as an instructive element, I want to share with you the tags which accompanied the article...

Atheism • Evolutionism • Eugenics • Globalism • Global warming alarmism • Hollywood values • Moral relativism • Professor values • Socialism • Values • Wicca

Abortion • Affirmative action • Gun control • Homosexual agenda • Income redistribution • Obamacare • Prayer censorship • Statism • Nationalization

Cloward and Piven Strategy • Biased grading • Censorship • Hate speech • Judicial activism • Lies • Liberal logic • Mainstream Media • Myths • Network abuse • Obfuscation • Redefinition • Slander • Traps • Tricks • Vandalism • Video game industry

Arrogance • Bias • Bigotry • Bullying • Deceit • Denial • Hypocrisy • Race baiting • Stupidity • Style • Uncharitableness • Whining

Liberals and friendship • Media elite • Liberal quotient

- - - - - - -

Tells you many a thing, does it not?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Final Score

56 21

The Ones That Mattered: The 10 Best Movies of the Last Decade - Part 2

6. The Departed - Sure, the action isn't in the mean streets of New York City, but Martin Scorsese still brilliantly uses crime, corruption and social decay as a torchway to the soul. His viceral tale of crime and conseuences is a remake from the Hong Kong masterpiece Infernal Affairs, this time set in Boston. Collin Sullivan is a rat implanted in the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) unit to keep Irish mob boss, Frank Costello (a wicked and electifying Jack Nickelson) from being turned in to Capt. Queenan (the always reliable Martin Sheen) and Staff Sgt. Dignam (an excellent Mark Walberg). Meanwhile, rookie cop Billy Costigan (the ever-brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio) is picked by Queenan and Dignam to act as a mole in order to gain Costello's trust and take him down. How the rest of this thrilling crime drama shakes down, I won't reveal. But it's what Scorsese brings out in DiCaprio and Damon's characters - two men struggling to out the other without compromising their identities, and wrestle with their own dilemas; Sullivan wants to break free from Frank and start a new life with Madoyln (Vera Farminga); Billy wants out of his mission of trying to nail Costello after a year of doing his dirty work - that makes The Departed unforgettable and unmissable.

7. The Incredibles - Pixar is to animation, as Radiohead is to rock music - neither group can do wrong. For me, Brad Bird's take on a family of supers forced into seclusion because the U.S. Government couldn't keep paying for the damages they've created as a result of their heroics is my favorite of the decade from this extrodinary company. It's a mix of James Bond, X-Men and Indiana Jones all rolled into one, but it's Bird's first-half, his satire on surburbia and the stuggles of marriage after 15 years, that really resonates.

8. Mystic River - Clint Eastwood's haunting and hypnotic murder mystery is as powerful and as compelling as any other work he's done this decade. Sean Penn breathes fire and menace as Jimmy, the father who's daughter was murdered and now turns on his childhood friend Dave (a wonderful and tragic Tim Robbins), the prime suspect in the case, as Sean (Kevin Bacon) tries to search for the truth before Jimmy takes matters into his own hands.

9. Almost Famous - I've seen many coming-of-age comedies that have made me laugh and sympathize with the gangly, awkward protagonists, but writer-director Cameron Crowe's story of William Miller, a 15 year-old getting the chance of a lifetime as he travels with his idol rock group across America and writng for Rolling Stone magazine about Stillwater, stole my heart, and then broke it so the audience can feel as if we are William himself. Billy Crudup as the asshole lead guitarist for Stillwater, Kate Hudson as the legendary Band-Aid Penny Lane, and Frances McDormand as young William's overprotective mother all give fine performances, but it's Patric Fugit as William that shines in this love letter to rock 'n' roll of the 60s and 70s.

10 (tie). Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and The Dark Knight - Simply put, both Christopher Nolan's and Alfonso Cuaron's works have pulled off an amazing feat: they both combine spectacular entertainment without compromising their visions of our favorite worlds, and both directors have made their sequels complete standouts from thier original predecessors.

Gameday # 3


What To look for:

Does Washington believe they can win? Word is they will be busting out "special" uniforms and whenever a team goes the magic uniform route they are usually already in trouble.

Will Taylor Martinez freeze? He is a redshirt Freshman and this is a tough place to play. Word is Nebraska will have at least 25,000 fans at the game so that will cut down the noise factor some.

Will Jake Locker ever live up to the hype? We keep hearing how great Locker is and how he'll be a can't miss pro yet he has rarely put up numbers that mach the hype. If he does here it will be especially impressive since Nebraska has one of if not the best secondary in the country.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rick Santorum Is FSTDT Worthy

There are no families in poor neighborhoods says Rick.

The size and scope of government is directly related to the virtue of her people. Go into the neighborhoods in America where there is a lack of virtue, what will you find? Two things. You will find no families, no mothers and fathers together in marriage. And you will find government everywhere. Police, social service agencies, why? Because without faith, family and virtue, government takes over.
You know every time papa Ricky opens his mouth Lil Sarah does this...

Big 12 Picks Week 3

Last week 10-2 Season 20-4.

Friday September 17th.
Kansas At Southern Mississippi.
If Kansas plays like they played against ND State they lose. If they play like they played against Georgia Tech they win. I think they'll play in the middle but I am going with the home team. So Miss 24 Kansas 17.

Washington At Nebraska.
So Husky stadium is the loudest stadium in the history of the world and I guess the thinking is Nebraska has never played in a loud stadium. Oh Washington might go with the "special" uniforms. like Arizona did in the holiday bow remember? You know how I feel about relying on a uniform for a change of luck or encouragement. Unless Taylor Martinez poopies himself badly Nebraska should be fine. Nebraska 31 Washington 17

Hawaii at Colorado.
Colorado is a mess. Hawaii is off the island second week in a row. Colorado had better win this game.
Colorado 26 Hawaii 20

Iowa State Vs Kansas State (Kansas City) No run defense for ISU one of the best backs in the country for KSU.
Kansas State 34 Iowa State 20

Air Force At Oklahoma
Air Force is the best college football team in the state of Colorado and good enough to keep this game close...for a half.
Oklahoma 45 Air Force 17

Baylor At TCU.
Welcome to the real world Baylor.
TCU 37 Baylor 14

San Diego State At Missouri.
Another Hillbilly Jambaroo in redneck country safari.
Missouri 52 San Diego State 28

Tulsa At Oklahoma State
Should be fun neither team plays defense.
Oklahoma State 52 Tulsa 38

Florida International at Texas A&M. 3-0 for the ags. Hey it's something.
Texas A&M 49 Florida International 13

Texas At Texas Tech.
Man would I love to see an upset here and I think it's highly possible. I'll go with the cocksuckers in a close game.
Texas 35 Texas Tech 28.

The Ones That Mattered: The 10 Best Movies of the Last Decade - Part 1

Sure, this comes month late, but I want to honor the best 10 movies that came from the previous decade; the ones that stayed with me, even today. These are the best of what filmmaking offered us, the ones that mattered.

twbb Pictures, Images and Photos 1. There Will Be Blood - The first 15 minutes of this explosive and chilling meditation on family, faith, and greed, we see Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis in a performance for the ages) risking life and limb for silver in a mine shaft out in the West. He finds what his heart seeks, but not before busting his leg, leaving him a limp for life. As the saying goes, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," and in Plainview's case, it only intensifies his lust for power, and the depths he is prepared to go to achieve his ends. His need for power is matched buy three obstacles: his 10 year-old adopted son, H.W. (an excellent Dillon Freasier), a charismatic, fundamentalist preacher, Eli Sunday (Paul Dano matching beat for beat with Day-Lewis), and his own hatred of humanity. In the film's breathtaking and bold 30 minutes, he has his vengeance on all three. Anderson, with his uncompromising vision of America at the turn of the century, has crafted a modern epic that meditates on the dark side of strike-it-rich capitalists, or - if you want to extend the metaphor - the true face of it.

2. Spirited Away - Even the wizards at Pixar Animation Studios call director-writer Hayao Miayzaki the true master of animation. One look at his visually stunning and bittersweet tale of growing up, masked in an re-telling of Alice In Wonderland, will have you in agreement. Of all the animated movies to come around, Spirited Away is the one that stuck with me most, and made me truly fall in love with the power of filmmaking. 9 year-old Chirio becomes trapped in the spirit world after her parents take a detour en route to their new home, and turn into pigs after mom and dad obliviously eat from the food of the spirits. Her only hope of returning home and rescuing her parents is to do hard labor for Yubaba, the owner of the bathhouse for the weary spirits. The use of hand-drawn animation (with splashes of computer animation thrown in) and composer Joe Hisashi's luscious and haunting score are mated in a graceful and beautiful waltz, each serving to flawless storytelling and Miayzaki's world of pure imagination.

3. Babel - Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez-Inarritu shot this ensemble drama in various locations across the globe: from the deserts of Morrocco, to the San Diego-Tijuana border, to the metropolis of neon that is Tokyo, Japan; in five different languages (including sign language); all covered in a the modern-day age of social networking and terrorism, to showcase humanity's failure to communicate with one another. Explaining the plot and the characters are too complex and complicated to explain, and that's what Inarritu is going for: he wants the audience to look past the story and begin to listen to what's going on underneath the surface. Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchette, and Adriana Barraza are all top-notch, but the film's grieving heart is centerd in Rinko Kikuichi, a deaf Japanese teenager who uses sex to bury the pain of losing her mother who committed suicide. Watching her, naked on the balcony of her house was she stares down the busy neon lights of the city, is quietly devastating.

4. Children Of Men - Alfonso Cuaron's sequence in the car where Theo (a career-best by Clive Owen), a dissillusioned theocrat helps smuggle a young African refugee (Claire-Hope Ashiety) out of the decaying United Kingdom with help from his separated wife, Julia (the great Julianne Moore), only to be ambushed by an angry mob, is a breathtaking sequence, which sets the tone for this bleak and hopeful dystopian sci-fi thriller that seems a little too close to the present day: its 2027, women have been infertile for almost 18 years, and almost all of civilization across the world has fallen into chaos. It's a hopeless future, with different clashes of ethnic, religious, and political groups fight for what's left of a crumbling world, and Cuaron works miracles to shine a dim light on a future that's lost all hope to save themselves.

5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - If it's cheating that i'm combining The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, then so be it. Yes, they are three separate movies, but if you add all three masterpieces together, you have one 9 1/2 hour story that redefines what an epic can - and should - be. Credit director/co-producer and screenwriter Peter Jackson for bringing J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novels vividly to life, combining explosive and visually arresting storytelling and textbook themes of umparalled bravery, unimagionable sacrifice, and the deepest bonds of friendship and compassion in the face of an unspeakable evil in the dark lord Sauron, attempting to capture the One Ring and, with it, destroy the world of Middle-Earth, and actors Elija Wood as Frodo Baggins, Sean Astin as Samwise Gamtree, Frodo's loyal companion, Viggo Mortenson and Aragorn, the heir to the King of Gondor, and Sir Ian McKellen as the wizard Gandalf.

Grades And Thoughts For The Idaho Game

Man this game was so... whatever it was, it took me almost a week to write about it. Actually it wasn't that bad. In fact if last weeks message after the 49-10 victory over Western Kentucky was it wasn't that good than the message after this weeks 38-17 victory over Idaho is it wasn't that bad. To be sure there is a lot of hand ringing over the turnovers and penalties as well there should be but you can make a case and a damn good one that Nebraska played a much better game in week 2 than they did in game 1 despite what you may have heard or believed. Unlike game 1 where Western Kentucky scored 10 points and should have scored at least 17, Idaho scored 17 points and probably should have scored 7 or 10. Nebraska not Idaho kept Nebraska's score down in the high 30's. This was in actuality more of a 52-10 game than a 38-17 game which given the fact that this was not a bad opponent is really...not that bad...not bad at all.

Offense B
Nebraska came out and set the tone for the day by driving down field stopping a drive with a penalty then having to kick a field goal. On drive #2 they drove down field and Taylor Martinez fumbled the ball away. Nebraska had almost 300 yards at halftime yet both of their offensive touchdowns came on one big one play drives. The second half started when Niles Paul (whom-else?) fumbled the ball when he was lined up in the wildcat. I thought the call sucked as there was really no need for it. Nebraska had been beating Idaho with basic stuff the whole first half so there was no need to get cute. And when your best runner is possibly the quarterback is there need for a wildcat? I thought Sean Watson called a fine game overall but that call was curious. The fumble on the first play again set the tone for the second half. Nebraska had numerous scoring opportunites but only cashed in one. And even on the 3rd quarter touchdown run Taylor Martinez fumbled but managed to recover in the end-zone. Nice to see Roy Helu have a long touchdown run and Rex Burkhead was Rex Burkhead but I thought Taylor Martinez took a step back. He had good numbers and another long touchdown run BUT he missed a wide open Mike McNeil who could have ran for a month if Taylor got the ball to him. He fumbled several times losing one and he threw an Interception when he was in the grasp of a defender that was so bad that you can't blame his youth. A 9th Grader should have known not to have thrown that ball. Still he rushed for 157 yards and threw for a high completion percentage. Nebraska moved the ball at will but as often as not could not get out of their own way.

Defense A.
5 interceptions, 2 for touchdowns and 7 sacks against a pretty damn good defense. While I believe Nate Enderle was more than a little spooked for his homecoming give much of the blame for that to the blackshirt defense. Idaho's first 3 points came at the end of the 1st half when the defense had been out on the field the entire quarter because Nebraska scored on 2 one play drives and 2 interception returns for touchdowns. There 1st touchdown came after Martinez's boneheaded interception and their last score came against the 5th string. Tough to find anything other than the play of the bench to be upset about from this bunch Saturday. 6 turnovers in one game? I think under Kevin Cosgrove Nebraska went all year with out 6 turnovers.

Special Teams. A.
Nebraska did a better job on kick return defense this week and their returns were OK. Alex Henery had one short field goal which he made with ease and though his punting average was only 26 yards a kick both of his punts were downed inside the 20. Solid job all the way around.

Overall. B
Really this could have been an A game and probably should have been. But I can't give an A with 4 turnovers and a 100 yards in penalties. The good thing is we were so dominant that we still managed to win the game without breaking much of a sweat. The bad thing is this week 4 turnovers and a bunch of penalties might be enough to get you beat at Washington even though it's a game you should win. One last thing about this game. last week I ripped the officials this week play by play man Jim Armstrong gets my ire. Armstrong is a veteran of Midwest sporting events having called Big 8 and 12 basketball and football along with Kansas City Royals baseball for many years. The announcer with his trade mark a loud exclamation of WOW! was never very good. Saturday he was fucking terrible. Niles Paul caught every pass whether he actually caught it or not. Once Idaho fumbled and Nebraska recovered it and Armstrong never did figure it out calling it a loss of downs in confusion. He had Idaho ahead 31-3 at the half. You are never going to get great announcing on these PPV games I realize that but for $40 can't we do better than that? If we can't simulcast the radio play by play. Color analyst Gary Reasons was actually pretty solid on the broadcast too bad he got no help from Armstrong who is probably still yelling WOW! Usually Ron Thulan calls the PPV games and while Thulan is not a great Play by play guy by any means at least he is usually competent and professional. And really that is all I ask. Jim Armstrong owes us an apology for that shitty performance. WOW was he awful.

Around The Big 8.

Kansas 28 Georgia Tech 25. Talk about going from the outhouse to the penthouse! No matter what happens the rest of the year Turner Gill has something to hang his hat on.

California 52 Colorado 7. Worse than laying an absolute egg in Berkley is Dan Hawkins insistence that his team is just this close to being really good.

Missouri 50 McNeese State 6. Exactly what Missouri should have done.

Oklahoma 47 Florida State 17. As bad as OU looked last Saturday that's how good they looked this Saturday...maybe better.

Texas 34 Wyoming 7. Texas pissed and fiddled for almost a half before putting the Cowboys away. They are getting the job done and little else.

Baylor 34 Buffalo 6. Any blowout is a nice blowout for Baylor. They join the real world this week however.

Iowa 35 Iowa State 7. Iowa looks damn good Iowa State needs some run defense.

Oklahoma State 41 Troy 38. Uh speaking of need some defense.

Texas A&M 48 Louisiana Tech 16. Much like Nebraska A&M battled their own mistakes all night bu still found away to win in a rout.

Kansas State 48 Missouri State 24. Hey KSU can throw on teams like Missouri State. If they can throw on real teams they could be a pain in the ass. Then again did you see UCLA last Saturday night? maybe not.

Texas Tech 52 New Mexico 17. New Mexico really sucks so you don't know just what to put in to this. Still I hope they kick Texas' ass this week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If You Can Make It To DC Halloween Weekend.

Fresh Fundie Frivolity

Here we deconstruct today's recent burst of lunacy over at FSTDT. Are you seated comfortably, Gentle Reader? Then let's begin.

- - - - - -

I look at everything from a Biblical standpoint, so to me the only way to have a successful government is to let God control it.
Yes, right. Of course. Because God is all about the hands-on operation of secular human institutions. (Don't you find it fascinating how quickly this line of thinking trumps the "Render unto Caesar...render unto God" passage with these folks?)
That is how this country was founded
Er...not so much....
and I believe why it was the greatest nation in the world.
At the time, actually, it was a fledgling experiment. Honest pride can be a positive thing, but you don't want to go overboard right out of the gate. Humility is supposedly a Biblical value, too, is it not?
Moses and Aaron were the first judges.
Perhaps you should make the acquaintance of this guy named Hammurabi?
God told them how to set up the justice system and He made all of the rules. It was about justice and fairness for all.
Tell that to Abraham and Isaac, when God supposedly tested Abraham by ordering his own son's sacrifice. Justice and fairness for all? I think not. Capriciousness and a penchant for violence and vengeance, more like.
God was always been in charge of the government and He still could be if we let him.
So how do you propose that should play out? Instead of elected officials we fill the Congress, Supreme Court and Executive Branch with a gaggle of ministers all waiting and praying for a sign? Come ON. This isn't a ragtaggle tribe of primitives wandering in the desert with a flock of goats. This is the 21st century. And you want to turn over the government to your Imaginary Sky Being. Good luck with that when you want the potholes repaired, the budget balanced or sane policy enacted.

That said, the Presidential debates would be a hoot.
It's not about religion, it's about obeying our creator.
In other words, it's about religion.
If we go against Him, we don't stand a chance.
To be blunt, Jodie, with this whacked-out world-view, I'm not so sure you stand a chance under any circumstances.
- - - - - - - -

If you want to entertain even more fun, check out her post appearing on FSTDT immediately after this one. Double the bizarro!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Favorite Coaching Rumor...Ever

It's no secret that Dan Hawkins is on his last legs in Boulder. Hell most of us thought he would be let go before they played Nebraska last year. But they decided to keep him for another year (most people believe they just couldn't scrape the coin up to can his ass) Not saying Hawkins isn't a popular man in Colorado but Sarah Palin is more popular amongst the 4 regular readers of this blog than Hawkins is in Colorado. After last weeks 52-7 debacle in California it would seem that Hawkins might do well to finish the year and many in Boulder don't believe he will. The popular rumor is that Hawkins will be fired soon and replaced with...

That's right one time CU savior and full time chauvinist and Fundy nut Bill McCartney. Now to be fair as a football coach Bill has done something few have done before him and nobody has done after him, won consistently at Colorado. You can say a lot of things about the man and I have but you can't deny he's a damn good football coach. However 16 years ago Bill decided he could serve the Lord better by going around the country and telling men to keep the little woman at home and take charge in your life. Now Bill is 70 and whether or not he's willing to give up his little gig as the head man of "Promise Keepers" and come back in to coaching is doubtful. Besides Bill's daughter is in her 40's now and is probably no longer desirable enough to be used as an MVP trophy for the Team.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week One Thoughts from the NFL

As we get set for the season premier of ESPN's Monday Night Football, here are some thoughts about Week 1 in the NFL.

* The call which screwed the Lions has got to be the dumbest rule in pro-football. Ok, it's #2, compared to the Brett Farve Rule that has been instated for future post-season games. The Count said it best: "If you cross the goal-line with the ball it is a fucking touchdown." Going for the all-or-nothing longball without making a first down attempt didn't help their cause at all, and neither did losing Matthew Stafford.

* The more things change, the more they stay exactly the same. Even when Oakland dumped JaMarcus "Ryan Leaf" Russell, picked up an average quarterback in Jason Campbell, and got some decent picks in the Draft this year, Raider Nation still witnessed the same team that's committed to sucking, as Chris Johnson and Vince Young smoked the Raiders 38-13. As Dennis Green would say, "They [Oakland Raiders] are who we thoguth they were!"

* Matt Schwab, Arian Foster and the Texans made a statement game against the Colts. Foster blew past the Colts for a team-record 231 yards and 3 TD's. Peyton put up some of the best #'s of his career (40-57, 433 yds, 3 TD) as the Colts run defense just looked like they had their thumbs stuck up their asses.

* Dallas...I don't even know where to start with this group. Tony Romo couldn't finish of a couple of promising drives. Dez Bryant dropping key passes. Alex Barron called for holding as Romo capped off what would have been a game-winning touchdown to Roy Williams with 03 seconds left in the game. That damn fumble recovery that went for a TD to finish the 1st half...Ugly game by Dallas, but a nice start for Donnovan McNabb who went 15-32 and 171 yards in his Redskins debut. Which leads me to...

* I know it's only one game, but from the look of Kevin Kolb's outing vs the Packers, it leads to believe just what the hell was Philadelphia was thinking when they have McNabb the boot? Granted, he wasn't the first choice of Philly fans, but performed consistently well in the regular season, led them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2004, and a couple of Conference title games while he was an Eagle.

Late edit from The Count:

Hamburger, Football, Shrimp and Bobby Darin Or How The Count Spent His Birthday

I don't really celebrate birthdays. I acknowledge them, I enjoy them I don't pretend they don't exist but as for something like say a birthday party? Don't remember the last one I had. I've had people over but nothing you could call a party. Birthday #36 was no exception. I can say this for the first time maybe ever this week I was actually sick of Hamburger. If you are a member of PETA or a vegetarian you may want to skip this next paragraph.

On Tuesday I went to see my Nephew's football game. He plays for his schools Freshman B team. His team won 2-0. Game of the century. Afterwords we went to Culvers to eat (Hamburgers) On Wednesday a friend took me to lunch to King Kongs (Hamburgers) On Thursday another friend took me to lunch Louie M's Burger Lust. Now by then I was sick of hamburgers but i'll be damned if I turn down Louie M's. Those hamburgers are nearly in a class by themselves. You wonder how I built this physique? After eating at Louie's we went to Council Bluffs to Kainsville Kollectables which is the greatest used record shop on the planet. It's about the only thing Iowa is good for. I can't imagine how awesome the place would be if they actually organized it. I had not been in the store on years and almost all of the treasures I have bought over the years have been boxed up by the Contessa. So thursday I took the opportunity to purchase a few new used treasures. Who could pass up a copy of Bobby Darin's Venice Blue for $5? Actually it surprised me to find a used copy of Venice Blue since nobody bought the album when it was new. Actually even though like most Darin albums in the mid 60's it's a good album even if nobody noticed. Anyway back to My birthday...

Friday was my Birthday. I got to pick the restaurant and having had enough Hamburgers I chose to go eat shrimp. Then I went to Omaha Cigar and bought me 5 covered in Cognac. Went home sat outside in my backyard so I could hear the noise coming in from the PA system from the high school game being played down the street (I love that sound) and smoked a cigar. Then I watched the Marshall and West Virginia game and that was pretty much my Birthday or at least all I am gonna tell. Other than the handful of Records I bought myself at Kainsville and the side of beef I ate all week I got some nice gifts. The 1992, 1993 and 1996 Nebraska football season on DVD, Some cigars as always and a Flo TV. Nothing like a gift that the recipient has to pay $15 a month to use huh? Pretty funny I have made a vow to never own a cell phone yet I pretty much get every other useless gadget. Actually I like the thing. It's bigger than the pocket sized one and you can use it as a DVD player and I have already gotten some use out of it. Saturday I had to go to my friends 2 year olds birthday party and I used the Flo to watch TV in the car on the way there. When we got home I went out back again toked up and watched Penn State-Alabama on my deck. 2010 when a man can smoke cigar and watch college football all in the comfort of his backyard what an age we live in.

The Irony Meter Just Exploded

Today's "gem" from FSTDT:
Quote# 75999

[In response to: American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong?]

If they want to blend in and not impose their religion on everybody else, then yes, maybe they can belong. But Muslims are not willing to do that.

dfwgator, Free Republic (where else?)
This is what happens when people spend so much time staring in a mirror, they start to think it's a window.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday NFL and Open Thread

NFL Talk or anything you want.

Watching Chicago and Detroit. Bears just stopped on the goal line. Couldn't go 1 yard in 4 plays. Mike Martz is a dipshit.

Wow the Bears win in part on what has to be the dumbest fucking rule in the book. If you cross the goal-line with the ball it is a fucking touchdown. Of course Detroit following up with 2 throws into the endzone with out trying to pick up a first down didn't help.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Final Score

38 17

Game Week #2


Unlike last week where there wasn't anyway that it was going to be a competitive game Idaho at least brings in an offense that can give Nebraska fits especially if Nebraska's defense doesn't make a huge jump from week 1 to week 2.

What to look for:

Can Idaho run the ball? I think they can throw it and I think they'll score some points If Idaho can't exploit Nebraska's shaky linebacking core with at least something of a ground game they will not only lose but lose worse than most people expect. However if they can run the ball at least somewhat to go along with their passing game this game could be close far too long for Nebraska fan's liking.

Can Idaho handle the atmosphere? Last week Western Kentucky talked a good game about not being spooked about playing in Lincoln because they had played in Tennessee after the game was over they talked about how much the atmosphere bothered them. Boise is a tough place to play but it's about 55,000 seats smaller than memorial stadium. Idaho wouldn't be the first team to shit down it's drawers. At on the same subject what of Nate Enderle the North Platte Nebraska native who is coming home and looking to lead his team to a huge upset? Does he play the game of his life or does he press?

How focused will Nebraska be? Washington a real opponent is next week and Nebraska's heads could be elsewhere. This is not a bad Idaho team. It's certainly good enough to make things uncomfortable for an unfocused Nebraska team. Put it this way they are probably as good as Iowa State was last year.

What will happen?

Look for this game to be close for a half. Idaho is not bad but Nebraska is better. Idaho will score some points but Nebraska will score many more. I'll say it again this is a pretty good Idaho bunch.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kickoff 2010 - Primadonnas vs. Saints

The kickoff to the 2010 Football season starts tonight, and what better game would there be to watch than a re-match of last year's NFC Conference Title between Super Bowl IV champs, the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings Primadonnas (Sorry, Brad Childriss, but you've earned the nickname thanks to the Ol' Gunslinger's yearly holding-a-franchise-hostage-until-I get-more-money ploy). Needless of the Count's and my hatred of #4, we're both hoping for a Saints victory tonight...and that #4 get roughed up good like he did last year when he played New Orlenas.

I've decided to scrap Jonathan's Corner

Wait, that doesn't sound right.

I've decided the change the name. Jonathan's Corner is now The Way I See It. New name. Same opinionated Jonathan.

Red State Must Be Where Conservative LSD Addicts Go To Share Their Trips

From Our Friends at FSTDT

Quote# 75894

I felt as if the world were in a haze, that was the day after Obama got elected. I knew then we were living on borrowed time, today was the end of the USA, welcome USSA. For Millions of Americans, their freedoms have been seized and dismembered as of today, they just do not know it…..yet. But they will, and it is too late to do anything about it. Soon there will be a requirement to be ID chipped, oh, it will be sold as something good, but it will be the branding of a slave, only this brand will enable the person to be tracked.
Some will wonder, “Why is the military allowing our country to be taken over by communists?” Why? Because they are in on it. A tracked population can be controlled.
How can they track? Heard about those new “hardened” computer systems? Heard about the new GPS satellites? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out!
But it doesn’t matter, you see, it was predicted 2000 years ago what would happen. We are right on track.

livingfortruth, Red State 81 Comments [9/8/2010 3:28:57 AM]
Fundie Index: 40

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nebraska Post Game Grades And Thoughts.

Nebraska's opening games of recent vintage have been a lot like James Bond movies. Sure some are better than others but for the most part they have all been well made and if you squint your eyes and look really close they all pretty much look about the same. Now just how good the opening game looks I have found often has no bearing on the kind of season that will unfold as it progresses. Bad opener doesn't have to equal bad season which is good news for Oklahoma fans. I still remember September 1st 2007 coming home from watching Nebraska open with a 52-10 win against Nevada and believing that the team I had just watched was the best looking Nebraska team I had seen since 2001 and that they were well on their way to at least 10 wins if not more. Of course 2007 was a disaster and that Nevada game was one of two good games that team would play all year. 2010's opener against a Western Kentucky team that was nowhere near as good as that bowl bound Nevada team was certainly less impressive but I would be shocked if 2010 ended the way 2007 ended. It certainly wasn't all bad. In fact the game went well enough that there was only two f-bomb rant's from the Count (directed towards Niles Paul and head referee and furniture salesman Clueless Clusterfucker.) Clueless likes Sarah Palin I guess incompetent people stick together. The College football season is a mystery novel that lasts a 4 month duration from start to finish. One of the greatest, and worst sometimes, things about it is seeing how the mystery novel plays out. Chapter 1 is in the books. There was some good, that made you wonder if it was really that good or Western Kentucky was that bad. And there was some bad that makes you wonder if it's really that bad or if it's rust that has built up since late December.

Offense: A-
533 yards, 289 yards rushing? I don't care WHO Nebraska was playing Saturday those were great numbers to see. By kickoff most everybody figured Taylor Martinez was going to be the starting Quarterback so when it was announced there wasn't much shock only excitement. The Kid responded by running for a 46 yard touchdown on the third play from scrimmage. Martinez would finish with 127 yards rushing on 7 carries with 3 touchdowns. It felt like old times on the plains. The kid ran the ball with abandon though you still have to temper the enthusiasm with the reality of Western Kentucky. Of the TD runs the 3rd was the most amazing. Cody Green looked good in spot duty and it was good to hear Zac Lee get a nice ovation. Of the three backs Rex Burkhead looked best especially as a receiver. I don't think this offense fits a big power guy like Trey Robinson. Helu had a Touchdown but had a very quiet night. Niles Paul is still fucking Niles Paul. Special Niles and "Special" Niles. Great kick returns and a touchdown catch a fumble when he just dropped the ball followed up by a dropped pass. How can somebody be so good one play and so fucking retarded the next? The only real blemish on offense came in the second quarter when it turned sloppy after a 21-0 lead.

Defense: C.
5 times better than last year huh? The defense was fine in the first half, 80 yards and no points. The second half made coach Bo Pelini to declare himself embarrassed. Bobby Rainey ran for 155 yards which was the first time since 2008 Nebraska had given up a 100 yards to a running back. Blown assignments from the emergency linebacker crew though David had 13 tackles. The 'backers were expected to struggle somewhat but the line play and secondary troubles were disappointing and disconcerting. Western Kentucky should have had 17 points. Rainey busted a run thanks to blown linebacker play was well on his way to scoring when Dejon Gomes caught him and stripped the ball at the goal line. Nebraska recovered for a touch-back. Were the problems do to a let up in intensity or are there real questions here? It speaks volumes how far Nebraska has come defensively since 2010 that a game where the opponent scored just 10 points is seen as such a disappointment. Not saying that in time this won't be a defense as good as last year's ( I doubt it will be better as the coaches claim) but right now it is not even close.

Special Teams. A-
Best special teams stat of the night. Alex Henery 0-0 on field goals. All the drives ended in 7 not 3. Henery averaged 42.7 yards per punt and Nebraska had several good kick returns from Niles Paul and Tim Marlowe. The only slight downer was some average coverage on kick returns.

What we learned:
It's difficult to learn much from games like this against Western Kentucky. Martinez is fast and allusive but can he lead the team against Washington, Texas, OSU and A&M? We still don't know.

Niles Paul is still explosive and still kind of a douchebag. Yes he makes great plays yes he's explosive but dropping wide open passes? fumbling the ball for no reason? Still equal parts great job Niles and get that guy off the field.

Clueless Clusterfuck and Big 12 officials suck penis. Ok we already knew this but is it too much to ask that officials at least know the damn rule book? Western Kentucky completes a pass and is ruled out at the goal line. they line quickly to catch Nebraska off guard and draw a penalty for illegal motion. At this point the ball is marked back at the 5 and the catch at the goal line is no longer reviewable since the penalty acts as another play. Yet Clueless goes back and reviews the play which was upheld. So did the review buzzer come before the flag? Then the flag shouldn't have counted and the ball should be at the goal line. After review the ball was still placed at the 5 meaning now Nebraska coach Bo Pelini is upset because the play shouldn't have been reviewed\ because the next play had expired Western Kentucky coach Willie Taggert is upset because he thinks the ball should be 5 yards up the field because if there was a review the flag shouldn't have counted. Meanwhile the refs are at a complete loss. All I can say is if Clueless Clusterfuck runs his furniture store in Lufkin the same way he officiates it's worth the drive to go somewhere else to buy chairs and a bed if you live in Lufkin. Big surprise the old incompitent fuck is a Palinhead huh?

Overall B leaning towards B-
I think Western Kentucky played very hard and about as well as it could. They'll win some games this year and seem to be a much better team than they were a year ago. As for Nebraska. It was an opener. Some good and some not so good. Is martinez that good? Will the defense become close to what they were last year or were those second half breakdowns symptoms of a larger problem? Since 2006 in openers Nebraska has beaten Louisiana Tech 49-10, Nevada 52-10, Western Michigan 47-24, Florida Atlantic 49-3 and now Western Kentucky 49-10. I guess as long as they're successful we'll over look the fact that they were all pretty much the same damn game with the same questions at their conclusions. Of course all of those mystery novels ended differently how Nebraska football 2010 ends we'll know in 12-13 chapters or 4 months from now.

Around The Big 12.

Iowa State started fast and then coasted to a 27-10 win over Northern Illinois. The Cyclones looked good for a quarter and a half and then seemed to be too pleased with themselves. They did to their credit finish the game off in the fourth quarter.

Missouri beat Illinois 23-13 but scared nobody. They need to figure out how to run the football pronto.

Kansas lost to North Dakota State 6-3. Part of me feels bad for Turner Gill because he is a good guy and a Nebraska hero however part of me remembers my dealing with Vagina Hawk and Ass Hawk and Jill Harper and can't help but go HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! On the plus side the winning coach Craig Bohl was also a former Nebraska player and coach.

Kansas State beat UCLA 31-22. Daniel Thomas is a stud and this game would have been over sooner had Kansas State just stuck to running the football. UCLA had no answer for Kansas State's running game and wanted no part of hard physical football. In other words they were UCLA.

Colorado beat Colorado State 24-3 Normally I would caution against putting much into a 24-3 win over a team like Colorado State but this was a nice win for CU and just what the doctor ordered for Dan Hawkins. It doesn't solve all of his issues but it damn sure didn't hurt.

Texas beat Rice 34-17.
Dan Beebe and the Big 12 powers that be may have their work cut out for them if they want to deliver another title to their love child. Texas wasn't impressive to say the least.

Oklahoma beat Utah State 31-24. Note to Sooner fans posting suicide videos on YouTube you won the game! Oh and your videos are damned entertaining. Just like Texas obviously this was not an impressive outing at all for OU although Texas did have Rice put away for the most part at halftime. OU went down to the wire. Was this a fluke or is OU not as good as they are thought to be? I know what I am hoping for.

Oklahoma State 65 Washington State 17. Ok with Texas and Oklahoma looking very shaky I would look at this and say Oklahoma State could win the south. Except this is Oklahoma State we are talking about. Not surprised OSU won nor am I surprised it was a blowout I am surprised that a team pretty much starting over put up 65 points even over a Hapless Washington State bunch.

Baylor 34 Sam Houston State 3.
Baylor won handily, Robert Griffin looked good and didn't get hurt not sure what more you could ask for if you are a Baylor fan. No muss no fuss.

Texas A&M 48 Stephen F. Austin 7
Exactly what A&M should do to Stephen F. Austin so I guess that's good. Just as you don't proclaim Taylor Martinez as a God for tearing up Western Kentucky or Oklahoma finished for almost losing to Rudypoo State don't proclaim A&M's defense old school wrecking crew because they stopped Stone Cold...err The 6 million...err Stephen F. Austin.

Texas Tech 35 SMU 27. The Tommy Tuberville era gets started in Lubbock with a win and against an SMU team that isn't that bad either. It has to be a little disconcerting for Tech fans that several times they had chances to put this game away and never could and also that SMU scored 10 points in the 4th quarter to put a game that should have been over up for grabs. Still this is a better showing than say...Oklahoma's.

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