Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Uh OH I Pissed Of Bob Again
Not that it's really any of your business Count, but it happens to be my son. And given the fact that you have posted the picture at least twice on your own blog (a little creepy), and as far as I know are using it as your computer wallpaper, you of all people should know his arm is not around me, he is merely standing behind and to the left of me. Also, given your encyclopedia knowledge of me (despite the fact that you also think I am at least three other Bob's that I am not), you would know that that particular picture was taken when I lived in California. 0 for 2.

But your obsession with this picture does bring up a couple of interesting questions. What is it about seeing a picture of a man with another man nearby that automatically turns your thoughts towards homo-erotic fantasy? Do you have something you want to tell us Count?

But hey, what if you were right and I was gay? So what. I mean, I thought the left were the sensitive and accepting tolerant ones, but if that's true then how do you explain all the homophobia at this site?

Count, I think you have some deep soul searching to do, but at least you can know that I'll be accepting of whatever lifestyle you choose.

Oh so without actually knowing the story behind the photo I.E. That's your son with his arms on yours not your male gay lover it's foolish to suggest that the other man in the picture is your male gay lover. In other words one shouldn't look at a picture and make assumptions with out knowing the story. Damn I wish I was trying to make that point.

As for your acceptance of me I really don't give a fuck whether or not people who chose to associate with an admitted pedophiles accept me of not.

And Bob STILL doesn't get it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Count, and in fine form.

Count likes to make a link with me and a "pedophiles" because a person I don't know or who have never meet posted on my blog twice. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an association. And while I should of course always take the Count at his word, when I asked for proof of the pedophilia, Count has never been able to produce it. I guess this knowledge must be from personal experience.

"So, without actually knowing the story behind the photo....." Because of course he never bothered to ask what the story was, he just went right to his homo-erotic fantasy. And here, even after explaining that my son's arms are not on me - something pretty obvious to anyone but Stevie Wonder - the Count still insists on not letting his little fantasy go.

So tell me Count, what does YOUR picture tell us about you? I know the old one, the picture of the Count from Sesame Street, was just an appreciation for your favorite television show. So what does the new picture mean? Well, since you feel that it's okay to make assumptions, I would guess that the Count is feeling like a pretty, pretty girl lately. Perhaps even a "young" pretty girl.

You know, I'm starting to understand where the Count's knowledge of all things pedophilic comes from....

See when Bob was told that the person he was making such good friends with on his blog was a pedophile by his own admission! not only did he not choose to dissociate himself with that person but he chose to make jokes about it. Like a typical conservative things like ogling 13 year old girls really don't matter only his pocketbook. So yeah I say he associates with pedophiles willingly. I know if I lived in Ankeny and had middle school aged children and I saw a man Bob's age (between 70- 80) hanging around that middle school I would be very worried.

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