Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poor Bob Getting His Ass Kicked And Changing The Subject

After I schooled the Ankeny flash on putting words in my mouth I never said he had no recourse but to change the subject. This is of course and old Conservative ploy changing the subject once one has been reacquainted with ones ass. One of Bob's favorite games is to lob insults then accuse others of using insults.

So this is the part where I call you a piece of....., but you know what, you're not even worth the time to type it out. And while I could always go with the Junior High version of name calling that you have used here, it would pale in comparison to the post-graduate level work that Aria is doing on the subject. Say what you will about her, the girl is Oscar Wilde (you can google it) when it comes to insults. "Thundercunt", "Piss Poor Excuse for Afterbirth" - Now THAT'S how you insult someone.

And feel free to use this little exchange on your little blog. What will that be, 20, 25 "Bob is an asshole because" posts that you've done? And sadly, even with your editing you are usually the one who comes off looking like an ass. So no, there will malediction (you can google that too), other to say that your a sad little man.

Oh, and as for the parenting advice, while it's probably to late you may want to give it to your folks. I'm sure they're proud.

As for my parents they have done hell of a lot better job than your piece of shit parents have obviously done. I don't pal around with pedophiles. In this past week I have taken one of my Nephews to a professional football game and went and saw two games my other nephews have taken part in. In other words I have given more of my time to kids that aren't even mine than you have to kids that are yours. that is assuming you have a 14 year old daughter...and again thankfully I don't believe you do. When did you ever find time away from trolling on websites to conceive the girl? And what woman of child bearing age would have the child of an 83 year old man who has so little else to offer? I mean unless millionaires have suddenly made Ankeny the Beverly Hills of the plains.

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Anonymous said...

The count cant have kids because he shoots blanks....

Sorry Steve but your wife may have to get a sperm donor....maybe one of the those fine fellows on newshounds that has an IQ of 10

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