Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kickoff 2010 - Primadonnas vs. Saints

The kickoff to the 2010 Football season starts tonight, and what better game would there be to watch than a re-match of last year's NFC Conference Title between Super Bowl IV champs, the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings Primadonnas (Sorry, Brad Childriss, but you've earned the nickname thanks to the Ol' Gunslinger's yearly holding-a-franchise-hostage-until-I get-more-money ploy). Needless of the Count's and my hatred of #4, we're both hoping for a Saints victory tonight...and that #4 get roughed up good like he did last year when he played New Orlenas.


Anonymous said...

Drew Brees throws first TD of the season Al Michaels finds away to give credit to Brett Favre. Somethings never change.

theroachman said...

I seen that before comming to the library.

Stupid thing to say. It did not even make any sence to make that comparison. I was like he did not even read the script from the pregame. Brees was the too small to weak to dumb to play vs Farve the big smart guy who was going to be the greatest.

Time for Al to go anyways. There are many others who should be given the chance to be the play by play guy.

On a more important note. They are asking residents in the City of Boulder to be ready to evacuate. We are expecting 50 mph plus winds for the foothills over night.

We live a good 20 miles to the east and 30 miles to the south. Thus are not in any danger. But heck this is the driest it has ever been in the 12 years I have lived in Denver. Not a good thing.

Jonathan said...

Stay safe, roachman, and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Favre loses life is swell.

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