Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another update.

I know there are people who read this blog and enjoy the humor that the Right Wing shares with the world because they have told me, So sorry to my good friend Robin Masters, who by the way, still has no topics on his blog Liberals are Killin The Country but Saturday I will be back to collecting troll droppings.

My father died Sunday and that is why I haven't been updating this week. There are a couple of real losers on the board tonight. "Mr. Right' (who maybe Ranger Pussy) and "Dems Are Failing" who may also be "Ranger Pussy" The posts these idiots leave are so funny that they are really like therapy.

Oh and Read Ralph's latest screed...


Sunday, February 25, 2007

there won't be any post on here for awhile.

I am taking a temporary break from fighting with trolls and collecting their droppings because of family issues. I will be back collecting the ignorance that is left by our right wing friends because in away it's quite therapeutic. But for the time being I am taking a short break.

Friday, February 23, 2007

What others are saying about the Ranger

This person is a dirtbag in your fucked up world though and you ask why liberals hate the military?


You really are a just a braying jackass.

Posted by: skeeenah () on Sat 2.24 8:05am

An Actual Post From The ranger on off topic

I have a great concern about getting HIV or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I have been out for about six months now. Recently, I have been thinking about getting into the gay adult movie industry, since my wife just recently left me. They say (i.e. management) that they practice save-sex, meaning anal penetration must be done only with a condom. How safe is this? My Dad doesn't think it is that safe. I know that it's not one hundred percent guaranteed that you will not get infected, but is the percentage for not getting any STD good."
Posted by: Ranger Bob () on Sat 2.24 7:47am

How do the others feel about The ranger

Ranger Bob, the idiot who won't go away, is not worth all the attention he is getting. He's not worth any attention at all.
Posted by: Rob S., PsD () on Sat 2.24 7:26am

The Ranger Is A Pussy

So basically The ranger is hanging in OFF Topic thinking I won't find his bull shit. Just as he is in life The Ranger is a Laughing Stock On Off Topic...


On another Thread The Rangers gets threating behind his keyboard.

Here comes the left troll - the count.

Count do you ever offer any insight to the debate or just make snide remarks at me since you seem to be fascinated with me?

I see you have a website set up just for me. You are a friek dude!

Yes the person who spends all of his time at a website where he is a laughingstock because it gets him attention called me a troll but wait it gets better The Ranger gets threating...

After I said...

The Ranger is a habitual lying cocksucker. You can't get better insight than that.
Posted by: Count Istvan () on Sat 2.24 6:56am

he said...
I doubt you would say that to my face.

Another lesson from Ranger Bob to the coward count.

Posted by: Ranger Bob () on Sat 2.24 6:58am

I PM'D him my response to that which was basically it's funny that somebody with 8 different screen names would call somebody else a coward and that not only would I say it to his face i'd laugh at him as he shit himself...

The habitual liar known as Ranger Pussy... logged off and ran like a scared bitch.

If You can't even hold your own in a fight behind your keyboard it's best to just keep your lying mouth shut. another lesson from The count.

late edit. He just posted my PM on the board. If you can't hold your own in private go public and look for sympathy. Ranger Bob 100% pussy.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Ranger And Dennis Johnson

Celtics great Dennis Johnson suddenly passed away today of an apparent heart attack at the age of 52. It's a horrible loss for Celtics fans and Basketball but it just give the habitual liar known as Ranger Bob one more reason to lie through his ass.

I know this is going to sound crazy but I met him back in 1994. Back in my early twenties I worked in property management in Waltham MA. He came in to look at one of our condos. My manager went crazy saying "hello DJ." I of course didnt really follow the celtics much so didnt realize who he was at first.

Posted by: Ranger Bob () on Thu 2.22 4:11pm]

Come on I didnt even consider Dennis Johnson as much of a celebrity. Guess it's because I was a Knick fan.

Posted by: Ranger Bob () on Fri 2.23 4:26am

So he was a Knicks fan BUT he didn't know who Dennis Johnson was.

As I said on the off topic thread which points out some of the Ranger's Many lies...

So you were a Knick fan yet you didn't know one of the players from The Boston Celtics when you saw him? You are either...
A. A fucking liar
B. A piss poor sports fan
C. A fucking dipshit
or D. A fucking liar who is a piss poor sports fan and a fucking dipshit. my money is on D.

If you are a Knicks fan you know who plays for The Celtics just as Celtics fans could tell you who played for The Lakers during that time. Sports fans, good ones at least, know who plays for their rivals. Especially basketball fans because there are no helmets to mask identities.

The Ranger is not only a fucking liar. he's a poor fucking liar.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blah Blah Blah Blah...

Fucker must think he is Cedarford...

Thank you Sean! About time someone exposed the hypocrisy of Al Gore and the Hollywood limousine liberals with their personal crater sized carbon footprints :-)

Listening to Al Gore is like listening to Bab’s preaching to the peasants that they shouldn’t be using electric cloths dryers or hair dryers because you will damage the planet and all while living in a manchant drawing the energy of a small town!

How about Pelosi demanding a 757 that burns tanker trucks of fuel and emits tons of C02 and then immediately after preaching that we need to do more to conserve fuel. LIBERALS. . . Do as I say, not as I do!

Al Gore’s movie starts off preaching how delicate the thin little atmosphere is. . . Hey Al, that delicate thin little atmosphere has many times cleaned up the aftermath from super volcanoes that in a single event, and in less then one week, can belch out more C02, particulate matter, and pollution then all of mankind has over all of history!!! Al there is nothing delicate about that so called thin little atmosphere. By the way C02 is NOT a pollutant it is a natural occurring gas that is needed for photosynthesis and life on earth.

Al take a look at your own global climate charts for the last 650,000 years. . . Do you see any cyclical events?? Think we might be over do for a global cooling and glaciers? See a pattern of sharply increased temperatures and C02 just before the start of each ice age? Think that might be what we are seeing today?

So Al and all you ‘solar warming,’ oops I mean ‘ global warming’ worshipers so desperate to silence all opposing Science and view points. . . Any thoughts as to why Mars and Venus are simultaneously warming with planet Earth and without evil Americans and their SUVs and industrial pollution? Could it be that the Sun, the furnace to the solar system is not constant?

So exactly how has planet Earth managed to cycle from a paradise to a popsicle and back again so many times over millions of years and all without evil Americans and their SUV’s and the industrial age? Think it could have anything to do with our furnace - the sun?

So AL and the rest of the ‘man made’ global warming crowed exactly why is the soon to be worlds biggest polluter allowed sign Kyoto but is totally and completely free from all aspects of the treaty and its wealth transfer scheme; could it be they are Communist? Just imagine the effects of giving Communist China a total pass while virtually shutting down American Industry!

Al you sound just like the LIBERALs in the sixties perching (and making money from the hysteria) that we would all be dead by the eighties because of man made pollution. Al you sound just like the LIBERALs in the seventies preaching (and making money from the hysteria) that we would have global cooling and glaciers by the nineties because of man made pollution. Al you sound just like the LIBERALs in the eighties preaching (and making money from the hysteria) that we would all be dead by 2000 because of the man polluting the oceans.

And now in 2000 we have Al Gore and the ‘global warming’ worshipers. . . Excuse me, that’s right in winter it is called ‘climate change’ and in the summer it is called ‘global warming’. So Al just how many millions of dollars are you stuffing into your pockets while you inflict your crater sized carbon footprint on the rest of us perching your dooms day junk Science?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Count Issues An Apolgy

In the Boortz thread I included some quotes from a poster named

Boortz Butt-Boys and Whores Are Back Part 4.

One can almost hear the gears turning in this idiots head. What a moron.
I've lived in Atlanta for a long time and, truth be told, Boortz has actually melowed a lot and I don't think he works for Rupert either (might be wrong about that).

But his opinions have not changed that much over the years so, like him or not, he is definitley no one's puppet. I can't say the same about Hannity - I don't think he even believes half of what he says.
Not sure what you mean by "the world at large". Go to any anti-war rally, any peace 'n' justice march or for that matter any Unitarian Church and you'll meet socialists and communists. Tool around the Web a bit and check out academic and think-tank websites, especially the personal websites of academics. And, last time I checked, there were dozens of Socialist parties and an active Communist party in most of the Western European nations. Off the top of my head, the Socialists are in power in Spain and there are *two* Communist parties in the coalition currently ruling Italy (one of them being the second-biggest vote getter in the last election!)

So don't swallow.

Thanks for your civil, if skeptical, replies.

Now it's time to go pay the bills.

I do not "think the Italian Communist Party...in any way resembles Russian or even Chinese Communism". I, for one, know the difference between democratic socialism and revolutionary socialism. The former is preferable to the latter, but in the same way that a shot in the chest is preferable to a shot in the head.

On the other hand, one wonders why they bother to use the name. "Partito della Communista Rifondazi": Red flag, check. Hammer and sickle, check. Opposed to globalization, check. Guaranteed minimum income, check. Shorter working hours with no reduction in pay or benefits, check. Wage and price controls, check.
Just to be absolutely clear, all of that stuff about communists and socialists was in response to the statement that "I am not aware of any significant number of them out in the world at large".

I have no problem with whomever the Euros choose to elect, and I understand that socialism is a diverse phenomenon.

I am simply trying to point out that there are significant numbers of both in the world and, yes, in the U.S. and pretending otherwise adds nothing to the discussion.

Unless, of course, socialism and communism are "bad" and one wants to minimize or deny association with it.

Mr. Chapman: Forgive me for repeating myself: Just to be absolutely clear, all of that stuff about communists and socialists was in response to the statement that "I am not aware of any significant number of them out in the world at large".

Forgive me, I rarely visit this blog and have never commented before. I seem to have violated some unspoken rule. It just seems odd to me that one commenter can call the upper levels of our government 'fascists' and not be meaningfully contradicted while another asserts that there is "no significant number" of communists and socialists "...out in the world at large".

Oh Paleeeze! That is Please for most of you. Let's blame the NEOCON's and republicans for everything. Hey, thinking for yourself includes reading all the material related to the subject and having a basic understanding of the material you have read.

If you Dems are all "thinkers" then be readers and learners to find the truth rather than thinking you are always right. You may find yourself surprised that you are being dupped by all the politicians including your beloved democratic leaders (i.e.: Hillary, Pelosi, Dean, etc...). Now, I cannot wait to see the blind tongue lashing levied upon me for speaking my mind. By the way, I think the term or existence of the "NEOCON" is essentially a crypto-politico definition much like the existence and use of the word bigfoot.

The thing that many of you that are not exposed to Boortz on a regular basis is that he lives to push buttons. Conservatives, liberals, moderates, etc. At some point, as he says, he is probably going to offend all ends of the spectrum. He will often state his positions in the most extreme, shocking manner possible. To really get at what Boortz is trying to say, you have to get past the packaging and look at the point behind it. I happen to be a conservative and I agree with a lot of his point but there are many days he will really irritate with a point he will make. Don't fall into the trap of thinking he is all conservative (or all liberal!)
Stosh, who do you define as a "right-wing extremist?" I see no one like that with any real influence in mainstream politics. When I think of a right-wing extremist I think of someone like Eric Rudolph but I suspect you have something else in mind. To be fair, if you see GOP pols that you feel deserve that label, how can you not fairly describe some Dems as left-wing extremists?

I saw some of that. Like I said. Will not defend posts from either side that engage in name-calling or are profane.

Well, what else would you expect to happen? Certainly would'nt call a meeting to "discuss" the event. Truth hurts, words are just that. If I had a dollar for every time someone said something about my race, I'd be very wealthy. Your type is the very reason no one says what they mean. Only what you feel. Cant offend anyone now can we.

claudo, wait a minute? Why does a white man "especially" not have a right to call a black woman, a very public black woman, a name? I am not defending it as it was insensitive. However, I too would agree it was NOT racist. If you think it is racist, I would encourage you to look up the true definition of racism and tell me how that comment would fit that definition.

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Well it appears to make all the difference in order to prove a point on this site since we need to be clear. We do not want to post inaccurate info now do we?

I dont know. Perhaps you should tell us all. Or are you afraid of people calling you a racist. I lived near ghettos and they're not what you seem to think they are. And alluding to does'nt mean something is..
Okay. Well there is this white trailor trash woman in the neighborhood up the road from me and I can say for a fact that she reminds me of a ghetto slut.

(And now you have.)

Again...many of you are showing you either do not know the meaning of the word racist or you refuse to acknowledge it. Granted, if you said that Boortz's comment was prejudice, there was be a tough time arguing that. But it simply is NOT racist. As Stosh said, "words have meaning."

Hey Ellen looks like Neal is keeping track of what is said here:

If you want to see just how exercised some of the libs out there can get over my book and the things I have to say, just click here for a reaction to last night's appearance on Hannity & Colmes. When I yank the chains at the folks at NewsHounds then I know I'm doing something right. I would guess that Newshound Ellen has helped me sell well over 1000 books. So .. big shout-out to Ellen!


Ok. Oh, I get it the old "everyone in the south is Dumb?" that's pretty original and not prejudiced at all either. I thought you liberals were the sensitive ones....

Oh Please

He made a comment about her hair and then apologized for it

Big Deal...


Good Grief claudo...

Why are you so scared of the man expressing his opinion?


Ellen I will be the first to admit Neal can be over the top at times but often he is spot on. He often takes on the right as well. If claudo ever really read him instead of Media Matters he would be surprised at the number of common positions they share.


How is that lying woke? Neal pointed out clearly as your post shows, that he was clear it was an inclusive sales tax. That looks like plain openness to me.

I care that he is being divisive and slanderous, poisoning the nature of debate and discourse and doing it all for the sake of his own "glory."
Ellen | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 4:16 pm |

Ellen I will certainly agree with you on the point of him looking out for himself first. He does have quite the ego. I imagine that is why he and O'Reilly can't stand each other.


Here you go. Read away. Boortz calls Bush a pandering politician and jumps all over those in favor of the amendment to ban gay marriage.

http://boortz.com/nuze/200606/ 06...062006.html#gay

"Several wrote to tell me they weren't going to support the FairTax any more because I'm not for a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage.

Well ... first of all. Bad news for those who wrote me such loving emails. We found out yesterday that there are not enough votes in the Senate to pass the amendment .... so it's dead. Stone, cold dead. Game over. Bush will have to find another group to pander to or, miracle of miracles, actually find some issue that the American people can really get behind."

So we have conditions on the degree of criticism. Either its critical or it isn't.

Is calling George Bush out for wanting to ban gay marriage a legitimate criticism or is it not?

Do you need more?

Woke, what is your point? No one claimed it was a 23% EXCLUSIVE rate. For you to then try to equate that to a 23% INCLUSIVE rate would be inaccurate. Just because the inclusive rate is less familiar, does not make it less valid.

http://boortz.com/nuze/200306/06...6/ 06132003.html

Here's another one:


The Sons of Confederate Veterans are meeting in Statesboro, Georgia this weekend. Many, though not all of them will be plotting strategy to return the Confederate battle emblem to the Georgia State Flag.

This group needs to change their name. How about "DSCV?" The Delusional Sons of Confederate Veterans. Some of the more aware members of this organization need to inform their colleagues of the fact that the Confederate battle emblem is NEVER going to return to Georgia's State Flag. It's time to turn their attention to other matters.

Here's another one.

"Can you imagine the problems some people will have if we discover life somewhere other than on the Earth? The creationists, for instance .. how do they handle this?

There I go again .. stirrin' it up. Well, somebody's gotta ask these questions."

Who said he had to be fair? He's trying to tell it like it is. When conservatives are out-of-line he let's them have it too. He is an equal opportunity offender.

Its not Boortz's fault that the people on the left are on the wrong side of the equation more often than the "neocons."

7 | 02.20.07 - 4:45 pm |


You have been given numerous example of where Neal has taken on the 'right'

Show where Media Matters ever reported on those comments...

Not going to happen eh?


Again, not {teachers = worse than "the base" (its Arabic for Al Qaeda)}

Boortz's funny math:
{teacher's unions = worse than terrorists}

Maybe he's on to something with this whole education thing.

Right...there is no commentary at MediaMatters. You can keep pushing this point all you want, but the premise of the Fair Tax is an inclusive tax rate. You have zero proof of why he did not specifically highlight this and the fact that he did not does not change that this component of the Fair Tax remained unchanged. In fact, I have never heard him shy away from saying it was an inclusive tax when asked and I listen to his radio quite frequently.

you cannot reasonably show us the bias in a site that is REPOSTING actual transcripts and articles and showing the rw bias in our msm

can you?

prove it
woke | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 4:47 pm | #

I reread the article. There is not one iota of proof or evidence that there was any intential deceit. Please point out a quoted line that shows this intent.

You're all sheep - both sides, left and right. Reposting a bunch of BS from a right wing website or a left wing website and throwing personal insults at each other is ridiculous. I haven't seen an original idea or thought on this thread in many many posts now.

Here's what you need to realize (both sides): Boortz is to political talk radio what Howard Stern is/was to talk radio. He has a political opinion but he is a shock-jock more than anything else. He doesn't sugar coat his beliefs (no matter how crazy some of them are) and he says what he thinks.

If you are offended don't listen to him. If you are not offended, that's cool too but don't take all his (or anyone else's) opinions and adopt them as your own - think for yourself!
Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time.

But we are supposed to believe they are "unbiased"

Too Funny

woke, who cares what the rate is? If the proposal is revenue neutral and it strips out enough layers of embedded income tax such that my out of pocket cost is similar I do not care what the rate is. It is the end result I am concerned with. For the record, I am not 100% sold on the proposal and I have some economic based concerns around sticky prices and his theory will fall rapidly. However, that is based on substance and not getting hung on how a figure is presented.

Right, I know. I wasn't referring to mediamatters specifically and there are biases on both sides IMO...

There are just too many people whether liberal or conservative that just adopt someone else's opinion and blindly follow one party or the other without question. To me that's whats really scary.

If someone asks for your opinion on something and you don't know much about it don't be afraid to say you don't know much about that subject and maybe they can tell you where to go get more information. Then check, double check and re-check that info before forming an opinion or a belief. It's not easy but all you have to do is think a little. (this is not directed specifically at you, woke)

Yeah woke, I would give MM more credit if they were a site that claimed to measure ALL supposed bias in the media. What does it matter if they find 30 instances of RW bias per day (or whatever metric you want to use) if the instances of LW bias are twice that? Without the other half of the picture, theie contention that the media is biased to the right (which I find quite laughable) is hardly proven.

Anonymous | 02.20.07 - 5:03 pm | #

my post

why is it not saving my info?

Boortz gets paid to speak his opinion.Why would he do something else on tv? And if you hate Hannity why watch his show(or care what he says)? Read hr25 before you bash the fair tax.Remove the prebate and figure wfat the real rate is compared to the stupid quo.

Fine woke. You win the battle that Neal is nastier to the left than the right. That does NOT change the fact that he goes after right wing issues. And even without the shock value, he sure does manage to really make some people hot under the collar.

Bottom line... Boortz is successful because he does a fantastic job at what he gets paid to do. If you don't like him... don't listen to him. It's the beauty of America. However, the left's proposed legistlation to stop him and any other talk show host who isn't to the left, is an insult to the intelligence of the American citizen.

He doesn't think that anyone on the right is worse than our enemies if he did he would say it - he also has never said that about anyone else so I guess the Teachers Union in his opinion is the only thing more dangerous to this country in the long run than Al Queda.

Remember H&C is an opinion show - I know a lot of people don't realize that but it is so he gave his opinion and of course Hannity chimed right in and agreed because he can't form an opinion of his own but I digress.

I'm done for a while. Have fun bashing each other. :)

john t

That didn't even make sense.

That's only if you associate yourself with the party that is trying to do away with simple first amendment rights.

Dont get me wrong... I don't think that the GOP is handling our constitution any better as a whole. Both parties are better at different things but neither share the view of the common person (by and large).

Boortz' comment was referring to the long term. AQ/Terrorism is our biggest immediate threat. I believe he was referring to the long term. Right or wrong.

Ellen I understand, I was merely correcting john t. As for Neal's commentary last night I agree with your assessment to the degree that it was somewhat over the top in nature. I believe Neal is doing whatever he can to sell his new book.


Quick question here... I would love a leftist perspective here.

Please do not jump to conclusions on this question as I am truly trying to gain some insite on the position.

Since radicals of a certain religion have declared war on us... why is it so taboo to lable them a threat?

If being anti-certain religion is dangerous for Americans... wouldn't hating America be dangerous for America as well?

I'll hang up and listen.

And, as i recall, one of your favorite sources of info, eh?

woke | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 5:48 pm |

No not at all

While I may completely agree Neal on many points I disagree with him 100% on many others


I think it is also important to remember that teachers are being run over by students these days... and that problem comes from a lack of discipline and respect at home. It certainly doesn't make their job to teach easier when kids are not ready and willing to learn.

Boortz Butt-Boys and Whores Are Back Part 3.

Hey POPS....

How is being a successful RE attorney and national talk show host being a low life?

No one owes you anything... get over it.

If he is still around then he has some say in it but, honestly, when did a man ever have equal say with a woman. I don't know how it works in your house but..... :)

FrankC | 02.20.07 - 11:28 am | #

I was obviously only referring to the cases where that would be true. If the father is not around by choice... he's a **** loser. If she uses it as birth control... that's a new issue.

Public and private. I liked private school much better but it became too expensive. I wish that we had a voucher system back them. Actually, I wish that the government did not take the money from my parents in the first place.

Most of the comments are so irrelevant and meaningless its embarrassing to read. People on both sides have points to make. Unfortunately liberals don't make points relevant to the issue, just throw mud in neaderthal language. Two words - grow up.
OK, I'll take a stab: All children are indoctrinated. It's called "child-rearing". That said, I think what people object to is children being indoctrinted, at public expense, in things with which they disagree. (Isn't that the basis for the furor about "prayer in schools"? Some think it's good for the kids, some want to use the schools to proselytize, some think school is not the place for it, others just hate religion.)

Well, here's what I learned in public school, 1970 - 1982:
be nice to each other
don’t hit, even when hit
share and cooperate, even with
people who won’t share and cooperate
all races and cultures are basically
the same but we must respect differences even when they are strange, offensive or damaging to us
the policeman is your friend
don’t play with matches
don’t do drugs
the government has a solution to every problem
progressive/liberal/new = good
traditional/conservative = bad
secular = good
religious = bad
labor = good
business/corporations = bad
animals and stone-age humans = good
modern humans = bad
progressive taxation = good
laissez-faire = bad
all violence, including self-defense = bad
guns = bad
obey the rules, even when others don’t and we do nothing to enforce them
criticism of certain groups and ideas is unacceptable, even when true.
stereotypes are false

I'm guessing that whether or not agrees with these things will largely determine whether or not one objects to them being taught in school.

This much is true: My profound distrust of government and authority is due to my long exposure to the public school system.
Good call by Boortz. Don't always agree with him, but dead on here. The ever increasing dumbening of our citizen by the ever worsening of our public schools is the #1 threat to this country. One only has to look at the inane TV shows that dominate not only the ratings but news headlines as well, so see this.

Drastic changes in our educational system are needed, but the unions won't allow it. More money is the only solution they will allow. We've tried that, it doesn't work.
I noticed that Ellen doesn't feel that Boortz has the right to critisize the war effort as he never served.
Okay, good point, now does that also mean that we don't have to put up with liberal bedwetters discussing the war as they also, never served?
jmac | 02.20.07 - 11:33 am

cutting and running? Like the Left is 'threatening to do?


Im beat, They are asking for facts to back up what I have posted
Time to CUT & RUN!
Actually Redployment of the troops is the "definition" of Cut and Run.

Nothing is more ridiculous than the idea that in order to support a policy, you must volunteer your time and services to it.

I support the police, but I am not headed to the academy to join the force.

Anyone who believes anything they hear in any news source is pretty stupid. News is all about sensationalism and ratings now, it has little to do with actual information. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

Many facts have been provided... follow up with the research and be educated. It's actually quite fun to learn something new

I would say that Fox News does more than its fair share of dumbing down. And if people believe the crap on Fox, one does wonder which school systems they came out of. That people believe the lies and propaganda on Fox doesn't say much for the level of intelligence of its viewers.
claudo | 02.20.07 - 11:37 am | #

FYI, FOX News programs that you are bashing are not news programs, they're commentary/opinion shows. Unlike NBC and the rest who interject opinions instead of giving the news as they are required.

Assassin, I see nothing but hypocracy in liberal positions.

no support for stopping illegal aliens,
no support for the 2 border patrol officers jailed for doing their duty,
no support for constitution, article 4, ,section 4, where the federal govt is directed to protect states from invasion.

Bullshit argument, here's a better one. I support the troops, that doesn't mean I support them being sent to an unnecessary war.

Good for you, me too. What is your point? I see you made no attempt to respond to my argument. You merely assumed I am for the war (I'm not) and said nothing to my point. Why?

stosh: Well, sir, you don't have to "buy" it. It happened and my experience is just as valid as any of the other anecdotal blather on this thread.

BTW, I think you're being disingenuous. No one stood up in a class and said "religion is bad"; religions *were* consistently depicted as enemies of progress, science, etc. - which they often were - but seldom, if ever, was religion given any credit for moral and philosophical ideas or reform movements - especially in the modern era.

John T
No, $40,000 is not a great salary when you are working 8 to 5 all year long. But, it is when you are working 8 to 3 for nine months of the year plus all holidays and winter and spring breaks.

John | 02.20.07 - 11:35 am | #

That's ridiculous. You had a choice to keep your third child and I am glad you chose to do so. It doesn't make me happy that babies are aborted anymore than anyone else. My whole point here is IT IS NOT THE GOVERMENT'S DECISION!!!!

BTW: I didn't say pregnancy was a necessary evil I said abortion was.

How 'bout this: If more people had abortions there would be less need for welfare.

Wait, I got it. You're aparently all for Gov't control so how about no more than three kids per family or the gov't will force you to have an abortion? The gov't knows best right?

I can argue using your brand of logic too.

I agree here as well. Our ever increasing government dependence is also allowing parents to think they are not responsible for their children.

However teacher's union deserve their lion's share of the blame.

Okay stupid, Yes they are a news NETWORK.

However, the shows as I mentioned earlier, which you obviously missed, are in fact OPINION SHOWS on that network.

Hellooo yourself!
claudo, My allegations are from polls of the citizens, that show that 80% of Americans want the illegals stopped, and watching current news that shows a real lack of support for stopping illegals by democrats, how about the fence that was passed in the previous congress?

Did you ever read about the abortion procedure? Do you understand what the doctor does? It is scary. I cannot imagine that there is a doctor that could perform this procedure. Once you understand what is involved, you cannot conclude that it is anything but murder.

Please tell us how you come to equate becoming a policeman with supporting an unnecessary occupation that has destroyed a secular govt for a theocracy, has created half a million casualties and has, in fact, INCREASED TERRORISTS?

Again, I do not support the war, nor do I think it's a good idea.

I merely said that for those who do support it, they have no precedent or duty to volunteer their services to policies they think are a good idea.

FrankC, no I'm saying when you are doing an opinion show let it be as such. If you are giving the news, DO THAT. Do Not Mix the two. The alphabet channels do it all the time.

KNOW when your programs are doing what they should be doing.


Stosh, you seem to be the one who thinks everthing anyone says is Bullshit. (your word) Do you have anything else to offer?

FrankC: Um, it was one guy. And he was hit in the buttocks, not in the back. It is not in evidence that he was unarmed. They were allowed to fire under their ROE because the van he was driving did not stop.

I do wonder why they didn't file a report, but the government's handling of this case is not exactly stellar. After all, we want to always give the accused the benefit of the doubt, no?

Where the border (especially the southern border - where the Border Patrol are shot at daily by the coyotes, narcotraficantes and Mexican army/police on the drug payroll) is concerned, I'd like to see the Patrol be a little more agressive.

FrankC | 02.20.07 - 11:45 am | #

They didn't shoot two unarmed men. They shot a fleeing criminal immigrant who was transporting 740lbs of weed.

My expertise comes from personal experience. I have three children in the public schools. I have several issues with their school but there is not much that I can do about it.

If you are giving the news, DO THAT. Do Not Mix the two. The alphabet channels do it all the time

Using your argument, so does Fox.
claudo | 02.20.07 - 11:50 am | #

Afraid not. Not when its a newscast.

Why don't you just admit that you like your talking points better than you like his talking points? How intelligent are you, stash?

I lived in that area for a couple of years. It is a scary area and when I was out in the country I always had a gun close to me.
Beautiful area and many neat people but over run with cockroaches, the human kind

Dude, you haven't provided anything but right-wing talking points here all day. Not one fact, no evidence for anything, nothing but intolerance and dumb parroting of what you've been told.

I have zero respect for you. Until you show me a glimmer of intelligence, don't try to tell me what to do.

I'm not telling you to go away. You just keep calling everyone elses imput Bullshit. Thats all you say. it's old.
Why don't you just admit that you like your talking points better than you like his talking points? How intelligent are you, stash?
clintonianism sux | 02.20.07 - 11:56 am |

Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

The point is that we granted immunity to a CRIMINAL whose actions provoked our defenders to do what we've asked/paid/trained them to do.

I agree that it should have been reported, but that's not the big issue.

I am very involved in my children's education. Their teacher's might say too much. But, if a teacher in a public school is not doing their job, there is not much that can be done about it.

woke, I agree with you, I have been a conservative for 30 years but I voted to kick them out this last election.

Actually... they do. Furthermore... they didn't kill him, they stopped him.

I'm for the decriminalization of narcotics... just a side note.

"it's old."

And you do nothing but make shit up and lie lie lie. Your comments about Fox vs the other news channels are laughable. You look pretty dumb when you say that stuff. And there is nothing that gets older than a fool who keeps repeating the same nonsense over and over again. You have no credibility.
Stosh | 02.20.07 - 12:00 pm | #

If its old, then lets move on. And dont call me a Liar unless you want to prove that. None of us know each other you cant prove that I've lied.

stosh: I understand your skepticism. My statements are probably at odds with your own experience. I'm not sure you can be convinced and I am by no means required to justify my public school experience, any more than the ironworker his construction experience or the Vietnam vet his combat experience.

For the record, the attitude to religion I described was pretty uniform over a variety of classes from junior high through college: World History, European History, U.S. History, History of Tecnology, Sociology. Specific example: Carl Sagan's history of science almost completely omits mention of religion except as an antagonistic force, when the influence of Christianity on European culture can hardly be underestimated.
I agree that it would in fact be different. This is much more important than a simple domestic issue because of what we require and desperately need for the borders right now. It's the larger toleration of illegals that bothers me.

I approve of shooting anyone that violates our borders in a criminal act. Deadly force is shooting someone in the head.. not the butt. Police and other law enforcement are often instructed to shoot someone in a manor specifically described as "non deadly."

I left my job so that I could spend more time with my children.
If you are so smart, tell me what I am supposed to do when I am dealing with an incompentent teacher and a school principle that only cares about her retirement?

The labor is available because unions have forced many manufacturers overseas. Lawmakers aren't the only ones responsible.

I would love to. General conversations like this are the starting point for overall improvement. Isn't that why we're all here?

claudo, the labor is available because the federal govt will not enforce the borders

FrankC: Did you read my post? I'm not "reconciled" to the fact that they didn't make a report; I said "it bothers me". Failing to make a report - when a verbal one would have done - and picking up their brass doesn't necessarily add up to "hide the evidence". None of us have all the facts, but what's there is fishy. It just isn't as cut and dried as you'd have us believe.

Now I understand! It is ok to kill as long as you call it abortion. I suppose that the next step it to eliminate all of the "undesirables".

As far as the Republican Party, they spent entirely too much money when they were in power for me to support them. Lets hope that the Democrats do not make the same mistake.

claudo | 02.20.07 - 12:12 pm | #

Claudo... I was hoping that you were smarter than that regarding this issue. You're lost.

John T,
My wife works. She supports that family. And, if I could find a job that would pay me $75,000 after taxes, I might go back to work. Because that is how much is costs to sent three children to private school.

I grew up in a very apolitical household. I can count on fingers of one hand the number of times that either of my parents expressed a political opinion. So when I got out into the adult world and started paying attention to politics, I found that I agreed (primarily) with one group and disagreed with another. Then I started to wonder where I got my political opinions, if not from my folks and the answers were pretty obvious: public school and popular entertainment.

Woody Allen's bon mots aside, life is *not* like high school and the disconnect between what I'd been taught and life in the adult world led me to question. Needless to say, when I began to question, my opinions changed - sometimes drastically.

Second, since I was something of an introvert and usually above my grade level, I hung out with the teachers whenever possible. (They were so much more interesting to talk to than the other kids.) When they got to know me, they would say the things that people always say when "it's just us chickens" and I got to know what they *really* thought.

I ate it up, but with rare exceptions, they were all of the same political and cultural stripe.

Finally, I don't think that everything I was taught was wrong; just very one-sided.

Two of my children have great teachers. They are wonderful. My third child has a teacher that does not seem to be cut out to be a teacher but she does not seem to be too motivated to find a new career. I feel as if I have to do her job.

John T,
Yes. Any good private school in my area costs $25,000 per year per child.
Yep, justice makes one sound and a railroad makes another.

Look at it this way: If an undocumented transportation worker in the hallucinogen-distribution business refuses to stop for law- enforcement officers at a border crossing, that's what the software people call a "feature". When trained, certified, sworn-to-protect-and-defend peace officers break procedural rules and allegedly use excessive force, that's what the software people call a "bug". While I think law-enforcement should be held to a higher standard, I also think that they should get an even bigger benefit-of-the-doubt than your Ordinary Decent Criminal.

If a cop shows a well-documented *pattern* of misbehavior, throw the book, but if there's any case for these guys being "bad cops" other than this one incident, I haven't heard it.

And hey, 98 Branch Davidians can't be wrong...

My god you people are ignorant. It is crystal clear that almost none of you have ever listened to Boortz's show, which is syndicated nationwide.

He is a libertarian, not a conservative, and certainly not a "neo con" as some asshats on here are harping about.

Well, i worked all my life to be able to work at home, make my money, pursue my "greedy" capitalist/Libertarian lifestyle and so now I must head off to lunch.

Gotta disagree with you there, Chief. Cops are trained to shoot at "center-of-mass", which translates as the upper torso. While you are more likely to survive a .40 hollow-point to the chest than to the head, it's not exactly what I'd call non-lethal.

Sad to say, cops are not marksmen. My cop friends spend more time on paperwork than at the range. (Most only have to "qualify" annually or semi-annualy.) The ones who care about their marksmanship practice on their own time with their own ammo.

stosh: Outside the classroom was an adjunct; a further revelation of where my teachers were "coming from".

And you would like to see the whole public school system go to the private sector.

And just how would you expect most people to afford it?
john t

One more quickie, yes I would. Once again, the government needs to be in or lives as little as possible. Most people could afford it if they stayed out of government schools and learned a trade, went to work got home schooled. GOT RESPONSIBLE. QUIT WATCHING AMERICAN iDOL, VOTE FOR SOMETHING THAT MATTERS blah, blah blah.

The cost of our schools would go down based on completion. As it stands now, there really is no need for our public schools to cut their costs. I do not think that I have ever known of a school that operated under budget.

ProfessorDuh | 02.20.07 - 12:23 pm |

Would you agree with the statement 'Many contemporary American "progressives/liberals" ARE socialists or communists. That's not an insult - it's simply an accurate description.'?

Of course, we'd have to discuss what constitutes "many"...

stosh: "...come from another point of view?" No, a variety of points of view.

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking in the second question, but we can safely agree that the parents who objected to "Doctor Zhivago" did so out of ignorance.

I had a similar experience: One of the few "stand out" teachers I had made us read "The Communist Manifesto" and then he challenged the class to a debated, with him taking the Communist position. Had half the kids and parents convinced *he* was a Communist, when in fact he "tricked" us into demolishing Marx in about 72 hours.

Boortz Butt-Boys and Whores Are back part 2.

yes we really need to worry about abortion clinic bombers on every corner of our cities. No comparison to the "religon of PEACE"

You Leftist are pathetic. If you would take the wax out of your brain and use it for logical, cognitive thought, Boortz & Hannity would make sense. But most of you are blinded by your irrational hatred for all thing conservitive, that you can't cope with facts - not the "truth" as you are so certain it is but logical rational thought processes that normal people use to take facts and determine what is and what is not.

John T, it is a fact: teacher's unions suck - bottom line.

This is why I am a Libertarian (although it's not a perfect party, to be sure). Too many people in both parties want to look to the gov't for everything and then complain when it is all f'd up.

"Conservatives" say they are for smaller gov't until there is something that there is some new gov't program that they agree with (like corporate welfare, for example). The Republican congress is a perfect example of this.

On the other hand, "Liberals" look to the gov't first.

Meanwhile the Federal Gov't grows and grows and we all bitch and bitch....

sorry to cut and paste but...

"When all government, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the Center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." – Thomas Jefferson

Woke, I do not hate working people. I worked in the private sector for twenty years after I finished college. Fortunately, my wife earns enough money so I can stay home. Now, I spend all of money time with my family. I would much rather play soccer with my kids than sit at a desk.

What is it that angers you most, claudo? Is it the violence, or is it the fact that some people disagree with your morals? I bet the fact that people disagree with your moral viewpoint is what angers you most.
Why dont you educate me. Go ahead and tell me what the wonderful "PEACEFUL" religon of Islam is doing to help.

How many Christians or others would kill, riot and otherwise over characitures of religous images? Hmm??

Only this irreconcilable wing of Islam would lose thier minds and continually threaten Americans and other nations with their pathetic theocratic view of how the world ought to be.
Can you not differentiate betweem domestic issues and international issues? What the hell does the history of black/white relations in this country have to do with international terrorism?
why do all liberals spew Brown shirt rhetoric or Nazi rhetoric. It is completely not true. Get a new vocabulary and pass it out to your friends.

That's very simple: child labor is not necessary if you open the borders to immigrants.

The right and the left have basically switched names over the past 150 years or so. Back in the day if you were to the right... you were a Democrat. It's sort of funny, actually. At the time, the "Democrats" were the main backers behind social issues. The evolution of government is truly amazing.

As for protecting the general well fare... I think defening the country is quite a large part of that.

Lincoln would actually be more of a Libertarian. Don't forget that Lincoln needed the slaves freed for economic reasons. He was schooled in what was best socially and economically. Quite a nice balance considering the times.

emily: I remember Al Shanker, may he rest in peace. The "Sleeper" reference was hilarious.

john t makes a good point, but why isn't anyone asking claudo "If it were up to the right wing, we would still have child labor " or others to back up *their* wild assertions with facts?

Try reading my earlier posts. Thanks.

No, I'll answer each issue to save you some time - there are too many posts on here by now.

It always amazes me how the rwrs like yourself decry paying taxes for SERVICES for the American PEOPLE.....education, healthcare, social security, etc

I never mentioned healthcare or social security but I do believe in personal resposibility and choice so I believe that you should be able to choose to be involved in Social Security and our future of Socialized medicine or to be responsible for yourself. I never said I had a problem paying taxes for education (and I have no kids!). Obviously, all three of the areas need work but I am not "against" any of them.

but have NO PROBLEM with the unbelievable CORPORATE WELFARE STATE

I stated earlier that I am opposed to any corporate welfare.

for instance, both WELFARE and BANKRUPTCY have been reformed on the backs of the PEOPLE

but CORPORATIONS still have both in place

splain dat?

don't support any type of corporate welfare. The welfare system we have now needs to be completely redesigned but it will always be necessary at some level.

Why do you support spending BILLIONS to support the RICHEST 1% and GLOBAL CORPORATIONS

I don't.

but not your own countrymen who are also paying taxes....unlike a lot of the rich and corporations?

I don't understand what you mean by this. I think we all pay too much in taxes. I am for the Country not the Government. I think what makes this country great is people just like you and me who actually give a shit. Whether we agree on the best way to improve our country or not...

BTW: I am anything but a Right winger. We would probably agree on a lot more than you might think.

You still haven't answered the question, who has caused more death on US soil, Muslims or domestic terrorists?
FrankC | 02.20.07 - 11:01 am | #

You are not arguing against domestic spying are you? Seems like you support Bush's plan.

Get your terms straight, Liberals are left wing, Nazis are extreme right wing> You seem a bit confused.

No Liberals are Socialists more like the Nazi Party that i refferred to.

You dumb shit. You missed it alltogether.

Good for Neal. I gotta get out and get his book today! Thanks for reminding me!!


Lincoln would actually be more of a Libertarian. Don't forget that Lincoln needed the slaves freed for economic reasons. He was schooled in what was best socially and economically. Quite a nice balance considering the times.
Jeremiah | 02.20.07 - 11:02 am | #

The economic ethos is what really separated the parties. Lincoln and the Republicans represented the modern economic ethos of business and manufaturing, and they appealed to a new type of entrepruener. The Democrats catered to immigrant artisans for votes, just like they still do to this day.


You're right... the important part is passion for the country. The unforunate part is the powers that be have lost the passion for the Country and have the lust of power. Socialism is scary and is in the hearts of every TRUE liberal.

but not your own countrymen who are also paying taxes....unlike a lot of the rich and corporations?
woke | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 10:53 am | #
You cannot blame the right wing for the problems! Both sides of the isle serve the same mega-money interests.
The Fortune 500 are to blame. They bought and paid for the lobby and the electeds that dance to their tune.
If we had a voucher system, new schools would open up. Did you ever have to put a child in daycare? There are plenty of daycares. They are much more responsive than the public schools because they know that if they do not perform, you could bring you child to a different daycare.

That's interesting...you want to encapsulate PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE into defense of our country, eh? national defense is ANOTHER different mandate

Well, woke, if you believed that our Founding Fathers advocated a welfare state, I have to wonder where you were educated. Good grief.

How many people come to this nation to escape the grips of socialism and communism? A great many.


Are you making any points? Or just making attacks?

FrankC, by the way, you mention mob rule. That's just how Liberal Democrats work.

So why dont you want to do away with it? Were a nation of law not mob rules/Democracy.

Why do you support spending BILLIONS to support the RICHEST 1% and GLOBAL CORPORATIONS

but not your own countrymen who are also paying taxes....unlike a lot of the rich and corporations?
woke | Homepage | 02.20.07 - 10:53 am | #

Well said. Perhaps we should elect more non-elitists to office. Why don't you run?

As for protecting the general well fare... I think defening the country is quite a large part of that.
Jeremiah | 02.20.07 - 10:58 am | #

That was THE MAIN idea of that clause.

So scary that progressive western Europe and Canada have embraced some parts of it.
claudo | 02.20.07 - 11:07 am | #

Why don't you move to decadent Western Europe or Canada? They can keep that shit over there.

If people cannot afford to have children, then they should not have them.

I second that motion. I bet claudo is going to say the Constitution gives every American the right to have kids. Claudo?

I think our country has been going down the toilet since FDR.

But here's the thing - if you support responsible reproduction, then you can't be anti abortion because that's a contradiction.
claudo | 02.20.07 - 11:14 am | #

There is no such thing as an "accident" when it comes to sex and children. Some people recognize that risk, and they do everything they can to avoid it. They don't use the abortion clinic as a means of birth control.

Great video. He does say, however, that "in the long term" teachers unions are more dangerous than Al Qaeda. I don't remember reading that in the little article, but it does make a significant difference in how your article would have been presented so I can understand it being left out. Fanatics such as Al Qaeda come and go and they will be replaced by someone else. Teachers, indoctrinating our children in the Imperial Federal Government-run schools are a longer-term threat.

FrankC, against capitol punishmet? So do you oppose abortion?

In your opinion. Europe is a cesspool.

Aborting a child is about that most horrific choice that a person could make. If there is no alternative, give the baby up for adoption. I know plenty of couples that have had to go to other countries to adopt children due to the restictive laws of this country.


You obviously like to jump to conclusions and make generalizations.

ABORTION>>>>> guys... this is a no win conversation. Unless you've been through the decision with a loved one... or have had to make the decision yourself... you have no idea how horrible this is on a man/woman. Whether you agree with it or not... you can't possibly prefer for girls to get these performed on the black market for crying out loud.

Fag marriage/legalization of narcotics/moral relativism... want more?

When my children were in daycare, it cost us $700 per month per child. There was one teacher for 10 children.
As for public education being free, you get what you pay for.

ABORTION>>>>> guys... this is a no win conversation. Unless you've been through the decision with a loved one... or have had to make the decision yourself... you have no idea how horrible this is on a man/woman. Whether you agree with it or not... you can't possibly prefer for girls to get these performed on the black market for crying out loud.
Jeremiah | 02.20.07 - 11:21 am |

Agreed. Just think it is interesting that anti capitol punishement crowds usually are for it. Next topic.

Marty... again... you have yet to do anything except attack people. You have absolutely nothing to contribute. I enjoy that in a Liberal.

Yes, aborting a child is a horrific choice but it is not the governments choice to make. Just because someone believes in a woman's right to choose does not mean they are "pro-abortion" it means that they are "pro-freedom" or "pro-keep the gov't out of my personal business".

Ever heard of a "necessary evil"? Maybe that is what abortion is....and governent too....

Nah...you've proved that you are a total idiot!

I would have to be, since I disagree with you. BTW, I was unaware that you spoke for America.


I know we're moving on from this... but part of the man is invested in the woman so it's not just her right. The man should have equal imput because they made the "equal" decision to have sex (in most cases.)

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