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Fried Onions

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I be a hick but smarter then you!

Check Out The Spelling Of Phony...I Bet This Is Spengler.

Sounds like a TRUE American to me. Not one of you American hater's posting on hate blogs. You're just ticked someone called you out and proved you are NO TRUE HUSKER. Now curl up with a kitty and get ready to watch your oralmuttmann. All YOUR roads lead to the Big Red Network. It's really okay countess steve. Unlike you, I don't hate Mavericks or phoney hate filled Husker Fans.

Ok maybe It's fitting that I went to see the Simpsons Movie tonight after all...

Conservatives Cheerlead Death.

Now, now Count Stevie. No need for such childish language. For a UNO grad to be such a angry little person is really amazing. We're neighbor's if you still live in the Big O and fellow UNL, UNO grads, that is if you graduated. Nothing like a Husker Fan. Passionate and hungry for victory, but a True Husker Fan never post's American hating garbage. We buried two of the OUR greatest yesterday in HuskerLand. They died for US. Join the Patriot Guard and see what evil really is at a soldier's funeral.

Monday, July 30, 2007

With All Do Respect To Mr. Hanway

Since one of the absolute most moronic mother fuck trolls believes I am Mr. Hanway it's time for me to save an innocent man some hassle. This is how Mr. Hanway's Biography on the The Big Red network reads...

Steve Hanway
- Founding Editor -
Steve hails from the epicenter of the Husker Nation, Lincoln NE. He was witness to many momentous events at Memorial Stadium as a student at UNL. Since then, he's spread his fan ship all across Huskerdom - from California to New Jersey and now in Maryland with his wife and family. Steve is a walking encyclopedia of Nebraska football knowledge. He has forgotten more football stats than you or I ever knew.

Ok other than...
spelling My Name Stephen not Steven
being born in Omaha not Lincoln, going to UNO not UNL
never having have Lived in California, New Jersey nor Maryland but Nebraska, Colorado, and Back to Nebraska
and Having a last name that starts with a letter other than H...

Mr. Hanway and I have a lot in common.

Seriously Mofo I'm not Steve Hanway. Mr. Hanway is not only probably some Republican, I'm sure he can't figure out why some nut keeps bothering him or his family.

Seriously how lazy are these stupid fucks? It's says at the bottom of the screen I live in Omaha, and yet I am also some guy who lives in Maryland? OK.

Yes And We All know Billo Works In A Soup Kitchen

O'Reilly's show has more power than most liberals would care to admit. That's why they spend their weekends attacking BOR, instead of doing something constructive like working in a soup kitchen.

I Assume Everyman Isn't Reading The Comments Left Under This Thread

I don't know about them being Nazis but I do know anybody who would allow that stupid picture on their website still has the mind of a grade schooler. And frankly if this is the level of maturity of the majority these days I am proud to one of the 29 percenters who hasn't succumbed to this liberal nonsense. You people need to grow up. You can't be children forever.

Meet Fried Green Douche-Bag.

I will drop my donation in the Salvation Army pot this Christmas that is if you ultra liberals are not able to delete Christmas or me by then.

A non politicaly correct look at life from a born and bred Okie from way down in the sticks next to Arkansas. I raise mules and if you are offended by my views then feel free to kiss my ass! Here are the ground rules: 1. I am the master and you are the student! 2. Anyone who could vote the Democrat ticket has mental problems. 3. Bush is not a conservative. 4. By coming to this website you waive all your rights to hold the high ground.

Really Are you surprised he is an Oklahoman?

Late Update.

It Seems FGO is not smart enough to spell Istvan... It seems to me a while back there was a troll on Newshounds who like to steal Idenities who was also too fucking stupid to spell Istvan.

Fried Green Onions said...

Hey everyone this is the infamous count estvan who is so liberal that even the newshound.us kicked him off. He holds nothing sacred.

Of Course he's talking about Justice Roberts...Who Is A Conservative.

Another perfect example of why Universal Health Care would be a bad idea. You little babies would be going to the hospital every other day. Tripped over the dog's bowl ? Call an ambulance. Cut yourself shaving ? Hurry up and call 911 before I bleed to death . As far as I'm concerned the only time a fall warrants a hospital visit is if you've fallen and you can't get up.
Everyman | 07.30.07 - 5:53 pm | #

NewsHound Nazi Craw Is Back.

Crying as usual.

I thought this was pretty funny...

The comments were deleted as I found them personally insulting. You are welcome to read and comment, on topic, and all for free, but you may not come on here and criticize us personally. You don't like how we run things, there are literally millions of other websites. I'm sure you can find one that reflects your own higher standards.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

And You've Got Shit For Brains

Comment left here two threads down. Amazingly Spengler spelled every word correctly.


I see you were trying to kiss Ellen's ass so they wouldn't ban you again.

You've got shit all over your face!


Several young people who benefitted from the college fund were interviewed on stage.

You people are hateful and full of shit.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spengler is Trying To Spell Again

I have had a cruch on Jane Hall for a couple of years now - I have never understood why she works for Fox. She is a journalism professor and doesn't need the money. I bet Bill wouldn't dare talk dirty to Jane

Oh Yeah! Your Mama!

Bunch of fucking losers you all are.

Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know.

That reminds me, I'm full of shit.


PA? Sure Sounds Like Him.

I see that the newshounds forgot to include the crux of this O'Reilly segment. Abdullah Mehsud, a Taliban commander, was a Gitmo detainee until 2004. Upon his release, he returned to fighting the coalition forces until recently. This "innocent detainee" was cornered during a recent firefight. As opposed to being captured again, he departed this life to claim his 72 virgins by blowing himself up. Make no mistake, this is not the first "wrongfully incarcerated victim" that returned to combat upon being released from Gitmo. If we'd only given him a lawyer and the due process all these detainees so richly deserve, perhaps they would mend their evil ways and rejoin society. I almost forgot, a per diem stipend for wrongfully incarcerating these beautiful people! Why don't you correct the record hounds and tell the full story?

Steve Is None Very Smart

Liberals only like it when it is none Christian faith.
Steve | Homepage | 07.26.07 - 6:50 am | #

Some More Cock-Suckery From PA!

Are you all kidding with this topic?

Calling suspects names. Seriously is that all you could find to post a thread about? Names are constantly thrown around on this site is that not bad? I am assuming none of us our suspects for any crimes on here, and yet it seems to be tolerated as long as you aren't a troll. However if somebody on FOX calls somebody a name then it is worth reporting. Talk about hypocrisy. I can picture it now. (you all sitting there saying: "How dare he call those guys names. Nobody should do that to describe people. What an idiot.") Just your daily dose of hypocrisy on newshounds.

Anymore hypocrisy tonight? First a topic about Geraldo calling suspects names and now a thread about "hate-mongering Hannity". You seem to be saying, on both threads, that name calling is uncalled for and shouldn't be done and that hate-mongers are not tolerated and deserved to be blasted for displaying such "hate." If my perception is right then I will ask again. Anymore hypocrisy tonight? As I said on the other thread this is just another daily dose of hypocrisy here on news hounds.

Jesus I Can't Believe This Idiot Is Still Crying About Newshounds

Jesus, I can't believe you idiots are still crying about Fox News. I haven't seen Newshounds in a year or two and linked to your page from a news story; I was surprised to see the same crybaby liberals writing the same crybaby liberal crap.
Get a life, losers.

Proud America Has A Hard On For Newt.

"Gingrich stopped just short of calling liberals dangerous traitors."

Calling them that would've been hitting the nail on the head. But He probably refrained from doing so because there are still some JFK liberals out there. Somewhere. Liberals today are practially non-existant or maybe just hiding in the shadows of the group that took their place. The progressives.

Anywho, if Gingrich decides to stay out of the race for the White House it is more than likely because of his personal life a while back when he left his wife while she was ill.

If he does still run then that sucks for the dems because even if he does not get the nomination he will be bold enough to expose the democratic candidates for exactly what they are. And that won't look good for them. They cannot matchup intellectually with Newt so they will resort to name calling and talking about the wife he left.

Clinton should love Newt. After all, Newt was responsible for the bill that proposed a balanced budget while he was Speaker of the House during her husbands administration. That is what I hear people say when I ask what was good about Clinton. They often reply with one thing: "he balanced the budget." I love hearing that because it makes me laugh and everybody with half-a-brain knows the Contract With America, which Newt spearheaded, was the key to the balanced budget. Without Newt Clinton would've been remembered only for his fling with Monica.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some Suggested Reading

From The Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly Folks...


Uh What?

hey stevie how's that husker site going? I'm letting all I can know how you hate American Troops. Trying my best to help you there Sooner stevie

Thought you were banned there sooner stevie? That's what your tough guy banned and dangerous site says. Do your husker reader's know of your hatered of America? They will know how you actually love those Sooner's and been fooling true Husker's for years.

Monday, July 23, 2007

An Honest Troll

Just one question for Nonlib. You've got 5 or 6 chats going with adolescent boys right now don't you?
Count Istvan | Homepage | 07.23.07 - 9:17 pm | #

NonLib | 07.23.07 - 9:20 pm | #

The View From My Ass

It's been long time since I wrote TVFMA and this is the first one I am going to post on my blog so if you are not interested in my meaningless opinions you can go ahead and skip this entry. To be sure there have been plenty of troll quotes the last couple of days and if you just must have some here are a few for you :)

You fucking left-wing scum claim the high ground when you are the lowest form of human life - you are so consumed with hatred of Bush that you have lost what little minds you had....
Mike Thayer | Homepage | 07.22.07 - 9:05 pm | #

By golly when those college educated folks ARE working for their meager wages, the wealthy liberal senior citizens damn sure expect them to pay for their prescriptions.

Enrico Fermi | Homepage | 07.22.07 - 4:46 pm | #

It's been like that all weekend. I Normally like to have a little fun with the ignorant bastards but I am even getting sick of the fuckers. The biggest troll news is Crazy Ralph was banned for
impersonating Paige and reported to his ISP. In his typical crazy fashion instead of admitting he was using other people's monikers he bellowed about his rights being violated...











Now for some views that I don't find the least bit controversial but some might...

If I wasn't already convinced Democratic Underground was deep in the shitter the last two days have certainly done it. Tammy Faye Baker Messner Bullock died Thursday from Cancer at the age of 65. While I don't put her in the class with Falwell the fact remains She either stole millions of dollars or was an accessory to the crime and either way she's far from saint. Yet If you dare to point this out this truth on Democratic Underground expect to be called every name in the book. I mean how dare you say anything bad about anybody not named Hillary Clinton on Democratic Underground?

But she changed!!! I don't buy it. Not when I see her on TV peddling books By known criminals like Kevin Trudeau. How many other cancer victims like herself did she help Trudeau bilk out of thousands of dollars? But that's right she was always an innocent little victim. Yeah right.

I find it quite funny that whenever people interrupt the first church of DU self-righteousness even for a little bit of truth they get told to "blow it out their ass" then they get told they don't have any compassion because they don't shed any tears for a life long swindler. I guess Cures They Don't Want You To Know About must be a completely worthless book...unless she spent less time reading it then she did peddling it on TV to people who were just as sick as she was. People who gave their last few dollars to Kevin Trudeau just like they gave them to her in the 80's. Don't tell me how this woman was some kind of Saint because she was far far from it. She was a con-artist and a hustler and just like Lou Dobbs she proved just how easy it is to fool people who should be smart enough to know better. I don't wish Cancer on anybody and I don't think she was as evil as other hucksters of her former trade but she was neither a Saint nor a good person. I made the decision to stop my monthly contribution to DU and I am glad I did. I do think the people who run the site do a valuable service and much of their stuff like top 10 conservative idiots is gold so I am not saying I won't ever contribute financially to it again but not every month. Besides I like Newshounds better and I would rather contribute to it.

Tammy Faye Baker. Gone And Forgotten

Natural Cures They Don't Want You To know About may have made Trudeau more millions while bilking hard earned dollars out of the terminally ill but it didn't work for Tammy even though she worked for it.

Now that I have pissed off the 5 people who normally agree with me...

George Bush had a Colonoscopy insert joke here_________________________________

Newshounds takes some guesses as to what was found... http://forum.newshounds.us/viewtopic.php?t=17574
My guess would be his head.

America took time out from it's war outrage to buy a Children's book. Yes Harry Potter Book 7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
was released and American adults went mad for an alleged Children's book. I really can't say anything because I myself have the other 6 books though I have never read them and I am sure in time I'll buy 7 as well. If Harry Potter pisses off the Catholic Church he's all right by me. It does make me wonder what Newshounds troll Spengler has to say about people who read Harry Potter. If you remember he is the brain dead fool who came up with such words as
diverstiy mixutre and alowed then wrote..

While you might not like Mr. Savage, I would like to point out that he was smart enough to earn a PhD, an honor I do not see listed in your bio (although I notice you do not seem to read much apart from James Bond novels - it must be the pure depth and quality of this fine literature that has given you such a sharp mind. Why do you think Flemming never made it into the Western Canon?)

Yes He mis-spelled Fleming as well. I'm sure Spengler will tell me what he thinks of the book as soon as he can get it on tape so somebody can read it to him. As for his point about Fleming's work not being in the western cannon...I've got to admit he's got a point You sure don't see anything here in the states about that James Bond guy. Well other than the books...movies...comic books...

Ian Fleming 1908-1964 His work never made the " Western cannon" according to Spengler who discounts the 14 best selling books and 21 best selling movies (22 if you count Never Say Never Again) and (23 if you count the first Casino Royale... I don't! )

Speaking of which there is a new Adult James Bond book to come out next year to celebrate Ian Fleming's 100th birthday! It will be called Devil May Care and it will be written by Sabastian Faulks.


Well that is about it for this bullshit session. D I miss you and I hope you get on line soon. Until then...

Count Istvan

Friday, July 20, 2007

And Bill Bixby As George W. Bush.

Long and Pointless Comments from me.

So I'm watching The Andy Griffith Show on TV Land TAGS is still one of my favorite shows because you can learn just about anything in life from it. Anyway on this particular show a young Bill Bixby, a few years before he would be Elvis' sidekick on such award winning movies as Clambake, and years before he would turn into a green Lou Ferrigno if you pissed him off, was speeding and ran a farmer off the road.

When Sheriff Taylor went to give him a ticket and told him he had to spend two days in jail because it was Saturday and the case wouldn't be heard until Monday. Bixby responded do you know who my Dad is? and threatened to have his Dad have the Sheriff fired.

Anyway On Sunday Bixby had to stay with the sheriff because nobody would be in the court house and they are all sitting on the Sheriffs front porch when Opie says Dad you won't get mad if I tell you i busted a window? And Andy responds "No Not if you won't get mad if I tell you that you won't be getting an allowance until that window is paid for.''

Bill Bixby said "Sheriff don't you think you were kind of hard on him? It was just a window why don't you bail him out? Andy though a minute and said If I could "bail him out' but If I do that he is going to get in more and more trouble Now it's just a window tomorrow it will be something bigger and he's got to learn that he can't keep coming to me to bail him out" The Boys busted a window and has stand on his own two feet."

At the end of the show Bixby's Father's Lawyer shows up, he had bought off the farmer and said he was free to go. But Bixby ended up staying in jail. The lawyer asked "What will I tell your Father? Sheriff Taylor responded why don't you tell him the boy busted a window and wants to stand on his own two feet."

This got to me to thinking. What if just once Papa Bush told Opie Bush that he busted the window and had to stand on his own two feet? Imagine How much better the world might be if just once Popie bush didn't bail his worthless son out when he created a giant mess for himself. Maybe...just maybe then Little George wouldn't have grown up to create a giant mess for all of us.

if only just once George Sr. Would have said "sorry Son you have to get out of this one yourself." Then the only danger to the world little George would have been would be screwing up the order at a Waco Wendy's. Maybe That's Why George Bush Jr. Grew up the way he did and Ron Howard grew up the way he did.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drunk Or Crazy?

Political witch hunt!! At least Republicans have enough class not to waste taxpayer money pulling stupid stunts like Reid & Co. did. No sir, we of the right wing have always been infallible stewards of the American people! Champions of Democracy! Constitution-huggers, not tree-huggers!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Uber Spengler Meltodown!

Fuck you, stupid cretin. You are the most idiotic lame-brain moron that has ever figured out how to access the internet.

Your grammar is terrible, you know nothing about any of the subject matter, and you invariably resort to insults (simple one-liners - that is all your deficient brain is capable of), and you are only tolerated because you parrot the fucked-up ideas of the other misguided posters here.

If I were as bad as you [before some d:ummy jumps on "If I were," that is good grammar - it is called the "imperfect subjunctive" case], I certainly wouldn't start posting and advertise your crude stupidity to the world...

More Spelling With Spengler

It appears the Dr. Weiner lover is still struggling with the dictionary.

Wider perspective sees diversity..

Actually that would be contingent on how much "diversity" (god how I hate that overused word) exists within a given context. Let me give you an example. Suppose I were photographing a desert landscapes using a 21mm lens (35mm not digital.) The would give me a very wide perspective but there would be little diverstiy due to the nature of the desert landscape. Now supposing I took a landscape picture in a place where there was a mixutre of trees, mountains, and water - I could use a 80mm lens (less perspective) but there would be far more diversity.

As to the link being "50 years old" the dates are clearly listed and the numbers are no where near 50 years old. I suggest your math skills are as bad as my typing skills.

Ranger Liar!

I don't fear that. But I wonder if you feel there is a responsibility for the individual.

I take good care of myself, I excercise, eat well and avoid unhealthy situations. Thats my responsiblity, also found a job that will cover my family's healthcare. I spend about $3,000 a year for my coverage and usually a little over $3k out of pocket (this is my responsiblilty).

I have seen cases where public housing was provided to people, what do they do?

The trash the place and make it unlivable.

what happened to these same programs when the people recieving housing had a chance at ownership of the house and actually had a stake in it?

They took care of it, they cared for it, they did not let others trash it.

This One Is Smart!

Count stevie great sites. Such language from a NU lover. Think you belong to the Creighton crowd. Admit it, you are a wannabe Dana man aren't ya? http://fuckcreighton.blogspot.com/

Yes you got me. I am a huge Creighton fan. That's why I started a blog called fuck Creighton.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This Is What happens When You Drink And Post

Hey Count stevie husker. Never confuse my writings with another there genius. Don't you need to be studying those husker stats. Now get to work and get off the board you Republican lover undercover.
"Chase tail your tail three times and blow gas and you'll be happy"

It's Been Troll Country Safari Tonight

I have not posted most of the idiocy but Ranger Hapless has been back using just about all of his sock-puppets including Spengler who mis-spelled yet another word. But this is so good I have to post it. I put the truthful part of this troll dump in red.

another lib brainwashing "school" bites the dust.
http://www.townhall.com/columnis...l& comments=true
chow down mutts chow down

It's okay mutts. We can't all have an IQ. As the wise one on this board tells you mutts, "Now chase your tail three times and blow gas and you'll be happy."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kicking Spengler's Ass Is Fun.

I just did a search on Spengler here.

http://rangerbobfriends.blogspot...rch? q=+Spengler

He's the idiot that showed up to agree with the Ranger called Michael Moore a "lard ass court jester" then said...
"Again with the unwarranted assumptions - I have never voted Republican in my life and unless they find some candidates that are a lot better than the dross they have now, I doubt I ever will.
Spengler | 06.29.07 - 12:43 am | #"

Now Spengler says...

Sure you can but you still read crap. If I did not spell Fleming’s name correctly it is because I wouldn't let his idiot tales on the shelves of my library. Actually, I would be embarrassed to buy one of his books. Much as you like to point out typos, I could sit here all day and point out the logical errors in the arguments of the News Hounds and the Trolls but because I understand what the people are trying to say, it would be pedantic and churlish to do so.
Spengler | Homepage | 07.14.07 - 2:13 am | #

But before he said...

I would not be ashamed if I did work at a gas station or 7/11 as long as I was working but then again, I am not an elitist hypocrite
Spengler | 06.29.07 - 12:27 am | #

Just call me the chump stain remover.

Maybe That Dog Food He Is Eating Is Cutting Off The Oxygen To His Brain.

As someone once said, in an unfettered capitalist society (which we do not have by the way) some people eat dog food, under socialism, everyone eats dog food. The only way to lessen inequality is to reduce the welfare of everyone - there is no "raising up" only a reduction to the lowest common demoninator.

He Can Do All That Yet He Can't Spell Allowed?

Sure you can but you still read crap. If I did not spell Fleming’s name correctly it is because I wouldn't let his idiot tales on the shelves of my library. Actually, I would be embarrassed to buy one of his books. Much as you like to point out typos, I could sit here all day and point out the logical errors in the arguments of the News Hounds and the Trolls but because I understand what the people are trying to say, it would be pedantic and churlish to do so.
Spengler | Homepage | 07.14.07 - 2:13 am | #

Yes But I Can Spell Fleming And Allowed.

If all you can do is point out typos then why do you bother? I can count numerous errors in many of the posts on this page but I know what the writers are trying to say and I also do not assume they cannot spell no matter what their political bent.

While you might not like Mr. Savage, I would like to point out that he was smart enough to earn a PhD, an honor I do not see listed in your bio (although I notice you do not seem to read much apart from James Bond novels - it must be the pure depth and quality of this fine literature that has given you such a sharp mind. Why do you think Flemming never made it into the Western Canon?)

Why am I not shocked the Savage listener can't spell allowed ?

Too true - I think that was the reasoning behind Michael Savage's brilliant suggestion this evening that people on welfare shouldn't be alowed to vote until they get a job. If they are not working, they have "no dog in the fight" as they say except what kind of hand out they will get. Voters need to have a real interest in the economy.

Ranger David!

You may remember David as the little puss who demanded that I be banned...

Ellen, for the sake of keeping the thread clean I must ask why the Count is still not banned? It's bad enough with all of the trolls but the Count seems to go out of his way to start a flame war with all of them. If he has any real desire to contribute to the topic at hand he sure does hide it well.
Thanks To John T for this."

Tks for keeping track of me...

I was in Minnesota from 1968 to 1977
(actually next door neighboor of Rudy Boshcwitz former Senator and owner of Plywood Minnesota and good friends with his son, Danny who went to Oakwood elementary with me)

Pennsylvannia (Philly suburbs) 1977-1989

Upstate NY (Bighmaton) 1989 - 1994

Raleigh 1994 to present. I did not say I grew up in Upstate NY, so you stand corrected...
david | 07.13.07 - 2:38 pm

Dave or David has also posted in the style of Enrico. Could it be that Enrico=Ranger=Myze-Dave/David? could be!

Well at least you have come to accept the fact that you are indeed the offical News Hounds Village Idiot.


Mikey Can't Keep It Up.

Pfizer invented Viagra. Thank you, Pfizer.

They can do whatever they want....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Why Wait Until Morning?

Y'all keep ciphering. I'll be back in the morning to apply another bitch slap.


Friday Night Is The Lonliest Night Of The Week...

Hi, fuck-face...

Where is your cock-sucking buddy JT?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Those Who Smoke The Obese Should Pay More I Agree.

how about a weighted burden for those who choose to smoke of are obese? Maybe having to pay higher insurance premium if you were obese might be encouragment enough to lose weigh.
Posted by: Captain America on Thu 7.12 3:16pm

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Zorro Admits What I Have Long Suspected.

I can forgive Vitter for this. At least it wasn't under-aged boys.
Count Istvan | Homepage | 07.10.07 - 3:17 am | #

Or an intern!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ok One For Me And One For Barbarella

I nominate myself for idiot quote because instead of posting "Phone Records" I posted "Phone Sex"

it's awful late for you isn't Barbarella? By the way when will you be releasing your phone sex?

And Barbarella 666 for thinking that anybody who beats Nancy Pelosi in an election will be speaker of the house...

Now, come on, I give most of you the benefit of the doubt.....Cindy Sheehan is about as fit to be speaker as she is to teach a Pilates class! And I'm not a Pig-losi fan!

Mike Is Raising The White Flag.

Go fuck yourself, you dumb-ass bitch. You come on here putting yourself up as the expert on everything, but you are so fucking dense that you think someone who lists mutual funds as investments would make the serious statement that they were not investments.

Apparently you can't read beyond third-grade level when you say "You also claimed that the 1st person who explained to you that mutual funds are investments made one of the dumbest comments here." I said that FrankC's statement that mutual funds are NOT investments was one of the dumbest comments made here.

I suggest you find a good street corner somewhere - even if you are as ugly as you are stupid you can probably find some john to turn a trick with.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mikey Is "Illiterat"

You are bunch of stupid, illeterat fuckers here. You open your mouth before you think....
Über-troll | 07.07.07 - 8:43 pm | #

Even By Crazy Ralph Standards...This Shit Is Funny.












R O T F L M A O ! ! ! ! !

Friday, July 6, 2007

My Aunt Passed Away Today

I just got a call from my Uncle about 15 minutes ago or so that My Aunt passed away unexpectedly today. This is the third member of my family to die this year. My Father and 2 of his Sisters. I'm not going to argue with the brain dead and the illiterate today. I am in no mood for it.

Mikey On Finances.

Thank You To Frank C for putting this on off topic.

Here's an interesting exchange:

Here is a C&P of my top investments from USAA.com:

S&P 500 Index Fund Member Shares Cash 510.465 11,664.13 1.07% 8.01% 21.26%

Tax Exempt Intermediate-Term Fund Cash 761.615 9,832.45 0.15% 0.25% 5.13%

Tax Exempt Long-Term Fund Cash 714.286 9,700.00 0.07% -0.01% 5.48%

Growth Fund Cash 100.011 1,654.18 1.05% 8.49% 17.78%
Über-troll | 07.06.07 - 5:21 am | #

I prefer to reap the benefits of individual investment in our booming economy.
Über-troll | 07.06.07 - 5:45 am | #

Here comes reality:

Now I know this guy is bogus, he claims to invest in individual investments yet all the investments he claimed earlier were MUTUAL funds. Any investors knows the difference between individual investments and MUTUAL funds. What we have here is a Über-phony
FrankC | 07.06.07 - 5:54 am | #

And the reply:


That is the stupidest post anyone has ever made on this site!

Mutual funds are NOT investments!

Über-troll | 07.06.07 - 5:58 am | #


Let's analyze this, if Mutual funds are not investments, why did he list a bunch of Mutual Funds as his investments???? LMAO!! this guy is too stupid for words.
FrankC | 07.06.07 - 6:02 am | #

Then he provides a definition:

"Over the past decade, American investors increasingly have turned to mutual funds to save for retirement and other financial goals. Mutual funds can offer the advantages of diversification and professional management. But, as with other investment choices, investing in mutual funds involves risk."

http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs...pubs/ inwsmf.htm
Über-troll | 07.06.07 - 6:06 am | #

But, as with other investment choices, investing in mutual funds involves risk."

http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs...pubs/ inwsmf.htm
Über-troll | 07.06.07 - 6:06 am | #

LMAO!!!!!! INVESTING in Mutual Funds...Get it now Über-Stupid?
FrankC | 07.06.07 - 6:20 am | #

And finally the realization that he's been exposed as a bogus liar.

Fuck you, lying asshole. If you were an expert in the financial field, you wouldn't be hanging around a left-wing bullshit website like this.

You are a lying piece of shit who probably frequents the 400% interest payday loan stores.
Über-troll | 07.06.07 - 6:21 am | #

More Mikey Love.

Fuck you, lying asshole. If you were an expert in the financial field, you wouldn't be hanging around a left-wing bullshit website like this.

You are a lying piece of shit who probably frequents the 400% interest payday loan stores.

Mikey mistakes Paige For Filiz.

Paige PbD

Blah Blah Blah Blah

You spout off your platitudes every day to this disfunctional audience trying to make yourself look like Ms. Intelligent Expert on Every one of the world's problems.

You are a worthless, stupid bitch....

Paragraph's people.

Awww....poor wittle Johnny. Fox being mean to him. Your damn right we're going to continue to pounce on these "non-stories" you speak of to destroy any chance you fools have of getting elected. There is absolutely NO justification for spending $1250 for a goddamn haircut. Why fly someone in? Why not go down to a local barbershop and use the opportunity to connect with a few voters and pick one or two up. Seems like the smart thing to do. And to be honest with you, as many times as I've seen John Edwards on tv, I've never once thought to myself...."My that is such an incredible hairdo...he must have paid lots for it." Looks just kinda like a simple, not to mention unstylish do, if you ask me. The reason people make such a big deal about it, is because it is absurd. All politicians may be smarmy and wasteful financial, but most are wise enough to be more mindful of how they come off to the average man and woman. Maybe that is why Edwards didn't even run for re-election for the Senate...he knew he wouldn't win. He's toast.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


checkmate my liberal friend: first, scroll up to see what your brethren post. Hateful, ignorant rants without an ounce of objective reasoning.
Second, Japan is a nation of about one hundred million with a net immigration of about 0. What poor and indigent population is Japan taking in? whatsmore, Japan is a largely homogenous nation. One overwhelmingly singular demographic, they are all Japanese. Different ballgame. Like Iceland. Start to understand the reality of the USA. we are a hugely diverse nation, with issues most of the world does not even begin to deal with. Japan is a very insular society. Their very religious beliefs are not for the self like we are used to here in the USA. Take it for what it is, good or bad. apples and sushi.
learn to distinguish between rhetoric, in the sense of empty solopsistic phrasing as has become the norm, especially amongst the liberals and true use of language as communication.
I have posted only facts here. Counter my arguments if you can, and leave the leave the discourse on sentence structure for the 7th grade grammer class.
lol, or do you really believe that my statement; "we all die", is just empty rhetoric and only anecdotal at best?lol
Hate to bring this up folks, but in case you missed the 1990's, when healthcare reform was first instituted; the HMO mess we are currently in was set in motion by the clinton's. and who was the lead point lady on healthcare for good ol' bill? why of course Hillary. Who can forget Senator Dole pulling out that convoluted map of healthcare under the HMO model while the discussion was on the Senate floor? No doubt there are problems in healthcare and it can always be improved but let's not forget to send some of your anger to the woman who now wants to be your leader.lol.
I'm afraid, I have yet to hear a valid point of argument from you , or does your style of debate consist solely of repeating the opponents points and snorting haughtly like a mule with gas?
Here's a start, try to explain why the earth has gone through heating and cooling cycles well before man showed up on the scene about 120,000 years ago.
ok folks, I gotta go to bed now. because I have a job to go to in the morning, the one that I pay taxes with, and I know that millions on welfare are depending on me.
I'll keep it brief: you folks have way too much anger in you, I can only surmise that it is due to some failure on your own part to succeed in this society. But, hey, at least this is a democracy, and unlike you, if the opposing party's candidate gets voted into office by some cosmic spasm of ignorance, well then, I'll deal with it. I won't cry and moan and say it was rigged or that it's some conspiracy or develop an abnormal fixation with that leader.
I will continue to work hard to make my life worthy without resorting to the sordid habit of blaming everyone and everything for things that are not going my way.
Have a nice evening. and may God bless America.


In typical liberal fashion you choose to inject a rational argument with emotional rhetoric about letting your fellow man die and about compassion for your fellow man. Allow me to respond: I am not for allowing my fellow man to die, although I am under no delusion, as many liberals are, that we shall live forever. Fact is, we all die and any allusion to other nations doing better in medicine than the US simply ignore the larger demographic issues that only the US deals with. Let's not compare nations with 20 million to the US which has 300million. Let's compare how the USA provides for all as I previously mentioned, despite the million plus immigration per year, despite providing billions to the world in times of need (and never getting an ounce of credit mind you). Compare the US to say Russia or Brazil or Indonesia. Be fair and stop making this into the big bad corporate republicans against the cumbaya democrats. We all die, it is how you choose to live your own life that counts. Most of us are healthy, thank God, spending your time denouncing your nation for profit or worse is not only counterproductive but ultimately undermining the one true hope for mankind; the spread of democracy.
Regarding the global warming issue. Conservatives are not arguing that there is no global warming occurring. This is established. What conservatives are arguing is whether the global warming is occurring as a result of man made activity and not simply another part of the heating and cooling cycles that the earth has gone through for millions of years. This is well understood from ice core samples taken from the antarctic ice shelf. Is the global warming due to increased geothermic activity? or solar activity? or even cattle emmissions as has been suggested? all are equally valid arguments. The democrats/liberals have hijacked the scientific discussion and had it echoed by the liberal media into the simplification that conservatives don't believe the earth is warming. False. One last glaring scientific example: Mars is undergoing a heating cycle as shown by recent mars exploration? is it due to the mars Rover? manmade activity? Listen objectively to the arguments folks.

Mikey Loves Servicemen

Hhhmm, I know nothing. Considering I'm a service member I know a lot more then you.
Anonymous | 07.05.07 - 10:20 pm | #

You are probably a stupid neighborhood queer.....
homosexuals aren't allowed to be "service members" asshole....

There's Going To Be A Full Moon Tonight!

Some facts about American health care:
If you are poor, you get medicaid, no questions asked. Don't believe me? go to the NYC Medicaid website.
If you are wealthy. enough said.
If you happen to fall in between, making say 30k to 75k a year, you do have options; sliding scale programs, low income programs or horror of horrors; actually paying for a program like an HSA for instance (high deductable with major medical coverage).
Health care is not a constitutional right in the US. we are not a comunist nation. We believe in being self motivated and being self sufficient. If you can't hack it, quit your job and collect the aforementioned Medicaid program, lord knows, thousands of illegal immigrants already do. So stop your griping about American medical coverage, there is no crisis except for the fact that too many are too lazy to actually pay for medical care. they believe it to be an entitlement like in Cuba. Which by the way has pretty big issues besides medical care; such as human rights issues, no free press and a nagging case of dictatoritis.

G-Dawg By Any Other Name

Even the America hater johnny conyers loves FOX. It's going down the drain for you mutts.
Rep. Conyers talks to Fox News Radio…
Foxnews.com reports that Rep. John Conyers spoke with Fox News Radio about the commuting of Libby’s sentence and a review of Presidential pardon power. What’s interesting to me about this is that this is the same John Conyers who railed against FNC just a few short weeks ago. Now, apparently, he has no qualms talking to an arm of Fox News.

Filed under: Cable News, FOX News Channel - Spud Comments (3)
read sentence again there genuis. Damn mutts need a guide dog to read simple words for you?

boo frickin' hoo! Can you mutts do anything but whine about AMERICA'S CHANNEL? Guess once again you American hating loser's lose again. Daddy can I use yuz and mommys BONG? Give me a bong or give me a 'ore, NOW DAMN IT!
read and howl mutts.
Thursday, Jul 05
June #'s: Program Ranker
I posted the Q2 ranker on Tuesday. Now here's the June ranker, with ratings for every weekday cable news show. Highlights:

> FNC has the top 5 (and 13 out of the top 15)

> Top dog Bill O'Reilly had a great month with 2,217,000 viewers, up from 1,954,000 in May

> Larry King placed sixth with 1,111,000 viewers, also up from May

> Lou Dobbs topped Anderson Cooper in total viewers, but Cooper had more younger viewers

Analyze it yourself:

> June 2007 ranker (PDF)
Posted by brian | 05:01 PM | Ratings | Email this post

Put the bong down, you've obviously had too much.
Circle Takes The Square | Homepage | 07.05.07 - 9:01 pm | #
yes you have there mommys boy. Now go back to the basement because the moon will be rising soon for you to howl at. Begone little mutt, begone to mommys basement or she'll send the catcher down to get you.

Raise your left paws and repeat after your GOD, ME!
“The armies of SOROS are coming, we are ready. I must endure and outdo all the others in endurance. I will do what SOROS has willed for me indeed only then will SOROS make me successful both in this life and the next.”

“I can only repay this debt of gratitude by giving my life and blood for his cause. I just pray that SOROS makes this path easy for me.”

My Name Is Howard And I Am A Bad Liar

I am new to this site, but please allow me to make one observation.

The poster "john t" seems to be a magnet for extreme opposition.

He doesn't seem to be very smart fellow.

Just my humble opinion.

Mikey Is Begging

The store must not be going well.

(Don't applaud - just throw money....)

Mikey Thayer Threatens To Sue.

Face it asshole. You sit around spouting off "SO-AND-SO is SO-AND-SO" when you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. If you are stalking Mikey Thayer (whoever he is) you are leaving yourself open to a law suit. In fact, I think I will call him and tell him what kind of crap you are spreading about him on the internet.

Why Do You Morons and Jackasses Always Insult People?

Why do you morons seem to love to insult every body you disagree with, including Bill O'Reilly? Why don't you jackasses get a life!
Dustin Jolley | 07.05.07 - 8:01 pm | #

Mikey Blows A Gasket

Hey jerk off.

We beat your country's ass over 230 years ago and you still want to come whining here with your opinion.

Stick to your third-rate nation's matters and don't fuck with ours. You are getting these idiots all stirred up....

Stay home and bitch about your inbred, fucked-up royals.

A Conversation With Libby

High class bars in the downtown. Few people can afford them including me.

The poverty problem will never be solved because that would leave Democrats with few voters.

Are you on drugs?

But you vote Republican and can't afford a drink at the bar.
Conservatives are frugal.
You are on drugs.
Way too frugal for that. I found that a dime bag does not mean what it implies.

G-Dawg's New Name Makes As Much Sense As His Post.

> FNC has the top 5 (and 13 out of the top 15)

> Top dog Bill O'Reilly had a great month with 2,217,000 viewers, up from 1,954,000 in May

Libby's Plan for Rehabilitating Indianapolis.

The other option is to rebuild the East End and run all poor people out of town due to the lack of affordable housing.

Guess they learned their drug loving ways from Rush Limbaugh

They got their story out because of O'Reilly not because of your little site that never seems to have more than 30 vistors on-line at once and 27 of those are you white women and your family members. Guess they learned their drug loving ways from their mommys and daddys like al gore #3.

This Post Is So Lame You Mis-Spelled His Name


Man Y'all Charles Butler Is Smart

Man y'all are a bunch of dummies. When someone gives you facts you retort to insults and profanity! You are the product of a failling effort to commit this generation to sound education. Your idiotic responses proove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are nothing more than brainless sheep that following the liars in the Democrat Party, the media, and Hollywood. You believe everything they say! You know this! You cannot deny that!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'f I didn't Spend So Much Time Sittin And Drinkin...

Dammit! I thought this site woulda been shut down for the 4th, but I guess that was all wishful thinking.
How in the hell am I supposed to counter anything you socialist dimwits post when you have all the facts on your side, and I got nothing? HUH?

This site is really starting to piss me off. Posting on here isn't even worth the meager peanuts I'm being paid to disrupt the threads. I really wish you guys would go away.

I Am Rubber You Are Glue

And you are all ugly, too...
Über-troll | 07.04.07 - 7:10 pm | #

Oh The Irony Part 10 Million

Apparently, Algore's son didn't get the message. If he can't even keep his son off drugs, why should we listen to his lies on global warming?

Algore: A failed parent. And a liar.


Kevin's Having A Bad Night

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thank You Keith!

What Does Mikey Sat When He Sees Filiz Nude?

Barf puke yuk

Now They Even Making Sheep Noises

The only thing your babbling shows is there is more liberal media out there than conservative.

And you still get your asses whipped.


I Bet That Stupid Mofo John T Can Spell President

Where is that stupid motherfucker "john t"?

Give me a break. We don't need a half-breed for presidebt.

Applying Uber-trolls logic

Applying john t's fucked-up logic: since neither one has denied it, it must be true.

Uber-Troll fucks 4 year old boys. He's not denying it...it must be true.

R.I.P. Filiz Thayer

My wife died 18 months ago. You posted some bullshit about her "taking the store."

Who is the low-life piece of shit, you stupid mother fucker.

What Should We Call Uber-troll?

And please don't call me Thayer....

Bush Still has Kevin's Respect

First of Libby was indicted on technicalities because Fitzfong had nothing. The real leaker Richard Armitage was never brought to trial. Libby is guilty of being a political hack and defending his bosses. Libby and Rove took on Yellowcake Joe because Joe was sprwading shit about Bush and Cheney and they did what they were supposed to. What were they supposed to let someone who said he wanted to bring down the neocons and the Presdient do that. After immigration bill fiasco, Bush has earned my respect again.
Kevin | 07.02.07 - 9:00 pm |

Monday, July 2, 2007

Forrest Ranger

Scum is as scum does..

Michelle Malkin is great. You racism is bleeding thru.

The Ranger

Thank You To Dee At Newshounds!

The Ranger Has Hit His Low Point.

Explain This One...The Ranger posts a picture of himself makes fun of it and says it's me.


This is a picture of the count. Had my rehearsal dinner at the house behind the count.

No Joke.

Ranger Bob | 07.02.07 - 10:55 pm | #


The guy that owns that house I showed you was part of JFK's cabinet.

I'm sure the libs will say I am a liar, but he was assistant secretary of the air force. And he was a democrat!
Ranger Bob | 07.02.07 - 11:02 pm | #

I'm not a psychiatrist but I have come to the concussion that Ranger hates himself.

The Ranger Is Now 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Scooter Libby Found Guilty on 4 Out of 5 Charges
Reported by Janie - March 6, 2007 - 471 comments

All of the major media outlets are currently reporting that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been found guilty on 4 out of the 5 charges he was facing for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Merry Fitzmas!


That's Right.....

Merry Fitzmas!!!

How'd that work out for you?

Lost again eh?

Too Funny!


Add You To The List Of Words That The Trolls Can't Spell.

Taco bell is the liberals best friend. If I put a link to where I was staying ou guys would be bummed out bigtime, since count is in Nebraska and T is in Ohio.

I Guess It's English As 3rd Language Day!

And thet will lose with Shrillary as their candidate. Unless Al Bore can save the day.

Yeah But I Know How To Spell Read

The 'count' is fucking dumber than dirt. The fucking moron of the century johnt t just may be smarter at this point.

I Think If You Had The Ability To Spell Read...You'd Still Be A Half Wit.

I think if you had the subtlety to reade the larger cultural trends in the world right now, you would find it is you "progressives" who are taking a one-way trip to the trash can of history.

Dave Is Enrico!

You Remember Dave he tried to get me banned for kicking his ass...well it turns out he is...Enrico.

Well at least you have come to accept the fact that you are indeed the offical News Hounds Village Idiot.


Oh The Irony Part 8 million

The US populice is not very happy with their political leaders on either side.
Sasha | 07.02.07 - 8:51 pm | #

You can't be that stupid. Well I am at Newshounds so I guess anything is possible.
Sasha | 07.02.07 - 8:57 pm | #

I Stump The Sasha

Riddle me this, Riddle me that
Sasha | 07.02.07 - 8:42 pm | #

Your ass from a hole in the ground? What is the difference?
Kirsten Powers is hot.

Sasha Is Shitting On the Mains

Everyone wants to live in the US but everyone hates us... Kind of like wiping your ass while taking a shit huh?

Sasha is Jeff Gannon

I am a gay Marine.
Sasha | 07.02.07 - 8:17 pm | #

I love Ballpark Franks in my ass
Sasha | 07.02.07 - 8:23 pm | #

I thought The Fall Guy Was Lee Majors

Intelligence failures happened because of wenches like Valerie Plame. Libby was the fallguy in rooting out that dipshit, much like Ollie North was the fallguy in getting rid of commies from Nicaragua.

Theodore Admots Conservatives Don't Teach Their Children.

You liberals are a laugh riot. You start indoctrinating people with liberal thought in kindergarten and you don't stop until they're done with their formal education which in some cases can be as long as 25 years. So then they get out of school,join the real world and they discover that there's another way of thinking out there called conservatism. Some of them reject it as hogwash and some people embrace it as what they've been missing all those years. And then you get all upset because some of those people who you spent all those years indoctrinating reject what you tried to instill in them and start thinking about some governmental remedy to stop those thoughts from getting into people's heads and ruing all that hard work you did. What are you all ? Crazy or something ? Why can't you just accept the fact that maybe you don't have all the answers and just move on and leave it at that ? Why be such sore losers ?

Fox News New Slogan!

For the latest on the UK bombing attempt and the newest update on arrests keep it on FOX.

I watch FOX because I don't believe you!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another Ranger Alias

Ranger is a great American!

Add Another Name To The Ranger's Aliases

Tonight he is posting as Jessica...yes he is that sad.

The Mods At Newshounds Are Taking Their Stupid Pills Again

Erasing all the regulars posts and keeping the troll posts up. Seriously I don't know why they do this.

Jessica Is A Mental Midget.

this is the kind of mental midget stuff that hurts this site. Lowry, like him or not, is a bright guy who is a success. He's a sharp writer, and though i don't always agree with him, i appreciate him.

so many of the people who post on here seem to have perhap a third grade education (seriously)

a sampling:

The Fox homos are already doing re-runs of their, "Comedy" show.
Escape Goat |

All the GOP/Chimpy leg humpers aren't going to be swayed by any legitimate argument anyway , so let them have their Limpballs show and FAUX channel ; stupidity isn't going to be removed by trying to reason with unreasonable nitwits ...........
MCMetal | 07.01.07 - 9:31 pm

Democrats are chicken shit enablers.
Count Istvan

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