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The Definition Of Troll

attack the this scumbag board. Don't let the AHP do a CHAVEZ and invoke censorship. Make these scumbag libs feel their own medicine. Libs don't like that. They like the Chavez one nut rule, right Ellen? TROLLS RULE THIS BOARD. TROLLS= TRUE REPUBLICAN'S OUTTING LYING LIBERALS SHIT!! LONG LIVE THE TROLLS!!!

The View From My Ass

WTF Another One So Soon?

Yeah I know I just wrote one of these but I was in the mood to write another one so I am writing another one. I should go over to the main board at Newshounds and see if there has been any more pearls of genius left by 08, Damail, Enrico or any of the other usual suspects. I may do that after I get done writing this...whatever it turns out to be.

A Few Things I Don't Understand About Other Liberals.

Despite what you may have heard from Lush Pimpballs Liberals are like snowflakes no two of us are a like. So it should come as no surprise that there are a few beliefs that some liberals have that baffle me and I would like to go through them.

1. The Belief in God or Religion Is A Sign of Weakness, Stupidity or Insanity.
Wrong. God and Religion get far too much blame for the things man does in their name. Wars are fought by man in the name of religion not because of it. Having a belief in God does not make one weak or goofy. Too many Liberals lump those with legitimate beliefs in God and Religion in with those who exploit God and Religion. I believe in a god for two reasons. 1. I have to believe there is a place better than earth or all hope for me is lost. If this is as good as it gets what is the point? 2. A belief in God has saved me from me. At my worst who knows what I would have done if not for the repercussions that I feared? I share the same hatred of hucksters, phonies and fundamentalist that most liberals have but far too often some liberals think a belief in God is a sign of ignorance or weakness. Start a thread on liberal message board admitting you believe in a higher power and see how long it takes you to be called stupid or weak.

2. You Can't Really Be A Liberal If You like...
I have listen to and loved classic Country music all of my life. Are there pro conservative country songs? yes but no more than any other kind of music so why is Country music a conservative thing again? Seems to me Kris Kristofferson, Tom T. Hall and Willie Nelson are all liberals If you try to determine somebodies politics by their personal taste I would suggest to you that you will be wrong far more than you are right. There are Nascar fans who vote straight liberal tickets. Labeling somebody by their personal taste to me is no different than labeling them by their race. I know Conservatives do this too...but I don't give a flying fuck about them.

3. If You... You aren't a liberal.
This one really baffles me. Liberals are or should be about freedom of choice, it's what the very name means. yet it's liberals who keep telling me how evil I am for smoking cigars and eating hamburgers. Are either of these things all that healthy for me? No. but in the end it's my own choice. You can't hold peoples hands and force them to do what's right. Hell If I had to do everything the right way or the way that was good for me I would end it all. I really find it odd that the same people who fight to legalize marijuana (a cause I believe in) are the people who want to put calorie counts on menu's and making smoking illegal in your own home and keep smokers from employment. I am not about to hold a grudge against one who has gone vegetarian because of their principles, all I ask is that you don't judge me for not having the same principles as you. Seems to me being pro choice doesn't just work on abortions.

4. Stuff is bad!!!
I got to thinking about writing this after I read this thread on off topic at Newshounds...
Now I agree that like everything else in the world that capitalism, commercialization, the desire to want more and more if left unchecked can be bad things. But these things in themselves are not bad things. The well-meaning writer of this post wrote...

What the fuck is wrong with people??? Is this what we're all about???

yeah, I know... rhetorical question.

Then I think what is our obsession with "owning" things? It's been said we never really own anything which is obviously true.

My answer is YES it is what we are all about and there is nothing wrong with that. If not for our desire to want why would we bother going to work? Unless he wrote this at a library or a friends house I have to assume that the computer he wrote this message on is a "thing" he owns. And it probably brings great pleasure to him. It would seem to me there is a really easy answer for the person who thinks " owning things" is bad...don't own anything. Move to the woods and become the unibomber. To me that's a worse life than the desire to own a nice TV and having a Taco Bell and McDonalds down the street.

Stop sweating the small shit and prioritize.
I have always said Liberals get very little done because they fight too many battles and most of those battles serve no real purpose. In their desire to save the oak and the whale while stopping starvation, obesity, sweat shops, meat eating and tobacco smoking, they get nothing accomplished while real issues like illegal wars go all but ignored. About the time liberals get something accomplished somebody tips a cow and they are off on another battle ignoring the old one. Figure out what are the top priorities and work to solve it and make it better. Stop trying to fight 500 little battles at once and send the troops to fight the big battles. Bush, his cronies and his wars are the real enemies not a medium well double quarter pounder with cheese and a La Gloria Cubana.

I guess that's what I wanted to say. The desire to make the world a safer place is a noble one and should be congratulated but the desire to make the world a better place should be an individual battle. What makes it better for me doesn't make it better for you and vice-versa.


Count istvan

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There Must Be 3 Other Words Enrico Knows The Meaning Of.

One of the really nice things about the word "libtard" is that you know exactly what it means without anyone having to tell you.


Uber Is A Vet

I served 18 months combat duty and flew 100 combat missions in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

You are full of shit....
The Real Über-Troll | 11.27.07 - 9:20 pm

No, 58 "Arc Lite" missions in B-52s from May - November 1969; 40 missions in C-130 ABCCC (Airborne Command Post) from Thailand in 1973.

You liberal idiots are always saying "why don't you serve" and "the troops say this and that" but you ridicule people like me who put their life on the line and saw compatriots die in combat.

You liberal anti-war jerks make me sick....

An Oldie But A Goodie.

From April 2007

To make a point about how there shouldn't be any gun restrictions 2008 posted...

Beaufort Woman Shoots and Kills Alleged Burglar

Beaufort Police are investigating a shooting that left a 17 year old Yemassee man dead. It happened around 11pm Saturday at the Wilderness Cove Apartments. Police said Alphonso Bright was shot and killed when he forced his way into the home of a 20 year old Beaufort woman. Officers said Bright asked Aileen Sugano if her boyfriend was home. When she told him no, he left, only to come back moments later and push his way inside. Police said he grabbed a bag of marijuana and some cash that was on the table. They said Sugano pulled a gun out from under the couch and fired a shot that hit Bright. Then she called 911.

Bright died later at the hospital. Sugano is charged with possession of marijuana. Beaufort Police are still investigating the shooting.

Just another of incident where an armed citizen was able to protect themself from a felon. Happens all the time!

Fortunately the second admendment will stand and citizens will always be able to protect themselves in this country.

2008 | 04.18.07 - 3:51 pm | #

Newshounds poster "truthwatch" responded with...

Maybe you should have read the WHOLE story, not just what the pro-gun lobby wants you to know...

Bright was taken to the hospital, and Sugano was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police said.

INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE means she was a DEALER. 5760159c.html
TruthWatch | 04.18.07 - 4:28 pm | #

2008 Responded with...

Good Gawd I really do hope that you are no more than a security guard..

"Sugano is charged with possession of marijuana. Beaufort Police are still investigating the shooting"

You do realize that their is a huge difference in "possession" and being a "drug dealer" don't ya champ?

Doesn't look like you do eh?


Uber is Dislexic

.uoy kcuF

Oh Lord Lord The Irony

Good Gawd, You're either a complete Idiot or a Liar....

Either way way you lose eh?



You're a Total Dolt...

Good Grief....that proven retard john t has more sense than you

You can't even read and comprehend at a ten year olds level....How sad...


Get it yet Dumbass?

The Factor's Listener Ship Checks In

Brian DePalma’s “Redacted” did something that is not easy to do: It left me briefly at a loss for words. But given that words are what a movie review is made of, I shall select a few: Repugnant, repulsive, anti-American propaganda.

Whereas “Lions for Lambs” could have been written by a first-year college film class, “Redacted” could have been written by the “Ministry of Information” of Iran or Hamas. s=rcme
The next movie should be the "Return Of Iraqis"
Just a wild guess here but I would submit that O'Reilly has done more for our troops than any news hound or any news hound connections!!! If I am wrong then show me as we say in Missouri!
Just for the record O'Reilly did tell viewers not to use any profanity or to make threats. He ( O'Reilly )cannot be held accountable for what others do on their own. Much like the General Petraeus ad!!!
How much did you offer when AT&T had the free calling card for troops?

That's what I thought!!!!!!
You did nothing!
Much like here it is called Freedom Of Speech!

Oh and that makes the baby killer doctor innocent? Sad logic...

If you like in the United Staes you would know that We are Uncle Sam!!!

Some people have a heart inside of them that chooses to do good will toward others. It is not a requirement, it is a choice of showing that one cares about others.

You might want to change your screen name to Grinch!
How much have you given to Cuban's Fallen Patriot Fund?
Stosh | 11.27.07 - 3:48 pm | #
More than you have.
So many questions and NO answers. I'm shocked, you all have so much to say but nothing to offer!

sexual opredators amuse you??

Then Bill Clinton must be your HERO!
I just LOVE it when the trolls make ASSUMPTIONS to "prove" how they are right and everyone else is wrong!

You, sir, are a joke.

Now, do you want to make more ASSUMPTIONS about me, so I can continue to laugh at your self-inflicted ignorance?
Stosh | 11.27.07 - 3:52 pm | #

when you offer what you give I will gladly show what I give. You won't bait me with child like comments and foolish no answer questions.
A little off topic aren't we??

Still no answer on the question that was asked of you!

I suspect there never will be an answer...
SO let's rate redacted as a movie. Where does it fall in on the 100 years of movies list?
Looking back in history, maybe people should have made movies during WW II that criticized the administration and highlighted American mistakes on the battlefield.

That would have really helped the war effort.
So we should have produced movies that showed Ronald Reagan as an evil American soldier busting down doors and raping young Japanese women?

Time to feed the left wing moonbats = FLUSH

You don't fight a war by being in the "middle"!
I can't believe that you clowns are here trying your damnest to support a movie that will never be heard of or seen agasin. Pathetic. Then again that is what you are... PATHETIC...
Iraq is working... It is going to be a democracy and you left wingies can not stand it. You took the worng side again...
Bin Laden might have a spot for you in his cave... Bat wipers deluxe...

Only if you are a stupid left-wing liberal retard affected by a serious case of Bush-derangement syndrome.

Otherwise, you see it for it is - enforcement of blatant violations of UN resolutions (you know, you liberals are SO concerned about world opinion), along with continued firing on US aircraft enforcing the no-fly zones.

But you liberal idiots can't see any further than the pitiful cries "Bush lied" - "NO WMD"!
November 25, 2007 -- IT'S hard for Hollywood pacifists like Brian De Palma to capture the hearts and minds of America if Americans won't see their movies. While the public is staying away in droves from “Rendition," “Lions for Lambs" and “In the Valley of Elah," audiences are really avoiding “Redacted," De Palma's picture about US soldiers who rape a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, then kill her and her family. The message movie was produced by NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who insisted on deleting grisly images of Iraqi war casualties from the montage at the film's end. Cuban offered to sell the film back to De Palma at cost, but the director was too smart to go for that deal.


Ain't it Grand...

Far left proaganda has no place in America eh?

This POS movie was doomed for failure from the start......normal Americans aren't interested in the non-stop troop bashing from the left

Bush derangement syndrome at its finest!

How in the hell can you idiots still say something like that when we have taken absolutely none of the Iraqi oil?

Speaks gibberish once again...

What a Surprise...

They unhinged left speaks out again

You libs won't have to wait long for this pos movie to come out on DVD eh?


Always wondered what that moron's screen name stood for...

I believe you have come up with the perfect explanation!

I do not rate people or countries on a scale. I'll leave the childish nonsense to you.
Drifter | 11.27.07 - 4:19 pm | #

werwolves et al, germany post WWII.

one of your comrades pointed it out to me.

Despite its historical and mythological significance, Werwolf was not the only post-war guerrilla insurgency in Europe.


Oh Yeah....

Like I'm going to waste any of my hard earned money on that POS

There is enough information out there to show what a piece of trash this worthless movie actually is eh?

You go waste your money on it....


You're quoting from the "World Socialist Website"??

Why, Couldn't find anything at Communists 'R Us.Com ?

Too Funny



Good Gawd....

You're dumber than a box of hammers...

You can't even read

I suggest "Hooked On Phonics" for you sport...


Abby is on the side of guys who keep thier women in black sacks.


Well I see you are just as big of a Dullard as that blithering idiot "YLA"....

Try to read completely and keep up...


Obsessing with me again today eh?

You really do need professional help champ

2008: Maybe he'll put you on his lunatic OCD blog.
The sick little freak already has....

The cretin seems to be completely obsessed with "Trolls".....Go figure


The best trick in history was when the vast right wing conspiracy stole Clinton's semen and planted it on Monica's blue dress...

Awww the ever predictable liberal spin and lying we can Always count on at the Hounds place....

You lack the ability to read and comprehend and I merely pointed out what a Dumbass you truly are

Don't worry sport, time heals all eh?


Drifter Is Too Smart For The News Honuds

Troll = A person too intelligent for most news honuds
Drifter | 11.27.07 - 4:05 pm | #

Caption This

Monday, November 26, 2007

Isn't There Any Governing To Do In California?

Newshounds are such idiots! Sean was spending time with his family as every thankful American should during the Thanksgiving holiday. What? You guys aren't thankful your parents still let you live in their basement? Liberals have no concept of being thankful. They are too busy noshing at the governments trough of handouts.
My point was - everyone should be spending time with their families and thanking God for all of their blessings, not watching tv. What were you doing? My guess is either blogging here or porn surfing.
You have proof that God doesn't exist? I'd like to hear about that.

Oh Yeah This Is Really Chrish

I went to a lot of effort on this? Where the heck are the comments? Come on people!

Come on faggots. COMMENT ALREADY!

Now there are 2 mods that I have had "issues" with from time to time and Chrish is one of them but I am pretty sure she has never referred to people on Newshounds as faggots. Well that and a Mod post would have a Newshound link by their name. Is it too much to ask of these trolls to at least try?

I Admit It Your Insanity Knows No bounds

No, actually I never said that the actual death of people was meaningless. I said that how people INTERPRET SYMBOLS was meaningless because you can think whatever you want about anything.

Now, either you knew damn well that this is what I was saying and wanted to distort it or simply outright lie, or you are dense.

If we are recommending education then might I recommend for you logic and/or critical thinking exercises, classes, books, etc. to help you out. Your point is moot when it comes to "the significance of nooses." Yes, great...nooses were used to kill people and have been for quite awhile. There are laws for threatening violence on people. But this idea that banning a noose because it is a racist symbol is ridiculous.

And again. Once the noose is banned, something else will replace it and then you crybabies will want that banned, and it will be an endless cycle.

Look, why don't you crazy CareBear rejects just admit that if racist people start using the cirlce as a racist symbol then you will push to have it banned and all math books will have cirles and circle related formulae removed? That is what I really want. Just admit that your insanity knows no bounds.

Posted by: EZFlowElbow on Mon 11.26 1:13am

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I wait awhile before I put a post from a regular poster of Off Topic on here because it could be a case of disagreement over a single issue but this easy flow toilet dude seems to believe he is better than everyone else in the world. I for one am not impressed.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Be Sure To Vote For This Weeks Golden Quayle

Here Are The Choices... Vote Above

But seriously, after 150 years don't you racemongers agree that blacks should just get over it?
You f**king traitors hate this country, our soldiers and anything that President Bush does. I hope the ragheads make a special effort to insert a hand grenade up your socialist asses and let you try to shit it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you dumb bastards want the ragheads to rule the middle east, huh?
None of you sorry bastards deserve to be defended so why don't you just go to the gay cesspool of SF and perform fellatio and cunnilingus to your hearts content. All these socialists will look up someday and beg for mercy from the ragheads or maybe they will all go to Iran, Syria or anywhere except here.
Fuck you. I hope you get a brain tumor -- and your head explodes.
Northwoods | 11.21.07 - 4:27 pm | #

No, we vote. Do you know who doesn't vote? That would be your inner city ignorant blacks. They are too busy drinking 40oz malt liquor and smoking crack. That is when they are not robbing each other.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

And The First Ever Golden Quayle Goes To...


The Firemen and Policeman are ignorant Union Democrats.
They do their masters in the unions bidding.
They were too stupid to get real jobs!
Scarface | | Email | 11.15.07 - 4:26 pm | #

OK It's Not Related To Newshounds Or Politics But I Must Post This

Does anything else need be said?

Edit. Celebratory Music.

Thanks goes To Sergei

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving day!!!!

Late Edit. Leaving for Colorado tomorrow. Will be back Saturday.


It's Thanksgiving And I Brought The Turkeys...Feel The Love

The question is does Fox pick out the really dumb liberals to interview or does it just seem that way.
This thread is just one more in a long line of "liberals can dish it out but they can't take it" whinings.
It was fun to watch that unhinged communist lunatic screaming at Laura Ingraham. The Taylor woman is insane, a certifiable nut case.

Oh, and she's a Maoist too. That's sooooooo 60's. 060127
Holy Frikin' Moley. Every time I think Sunsara "Communism is good" Taylor can't make a bigger fool of herself on The Factor, she moves that bar even farther. Here is the simple truth: Taylor refused to answer Ingraham's questions. She didn't answer a single one. When you pull that crap, don't expect the host to place nicey-nice with you. She once again illustrated the lefty looney romper room crowd does not believe in freedom of speech. They only believe in freedom of their speech.
Ms. Taylor is just your run-of-the-mill unhinged, lesbian, shrill, anti-christian bigot and communist.
Your typical modern Democrat, in other words.

you know, most of the hippies realized the error of their ways and became productive members of society.

others took screen names like "claudo."
Ah, yes. The 60's.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people demonstrating in all the major American cities, Viet Cong flags flapping in the breeze, people wearing tie-dye shirts and bell bottoms, and John Kerry throwing something over a fence. By those standands, the current anti-war movement is a monumental flop.

But then we had an election, and the Democrat anti-war candidate lost 49 out of 50 states.
If someone like Ms. Taylor didn't exist, Karl Rove would have to invent her. I love nuts like her.

Sunny refused to answer the question about free speech rights for conservative voices on college campuses. Period. She didn't answer the question which was a valid question given the vicious behavior of leftist students during these events. And you're right, she stuck to her talking points that America is worst human rights violators on this planet. Must be easy to have all the answers.

Do you people understand how stupid, irrational, and embarassing that girl was last night? She was cut off by Laura because she would not answer a single question. Her only response was to any question that was asked was to blurt out how the Bush Adminstration committed war crimes. Is this girl your spokeswoman? Are you proud of her?
No Zach, she's an immature, spoiled little girl, despite her age with WAY too much time on her hands. Gosh, you lefties sure can sling the mud. Thought you guys were "open minded" and "tolerant" of other views. :)
Reichwing? Oh, brother! Just remember those free speech zones were created by leftist academics. It's people like David Horowitz who has campaigned vigorously against them.

And I resent the comments of Sunny-girl when she makes blanket statements that our military commiting war crimes. My brother died so you - and she - can spew your venom. Neither you nor Sunny have enough courage or honor to have shined his shoes.

My brother spent 30 years in the Marines, earned two Masters, fluently spoke 4 languages and was the father of two outstanding young women. He was nobody's fool. He wasn't a new recruit or blinded by a youthful sense of adventure. He understood what you fail to see or acknowledge - the terrorists want us dead. They hate our way of life, and above all, our freedom.

And tomorrow my family and his Military brothers will celebrate a life well lived, a race well done, and man who did more in half a life than most will in an entire lifetime. Never once did he ask for praise or thanks - he knew what was at stake. Would that you could have his courage, dedication, grace and dignity.

Now run along and try to do something useful with your life.

tell me again how the the left supports the troops, the same troops the left holds in utter contempt.

you are pure, unadulterated, hate mongers.
well, while we're at it:

fuck you too francis.

Why don't you be the first and give your land back (if you even own any)
and move back to the land of your ancestors!

Fuck you. I hope you get a brain tumor -- and your head explodes.
Northwoods | 11.21.07 - 4:27 pm | #


happy Thanksgiving to all you hounds. If you're traveling be safe.

I'm audi 5000.
oh, except you zack, count and final furlong.

fuck the 3 of you.
What a fool an idiot you are! Have a peaceful Thanksgiving, asshole, and thank a vet for it while your stuffing your liberal left wing mouth!

Your're a carpet-chewing lesbian, an America-hater and a bigot. I hope you get Cancer and die screaming.
Northwoods | 11.21.07 - 4:36 pm

Oh wait, you probably hate this country so much you don't participate in our holidays. So I suppose you will be working tomorrow. Or just drawing another day of unemployment money!
Wahtever your nationality, you are a scum-sucking leftist pig.

I've had my amusement watch folks like you implode, and my pies are almost done (which my kids and I are taking to our community dinning room and some to share with military families). So this Thanksgiving, get down on your knees and thank God that you live in the best country in world, the most singular politcal experiment ever undertaken. And while you're at it, pray that people like my brother will always be willing to protect your sorry ass so that you can continue to live happily in your ignorance.

Thank God if you aren't! Maybe you should petition your landlord to give his property back to the Native Americans.

Whatever, you are still a fool!
Fuck you.
Northwoods | 11.21.07 - 4:56 pm | #

Drop dead you self-righteous freak. You said nothing while lilly was attacked by these sick, vile America-hating freaks.
Nobody gives a shit what you think.
Your're a loser. And an America-hating leftist freak that denegrates fallen heroes. You are scum. People like you should be rounded up and sent to re-education camps -- and the majority of Americans would probaly support it. But that's just my man's opinion, and I'm entitled to it.

Where did you learn to be a self-loathing American? At home? At School?

Happy Thanksgiving.
Anybody associated with "world cant wait" not only deserves to be ridiculed but exposed for the complete fools they are.

Power to The People!

Olbermann lied his ratings died!
FrankC, In regards to: "If I don't see any of you again today" Does that mean you can watch me jacking of to bloody pictures of innocent Iraqis, while I post?
Okay. I'll tone it down a bit. I hope you are up all night shitting on the toilet after Thanksgiving dinner.
Name Hijack alert !!! From a toilet licking leftist America-hater.
Funny how 'outraged you liberals are over Laura not allowing this 'student' to talk.

Sort of like Gonzales not being allowed to give the speech he was invited to give.

No problem there right?
You can put it right below this one.
Howdy Y'all!

Peep dis:

The World Can't Wait (WCW) is a left-wing non-profit organization of political activists in the United States. Among its goals WCW seeks the removal of President George W. Bush from office before his term ends in 2009.
Some of the founders of World Can't Wait are public supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party including Sunsara Taylor, a writer for Revolution Newspaper, and long-time radical activist and journalist C. Clark Kissinger.
The World Can't Wait

Props to Ingraham for slammin' that Commie!

The reason why it's entirely accurate to state the Jihadis hate us for our freedoms is this..

Islam is intensely focused on the notion that Allah is an unconstrained master of his creation. That mankind has received the ONLY legitimate way to live through the Prophet and as written in the Sunnah (Koran + Hadith + Sira).

That Allah is completely and utterly without Peer and that he is One.

ANYTHING that goes against Allah's soverignity (and his Sharia Law is an expression of his soverignity) is the gravest of sin, called shirk.

*ALL* not Khalifate systems of government and society are complete illegitimate and as long as they systems exists then it is the mission of the Muslims to establish a Khalifate if one is not present (as in our times since 1922), and once it is established to then conquer the world.

So yes.. EVERYTHING about our way of life is an affront to them , and it is so not because of their choice or prejudice , but it is so because they sincerely believe that God demands they despise us.

The sooner you lunatics figure this out, the better.

Did you hear the interview?

Komrade Taylor wants to muzzle the voices of dissent... what ever happened to free-speech?

Why do these Kommies hate America!?!

I do watch TDS. Remember, we're not talking about liberals, we're talking about militant leftists who want to muzzle all opinions of dissent. They want to wipe out individualism and establish totalitarian tyranny over the world.

The One Socialist State.


This is not compatable in the USA.


Happy Turkey Day, NewsHounders!

Mrs. Ingraham only gave this uneducated college girl a dose of her own medicine and that happened to be the point. These far left loons will never go to Iraq wearing the "war criminal" shirts. Instead they sit here and call my fellow military members and me "war criminals". It doesn't make us feel very supported. War isn't fun. It isn't pretty and it isn't clean. However, it is necessary from time to time. What is unnecessary is a bunch of college loons interrupting speeches, CIA and military recruiting and mocking the eucharist. They accomplish only one thing: looking like unpatriotic pinheads. You can be against the war all you want, but to call the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines fighting in Iraq war criminals- that is disgusting. We need more people like Mrs. Ingraham, Mr. O' Reilly and Mr. Hannity and fewer people like Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathews,Eli Pariser and George Soros. Our founding fathers would be disgusted by the utter lack of respect that these people have for our president and our troops. Yes, you have the right to say anything you want but before you do, think about just who you are insulting- it might be the man or woman holding a rifle so you don't have too.

This comment thread is a sad testament to the Death of the West.

You people are the vanguard of the destructors.
Not to worry. they are just conspiracy kooks that the whole country is laughing at.
count, why do profoundly disturbed homsexuals and lesbians often seem to manifest profoundly disturbed political views as well?

It just seems the most radical people are also homosexual. Cuba considers them a danger to the revolution, and locks them up -- or ships them to the USA.

LOL.. He's keeping an enemies list of gays BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY while in THE SAME POST saying how he accepts people as they are...

fucking insane
Have you ever considered that maybe its the establishment that has the problem with gays? If you knew any gays you would know they just want to live life as regular people. Why are righties so obsessed with sexual habits. Frankly as long and people are engaging in the sexual practices with other consenting adults I don't want to know about it... Unless I want to have sex with them... I guess that's it the wingnuts want to have gay sex but can't admit it._
Crash Chloride | 11.21.07 - 8:49 pm
I could be scapegoating, but it seems radical homosexuals are at the vanguard of many radical movements. But I suppose on could say the same thing about Jews, and many have.

I just find it intersting that homosexuals seem to have a disproportionate representation in radical -- especially leftist -- movements.

Any why do so many authoritarian societies, such as Cuba or Iran, repress homosexualisty, and American homosexuals seem to support these regimes when they confront the USA. It's puzzling.

This Is Happeneing Accross The Country People!

Okay. I have to think about this.

There are many non-radical homosexuals --just as there are non-radical, even conservative, jewish people. So I could be guilty of sterotyping.

Many conservatives like me see the radical homosexual agenda as a danger to the traditional family and our most cherished institutions. I don't see how "in your face" homosexuality (no pun intended) is helping the cause.

The fire chief in my town kicked our boy scout troop out of the fire station because was afraid of the ACLU lawsuits. This is happeneing accross the country. People are getting pissed, and the blowback (no pun intended) is building.

We Should Consider Ourselves Lucky...

What you liberals fail to realize is this is war,a war that you declared on us 7 years ago when you tried to steal a national election and had the unmitigated gall to accuse the legitimate winner of being the thief.We don't have to be nice to you people.Frankly I think you should consider yourselves lucky that this rift you brought upon this country hasn't escalated into bloodshed yet.

The View From My Ass

The Count Watches His Fucking Language

Goddamn it's been so long since I have wrote one of these that I have almost forgotten what it was like to write them. OOPS I am sorry last week I wrote an award winning piece called "You Know What fuck Veteran's Day". Well I showed it to really the only person whose opinion on such things matters to me and she said that while she agreed with my point my language was too strong. so taking that into consideration let me start over...

Fuck it's been so long since I have written one of these fuckers that I have almost forgot what it is was fucking like to write these fuckers. MUCH BETTER. Anyway man has Newshounds been thick with trolls. And a sad but true fact is that for the next year things will be getting worse before they get better. I think that for 2 reasons. A. there is a Presidential Election going on. And B. The sure results of said election scares the trolls shitless. Anyway it should give my blog plenty of ammo.

Speaking of trolls who the fuck is EtJ? Other than some self important little toad who loves to kiss his own ass? Today He/She it pops up in between Ranger 08's little trollathon and offers up this little piece of self important garbage...

As America rots from within, the dumbshits bicker over which party is the least/most corrupt. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. The fall is underway, the landing will be ugly. The FOOLS are within, here in America, and alive and well posting here at Newshounds. Representing both parties of the corrupt government.
AS I was saying, the FOOLS are Within..... You prove my point with every post.
McClellan wrote a book which he said...

"The most powerful leader in the world had called upon me to speak on his behalf and help restore credibility he lost amid the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So I stood at the White house briefing room podium in front of the glare of the klieg lights for the better part of two weeks and publicly exonerated two of the senior-most aides in the White House: Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

There was one problem. It was not true.

I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice President, the President's chief of staff, and the President himself."

Now some might be tempted to say hurray for Scotty and congratulate him for turn-coating on his former boss. But I won't. Here is what I said Newshounds...

"I hate the way these leaches lie for each other then turncoat and beg for forgiveness. to hell with that. Fuck Scott McClellan! His little turncoat tactic to sell books doesn't wash the stain off of him."

I am sorry but all the time that little weasel had to come clean when it mattered and didn't say jack shit and now because the little pips fucker wants to sell a book he's singing like a canary? Fuck Scott McClellan!

Shut up and...well just shut the fuck up.

laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter with flesh and a vagina filled in for Bill O'Really today. I really don't have much to ad except my sources tell me she was fucking awful...which means she's got the fill in job for keeps. Since the scary Mexican yelled Boo really loud and made Jesse Maglalang run to the nearest Quiznos and change her soiled panties. Really since Laura's big claim to fame is that she gets to fuck T-Boone Pickens 4th after a transvestite, A
Filipina Pitt-Bull and Michael Savage she should take her own advice and just shut the fuck up.

Speaking of T-Boone Warbucks.

T Boone takes philanthropy and bullshit to a whole new level. The Oil man has two pet project that he selfishly contributes to make the world a better place for all mankind...

One is to bring home a Big XII championship in football to Oklahoma State. Now I am a Nebraskan and I take great joy in the fact that there isn't a rule that the university of Oklahoma hasn't or won't break, but their little brothers to the north can cheat with the best of them. Everytime Oklahoma State is halfway good in football you know probation can't be far behind. In 1976 they won a share of the Big 8 championship...head coach Jim Stanley was running a slush fund. They were good in the mid 80's...Head Coach Jimmy Johnson was paying recruits. Does the name Hart Lee Dykes ring a bell Cowboys fans? Whenever OSU gets good again and they will as soon as Mike Gundy, (he's a man he's 40) gets fired, the shit will hit the fan and OSU will be right back on probation.

T-Boone's second favorite cause is the swift boaters. See he funds them. And he's offered a Million dollars to anybody who can proof the swift boaters lied. John Kerry took him up on the offer. Then T-Boone shit all over his depends.

At an anniversary dinner event for the American Spectator magazine last week, Texas oil magnate and longtime funder of right-wing causes T. Boone Pickens opted to repeat a false claim in the form of a fresh challenge to re-brand old lies as the alleged truth.

Today Senator Kerry is taking him up on that challenge, and calling him out on his false claim.

Of course after Kerry's response T-Boone pulled a Ralph Kramden and went humina humina humina then changed the rules.

Last Friday, Senator Kerry responded to an offer made by T. Boone Pickens to give one million dollars to anyone who could disprove any of the charges made by the SBVT group against him by taking him up on his bet. Mr. Pickens responded by trying to retroactively change the terms of his original offer to limit its scope and impose additional conditions.

Below is the text of a letter Senator Kerry sent to Mr. Pickens this afternoon in reply.

Now T-Boone is an old man. He will be rotting in the ten level of hell very soon being guarded by the old 3 headed not Cerberus, there will be a dog with the heads of Maglalang, Coulter and Ingraham, so all I will say is T-Boone Pickens is a octogenerial ass-goblin and a first rate cocksucker.

While I am on the subject of cocksuckers

I want to go back to Maglalang. I once did a thread called ask Jesse's girl and I answered the questions like this...

Q: What do you think about Romeo and Juliet?
J.G. Lomeo Italian he good man. Juriet very chased. Riberal memebers of church get invorved and soir situation if Riberals stay out of Juriets business then Juriet serve Romeo rike I serve Jesse. ribrals in the church kill lomeo and ruriet they hate us white people.

PC? Nope. In good taste? probably not. Predictably this was the response I got...

You've got a hell of a lot of nerve calling Michelle Malkin a racist after these last two posts. Just out of curiosity, do you have any actual defense of your hypocrisy?

In case it matters, I consider myself a liberal and disagree with 95% of what Michelle Malkin has to say. I just don't think blatantly racist attacks, personal threats, and harrassment are acceptable behavior in response. People really need to crank back the debate a few notches in this country, or else I'm afraid we'll end up with our own version of the Sunnis vs. the Shiites in the not-too-distant future.

I bring this up because I am sure I have offended somebody and they are just going to have to tell me about it. The honest truth is I don't give a flying fuck if you are offended so please don't fucking bother me by writing.

The Callahan Affect.

So last Saturday a friend of mine and I decided to head to Lincoln and check out Doc Sadler's bunch as they were playing their second game of the season Against Alabama A&M. Now to say Nebraska basketball is a little brother to football is a complete understatement. Volleyball is Football's sister, Baseball is it's brother, Basketball is like football's Retarded cousin that the rest of the family is ashamed of. Anyway as my friend and I are going to the ticket window to buy two a guy walks up and says if you need tickets I have two you can use for free. I'm not using them and I don't want to see them go to waste.We take the tickets and thank the gentleman and then head inside to a 2/3's empty arena. The crowd that is there is dead as hell. The team played very uninspired though they did manage to win 65-49 and I looked at my friend and said "Bring Callahan back and football will be like this and they can't afford it" That is the honest truth. The State can not afford even another year of the Callahan affect. He's killed the state enough as it is. This is Nebraska. We have next to nothing. That next to nothing we have is our football team. I could not disagree more with the politics of this state and yet I am 100% behind the football program and being such I would be crushed if Saturday word comes out that Bill Callahan will be coming back next year. Tom do the right thing please. Oh and why do they play Sweet Caroline at halftime of Basketball games? The Red sox play that. Don't we hate Massachusetts here? :)

If You Still Think I am Steve Hanway.

There was, and still is, a troll who posts here who thanks to his 15th rate detective work thought he figured out my identity and was naturally wrong. Anyway the person this fool thought I was wrote this article on his blog...

basically saying that it might be a bad thing if Callahan would get fired. The article was a load of nonsense and I said as much on his blog. If you still think I am Hanway all you have to do is read this. I couldn't disagree more with Hanway on this. And as it turns out Hanway doesn't even agree with himself. ..

I feel much better about the man after reading this.

The Real Evil Empire.

Thanksgiving day I am heading out to Boulder Colorado to watch what, If there is a God, will be Bill Callahan's last game as head coach as head coach. Now there are few things I hate more than Bill Callahan, well other than conservative idiots, and all of them will pop up this weekend...

1. The Colorado Buffaloes. Look Look we've won once in 40 years it's a rivalry let's throw piss at the Nebraskans!!!
2. Turkey . You start eating it on Thursday and you are still chewing the shit on Sunday. Thankfully my Father in law taught me how to get through it. (Pour Gravy all over it.)
3. And the fucking Creighton Bluejays! Oh god I hate those slum creating maggots. Creighton's fan base is the worst Nebraska society has to offer. Really all Creighton fans are is bandwagon hopping, slum creating, pompous ass buckets of puss. I would love to send The Creighton media, Travis Justice, boy what a fat tub of shit that fuck is, and his girlfriend Matt Perrault into a shock coma for the second year in a row. The bad thing is the game is at 1 o'clock on Saturday and I will be coming back from Colorado as the game is being played. We are staying in Colorado Friday after the game and coming back Saturday.

The good news is Nebraska played again tonight and played much better. especially in the second half. They beat Norfolk State 83-48. A weekend with a win over Colorado in football and Creighton in basketball will be fucking sweet, a weekend with those things and the firing of Bill Callahan would be Fucking Rapture! sorry Ralph. But dear God if you can only give me one of those three things...sack Callahan's sorry ass! please?

Take It Like a man.

Nebraska's out of nowhere 73-31 victory over Kansas State two weeks ago was one hell of a tonic for a state that has watched it's pride and joy be pissed on and shit on for 4 years. Nearly everyone in the state was gleefull afterwords...everyone except of course...Omaha World Herald sports columnist Lee Barftknecht who makes no secret he has a mad man crush on Kansas State coach Ron Prince. Barfknect actually refers to Prince as "Mr. Bold and Dangerous" and his weekly Big XII column consists of nothing more than his hatred for Nebraska and his mad man love for Ron Prince. How much does it suck for Lee B that shitty ole' Nebraska has skull fucked his big bad bold and dangerous both times they have played? Seriously I haven't seen a sportscaster in Omaha that crushed since Justice had to sooth Perrault last year after the NU/Creighton game. And before that it was the double overtime victory over Iowa State in football that sent T-Justice into a mourning that no amount of jerking off to Dan McCarney could erase... So sad! Not really.

I better wrap this shit up.

If you are still reading...why? seriously? why? anyway if you are thank you. I have said more than my peace and this is as good a place as any to call it a night. Actually I should have done that 6 paragraphs ago. I am not leaving till Thursday so I will most likely post some more troll droppings tomorrow and wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. I still wish the Pilgrims would have ate something else before they all gathered around the Tube to watch the Detroit Lions get their asses kicked back in 1620. Oh well


Count Istvan

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Damial The Greek

Well, here's some prognostications:

The troops will thank Bill for visiting them.

Keith Olbermann will never visit Afghanistan. It was tough enough to move his studio out of New Jersey.

Lt. Col. Uber Troll

You stupid fuck. I served 28 years in the Air Force including combat.

You are talking out of your stupid liberal ass saying the same shit.

I don't enlist. I retired as a Lt Col.

Typical stupid liberal trying to salvage his poor judgment on the war that is now starting to turn around...
Typical response from someone who has been caught in his stupidity.
You are without a doubt the stupidest cretin that ever slithered onto this site.

PS I never said I was a pilot. I always said I was a navigator.

PPS I don't knock Vietnam vets unless they are drugged-up fools like "woke." People like him were a hazard to his fellow soldiers.
Then print the entire context.

Everyone will see that I was mocking someone else's statement that Mutual Funds are not investments.

I have Mutual Funds in USAA's "Investment Management" division.

You are using the liberal tactic of repeating a slogan over and over again because you know the brain-dead liberals here will believe you.
You are a delusional idiot. I am not "Mike Thayer."

That is a figment of your retarded mind.

I don't feel any obligation to show any respect toward the anti-American, anti-Military, anti-Defense traitors that inhabit this sick blog.

Not when you traitors are threatening the future of this country with your, OutFoxed mentality.
It's a good thing you traitorous cowards weren't around during world war II - this blog would be in German or Japanese.
Maybe you can explain how opposing the silencing of free speech is "hating the constitution"?

Well That And They Are Left Off The Voting Rolls On Purpose

No, we vote. Do you know who doesn't vote? That would be your inner city ignorant blacks. They are too busy drinking 40oz malt liquor and smoking crack. That is when they are not robbing each other.

How Would Jesus Vote?

Mai cunt-tree 'tis of thee, sweet land 'o liberty.....clinton ain't gonna be the next president. Ya'll are nuts, 'cause she aint nuthin but a dirty whore.

Vote yer conscience.
Vote yer patriotisism.
Vote like Jesus did.


Want To Hear A Joke?


You liberals and your endless conspiracy theories....

I only post as 08 champ

I have a business to run and haven't the time nor the inclination to hang out at the Hounds place 7 days a week like you libs do eh?


It Was Computer Night At Bellevue Part 2

Hey Einstein, try to keep up. Novak has stated it was multiple sources from TWO democrats.
Novak stated that he heard the Obama info from two different democratic sources. He's been on Fox all evening.

Does this surprise anyone??? This is typical Clintonista behind-the-scenes ambush. That's how they operate. Nothing new. Yawn.
media matters is your source?

yeah right.
Actually, Novak has quite an impressive reputation. And he criticizes conservatives often. So I trust that his sources are credible. The Clintons are known to play dirty pool, so why are so many of you defending them? It is what it is. And frankly , I don't think it's that big a deal. Obama has no chance against her anyway, but for some reason she feels threatened by him and his sumo-wrestler wife.

The Republicans are just dying to run against Mrs. Clinton. Can't wait to see her go down in flames.

Love, Barbie
Sorry, just saw your post now. To answer your question -- I LOVE the Fox Business Channel. The graphics are great, easy to follow, and I find the hosts most interesting.
Ummm, last time I checked, GW Bush isn't going to be on the ballot. So bringing up anything from his past presidential campaigns is kind of boring and irrelevant, i.e. like conservatives who constantly resurrect Monica, Paula, Gennifer, Juanita, etc. You see how dull that is....Yawn.

Your assignement liberals if you dare is to rent a copy of "The War Room." And then come back here and tell us with straight faces that the Clintons don't practice dirty politics.

John T

Just saw your 11:10 post. Here in Scottsdale, AZ, we get the Fox Business Channel on 359 (Direct TV Satellite). Which should be the same channel regardless of location if you have Direct.

Hillary Clinton is a combination of Imelda Marcos and Evita .That's why the American left loves her.
Hillary is a slippery character. What bothers me most about her is the fact that she does not directly answer important questions regarding policy. Now, that in itself is not "dirty."

Her greatest talent is her innate ability to detroy/smear anyone who threatens her or her horny-hick husband. That's what's dirty. If she has so much to offer the country, why not articulate her positions, and defeat on those merits.
The Republican candidates are much more specific about their positions. Mrs. Clinton got snippy with Tim Russert! How ridiculous was that! Russert's a liberal guy! How dare he ask her a question!
Roach bait,

I saw the clip from FBC. OK, it was funny I admit, but it's not like Bloomberg and CNBC are without bloopers. Don't make me link to any, I'm feeling lazy right now.

I am a financial expert. However, FYI, the TV in my office is typically muted since I'm on the phone so much. So I just glance at the quotes, which stream along the bottom of the screen. Unless there's some crazy flashing banner of urgent news, I don't pay attention to the banter.

Love, Barbie

If you weren't so icky, I would give you my real name and you could look up my U-4 online. But fine, don't believe me, I don't care.
What good would it do to fight back? Even all his billions can't cleanup his past. I guess he didn't want to fly that Gulfstream IV from deposition to deposition where he'd be put under oath.

John T

Please don't turn into another "Count." I actually have some respect for you and I thought that you shared the same.

For the record, I am not a receptionist. I am a stockbroker and investment banker. I hold a degree in finance and communication, and NASD licenses Series 7, Series 63, Series 65 as well and Life & Health.

Our country is facing the same fate. The dollar is sinking, Imports is greater than exports, massive deficit. We are fast becoming a third world country.
Free Speech | 11.19.07

Yep, over 3000 illegal third-world aliens come into the USA every day, 365 days a year.
The Swiftboat revelations didn't say that Kerry didn't fight in Vietnam.
You are dangerously close to the "icky" category. The market closes, local time, at 2 pm.
John T

How do I know that you won't give my info to the evil Count? I have enough stalkers to deal with. And you two seem chummy.

Perhaps if you're nicer to me, I'll think about it. For whatever reason, I think you're kind of OK sometimes.
Most of you liberals seem some what intelligent - but you are liberals, so when somebody writes something you do not like or know how to answer you resort to sarcasm and name calling. Why is that? - it is a kind of backwards evoloution.

Hillary Clinton has so much dirt on her that this is just the beginning. I can't wait until the GOP starts running TV commericials on her. She won't be able to take it. She will snap.


Who's 08? Am I missing something?

It look like this Count Istvan guy is a little crazy. Dude, take your meds and pay attention.

I have always, and only posted under "barbie66." You can check with the moderators.

Rush had a successful rehab experience here in AZ. So what's the point? I thought you liberals loved recovered addicts! Or is it just addicts?

John T

I did not single you out personally. My only point is simple: Liberals are associated with over-the-top tolerance (transgenders, criminals, etc.), which surprised me that so many on here wish to insult Rush Limbaugh for being a recovered addict. You're supposed to show tolerance if you're a true liberal. With all due respect. Love, Barbie

You're supposed to love them too! Just check out the state of Vermont! And let's not go there! There are plenty of Democrap pedophiles. Remember the the guy who had the male prostitution ring operating from his home? Frank, wasn't it?
If you find him arrogant, fine. But actually his show is very funny and upbeat. I don't get to listen much, but I do read the transcripts on the website.

He (Rush) did not insult those people at all. He simply pointed out that liberals love to be represented by "victims" who are beyond reproach. They attempt to play on peoples emotions, distracting the public from the reality of their positions.
John T

I did not hear that Rush stated that all drug addicts should be sent to prison for life. I did hear him say that many of those with whom he attended rehab, had since unfortunately relapsed. I would need to see the transcript in order to properly comment.
Scare mongering from the Right?? What the hell do you call "global warming?"

You are correct in that we do have a sophisticated quote system. However, when I'm looking at a client's portfolio on my screen, I cannot be looking at quotes at the same time on my office system. Hence, this is why I have a personal TV in my office. Also, for extreme breaking news which can affect the market.
OK, I'm sleepy now. Good night little muttlings.

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