Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NFL Draft

The Draft Starts Tomorrow and will run through Saturday. I will not be able to comment on the proceedings as I will not be by anything that has internet (hallelujah!) But if Mr. Brown or you the kindly reader have any  thoughts on the goings on they go here.

Monday, April 8, 2013

National Championship Game...


First half was simply brilliant as Michigan got out to a 12 point lead and leads by 1 38-37 at half.
Louisville 82 Michigan 76 final. Great game. One comment.  Seriously I was rooting for Michigan in this game but their fans are...Grrr. Really it's the entire state of Michigan. After The  2003 Alamo Bowl,  2005  Alamo bowl, Beating both Michigan State and Michigan in football this year and this game tonight. I've figured out these people  never run out of excuses. Michigan lost by 6 and was badly out rebounded especially offensively but was that the reason why their truly valiant effort came up just short? Oh no it was of course the officials. Come on state of Michigan just once man up.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gameday The Spring Game and final 4 Edition


When it comes to pointlessness and fruitlessness trying to pick the winner of a college spring game has to rank somewhere alongside arguing logic with Donald Trump. It's a scrimmage. the 15th one of the spring  to be exact. And according to the coaches not as important as the other 14. So why do that people like the Count  pay $10 to go and watch? We have nothing better  to do and when else can you go experience something close to a real Nebraska football environment  for $10? The stars play a few series and give way to the backups and youngsters who are trying to show that they can handle the spotlight of playing in front of a crowd that while way short of a sellout still numbers 60,000+. Freshmen and sophomores pile up big plays and get everybody talking about how they are the next sure  fire can't miss big thing even though they are playing against defenses consisting of walkons, Graduate Assistants and Sorority Pledges. We faithfully watch and we file every byte of information  our eyes collect in April so in October when a player seems to be not pulling his weight we can second guess the coaches for not playing  that guy that tore up the 8th string in the spring game.

Other than creating false controversy and causing fans to ridiculously over-react  this game does serve one  other purpose as I have said  many times. The family with 3 or 4 kids who can't afford 5 or 6 tickets at $60 or  $70 a pop can  pay that much and take in an atmosphere that is actually pretty close to the real deal. When Bo Pelini took over he changed the format of the Spring game to try and make the game more competitive. Still the Red's seem to always find away to win. This combined with the fact that the red roster looks a little stronger is why I am once again going with the Reds.

The game last year was a weather casualty. In 2011 I thought it would be a low scoring game and Red won 32-29. This year I think it should be a higher scoring game as the offense appears to be a head of the defense so it will probably be 10-7...

The Count's Krystal Bawl
Red 38
White  24

Also the final 4 is Today! A great sports day! All thoughts on the Basketball games go in this thread.

Final Score

   32 25

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thank you, Roger Ebert.

My tribute to the late, great Roger Ebert can be found at Mr. Brown Verses. if the Count wants to post the article here on BAD, he may do so if he so wishes.


As a kid growing up, there were a few things I spend my time doing on Saturdays: getting up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons, going to the movies with my parents, playing outside with my roller-skates, and watching the latest edition of Siskel & Ebert on television. In fact, that was probably one of the moments of the day I was looking forward to. Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert didn't just debate about the latest movies that had just been released; they didn't just argue back and forth about why this movie worked or why it was awful. These men didn't just love movies, they lived, breathed the power of cinema as an art form. And I don't think no one person exemplified this kind of mad-hot passion for, well....anything better than Ebert himself. Even after Gene's death in February of 1999, the man still carried on and talked about his love of the movies, with other critics and cinemaphiles, from Lisa Scwartzburn of Entertainment Weekly, to Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News, to legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Richard Roper of the Chicago Sun-Times would eventually become his partner from 2000 up until 2006, when post-surgical complications with thyroid cancer left him unable to speak, but his love of the big screen wouldn't diminish. If anything, Ebert found a new voice in which to communicate his excitement for a movie, or his utter disgust for what had transpired on the screen through Twitter, and he still had his columns on his own personal website, and he still wrote reviews for the Chicago-Sun Times, and held film festivals. In short: his burning spirit wouldn't keep him from what he loved: the cinema. Ebert's place was in the balcony of a movie theater, and for one afternoon on a Saturday, I - along with everyone else who loved film as much as he did, or simply wanted to hear his thoughts - were allowed in to listen, argue, and debate the movies. The fact that tonight, we no longer have that voice with us, is a tragedy in of itself. Ebert is a big reason why I loved going to the movies: I wanted to capture the same passion for watching films as he clearly had, and is a continued inspiration for me as a amateur critic with a blog, and it's a continued hope of mine that it comes through with each review I write. For the days I spent sitting in the living room, watching him give the trademark "Thumbs Up," or "Thumbs Down" to eagerly seeking out his reviews on the latest movie to hit theaters, I say thank you Roger Ebert, for making me a lover of the cinema, and forevermore, the balcony will be closed. 

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