Monday, April 30, 2007

G-Dawg Teaches Geography

Check out the pictures from the highway overpass that collapsed in San Fransicko

This is hysterical because the San Fransicko area is almost all libturds.

Q: How is that commute to work going to work for you libturds?


Now if only a 9.0 earthquake would hit the San Fransicko area and wipe it out. In fact it would be great if California would just slide into the Atlantic Ocean.
Were it not for my sockpuppets, nobody would ever talk to me.

Posted by: Hillary in '08 () on Mon 4.30 1:23am

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The World According To Hussein O'bob

Hey, only the HATE AMERICA FIRST tirade and propoganda is allowed on this site, so how are you folks any different than those you defile and spew hate toward? Why does this site exist? Whose minds are you changing with you far left dream world. When the MOSLEM terrorists are blowing you up and chopping off your heads, think back to all the sh*t you spewed out in the destructon of this country. Man, this smells like a rotten fish factory!!!! Talk about tainted cat food, I gotta get some fresh air.

No, that is Deliverance Man that has his head up his ass. It is the new civil rights movement; do not discriminate against those who want to stick their head up their ass or someone else's ass.

Yea, guess you left wingers will call for the extermination of all white males since they are the cause of all the world's problems. Should get down to nothing but gays and lesbians of non-white extraction, YO?

A majority of folks who vote Democratic ticket are only concerned at living off the welfare state and being cared for by the "bleeding heart liberals" who promise to care for them from the womb to the grave. Well, maybe not from the womb. You have to be born without yo momma asking for a doctor or nurse to jab a scapel into your brain as you exit the birth canal. In other words, to murder another human being with the blessings of the far left.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Why Bother?

Count Istvan,
Please stay off my threads if you can't stop baiting the trolls. This is my final warning to you. I will ban you if you do it again.

So Why Keep This Blog going? It's the comments that I have posted here that the mods want. They are erasing and banning regulars posts at record speeds and leaving up the posts of such contributers as Barbie 66, Northwoods and Enrico. Since these are the kind of people the mods want posting is it fair to call their comment "Troll" Comments?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yeah G-Dawg Will Crush With His Spelling As Well

You no the GDawg will crush you with the facts.

Posted by: GOP wins again () on Thu 4.26 9:38am

These day Anything Thrills A Conservative

I am so happy that ABC finally fired that filthy lesbian Rosie.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Whining From Cedarford.

Calls One of the best posters of the board a "cunt"

I do not ordinarily insult or demean, OK then, but Lefties cannot demad civility when they do ad hominems on any poster that they disagree with and demand any post they dispute be eradicated.

When I do make precise posts with links and quotes, they are removed. Anyone not on the far Left who posts here has had that experience. It is like Amanda Marcotte censoring others, modifying her own posts - then denying she seeks an echo chamber where only her supporters are allowed to comment. Unlike Marcotte, Ellen and others at Newshounds are proud little Stalinist zealots who will never get caught lying about censorship because they glory in it.

That is Stalinism.

Of the Newshounds, Ellen is by far the worst at deleting anything she disagrees with and even patrols other Newshound members threads to delete any comment she doesn't like.

Making Newshounds little better than Pravda in the 1930s.

Paige is little more than a cunt who asks moderators address any post she dislikes with removal.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Charles Butler The Black Folk* Who Hates Black Folk

Based upon what you have just typed all the Reverend did was spin. He has a very checkered past and yet the Liberal Media wants to give him a pass. This is Rasicm 101. You are still fighting a war that was fought long ago. You want the white man to beg me to forgive him for what he did my my black brothers and sister but you want us to continue to vote Democrat even though they never aggree with what most Black folk believes. We should just stay on the plantation and never challenge these "so-Called" Black leaders that the Democrats hold up for us Negros today. What Hypocracy! You chumps are a joke! That is life!
Negros? How Many White people do you know who use it? That aren't racist that is.

When I Type Shit Like This I Should Have My Own Ass Kicked.

Listen to a speech by W given to 'his base" and then listen to a speech by W given by W to "common folk" especially when he is down south. Tell me his voice doesn't change.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Guess Who

The biodiesel tour starts on a note that Stanford has done a study that determined no great CO2 savings come from using ethanol or biodiesel. Ethanol actually may generate more than getting a the equivalent in oil out of the ground.
While "every little bit helps" biodiesel from wastes in a minute potential source. It sounds good when someone says they run their car on all the oil cooking oil 13 area restaurants throw away - but the "supply" isn't there if more want "biodiesel". All it does is divert the waste oil away from other industries using wastes with esters and triglycerides in them, which then results in China and Brazil suplying those needs by chopping down more forests.

Sheryl Crow is just getting slammed in good fun. Laurie David is, on the other hand, a smug Learjet liberal who thinks because she married a billionaire, that she has the power to demand access to lobby at dinner ceremonies. Which she doesn't....Just because John Edwards will hear her out for a nice fat Larry David check doesn't mean Rove will for nothing.

Cedarford On ...Oh Who Cares

I don't support arming every student, but there is a sad truth to male students here and in Europe being bled of virility and courage, to be inculcated that passivity and compliance are the cardinal virtues.

Think not only of Euroweenies and American Lefties refusing to even think of doing Lincoln Brigades like they once did in a heartbeat to fight in Spains Civil War against the fascist side for cases now like Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Congo, Darfur - but of Virginia Tech.

Male students had to fight not just a madman, but 12+ years of conditioning against ever fighting back. Even protecting themselves -except for 1 Prof and about six guys that were proactive in at least trying block doors . The rest just died cowering with the female students.
Not their fault.
They behaved as they were conditioned by Euroweenie and Lefty American educrats to behave.
Military trainers here and in Europe say that it takes weeks to reinstill behaviors of bravery, courage, and how to react to danger in male recruits. They are not inherent cowards, just raised in a society that prefers them pussified.

Has the archtype of the Western male become so effeminized that "Mr. Bean" the sailor that said he cried himself to sleep every night because Iranians laughed at him and took his iPod - is the "new male"? How he was only consoled by hugs from the obese little female collaborator/caregiver, "Topsy Turney"?

At VT, not a single group rushed Cho Seung-hui, no one threw anything at him in a bid to stay alive. Maybe they thought angry teachers using the "it always takes two to have a fight, you are both at fault" rule would mean they would be punished, even expelled for being bad, bad boys if they harmed poor Mr. Cho.

Cho's body was found without a single bruise or mark on him.

Survivors said no one tried to jump him as he walked around, delivering 3 shots at the heads of each target he stood over, fortunately missing the brains of many of them. They begged, tried reasoning, or played dead instead...No one laid a hand on Cho. Not even when he paused to reload.

Part of the reason I oppose students having guns without special screening is they are not trained in how to react to danger with proper behaviors.

Cedarford On genocide...

Next to the "black genocide" where 2 million imported slaves grew to 34 million African Americans, the 12-year long "genocide" in Darfur doesn't seem to be in the 1-2 year range real genocides take.

Of course, politicians succeded in not only naming it a genocide, but positioned themselves to debate it for over a decade from Davos to Delhi, with stops in Japan and Caracas - demanding "America do something". Why after a decade have Euroweenies not fighting a war anywhere or Indians or Brazilians not done anything. Why have Lefties in America failed to mobilize "Lincoln Brigades" to fight the Jangaweed?

Because they are pussified wusses, that's why.

But worry not, the EU itself is asking for "new debate" at the UN in it's summer session.

When You've said Cedarford You've Said It All

And the reaction to Bill O'Reilly smug in his celebrity attractiveness claiming a right to "touch the arm" of Hillary, a Dixie Chick who tried to ignore him at a dinner table he walked up to and began pontificated at would be??????
Since Hillary works for the American people, would old "Billo" have the right to demand her attention?

I think not. This is just decent manners, which David and Crow ignored.

Yes, Sheryl Crow is hot, though.
If she grabbed my arm and said she'd fuck me and 3 friends if we listened to her babble on for a while about global warming, who'd object? Not us.
As for Laurie David, she is simply a trophy wife of a billionaire who parked her jet to slum it for a few weeks riding a biodiesel bus to feel morally superior. (To Eric Alterman, Laurie, who notoriously got out of her new Prius to lecture a middle class family on what assholes they were for being in a SUV, while Laurie had a half million in other cars registered in her husband's names and a 8-car garage ---Laurie is the archtype of the Hollywood Learjet Liberal).
Laurie David is also in trouble for major environmental violations at her and Larry's 14-acre Martha Vineyard estate. A 28-foot long barbecue pit in endangered species habitat, and ripping up nearly an acre of beachfront vegetation to put in a sodded lawn.
Ironically, she said both were needed to set the estate up for a RFK Jr environmental fundraiser to be attended by the Kennedys, the Kerrys, and various Hollywood elites.

So please, even if you are Hollywood elite, please accord others the social space, consideration, and decorum they deserve.
Unless you are Sheryl Crow and you are bartering.
And if you are Sheryl, that you have washed your hands.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

One More Troll Thread Tonight.

More Undignified and Uneccessary Rosie Hate From Bill O'Reilly

Can you give an example or is that just a childish rant?
"Republicans are the ones who voted and cha[n]ged the system and destroyed mental health care in the US."

Would you care to elaborate on that point, or is that just another childish anti-right declaration?
Or are you just a sheep-following Jesus freak -?

I am an atheist.

Who cares about Rosie? She is nothing more than a fat-ass pathetic america hater.

I wish Rosie would just move to Canada .... and stay there.

How much does she weigh?

How many donuts does she eat per day?

Jill said " Right wing believe tragedy could have been stopped if everyone had been armed and OK Corraled the shooter"

Well, who do you think stopped the Jihadi in Utah? Someone nearby with a gun. I bet the people who he prevented from being killed would beg to differ with you.

I wonder why liberals don't realize the fact that any city in America that allowed people to carry conceled guns, that city has low crime.

And cities like D.C. that bans guns has very, very, very high crime rates.

Duh !!!

How hard is that to figure out?
Shouldn't you be out somewhere yelling that while you're shooting people?

You are a sicko....
Ya, D.C. has a low crime rate.


How funny.

Facts and stats just don't matter to a liberal. They just ignore them.

Wow !!!

Rock n Roll | 04.19.07 - 12:23 am | #

Maybe because it isn't true...


Now Rock and Roll tell me how Rapid city has a lower crime rate than DC because of the gun laws.

Here is the hero of the libs.


I think we should get rid of all slope-heads...

What is a slope-head?

This Cho dude that killed all of the VT students was do doubt one angry liberal.

Why do liberals always want to take their anger out on others?

Why are liberals always so angry?

Does everyone know that Dennis Miller now has a syndicated radio show on Westwood One?

How sweet is that.

Why are liberals always so angry?
Rock n Roll

Simple answer:

They are always wrong and don't want to admit it.

Why do you accuse Fox News of being unfair and unbalanced?

Their news coverage is completely balanced, it is their opinion shows that slant one way or another.

But, even then, Fox also gives liberals a venue to spew on their opinion shows - Alan Colmes, Greta, Geraldo, Juan Williams, Mara ?Liason...are they conservative compared to you?

woke" = Drug-crazed vietnam vet (as opposed to normal vietnam vets like me)

Wrong, Cho is a Muslim and he was talking about the Koran.

Pay attention to the facts.

I love how liberals just make up shit about Christians. Why do liberals hate Christians?

Liberals hate Chritians, but love Muslims

Liberals hate the Boy Scouts, but love NAMBLA.


And libs think they are the norm.


Count Istvan can't deal with the subject of my post.

Avoid the facts and change the subject.

Rock N Roll=Samuel, Emanuel, 2008

Wrong again!

Samuel, Emanuel = Mike, Thomas, et al.

2008 is a different person with similar views.

How many empty bags of Cheetoes does everyone think that 'Count Ivan the Terrible' have around him at this moment?

I say 4 bags, plus empty diet coke cans scattered on the floor.

Count Ivans fingers are permantly stained an orangeish color.


(Istvan is apparently too hard for this dumb-fuck to spell)

ght on ... plus Rosie is a fat pig. Look at her. What a ugly blob of blubber she is.

What is so funny here is the absolute stupidity of the regular posters!

"john t" is an example of how simple a human can be and still perform autonomic functions...

The woman is a bully getting a taste of her own medicine.

That should be "The woman is a bull dyke getting a taste of her own medicine."

Who said anyhing about Rosie being a pig makes her a liberal?

Read my comment. Or can't you comprehend the english language?

See how liberals just make up shit.


What a dumbass.

Hey, fuck you Hannity is Lou! You liberls suck ass! You all suck! suck suck suck!

There is no reason for that fat ass, blow hard Rosie O'Dumbell to bring up gun control on the View. She wants no one to have a gun except for her body guard. It's ok for him to have one so no one can get to her, but for anyone else, they have to go without.

What a fat ass, blubbering, hypocryt.
Did you liberals happens to see what the stock market did today? record_N.htm

Read this and weap. Liberals have to just be pissed that the market might hit 13000.

You just know libs would love to see the market crash and burn.

Too bad ...

2008 Tells a Tale...

To make a point about how there shouldn't be any gun restrictions 2008 posted...

Beaufort Woman Shoots and Kills Alleged Burglar

Beaufort Police are investigating a shooting that left a 17 year old Yemassee man dead. It happened around 11pm Saturday at the Wilderness Cove Apartments. Police said Alphonso Bright was shot and killed when he forced his way into the home of a 20 year old Beaufort woman. Officers said Bright asked Aileen Sugano if her boyfriend was home. When she told him no, he left, only to come back moments later and push his way inside. Police said he grabbed a bag of marijuana and some cash that was on the table. They said Sugano pulled a gun out from under the couch and fired a shot that hit Bright. Then she called 911.

Bright died later at the hospital. Sugano is charged with possession of marijuana. Beaufort Police are still investigating the shooting.

Just another of incident where an armed citizen was able to protect themself from a felon. Happens all the time!

Fortunately the second admendment will stand and citizens will always be able to protect themselves in this country.

2008 | 04.18.07 - 3:51 pm | #

Newshounds poster "truthwatch" responded with...

Maybe you should have read the WHOLE story, not just what the pro-gun lobby wants you to know...

Bright was taken to the hospital, and Sugano was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police said.

INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE means she was a DEALER. 5760159c.html
TruthWatch | 04.18.07 - 4:28 pm | #

2008 Responded with...

Good Gawd I really do hope that you are no more than a security guard..

"Sugano is charged with possession of marijuana. Beaufort Police are still investigating the shooting"

You do realize that their is a huge difference in "possession" and being a "drug dealer" don't ya champ?

Doesn't look like you do eh?


More Trolls With Guns

Gun Store Owner - If Someone Else Had A Gun Tragedy Might Have Been Averted

Spoken like a true liberal. In your mind, the average citizen is too stupid and irresponsible to possibly own a firearm (even thought the authors of the 2nd Amendmnent didn't feel that way). But then liberals feel that citizens need the government to provide their food, clothing and shelter as well, since they are too stupid or inept to do that for themselves either.
I am rather surprised at the comments posted. No liberal has gone off the deep end yet. Except claudo.

Here's some information for you. More people die because of drunk drivers than from guns. Should we blame the cars and trucks for the deaths and say that America's creditability is decreased because of drinking? Perhaps outlaw adult beverages.

More guns are used to stop crime than are used to commit crime. States with the tightest gun laws have more gun violence than states that don't have tight gun laws.

At the gun shows here in Arizona, the sales people at the gun shows do back ground checks as required by federal law. You cannot go into a gun show here and just pick up a gun. You can sell a used gun privately to anyne without any type of back groud check.

I was told that the gun shows had some really strange people that attended them. Well, most people at the gun show carried guns with them. And despite different groups (some radical like the Nazi's) and different races, most people there were very polite despite the crowding, and i felt very "safe" even though I left my gun in the car.

It costs $25.00 to get into the gun show. There is no extra charge to pick up the newspaper and call around.

I have CCW and carry my gun everywhere it is legal for me to. The sad part is at the bank and schools only the "bad guys" will have a gun. And no law will stop them from coming into the bank or school with a gun.

And to me the saddest part of the VT shooting, besides the loss of life is the fact the one no had a way to defend themselves from this animal because of gun laws.

Guns don;t kill people.
Falling for the hollywood sterotype eh.
This would have never happened in the so called "wild west".
the perp would have been swiftly taken out by the regular citizens.
Here is one thing I don't understand and maybe someone can explain. I heard on one news broadcast that since Cho was a legal alien he couldn't legally own a gun and I heard from another broadcast that he legally bought a gun from a pawn shop. I don't get it? How can it be illegal for you to own a gun and still legal to purchase one?
What makes you think they are not.

But you're quite the ass to suggest grown adults would all start shooting.

Dick. Look at the original Congress in Philadelphia and check how many were gun owners.

You're hatred is only toward yourself, and maybe you should read the 2nd amendment you penis.
If that Korean coward attempted this stunt in a shopping mall, he wouldn't of made it too far.

All the conceal-to-carry citizens would have taken him out before he could go on slaughtering like he did at the 'gun-free' school zone.

Nothing is more absurd to argue for more gun control to stop these situations. Yeah, lets lets the criminals have all the guns.

When ever I see that Brady character on the news now saying this proves we need the destroy the 2nd ammendment, it embarrasses me to see a citizen so ignorant, blinded by his political agenda.

Well, the NBA is 99% black. The crime rate among blacks is the highest in the United States for any race.

It is only logical to keep guns away from people who are prone to greater violence than people who are not.

Guns in the NBA, or guns in the PGA Tour? Which one will result in more violence?

Stackman, Jonathan IV | 04.18.07 - 12:44 pm | #

Here is a classic example of two Asswipes that stray from the topis to blast someone for their opinion. You Asswipes can't simple say that you disagree this a view and then state your own. you two snotty nosed Asswipes have to act like this sick Cho fuck. I hope you taste your own fucking blood before you die. You fucking Asswipes.
I agree with other posters. The problem is that we have a society that does not ID and remove dangerous, insane people from vulnerable places like schools where they can inflict massive death and destruction because of overconcern about their "individual rights". In just about any other country, he would have been barred from campus, even deported back to S Korea as a mentally unbalaced, dangerous, undesirable alien.

When he acted, this Cho was a stone killer. No hesitation. No remorse. Machine-like. If he hadn't done it with guns, he would have done it with fire or bombs.

He was apparantly highly interested in bombs, and was implicated in setting a dormitory fire that could have killed 50-60 people. They just couldn't prove it. He was evidently behind the bomb threats.

I disagree with the gun nuts on arming students. While having a few profs or students carrying guns might have resulted in somebody dropping this guy, university really shouldn't be a place where people feel they should pack for protection. It seems the way to best protect the student body is not allow psychopaths like Cho to be there...and if individual rights to prevent others from disclosing and acting on the presence of a creepy, dangerous crazy guy have to fall, so be it.

At the same time, once again Lefty's assertion that "cops will protect us, no one needs a gun" is proved to be BS. This guy went on a shooting spree for 21 minutes 900 feet away from a police center and not a single cop managed to get there and get off a shot on him. Cops, sadly, exist to do mop up and forensic work after a mass shooting, not stop it. Students should have some training in defense, and not just cower or line up to be shot like sheep. Know how to barricade a classroom. What can be used as weapons. When rushing a armed person may guarantee that 4-5 of you may die, but the remaining 3-4 will get him and that is better than 9 waiting on the ground for the bullet to the brain...

For now, the best short-term fix is to have colleges and HS review how many time bombs they have on campus, have students be aware of their danger signs, and change the laws so they can be removed and treated.
No I said your like Cho a sick little snotty nosed Asswipe. Again your piss ant sized brain didn't grasp the simple message.You Asswipes can't simply say that you disagree this a view and then state your own.

If he refuses to serve a white male, he can't be sued for discrimination.

Not if Claudo wrote the test.

The other fallacy is that guns drive these mass killings.

The guns of the sort that Cho used have been around since the 1911 Colt .45 ACP came out. Commonplace. Pump action shotguns since the 1870s.

Something changed, and it was not availability of guns. In modern societies, these rampages are recent, have occured in dozens of nations - and have been tied to a variety of sociological factors. Increased alienation and isolation caused by dissolving of community bonds and religious norms..loss of neighborhood..loss of nuclear families. The constant feed of violent games, videos, music, TV shows that habituate kids to violence and "teach" that violence is the solution. And in recent years, in cities, that the gun is the preferred method of settling arguments and big time killers will be famous....

That is what really has to change.

The safest communities in America are rural, white ones where guns are considered tools and hunting implements - and violence is checked by strict social norms. Those who use broad statistics to "show" how dangerous America is overlook the violent crime rate of white and Asian Americans is on par with their peers in Europe or Asia. But on an uptick in most 1st world nations, and alienation and violence-based entertainment appear to be at fault.

I have no problem with guns in the right hands.

Murder rate 2002 per 100000

Baltimore 41.9
DC 44
Detroit 39.4
New Orleans 57.7

Louisville 6.7

Louisville has a concealed carry law.

Truthwatch - That said, I must vehemently disagree with you. Gun violence in rural areas is worse than in the major cities. When you look at statistics, you will see more gun deaths in some rural states on a per-capita basis.

You are disingenous. You use "gun deaths" which is code for adding suicide by firearm to crimes done by firearm to pad your stats. In Northern inner cities, suicide by hanging or drug OD is preferred. In prosperous New England, not only is murder lowered by socioeconomic factors of high income, but suicide is as well...and New Englanders when they do, prefer jumps, pills and booze.
Down South, Midwest, and out West, all races more prefer suicide by gunshot. In Alaska, the high "gun death" stats come from Native Americans following an unfortunate generations-old deadly trend of combining guns, alcohol, depression.

Second, I said "rural white communities, not counting the high rate of rural black firearms violence (though not nearly as bad as inner city black slaughter rates).

No one I know of feels any danger walking around in Wyoming - not compared to Newark or Camden NJ.

size does not matter
Critic | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 3:35 pm | #

The US Mayors site ( has a study of gun deaths. In the same time period, Boston had only 7 gun deaths, while Louisville had 15. Note, these are hard counts, not "per capita" statistics...
TruthWatch | 04.18.07 - 3:51 pm

FBI says the murder rate for Boston is 6.6 and I trust them more than a mayor. Not bad what is the secret of Boston over Baltimore?

"You *do* realize you are championing a drug dealer for havig defended her stash?!"


Good Gawd I really do hope that you are no more than a security guard..

"Sugano is charged with possession of marijuana. Beaufort Police are still investigating the shooting"

You do realize that their is a huge difference in "possession" and being a "drug dealer" don't ya champ?

Doesn't look like you do eh?

Kell Hound - Good post. Glad you are OK. The holes in the health care system and the untreated depression are grave problems - not just for the high media moments of a mass killing, but all the quiet suicides and broken lives...
But we also need a way to get past our infatuation with "individual rights and the "freedom" of dangerous psychpaths to put others at risk. Declaring VT a "gun-free" zone is fatuous in the face of criminals or mentally ill that laugh at liberal's conviction that more laws directed at inanimate objects solves the menace of dangerous, reckless, or criminal minds.

This Cho guy would not have been permitted in the military, in a post office since they started screening, - why do we then believe it is "correct" in a ACLU sense to let a guy like that run around untreated and unchecked on a campus or within a community? Better controls are needed.

And while mass death gets the media attention, tens of thousands of murders are racked up one to three at a time by other Chos. Ironically, Korean, Japanese ethnics have absolutely commendable stats overall in terms of being safe and law abiding people, on a par with Midwest Scandanavians, Poles, etc.

Another thing to remember is that bad, evil people actually exist despite denials by the psychotherapeutic mavens that equate all crime to problems with nurturing or brain chemicals. And the "precious civil liberties" of such bad, evil, malignant people must be weighed against the collective safety of all of us.
If we know that leadership of Iran or N Korea is replete with dangerous, reckless or evil minds it is a matter of our national and global security to prevent them from having WMD - be it nukes or vats of ebola virus ready to load on long-range missiles.
That is a far cry from saying law-abiding citizens cannot possess the means to protect themselves from the 1 in 1000 that are bad, evil, or psychotic people.
Even liberals once anti-gun because they thought cops existed to rescue them from evil are finally waking up after Katrina when the cops bugged out as masses of looters and killers took to the streets, or after every massacre like Columbine where they see cops exist mainly to mop up after the fact and gather evidence. Self-protection is all Americans can honestly rely on. Dumb declarations of "rape-free" campuses and "gun-safe" communities don't make the Chos of America pause for an instant.

The fact that you might have a weapon is the deterrent. It certainly stopped the teens downtown from intimidating people to give them money.

I worked hard so I could retire at 55.

I haven't owned a weapon in 30 years. While leaving the office late at night, kids would surround me and ask for money. When the CCW law went into effect, the kids went away.
Someone possibly sticking a gun in the back of his head.
I worked in a high-rise office building in town. The teens were from the projects (according to police) about one mile away. They broke into cars occasionally, otherwise only intimidating.

Panhandling is simply asking for money. Six kids surrounding you and asking for money is purposefully intimidating.

The videos showed many cops in position outside the building. I had heard the new policy was to charge the building immediately in school shootings.

Reguarding the carnage in Iraq today. 150 people killed in a population of 25,000,000 percentage wise in not significant.

The media needs to stop inflating these daily bombings.

So Frank.. your plan is this:

- The US leaves in humiliation

- A real Civil War happens

- The Iraq-equivilent of the Taliban gradually take control of the country

- Osama Bin Laden (for instance) moves in

- The Caliphate equivilent of Al Qaida plots what turns out to be the largest terrorist attack on US soil in history

- US issues Ultimatum to the Caliphate to hand over the proto_Osama.

- They ignore it

- We invade Iraq.

Great fucking plan.
Simpleton Lefties like Frank make much of Saddam's alledged "secularism" and how this is supposed to be some sort of oil to Sunni Muslim's water.

Fact is,, that never stopped him from making alliances against foes and Iraq and AQ did have contacts.

The world doesn't always act in accordance to the stereotypical boxes leftists like to put people in.

If we are to take the "logic" of the Leftys seriously then it would be impossible to explain the military alliance that the US and CCCP had in WWII.
I'm not going over the reasons for the invasion again. You lefties dont seem to ever remember no matter what, so dont waste my time. I've probably spent a month typing the reasons. Never to any result.

We're there now , nothing changes that. So your "plan" is stupid.
From an email I have:

When Abraham Lincoln was a young congressman in 1848, he was a harsh critic of the Mexican War (although, it is important to note, Lincoln was not vocal in his criticism of the war until most of the fighting had ended).

But Lincoln drew a bright line between his opposition to the origins of the war and his support for the troops once the war had begun. He consistently voted to give the troops the support they needed. And when Democrats attacked him for opposing the war and opposing Democratic President James Polk's rationale for it, this was his reply:

"The distinction between the cause of the President in beginning the war, and the cause of the country after it was begun, is a distinction which you [Democrats] cannot perceive."

Too many on the left today have the same problem: They can't distinguish between their claims of opposition to the origins of the war (and for some, the seemingly pathological desire to oppose President Bush), and the ongoing need to support our troops in middle of battle. For the good of the country and our troops in Iraq, opponents of the war should follow the lead of Abraham Lincoln

FrankC: When people like you are the tool that Al Qaida expects to weaken the US, you should be the last person complaining about the soundness of someone's plan. So far you are doing just what they want you to do. This doesnt bother though. Strange.

How is that comparing Bush to Lincoln... are you able to read? That quote was about Lincoln's behavior in Congress being opposed to the war that was going on.

Um.. Bush isn't in Congress if you didn't know that.

I really dont care about Bush.. so go ahead and attack him all you want... with your baby names.

We're going to be in Iraq for a long long time. The jihad against us is going to last a long long time.

People like you undermine us and you should be silenced.

But lucky for you, I'm not in authority.

Here's some maps of Jihad attacks around the world since 2003.

Any fool who thinks this is America's fault knows nothing. This is the result of DECADES of indoctrination and prepartion. You people really need to do some research on this. The press won't be informing you of this reality.. (which of course is why you are all ignorant of it.. if Matt Lauer doesn't spoonfeed you, you dont eat) attacks.html

Now Bob Becomes Tim and Things Really Get Fun

How Much Ammunition Can You Carry?

I thought you all were so excited that felons voting rights were being restored in Florida. But you feel someone who abused substances shouldn't have rights? Huh?
We support drug addicts? And your party would have them all legalized.
Who said that? Oh, I forgot, that's how you libs argue. Playing games and word play.

You must be joking. Try honesty.

If you want to argue like a child, Count, fine. I do not support drug use. I do not have sex with under-aged boys. I do not shoot people. Now if you think I am going to play the game of let's throw out everything bad a member of my party has done and then I will have to throw back the same from your side of the aisle, we might be here all day. But I kinda think I would win that one...with the Kennedys alone.

Your memory is soooo short. Try to think hard, maybe try squinching your eyes; that might help.

I'm still waiting for all of your liberals exertions of criminal activities to actually come to anything.

Dick, some facts for you:

We do not have a draft. No one is forced to join the military.

There are more soldiers from "middle-class" families in Iraq than "lower-class" families.

There are more college-educated service members in the military today than any other time in history.

You do a great disservice to all our military when you denigrate them as "little people", and you should be ashamed.

Anyone and any party that would defend the Kennedy's and all their 'mishaps' is a complete idiot. If you can't seem to remember the rapes, the killings, the substance abuse issues, the women, etc., that's you fooling yourself.

Tim, it is my guess these two weren't even alive during those days of wine, roses and bridges.

Now your feelings(like John Kerry)that our troops are murdering rapists that terrorize woman and children in the dead of the night, don't count, Count.

That's an easy one...

Never can have too much ammunition

As a supervisor at the police department I often carried at least 1000 rounds of extra ammo for the troops in case we got caught up in prolonged firefight. can never have "Too much"


As far as little boys go, the party of NAMBLA, and weren't two of your boys admittedly sexually involved with underaged boys? And still retained their positions.

I love how you spin the story, Robrob. It's so clintonesque. *Present* at her drowning. Is that how you liberal men take care of your females? He left her drowning at the bottom of a lake and didn't report it until he was in a political safe place, covering his ass.

Former Rep. Gerry Studds. He was censured for sexual relationship with underage male page in 1983. Massachusetts voters returned him to office for six more terms.

Rep. Barney Frank. The outspoken Massachusetts Democrat hired a male prostitute who ran a prostitution service from Frank’s residence in the 1980s. Only two Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to censure him in 1990.

Former Rep. Mel Reynolds. The Illinois Democrat was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault with a 16-year-old. President BILL CLINTON PARDONED HIM before leaving office.

To be fair, Mark Foley is obviously a scum right along with the rest of them.

Crane was accused of having a consensual sexual relationship in 1980 with a 17-year-old female congressional page and was censured by the House in 1983.

Assaults woman in parking garage? Yeah, I remember that. They proved she was lying because the surveillance video was rolling and she came out with this right before the election in an effort to change it. Illegal. Well, no better way to wrap up the day with another liberal lie, Kennedys' great reputations intact, Aunty Em hookin' up with ol' MLP for the webcam fun, and Claudo and MLP strokin' eachothers...egos

Rob, in this free country of ours, you are totally allowed to have those fantasies. So maybe you should have ol' Teddy or one of his nephews babysit your little girl. Or have her babysit for them. Good idea. Maybe have one of them drive her home after a date.


Updated:2007-04-05 18:53:37
Florida Felons to Get Voting Rights Back
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (April 5) - Florida moved Thursday to allow felons to more easily get their civil rights back after they serve their sentences, moving a step away from what some called an unfair remnant of a darker past.

Republican Gov. Charlie Crist pushed the change, saying the rights to vote, hold office and serve on a jury were fundamental to being part of a democratic society.

"What may be a usual amount of ammunition for a policeman to carry is not a usual amount for an ordinary citizen to carry around on himself. (Or am I living in some bizarro world?)"

And how many rounds did the police get off in trying to stop the VaTech shooter?

Zero. They weren't there (nor can we expect them to be everywhere at once).

Too bad no one in either building could do anything to stop the shooter.


How effective were current gun control laws in preventing the VT shooter from getting a gun?

Guns don't kill people. Koreans kill people. Ban Koreans.

Makes about as much sense as banning guns.


How effective was the Brady Law in preventing this guy from purchasing a gun?


Virginia prohibits the carrying handguns into schools. How did that one work out?


By demonstrating that you're an ignorant, uneducated loon? If you say so.


Anyone who doesn't like Ted Nugent is dead inside.


You could not be further from the truth. I think it would surprise you to the extreme if you knew my race or heritage. (Friends family ok coworkers) So in answer to your question, I am not just fixated on jackson and sharpton I despise what they and many like them stand for. I am for the rights of black folks everywhere, but I am against the political left which has kept people enslaved for years. As stated before in my posts I am firmly for my black heroes. I solemnly would support a Powell/Rice ticket for president, which everyone around here would fear terribly because they could in no way stand against them. I am for people who take umbrage at being called african american. Were they born in Africa? Have they ever BEEN to Africa? Probably not.

Then don't claim it as some great sign to wear on their back. Be proud to be American. Not african american, mexican american, latino american or even irish american. So fsharp, be careful of the things you say or those you accuse when you don't know of that you speak.

to craig and all those who both work and go to school @ VT --

May God rest your heart and give you peace. I know there will be tough times there for a long while to come.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, and with all of those affected by this tragedy. the calls here for sympathetic posts seem to have been heard my many, yet there are always those on both wides who will use it as a launching pad for their agenda. Please forgive them as well.

THIS IS FOR ALL YOU WHO THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE TO BAN ME FROM POSTING ON YOUR SITE. I know this will be removed promptly but it may get read by at least one sane person before deletion.

You flipping morons find it bad that fox news left the crawling news thing at the bottom of their screen that you claim the other news channels took away (they all promptly replaced them). And then you leave at the top of your blogs a beg for money from people's taxes??

And you attack fox for being tasteless? No real thread for the VT people that is free from fighting and attacks by you on the other side.

Nothing nice said about President Bush's remarks at the convocation today. Did that go unnoticed by you?

You idiots are soOOOOOO freaking one-sided that you can only attack our president and remove posters that may support him.

What a wasteful piece of garbage site this is. I am so glad that you are only a handful of hatefuls and not the majority as you claim.


J D Grant

Fcuk you. Why don't you go pick up some 5 year olds from AOL like on those shows to catch a predator. Sick freak!

Sick fcuking pedo john t. Pedos like you don't deserve life.

You better hope you the CPS doesn't show up at your door I'm reporting you.
The questions wasn't how many states prohibit it, the question was....

How effective were the gun control laws that ARE in effect in keeping the VT shootings from happening?

Gun control: a failure.


Are there any handgun murders in New York?

Posession of a handgun is (or was, until a recent court ruling restored citizen's Second Amendment rights there) completely illegal in Washington DC. Somehow, hundreds each year are murdered with handguns.

Strict gun control laws: A failure.


All good things to do as a responsible gun owner. Has nothing to do with this case however. This guy was going to kill and it had nothing to do with the gun laws. It had to do with evil.

Drug control laws should be instructive, particularly to the leftists who oppose them: banning THINGS doesn't work. In fact, it's counterproductive as it only makes trade in the banned items more lucrative.

We don't outlaw rape with the expectation that it will disappear. We outlaw rape because rape in and of itself is bad, and when it happens we want to be able to punish the perpetrator.

Gun ownership in and of itself is not bad. Limiting people's rights to keep and bear arms violates our Constitution and does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns and doing evil.

Stop blaming THINGS. It accomplishes nothing.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trolls Do Loves Their Guns...

How Much Ammunition Can You Carry?

Guns don't kill people. Bullets kill people.

Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Shooting usually can be justified only where crime constitutes an immediate, imminent threat to life, limb, or, in some cases, property.

If you had a firearm and your neighbor knows it. Most likeky they would try to rob and easier target.

Sounds like your a victim waiting to happen.
First, I want to say that I am horrified and saddened by the events of yesterday and I am praying for the victims and their families. None of us, unless we have been the victims of violent crimes, can understand the horror they are currently experiencing.

Then, I have to say that this is the first day I knew that the News Hounds site existed and I have had some fun time reading through all the funny comments folks make.

And, finally, I just want to comment on these two comments:
~~~"32 people were killed yesterday in Virginia.

An average of 24 people are killed EVERY DAY in iraq.

Imagine the Virginia Tech massacre EVERY DAY.

If you live in Iraq -- that's what life is like.

I wouldn't put it past Rove to have paid this kid to go ape just to distract the trolls from the real news."

"While we're greiving about this, let's not forget that people representing us have caused this sort of senseless violence in Iraq."~~~

My comment is this: do either of you remember the horrific tragedy that our nation experienced several years ago in September in which thousands were killed by terrorists being funded and aided by Hussein and his minions? I have to agree that there is outlandish and senseless violence being perpetrated every day in Iraq, but if you are in any way suggesting that this violence is caused by or even done by our country's troops or by their presence, then you are sadly mistaken. Please place blame where blame is due...squarely on the backs of terrorists who will place bombs on the backs of their own children at any time in any place. Those terrorists sworn enemy that they have vowed to kill is you and me, we who are freely expressing our opinions today without imminent threat to our persons for so doing.
(I already posted part of that but it's so good I'll post it twice)

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. *sigh* Just how do you propose to get the guns out of the hands of criminals? Criminals are CRIMINALS. They will get the guns always. Gun control (any proposals I have seen) will only make it harder for those who try to respect the laws to get what they need to protect themselves or what they wish to use for sport. Criminals will always have matter what laws we enact. (Remember, they don't follow the laws!!!)
wo terrible school shooting disasters. The police were of no help in either VA or CO.

We know this as fact.

What we don't know is how the ending of either of these two disasters would have been affected if an adult educator had a CCW.

We know what will not work. Why not try something else that might?

What a stupid, childish and Utopian thing to say. Exactly how can you "try to change that"?

Actually, I got some info off of in any way affiliated with Fox. LOL Ever heard of Salman Pak? khodada.html

Fact number one: There are evil people in this world, that will kill innocent kids with no remorse.

Fact number two: There is no certain solution to fact number one.

Well here in philly we have this problem daily we lose 1 or 2 a day right now …but if try to do anything about it the republican in Harrisburg will step in to stop the city from enacting a good law exp:
We have straw buyers here these are people that buy a bunch guns every month then sell them to criminals and report them stolen.
When we try to stop this the NRA republicans in Harrisburg step in
Defense of the straw buyers. This one way to cut off some of the guns
philadelphia kevin | 04.17.07 - 2:44 pm | #

I don't know, living clear out here in the desert southwest, if those republicans are acting "in defense of the straw buyers" or not. I would hope not...but if they are, the solution, IMHO, would be to elect officials who will not pull that kind of crap. I honestly don't see how changing the laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals...straw buyers or no.

What I'm trying to say by repeating my own talking point, is that while I'm strongly in favor of the right to bear arms, I find it laughable that someone thinks they are going to hold off the government with their'll look pretty funny standing there with your rifle when you get hit with a missile fired from 2 miles away.
DaveJ | 04.17.07 - 11:30 am | #

Keep repeating it to yourself DaveJ. You wouldn't be standing there alone that's for sure.

Sounds like you have some problems with our Bill of Rights.

Wow!!! The level of disgust I have created here is rising, I can tell. I love a good debate. I would love to visit Philly in the summer! Thanks for the offer. I think it would be awesome to celebrate July 4th there!!! If I am ever able to go, Kevin, I'll come by and shake your hand. I did read that disclaimer, and I also know that there are photos showing this site and show the fuselage exactly where this guy said it would be. You can pick and choose the truth you will believe. I don't mind. Well, lunch time is over for me, so back to the grind...enjoy the rest of your day! *smooches*

Well, here in the great U.S., we are not mandated to to start our three year old boys in combat training. We don't teach them to sing songs about killing Jews. We don't teach them that there are dozens of virgins waiting in heaven for them right after they strap that bomb on and detinate themselves amongst women and children.

It's a little different here and we like it that way and many of us have been carrying weapons for a very long time. It's a nice thing to have when you run into someone who has no regard for life.

Kansas’ concealed carry law took effect January 1, 2007. On January 19, two armed men burst into a gas station owned by Dean Yee. According to police, they twice demanded money from Yee while holding him at gunpoint. A customer inside the store, however, had a concealed-carry permit. He shouted for the robbers to drop their weapons. When they refused, he shot one suspect before the other fled. Station owner Yee feels lucky to be alive. “I would have been shot in the chest,” he told 27 News. Kansas Sen. Phil Journey, (R-Haysville) added, “Hopefully this will put other criminals and thugs on notice that Kansas is a different state today
than it was just 20 days ago.” (The Topeka Capital-Journal, Topeka, KS, 01/23/07)

What is the deal here with the NRA? From what I know about them, all they are asking is for Americans to follow the existing gun laws. The ones that have been on the books for years, but for some reason are not always followed.

Why not start with obeying the existing laws before you write more laws?

Your point is?

Yep...right now I am drinking out of a mug that states that I am PROUDLY a Charter Member of The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy! No, I don't work in a cubicle...I am self-employed. Yes, I do have health insurance. And, I vote for my best interests every time...less government in my life is ALWAYS in my best interests. Better a sheep in the flock than a lemming off the cliff. :) Okay...really I have to get back to work, no matter how much fun it is to spar with you all!

I said all those automatic weapons you mentioned in your post have been outlawed since 1968. It has been against Federal gun laws to possess or own an automatic weapon.

That law has worked well, now hasn't it?

Per capita? Good question. We have approx 300 million citizens here. What is the gun murder rate per capita, and how many of those gun murders were with guns aquired legally?

Existing gun laws prohibit carrying a concealed weapon without a concealed weapons permit.

How is this law working for us?

What "new" gun law would you enact that could possible be better than that one?

You flatter yourself DaveJ! Why don't you read the posts where you and the other flounders first say you support gun control like locks and background checks but you also totally support our right to bear arms.

Then read the posts that say how stupid we are to think that we could possibly protect anyone with our guns because it would take us way to long to unlock them.

Keep chipping away at our freedoms a little bit at a time, and pretty soon the original freedom we had will start to seem ridiculous. Right?

The formula for black powder is still with us.
larp | 04.17.07 - 4:04 pm | #

You are such a racist larp.

Those who "think" instead of "feel" will look toward security solutions and better preparations for what is obviously a problem that will indeed repeat itself, time and time again.

Of course it is dork.

We can still do that here in America, right larp?

Right, well in speaking about guns you understand the logic right?

Here it's pretty do you protect yourself when your gun is locked and an intruder sneaks up on you (cuz that's what bad guys do Eminem)?

Pretty soon the people whose original intent was to take guns away from Amerian citizens have succeeded by making it look pretty stupid to even own a gun for protection because you have to keep it locked up.

Are you following that?

Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired,

Twenty people under 21 have died directly of alcohol overdose (alcohol toxicity, alcohol poisoning).Six more have died of other causes while severely intoxicated (BAC over 0.16)

Seems that they should ban booze...before they ban firearms on campus

It was your momma.

Dammit!! Why don't the coal companies make white charcoal??? Are they racist? Racists lurking in every corner I tell you.

You are already running your own asylum. And Abby, you will never be truly happy. Sorry.

So you personally support denying Americans their right to bear arms because some fucked up immigrant from your asylum whacked a bunch of unarmed, innocent people.

Do you think things might have been a little different had just one person been carrying a loaded gun? Or have they brainwashed you so bad that you still believe, in the face of pure logic, that things would have been even worse?

DaveJ!! I am AGREEING with you. I DO have a hardon for you! Now quit pestering me...shew!!

Cooler heads might prevail this time.

I heard a member of Sarah Brady's anti-handgun organization state today that had a school administrator or professor had a concealed weapon, the carnage might have been contained.

At least he recognized the possibility. That is a start.

Don't hate me because I am black Count Istvan. I have every much right to live as you my friend.

So, what is your solution to this problem NDR?

Rape our bill of rights again?



I found this:

Does one have to have U.S. citizenship to be eligible to purchase a firearm?
A buyer who is not a citizen of the United States must have lawful alien status and must establish that he or she is a resident of a state by providing a valid photo identification and documentation such as a utility bill or lease agreement which would establish that he or she has resided in the state for at least 90 days prior to the date of the sale.

Why are we extended this right to non-citizens?
This is many things, but it is most certainly not a race issue.

Can you imagine the uproar if tomorrow a congressman authored a bill that stated only American-born citizens can purchase a handgun?

On second thought, that discussion might prove to be very enlightening.

So an AirMarshal with training and a firearm would not have prevented 9/11
That is the stupidest thing Ive ever seen on here.
If the hijackers new there would be a Air Marshal on board every flight.
You think that they still would try.?? think they would have the courage.
No fuckin way.
The terrorist succede because people are fearful of confrontations and violence.
Grow a back bone for our sake....maybe you might save a life one day.
but I doubt it.


"Under Virginia law, state residents can only buy one handgun in any 30-day period, suggesting Cho bought his second weapon after April 13 or sometime over the weekend.

"He clearly spent some time figuring out how he was going to take care of business once classes began on Monday morning," said Garrett.

Hey Dick everyone I know with a CCW is trained with a firearm.
I would trust them with my life....people who have permits are typically highly trained.
I think your just scared of guns...because you lack intestinal fortitude to carry or use one in a tense situation.

Liberals blame the gun because it would mean taking no personal responsibility... Conservatives blame the individual who made the conscious decision to commit this violence and hold him accountable for his own actions.

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