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Final Score



And Legends Division Champions !!!

Gameday #12


Count's Krystal Bawl
Nebraska 31 
Iowa 13

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Final Score


Let the record show I picked the score 100 correct :) 


Gameday #11


Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 38
Minnesota 14

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skyfall 2012

Right or wrong the new trend in movies is for dark and cloudy plots that have you leaving the theater feeling as sorry for every wrong you've ever committed against a fellow human being. Where as once we went to the theater to escape Wolf Blitzer and CNN Now we go to the theater to see Wolf Blitzer and CNN.

Skyfall is grand theater very well done and hugely entertaining. But its not escapism. That is no fault of the film. Escapism is simply just not in vogue anymore and The Broccoli's quite correctly want to give the public what is currently in and is going to make money. Just look at the reaction to the last truly escapist James Bond adventure Die Another Day and it's easy to see why they are not going back down that road anytime soon.

James Bond himself in Skyfall isn't even a man we fantasize about being anymore. He's dirty, with a beard and a hangover. He's now a Man many of us actually know. It's great he's human I guess and It's what we seem to want but I can't help feeling we're missing something along the way.

Trust me I loved the film. I rank it 4th behind On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Casino Royale 2006, and From Russia With Love. And I can see that ranking going up even from this lofty perch. Wasn't it great to see a psychotic villain again? You know one that actually put some fear in to you? No Offense to Le Chiffre or Dominic Green but those guys didn't exactly make you want to shake in your boots. Give me a full fledged lunatic anytime. Oddly enough it was the crazy Javier Bardem who brought along any "escapism" Skyfall possessed.

Much like QOS there is not a real Bond Woman in this one (perhaps more so than even QOS)  but no Bond Woman is better than a bad Bond Woman. In-fact again the closest you get to a Bond woman is once again Judith Dench who has performed the role of M above and beyond anybodies wildest dreams. One would have to be a sexist on a grand scale to not acknowledge her greatness in the role.

One criticism  of QOS that I didn't necessarily agree with is that it didn't feel like a Bond film. Skyfall most certainly does. Along with the return of old characters the puns even made a bit of a comeback this time around. As dark as the film was there was some humor in the film perhaps more so than recent outings. And the acting for the most part was pretty solid, Not a given in a Bond Pic even I'll admit.

The nods to older films and novels in Skyfall worked much more seamlessly than they did in Die Another Day. for one thing they didn't come at you every 5 minutes like they did in DAD. The back story of James Bond's childhood comes, with some changes, from the books. The Aston Martin was an ode to Goldfinger and *spoiler* even some nods to From Russia With Love and other classic films.

So Another Bond picture and another success. At the end of the film we were told James Bond will return and God willing I'll be in the theater. paying $5.25 (or more by then) for a drink and sitting through previews of bad sitcoms and 7 movie trailers I care nothing about. BTW after paying what a ticket cost, + concessions and then having to sit through a preview for the new season of Cougar Town is it any wonder we're going to the theater less and less?

Skyfall **** 1/2 / *****

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The View From My Ass

For about 23 minutes about in the 80's? 90's? 00's? I attended the University of Nebraska Omaha, Or if you prefer UNO or if you are tired of your team being treated like you are Nebraska-Lincoln's little disabled brother just plain Omaha.

I am not a fan of the schools athletics and haven't been since they beat Augustana in football and then decided to bill themselves as "Omaha's" football team a ludicrous motto made even more so by the fact that Omaha loved UNO football so much it stood by and let out a collective yawn when it was announced Omaha's football team was a football team no more. Omaha , are you happy Trev? decided to move it's sports program up to division 1 a move which brought about the death of the football program.

The better competition level coupled with the fact that UNO was moving  into the brand new Ralston Arena was enough reason for me to purchase season tickets to UNO Basketball. My seats are at end of a side but on Row A the front row. The Mascot often makes the rounds in front of us getting high fives and trying to get the crowd going. Kids often come down with their parents to high-five or hug the mascot which I have no issue with. I am on an isle and it can be done with out interfering with the crowd. Friday the crowd was officially 2200 people and using my own judgement I would say that was about right. Tonight they could not have had 500 people in the arena. BUT...

The national anthem was song by kids from an elementary school. They were little, cute and hell Steven Tyler couldn't have sang the national anthem as well as they did in his best dreams. But after they sang they apparently had no adult supervision. If there was any they were no where to be found. Shortly after halftime The began to congregate in row A. section 116. The only other two people in the row with me gave up 3 minutes into the half and left. I waited a few more minutes until the crowd of children got larger and larger, their screams got louder an louder and their behavior got worse and worse. I finally gave up and moved 4 rows. The "security" a 60+ year old man sitting on the floor sat there with his fist up his ass and did not a thing.

Midway through the second half a UNO player directly in front of the congregation of little shitkickers suffered a serious injury and fell to the court but before doing so he kicked the ball Into the stands with his good leg picking up a Technical foul and nearly doing the world a favor as it came with in inches of taking out about 5 kids. Friday I politely cheered on both teams as honestly I didn't care who won but by the second half tonight I was so disgusted with the kids and the lack of adult supervision I was solidly rooting for St. Mary and will root for UNO from here on out.

UNO: Judging by the crowd tonight people aren't beating down doors to see your product and if tonight was any indication of what kind of experience the costumer can expect they won't be anytime soon. Nobody wants to spend good money (UNO tickets are more expensive than UNL Tickets) to watch 10 year old children take a break from accidentally kicking you to run around and scream.

Parents or Adult supervision: Where were you? Don't tell me you were keeping an eye on kids. I was looking around to the other people in the stands and the few that were there were texting on their cellphones the whole damn game. The one time I saw a parent a Mother came down and told her daughter they were leaving with about 7 minutes left to go. The kid said No I am staying until the end. The Mother turned around I shit you not and sat back down. I find it nearly unconscionable in a time when you are forever hearing about kids being abducted, kidnapped, and raped that parents or adult supervisors, (there had to be somebody from the school right?) Would allow the children to run around at a public event unsupervised .But hey if you had watch your kids then you couldn't bullshit with your friends over beers and text your buddies right? Just because they're your kids doesn't mean they have to ruin your enjoyment of the game. Let them ruin somebody elses.

Oh as for the game? St. Mary 96 UNO, Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha 86. Kinda sweet Justice don't ya think?



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The Winner And Still...

President Of The United States...

Update by Mr. Brown: The folks over at Blogs For Victory are taking it well...

Update By The Count: Sorry for the lack of Live Blogging tonight but obviously it's been a great night. It looks like it will end up 332-206 For Obama. Though Florida won't be called until tomorrow. The final popular vote will be close but that is not the way we elect the President our system blows. However the President will also claim a small victory there.

Election Night In 'Merica

Barack "Hussein" Obama


Willard "Mitt" Romney

All thoughts on the election go here. 

The Count 5:31 CT PM
Oh Nos! Romney has only written a victory speech.

The Count 5:39 CT PM
I am going with MSNBC tonight. as much as Madow can get on my nerves with her concern
trolling. Lords knows she's better than either Fox or Fox light.

The Count: 6:04  PM CT: Romney wins Indiana and Kentucky and Obama wins Vermont. 19-3 Romney. 

The Count 7:45 PM CT. Linda McMahon once again learns that you can not buy a political office. Still in love with her daughter but she has wasted millions. Oh well. 

The Count: 6:36 PM CT.  West Virginia and South Carolina go Romney 33-3 Romney. 

WE WENT OVER 100,000 PAGE VIEWS! Yeah Yeah I know in 6 years that is awful. :) but congratulations us!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election 2012 The Prediction Thread

The Count:  I have faith in the majority of American people that they will do the right thing.I don't have nearly the faith in the vote counters. we are already seeing the bull shit being pulled in Ohio and Florida. I am the kind a person that feels very confident about about an event until it gets close then I get nervous. I am nervous about this election again from the stand point of who is counting the votes. I don't see any kind of a landslide in terms of national or electoral votes. If Romney wins it's razor thin. If Obama wins I think predictions of 332-206 are a little wide.

My prediction: I like Obama by 3 to 4% nationally and 290-248 electoral vote 2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map: This map displays the projections of the sender and does not reflect the opinions of 270toWin.

Mr. Brown: Originally, I was going with 290, same as The Count, but maybe Obama can win both Colorado and Virginia, so i'm going to say 303 electoral votes, with Obama winning 2% nationally.

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Final Score


Thank you to the genius that is Yoga Frog and his work at

Gameday 2012 #9


Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 21
Michigan State 10

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Thursday Night Football: Chargers vs. Chiefs - The Ultimate Catch-22

Tonight, one of these two coaches will be gone by the end of the week: Will it be Romeo Crennel, the head coach of the Kansas City Cheifs, a team most pundits consider to be the worst in the NFL? Or will San Diego HC Norv Turner's head finally roll? I've been a long-time Chargers fan and I can safely say two things:  1.) That the Monday Night game vs. Denver and last week's road loss to Cleveland are the worst games I have ever seen played by Phillip Rivers and Co. Rivers self-destructed in the second half against Peyton Manning, a non-catch by Robert Meachem and an early fumble by RB Ryan Matthews burned San Diego last Sunday to the dismal Browns, coupled with a weak Offensive Line, a less-than explosive receiving core, and a terrible secondary (with the exception of S Eric Weddle)  have put San Diego in the shit at 3-4. 2.) O hope San Diego wins tonight. I might not care for Turner (hell, I thought it was the height of stupidity for General Manager AJ Smith to fire Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season), but I don't have it in me to root for my home team to lose and have the head coach get bounced out on his ass. Yes, Norv Turner isn't a  head coach in the NFL - he's more of an Offensive Coordinator and he's damn good at what he did with Troy Aikman and the Cowbows offense when they won back-to-back Super Bowl titles in '92 and '93. But I won't cheer for a Chiefs victory, just to spite Norv. On the flip side, should the Chargers win, Norv saves his job for another week and chances are Crennel gets canned, and fans aren't too happy with Romeo either.  Tonight, we'll see who's left standing moving forward.

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