Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election 2012 The Prediction Thread

The Count:  I have faith in the majority of American people that they will do the right thing.I don't have nearly the faith in the vote counters. we are already seeing the bull shit being pulled in Ohio and Florida. I am the kind a person that feels very confident about about an event until it gets close then I get nervous. I am nervous about this election again from the stand point of who is counting the votes. I don't see any kind of a landslide in terms of national or electoral votes. If Romney wins it's razor thin. If Obama wins I think predictions of 332-206 are a little wide.

My prediction: I like Obama by 3 to 4% nationally and 290-248 electoral vote 2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map: This map displays the projections of the sender and does not reflect the opinions of 270toWin.

Mr. Brown: Originally, I was going with 290, same as The Count, but maybe Obama can win both Colorado and Virginia, so i'm going to say 303 electoral votes, with Obama winning 2% nationally.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Brown was closer than I. Good Job!

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