Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final 4 Game 2. Kansas Vs Ohio State

All thoughts on the game go here.

9.6 seconds left. Kansas 62 Ohio State 61. Who will join Kentucky in burning their couches? Note to Dollar readers. If you're going to burn your couch remove it from your trailer first.

Kansas wins 64-62. So Monday it is...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Final 4 Game 1. Kentucky Vs Louisville

Kentucky-Louisville Discussion Here. Later there will be a thread for Ohio-State-Kansas. I think the later game is a toss up In this game I like Kentucky.

*Well what do you think of the new layout? Me I likey!

Fast start by Kentucky. 8-2 Kentucky.The difference in athleticism between these teams and Nebraska. It might as well not even be the same sport.

43-32 Kentucky 16:44 left. Kentucky on an 8-1 run. Louisville has been trying to hang around but Kentucky is starting to separate.

51-49 Kentucky. Kentucky starting to pucker up. 

Kentucky wins 69-61. Pretty good effort from Louisville Kentucky just too good and too strong.

"The Worldwide Leader In Sports" takes a huge step backward

Remember a while back when the Count said about LeBron James and "The Decision" on ESPN where this was the point of no return for us all, with "King" James and his overblown ego taking out a one hour special to announce whether or not he's staying with the Cavs? Remember when I said that the Count was wrong, that Justin Bieber releasing a concert movie was the tipping point?

Well, we were both wrong.

Monday was the tipping point, the point of no return for our country.

As you've heard by now, the Broncos have traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, in attempt to steal headlines from last year's Super Bowl champion New York Giants. The Jets actually held a press conference for a back up quarterback on that day - a feat which has never been done before. I thought that would be the worst of it. But ESPN2's co-host of First Take, Tebow-apologist, and all-around obnoxious sports analyst Skip Bayless managed to go one step further: whilst ESPN was covering the Tebow presser, they actually had a split screen of Skip Tweeting his thoughts and reactions to what was going on!!!!!

We've come to it, folks. Forget the current political and social issues of the day, we ain't comin' back from ESPN letting a egotistical loudmouth do the equivalent of pleasuring himself on national television, especially for a QB that is so inconsistent it makes one wonder just how in God's good name is he getting the kind of national coverage he's getting.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ballad Of Gray Hammy!

I published three 0f Yakki's responses tonight on older blog posts. Just to let him know the threads older than a week have comment moderation because of the amount of spam for Viagra and Russian brides we were receiving. We love Ya and hope you feels the same about us.

Been a busy day over at The Dollars fruit-stand as they have been spending the day going after Ellen, Jonathan, and Auntie because they fell the need to defend Dollar and Blackflon over their jokes about rape. This is a blog that allows Blackflon admitted pedophile, Jefferey who admits to fucking horses, that one gutless anon shitbag who wrote on two blogs that he fucks great danes and Bob Peters whom I am pretty sure only fucks himself. Why would anybody be shocked that they have no problem with jokes about rape? Amazingly the biggest nut of the group doesn't seem to be Blackflon, Koldys, or Peters but instead seems to be Gray Hammy. I offered to give Gray Hammy Blackflon's own admission to being a pedophile but as yet she has not taken me up on that offer. The offer still stands Hamster. Of course this group of the worst and dimmest also seem to think Jonathan is Auntie. Oh and everybody else is Pat. Don't ask.Personally I don't think Ellen, Auntie, or Jonathan should bother with the special kids over at Dollars the work they do is far to important to waste to waste their time. And Hamster The offer still stands.

The quotes Again from Blackflon... who went by Hound Watcher at the time...

Well, well. The Hounds are aghast at some pictures that children might see. Have any of you been to a middle or high school lately and seen all the cleavage hanging out?
Hound Watcher | 02.21.08 - 5:43 pm | # "

It's called teaching. I'm just trying to help the little devils get the leftist propaganda out of their mush for brains.

Ever hear of substitute teaching? You really don't have both oars in the water.

Final 4 Is Set




Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet Dick Archer.

One plus to the new Newshounds it makes the troll droppings easier to collect.

Richard Archer commented on Blogroll 10 hours ago · Flag
Well so much for news and unbiased comment on society, politics and the world in general. Your list is a who’s who of hate mongers, terrorist spokes holes and purveyors of filth. You get a 100% score on the waistoid meter. 
Richard Archer commented on Jon Scott Ignores Homicidal Comment Made Against Obama At Santorum Appearance 10 hours ago · Flag
Oh come on, would you say the same thing if someone said Osama or Hitler, how about all the hate your friends use wishing various conservatives would get a disease and die or just plain call for death to people in America you disagree with. This is a non-story just abunch of wanna bees yakking thinking you’re smart or funny. How about some news and truth, you won’t find it on News Hound. I say to all try Fox News at least they report news. 
Richard Archer commented on Geraldo Rivera Continues His War On Trayvon Martin's Hoodie 11 hours ago · Flag
Scream, Noooo. This is about protecting the most innocent or most vuneralble in our society. Children should not be out alone at night in other neiborhoods because they do not have the maturity to act responsibly and by the way they are the group that commit most of the crime (see the debate over daytime curfew) and the female is more vunerable than a male to a physical attack and there is more at stake. Again we should protect our children by, yes, controlling what the wear, what they say and what they do. Sexually provocative clothing and actions by any girl is dangerous because the police and adult supervision can not prevent 100% of the attacks so common sense is needed in advance. Neither of these deserved nor asked for what happened but come on lets live safe lives and minimize risk, which the parents and friends or adults with knowledge of these children failed to take action against. Don’t blame the police or rules or horror to say the guide of God in the Bible, we all know risky behavior brings on evil consequencies. So lets examine the parents. 
Richard Archer commented on Geraldo Rivera Continues His War On Trayvon Martin's Hoodie 11 hours ago · Flag
I love how Fox News tried to placate the left by putting on a host of leftist, Geraldo, Gretta, MacCallum, Sheepherder Smith, and the list goes on… but you haters on the left just lump them in and attack them. Sort of like the feminist movement attacking Sarah Palin so much for believing in a cause. You guys are in it to destroy and take over for a totalitarian domination of people you feel superior over. 
Richard Archer commented on Monica Crowley: I'd Vote For A Pineapple Over President Obama 11 hours ago · Flag
The dolts are the people that will vote for Obama a second time. 
Richard Archer posted a note for scott bogle 11 hours ago
Don't lump the not curse word "slut" with those other words. Read the dictionary to understand meaning and usage, slut by definition is a useful word and might I say that I watched Fluke's testimony and she defined herself as a dictionary accurate "slut". Later she tried to step away from here "fake" unsworn, non-Congressional Committee testimony which then made her by definition a "liar". So Fox News reporters could have and should have used the descriptive words "slut" and "liar" when reporter on the flake Fluke. 
Richard Archer commented on Fox News Uses Trayvon Martin Death to Go After Gun Control Advocates 12 hours ago · Flag
Why didn’t you also include the gansta hoodie pic along with the innocent baby boy pic? All I heard first was basically the old story “Shot… while walking black.” Facts please. Where did this happen so we can look on Google Earth? What time was it? Why was Hoodie Trayvon there at that time of night? What are the crime rates in that residential development? Was Zimmerman part of any watch group? Was Zimmerman assaulted when Trayvon approached him? We haven’t been told enough to know whether it was a terrible tragedy or a criminal shooting. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tim Miles To Be Named Head Basketball Coach At Nebraska

Tomorrow at 11:30 AM is the press conference to announce Colorado State's Tim Miles as the new men's basketball coach. I have a lot of mixed emotions bout this hire which I will expound on a later date. The general mood in Nebraska is that it's a blah hire, the mood around the country is that it is a good hire. The mood with the Count is a little of both.

He seems to be a quirky dude and one of the 48 people he follows on twitter is liberal Andy Borowitz. That could be interesting. Welcome to the family Tim.

Is it me or does he look like Jared?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow goes to the Big Apple

Here's my idea of the conversation that went on in the Jets' "war room" before today's big signing. Enjoy.
Jets GM: "Gentlemen, our football organization is in crisis: we are coming off a disappointing 8-8 regular season with no postseason appearance. Players are trash-talking each other, and some within the locker room opened up to the media, in confidence, that Mark Sanchez isn't a good clubhouse leader. Oh, and last year's final regular season game vs. Miami was a fiasco. We need to bring in a player; someone who will be a good lock room kind of guy; the type of person who'll be able to contribute to the franchise. More importantly, someone who doesn't bring baggage, or bring anymore attention to our three-ringed circus that is the Jets' locker room. Anyone have any ideas?
Guy who raises hand emphatically: I know! Why don't we hire that mediocre, Jesus-freak QB that lost his job to Peyton Manning yesterday! He's good in the locker room, he'd be an excellent back-up replacement for Sanchez if he goes down, and he's virtually non-controversial!
Jets GM: Brilliant! He's a big-name star, he won't make out franchise look any more ridiculous than it already looks, and he doesn't bring crazy, foaming-at-the-mouth fans!
The only things missing here are the lizard-man, and the bearded lady from the traveling freak show (the circus already has it's fat man).

Edit from The Count

Come on Timmy Slide 'em right in there

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illinois Primary

Late Edit by Jonathan (5:52 PT): Romney wins in the Land of Lincoln.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nothing Brings Out The Trolls Like A Race Issue

Ellen wrote a thread about Fox News ignoring The Trayvon Martin case  and as is usualy the case on Race Issues the trolls are coming out of the woods.

Dan Harmond is upset not that an innocent victim but the fact that the shooter is Hispanic not white...

Dan Harmond commented 1 hour ago · Flag
Ellen, you are but another writer who is trying to propell this sad story into a white-versus-black thing…Get your facts straight people. George (pronounced HORE HAY) Zimmerman (the shooter) is HISPANIC!!! His own father came out and said he’s not white..he’s hispanic. So truman..your question should read what would happen if an angry black man shoots a hispanic teen? …. 
Dan chooses his second post to call long time posters and contributors trolls...

Dan Harmond commented 18 mins ago · Flag
Aria, instead of dragging other news stories into this one why dont you stay focused or else we’d be here all day. Practicing demagoguery to illicit rancorousness hatred is apalling. First of all, Nadir Hasan had several great things said about him by fellow co-workers who never saw it coming. Secondly, not one news organization threatened to “string him up on the spot”. My post on this column is specifically to those who wish to play the race card. Get your facts straight before you play it, cause George Zimmerman is hispanic. Go troll somewhere else Aria

Dan if you're going to show off your vocabulary you might want to learn how to spell those big  fancy worlds.

Bill Richards in a Christian Pro Life Conservative type...

Bill Richards commented 2 hours ago · Flag
blah blah, just another ghetto shooting…sorry it had to take a young boy, but that is what the culture produces. 
Surely Bill couldn't be that much of A Douche-bag right?

Bill Richards commented on Does Hannity Secretly Love Obama? 1 hour ago · Flag
What would a liberal know about Christianity?
….about as much as they know about Critical Race Theory. 
Bill Richards commented on Fox News Attacks Food Stamps: Food Benefits For The Poor Are “Inherently The Problem” 2 hours ago · Flag
News flash…"Every day the bucket a-go to the well, one day the bottom a-go drop out…can’t wait for that… riots, riots, riots

Don’t feed the animals…they will come dependent.

Bill Richards commented on Jon Stewart Shows Some Real Anger During His Latest Take-Down Of Fox News 3 days ago · Flag
Do not think that pointing and laughing are exclusive to you folks. Unlike you folks, I’m not even high. In reality, anyone heard the proverb “Thou does protest too much”… 
Bill Richards commented on Jon Stewart Shows Some Real Anger During His Latest Take-Down Of Fox News 4 days ago · Flag
Everyone is full of anger here…are you liberals sexually frustrated? Out of weed? What is it?
Read this Christian Conservatives other musings here

Peyton Manning Picks The Denver Broncos Ends The Tim Tebow Era

March Madness 64 To 16.

First off topic. Who the fuck is in charge of this weather and can we fire them? The average high for my neck of the woods around St. Patties day is 51. It has been 30-35 degrees warmer than that. 85 on March 17th. No this not in anyway a good thing.

Now on to the tournament. Both Missouri and Kansas fans have descended upon my fair city because Omaha happens to be the site where both of their teams were sent. A move that surprised no one. And while I can't say I saw a lot of Kansas fans at the hotel I was sequestering myself in, the place was crawling with Missouri fans whom oh-by-the-way left early and very unhappy. I don't if this will go down as where were you when you heard about Kennedy moment but I can tell you where I was when Missouri went down. At a Perkins restaurant having dinner with the Contessa. A Kansas fan sitting near us looked up from his phone and yelled MISSOURI WENT DOWN! The place erupted. Poor unloved Missouri. Alas it seemed nobody loved them nor cared except of course for Duke. It had been 12 years since a 15 seed had upset a mighty 2 seed. It happened twice in 3 hours. It's hard to know which one was sweeter. It's arguable which was the bigger upset. I'll state my case in a minute.

The motel I was at didn't have true TV I saw nothing of the San Diego State loss. So I can't help Jonathan with what exactly went wrong. I can tell you North Carolina State is still around in the tournament so maybe they just got beat by the better team at least right now.

Creighton was who I thought they were. They barely beat the #5 team in the SEC and were the beneficiaries of some terrible coaching by Alabama and some shaky officiating. For the record as much I as I hate Creighton I liked that no call. None of it mattered they were never truly in the game against North Carolina at all as I expected they would not be.

Best Game: I'd have to say Norfolk State over Missouri. Down to the wire, competitive fast paced and fun to watch.

Worst Game. South Florida over Temple. Ok maybe there were some blowouts that were less competitive than this game but at least in those one team played well. In this stinker both clubs stunk the joint up.

Biggest Upset: Norfolk State over Missouri gets the nod over Lehigh  over Duke. Why? Simply becuase in their second game Lehigh was highly competitive against Xavier why Florida just rolled Norfolk State like a cheap cigar. Lost in the discussion after they had beat Missouri was the fact that Norfolk State had lost this season to D2 Elizabeth City State. Lehigh had the look of a pretty good team that was under valued. Norfolk State was just flat a God awful team that happened to beat a team that many people, the Count included, had going to the final 4.

Officiating. The officiating in the Syracuse-UNC Asheville game was an embarrassment flat out. Would Asheville had won the game if they had gotten any of those calls right? I doubt it. But they weren't given a fair shot of doing so down the stretch that is a fact. a 16 has still never beaten a 1. and it seems the NCAA was working to keep it that way. I didn't like the call against Notre Dame either. I am no Notre Dame fan at all but I agree with Charles Barkley. That maybe be the rule by the book but you don't call it in those situations. I already said I liked the no call against Creighton...but fuck Creighton.

South: It looked for all the world like this was going to be the odd ball bracket With a 10, 11,12, and 15 winning their first round games but it ended up going pretty much according to Hoyle with one major exception. The 1,3 and 4 teams Indiana, Baylor, and Kentucky are still playing. The exception is Xavier the 10 seed who beat Notre Dame and then Lehigh whom of course beat Duke.

West: Michigan State, Louisville, Marquette, and Florida. Other than Florida the 7 seed this bracket has also gone as planned. The Missouri upset gave Florida an easy route to the sweet 16. I think any of these 4 could win this region.

East: Syracuse, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, and Ohio State. Another bracket that has but one oddball an it's not that odd. 1,2 and 4 are still around Cincy is a 6. I predict a team from Ohio will win the Ohio State-Cincy game.

Midwest: This bracket is a little funky. #1 North Carolina and #2 Kansas are still around but so are #11 North Carolina State and #13 Ohio. N.C. State is playing really well right now so Kansas has no cake walk but given that the only team left in this region that has comparable talent (North Carolina) is banged up and the next two games are in St. Louis (where the crowd will be pro Kansas) they are looking good for a run at the final 4.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Field of 64 Is Set, and A Message to David Cameron

President Obama brings British PM David Cameron to his first NCAA Tournament, and I just want to say, on behalf of all Americans, that we are deeply sorry you had to watch that terrible friggin' game between Mississippi Valley and Western Kentucky. Sure, the boys in red answered back from a 16-point deficit to play Kentucky tomorrow, but how it ended up was horrendous to watch: turnover after turnover, and a breakdown of MV's game plan is what propelled them to win. Prime Minister: don't let one shitty game prejudge what the NCAA Tournament is all about.

And for anyone who cares, here's the President's Bracket:

Having said that, the Field of 64 is set:

#16 Western Kentucky will play #1 Kentucky in the South Bracket and #14 BYU will face #3 Marquette.

#16 Vermont goes up against #1 North Carolina and #13 South Florida does battle vs. #5 Temple.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mississippi and Alabama Primary Threads

All the Cheese Grits, Biscuits and thoughts on the festivities go here.

Santorum wins Alabama. Why is Newt still in again? Has small lead in Mississippi. Oh yeah Williard might finish in third in both races. Oh and right now BYU getting rolled by BYU. Not a good night to be Morman.

Santorum wins Mississippi. Yehaw!

2 third place finishes for Willard.

Why are Gingrich and Paul still in this thing?

Remember during the 2008 election when Drudge would post something and trolls like 2008 would pee themselves? Drudge is still red meat for the retarded. 

BYU salvaged some mormon pride Willard lost.  Coming back from 25 down to win 78-72.

Mitt won Hawaii. Aloha!

Monday, March 12, 2012

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament And Some Announcements.

Before I write about the tournament A few announcements.

We had yet another post on the 4 year old Lee Stoneking thread. This one stating that it sounded as if we had an axe to grind. Which is a funny accusation coming from somebody posting on a 4 year old thread.

I noticed we had a new follower so I'd like to welcome our latest follower Meg Dolan! Now this blog has... get this 4 followers! This is her photography blog give it a visit.

I will not be able to do any live tournament blogging during Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I know those are usually the most exciting days with upsets and whatnot. However I am going in to what I like to call hiding for 3 days. Just checking in to a nuthouse for those 3 days (actually a hotel just wanted to see if you were reading) I need to have a few days of quiet and alone time and with the basketball on that nobody in this house enjoys it just seemed like a good time to do it. The original plan was to check into Ameristar Casino but I scraped that because while the rooms would be cheaper I can't afford to lose what I could very well lose at a casino in 3 days. You tell yourself you won't go down to the Casino anymore and 20 minutes later guess where you are? I know, I've done it.

Now on to the Tournament.

Warning do NOT take my advise on these picks! I don't you shouldn't either. These picks are for entertainment purposes only.Although a few years back I won the Newshounds off-topic basketball pool beating out Keg. Not sure she has forgiven me yet.


Sweet 16 Picks
Wichita State

Elite 8 Picks

Final 4 Pick

Sweet 16 Picks
Michigan State
Murray State

Elite 8 Picks
Michigan State

Final 4 Pick

Kentucky Beats Missouri to advance to the championship game

Sweet 16 picks
Florida State
Ohio State

Elite 8 Picks
Florida State

Final 4 Pick


Sweet 16 Picks
North Carolina
San Diego State

Elite 8 Picks
North Carolina

Final 4
North Carolina

North Carolina beats Syracuse to advance to Championship game.

Championship Game
Kentucky over North Carolina.


Edit by Jonathan: Since the Count won't be in to cover the games, I shall in his absence.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Game Change The Thread

I did not watch it. Hopefully Jonathan can give us a review. The 10-12 minutes I saw I didn't think it made her look that bad.

Jonathan's review...

Director Jay Roach isn't a stranger to political controversy: his last movie for HBO, Recount, had critics yelling that the fictionalized account of the 2000 debacle of Florida painted the Democrats as the loveable underdogs and the Republicans as the bullies At least with Recount, what worked best was the all-star cast and how razor sharp the satire was. His latest movie, Game Change, is setting off another round of "Liberal Hollywood bias!" by commentators, Sarah Palin included. Do yourself a favor: watch the movie first, then form judgements later. Unlike Roach's last outing, there's little to laugh at. He plays this straightly dramatic, there are moments where the lines of dialogue feel forced and cliché, and the film skips over too much; this could have been a  riveting 7-8 part miniseries on the entirety of the race, instead of a 2-hour facts-based, by the numbers drama on one aspect of it.

Yet, for all it's faults, Game Change is still a compelling film, and one that hinges on the strength of Julianne Moore's phenomenal performance as then-Governor Sarah Palin, plucked out from nowhere to become a rising star of the right, at the expense of the presidential hopes of the McCain campaign. Like the real-life VP hopeful, the movie focuses mostly on her, and she doesn't let anyone - be it McCain's top strategist Steve Schmidt (a fine Woody Harrelson) and senior advisor Nicole Wallace (the terrific Sarah Paulson) or her own brain-trust - forget it. The moment she goes on the campaign circuit, her inner-diva, as her jaw-dropping ignorance of world and domestic events, becomes a liability that even John McCain (Ed Harris) can't contain. Moore has played strong women on the verge of a breakdown before (see: Magnolia, The Kids Are Alright) but here she's at her best, lacing the fire and surprising vulnerability she shows as her character takes hit after hit from the media.

*** out of **** stars

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Ten Mens Basketball Tournament Day 1.

I will be live blogging the tournament this weekend at least day 1. Seeing as how my team in all likely hood will not be playing after that it remains to be seen whether or not I shall live blog after that point. Anywho here are is your schedule for the festivities.

Iowa Beat Illinois in the 8-9 game 64-61 and right now Indiana is ahead of Penn State 43-34.

It took Indiana a half but they are now pulling away from Penn State 53-34. Penn State on the verge of getting Sanduskied.

Indiana 24 wins on the year and one of those loses was to Nebraska. Go figure.

The next two games are on ESPN that's nice. Indiana 66-51 4:31 left. YAWN!

Indiana wins 75-58. Next game 4:30 Central.

Minnesota Vs Northwestern. Shit crowd. Northwestern has to win to get in to the NCAA tournament.

Minnesota 12-5. Northwestern looks really tight.  I am secretly praying the Contessa burns dinner and we have to go out to eat.

Northwestern is heating up. The threes are starting to drop. This could be a fun game.

Sounds as if 2 Big Ten coaches  will be gone after this tournament. Bruce Weber at Illinois, Doc Sadler at Nebraska.

And the Contessa burned the food. :) Says I think it's edible. Hardly a ringing endorsement. For once Judge Judy was good for something.

It's Halftime Northwestern 36 Minnesota 31 and I am off to walk around the corner and pick up some grub.

I am back with a pork tenderloin sandwich for me and Chinese for The Contessa.  Thank goodness for the food court 2 blocks away that sells everything. Minnesota 43 Northwestern 40.

Doc sadler walking to the field house looks lost in thought. ESPN gives him the dreaded nice guy tag.

Minnesota and Northwestern 61-61 going into overtime. Northwestern got a good look at a runner at the buzzer but it didn't fall. Big game. Northwestern needs to win to get in to the tournament.

Big turnover. Northwestern's NCAA Tournament now in real peril. 71-68 Minnesota.

Northwestern missing 2 huge free-throws. As ESPN said they are shooting themselves in the foot. Those two freethrows probably cost Northwestern the NCAA tournament.

Nebraska-Purdue next.
Really bad week for the cons. First Rush, then the President's Video flop, now Craig Robinson has his Oregon State team going to the semi-finals of the Pac 12 Tournament after his team upsets Washington 86-84.

Nebraska wearing 1950 throw back uniforms. Make your own jokes.

10-8 Nebraska first commercial break. Nice start. Great looking jerseys.

Nebraska looks more like Nebraska in that stretch 15-12 Purdue. Love these uniforms. 


And its a 10-0 run for Purdue 20-12 Purdue. 

Nebraska makes it first shot it 8 minutes 25-15 Purdue.  

Is there some law that Nebraska can only shoot 3 ptrs?

26-17 Purdue 4 minutes left Nebraska looks like Nebraska.  

Nebraska offense looking better but a lack of defense And frankly poor officiating have kept the lead at 8. 39-31 Purdue at half. 

Purdue killing us from 3. of course we're also killing ourselves from 3. 49-40 Purdue. nope 51-40 Purdue.  

Nebraska really not playing that poorly. Spencer really playing well. 51-43 Purdue.  

When we score we don't get stops, when we don't score we get stops. We never Score and get stops at the same time.

This on the verge of getting ugly now. 65-48 Purdue.

67-48 Purdue 7:53 left in the Doc Sadler era I am afraid.  

74-55 with 3:54 left in the game. I am kinda tuning out at this point.

Doc Sadler is a really good guy. I wish it would have worked out. But sadly It hasn't.

Purdue 79 Nebraska 61 Final. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday Thread!

Just like Mardi Gras WE'RE GOING TO SEE BOOBS

All updates, thoughts, jokes, whatever go here...

Late Edit by Jonathan (3:51 PT): the three big primaries up for grabs tonight breaks down like this: In Georgia, Newt Gingrich leads by a huge margin and looks to easily carry his home state. The polls in Ohio and Tennessee suggest that both key races look to be tight. In Ohio, Romney leads by just over 1 percent, 33%-32% according to Real Clear Politics. The same website outlines Tennessee as another tight race, but one that Santorum barely leads, 32% to 29%.

Edit by Jonathan (4:10 PT): CNN and NBC project that Gingrich wins Georgia; no surprises there. Voting in Virgina, Ohio and Vermont closes in less than 20 minutes.

Edit by Jonathan (4:18 PT): NBC projects that Romney will win in Virginia. Ohio is up next.

Edit By The Count (6:31 CT) Romney wins Vermont.

Edit by Jonathan (4:35 PT): Ohio is too close to call. This will be a long one, methinks.

Edit by Jonathan (5:16 PT): Romney wins in MA; again, no surprises there. Tennessee is too early to call.

Edit by  Jonathan (5:38 PT): NBC and CNN project that Santorum wins Tennessee, his first win of the night.

Edit by Jonathan (5:56 PT): Santorum wins Oklahoma. Nothing yet on the night's biggest prize: Ohio.

Edit by Jonathan (6:57 PT): I don't know what weed Newt Gingrich is smoking, but I need to find his dealer, cause that is some powerful shit! Gingrich has to know that he has no shot of winning the nomination, but his gigantic ego won't allow him to bow out. If Gingrich was smart, he'd end his campaign and really stick it to both the Republican establishment and Mitt Romney and pledge his delegates to Santorum. Speaking of, in Ohio, it's still too close to call, but he's leading by 16,000 votes. David Frum said it best over Twitter tonight: "If Romney loses Ohio, CNN decision desk should call the election for Obama right then."

Edit by Jonathan (7:17 PT): CNN projects North Dakota will go for Santorum. and he's going strong in Ohio. He holds on and wins there, and this year's convention in Tampa will turn into one ugly clusterfuck.

Edit From The Count: Correction Jonathan it is actually North Dakota Santorum won.

Edit by Jonathan: Thanks for the correction.

Edit by Jonathan (8:45 PT): Romney now holds a razor-thin lead in Ohio, with 91% of the vote coming in. Don't expect a call tonight.

Edit by Jonathan (9:34 PT): It's over! NBC calls the race in Ohio for Mitt Romney.

Edit  By The Count (11:45 CT) CNN and FNN also calling it for Ohio. All we have left is Alaska.

Edit From The Count (2:28 CT) Romney wins Alaska.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I apologize for you making me call you a slut!

Ann Romney "I Don't Consider Myself Wealthy Because My Friends And Family Suck"

Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said Monday she doesn't consider herself wealthy - because despite her family's significant financial resources, money "can be here today and gone tomorrow."
"How I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people I care about in my life - and that is where my values are," Ann Romney told Fox News' Neil Cavuto Monday.
Romney, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and is a breast cancer survivor, said her struggle with M.S. had given her "an ability for compassion for others that are suffering" and that when she meets people suffering from cancer or M.S., "I feel like I just want to throw my arms open and just say, 'welcome to my family.'"
"You know, we can be poor in spirit," Romney said. "I don't even consider myself as wealthy, which is an interesting thing. It can be here today and gone tomorrow." ...

So If I read this correctly Ann is pretty much saying her friends and family suck.

Friday, March 2, 2012

.BAH! BAH! BAH! Goes The Sheep

Kristin Cole commented 12 hours ago ·
Talk about reverse fallacy deception. All you liberals know how to do is use that race card. You assume anyone that does not agree with obama is a racist. It doesn’t matter that he is trying bring America down to his socialist level, that he wants to open our borders and control our lives with his socialist health plan. Doesn’t it even matter that our grandchildren’s great-grandchildren will still be paying for obama’s limitless debt ceiling? He is constantly apologizing for America and makes darn sure the Muslims are mighty comfortable. He is anti-Christian and doesn’t have an ounce of patriotism in his soul. He has no loyalty to our country… Why can’t the liberals take their blinders off and see him for the liar he is? Liberals are supposed to be progressives, but all they want is the government to take care of them the rest of their lives. That is not progress folks.

The View From My Ass. My Home State, My Father, My Breibart, My God!!

March is here! And it came in like a...Well it came in closer to lamb than to a lion I'll put it that way. Still the wind kept it from being as nice as a 52 degree sunshiny day can be. And tomorrow it's suppose to rain and maybe drop a flake. SO MAYBE we won't wake up on March 29th to 15 inches of snow. But then again by Tuesday it's suppose to be 62 so maybe we will. Either way this has been an unbelievably mild winter in these parts. Maybe the mildest I can ever remember.

Today...well yesterday now, my state turned 145 years old. I was born in Nebraska, lived all of my life sans 4 years in Nebraska, I suspect I'll die in Nebraska and I know i'll be buried in Nebraska. In fact i think the plot's already there though I'll have to ask about that to be sure. And though i don't agree with the states politics much I love living in Nebraska. Still I never fail to marvel at the constant identity crises this state continues to create for itself and fight at the same time. Nebraskans hate and I mean HATE being labeled hicks yet they've made Larry The Cable Guy The State Symbol. The Largest newspaper in the state, which serves a metropolitan area of 900,000 people gives large spaces in the news and sports sections to a joke teller whose work is about on par with Peggy Hill's musings column in the Arlan Bystander but hey he used to be a joke writer for Jay Leno and he lives in Omaha. His jokes are painfully not funny and it just makes the paper look poor. It's the kind of crap you would expect to find in the York News-Times and not a paper that boasts having "the second-highest percentage of people within a home circulation area compared with other major metropolitan newspapers in the United States" But it's not out a character with either Omaha or Nebraska. This state, and this city in particular loves to hire people whose abilities barely qualify them to do political forums on Monroe Louisiana public access and give them 65 different jobs in the media.

Case in point. Travis Justice. Sportscaster, talks show host on radio, host of late night groovy movie, high school mascot, announcer for Creighton and finally political commentator. And guess what? Travis sucked at EVERYTHING he did. OK maybe did OK hosting late night groovy movie theater but that was it. Today the only job he's got is calling (very poorly) Creighton games. The New Travis Justice is Mike'l (yes that's how his name is spelled) Severe. Severe was a reporter on the morning news, wearing heavy coats on 75 degree mornings, a moderator on a political show where he played a Black Alan Colmes, a sports radio talk show host, a color analyst for Nighthawks games (he never played football) and get this a food critic for the Omaha World Herald. That's right somebody who's "expertize" talking about a sport he never played is the food critic for the largest newspaper in the state. I've never read his work as a food critic though maybe he's finally found a job he's good at. Let's see what the people are saying...

"So this is the new OWH format.  100 monkeys with 100 typewriters.  I guess eventually we will get a decent review.  Not that it even matters.  The Herald has decided that restaurants in Omaha are a joke and don't need any coverage.  This GARBAGE of unqualified jerk offs writing in some meaningless column that the paper can't even fake to care about is intolerably insulting.  STOP READING THE PAPER.  STOP BUYING IT.  STOP ADVERTISING IN IT.  It is obvious to everyone with a brain that the The World Herald is insufferably ill equipped to find writers let alone editors that any more interested in the subject than the readers become disinterested in reading it.  Ugh. What a waste."

Guess not. But welcome to Omaha, Nebraska where we have no clue what is we want to be we just so long as make sure that we suck at being it.

As I write this it is currently 35 degrees outside which is about as cold as it's going to get. A far cry from March 1st 2007. My Father's wish was to have Lara's theme played at his funeral a request my Mother always balked at because "you'll die in the spring and the snow reference will make no sense" Well on the day of his visitation was on a Wednesday and we were suppose to get a Blizzard. It never came. The weathermen said the snow missed us and we dodged a bullet. On Friday morning his funeral the snow came in and it snowed, and snowed and snowed and snowed. He damn well made sure Lara's theme was going to fit. I remember the nearly indescribable feeling I had at his passing, like I was wondering through a dream that I had no control over, everything around me just being a haze. That feeling I guess is what is keeping me from being too vitriolic about the Death of Andrew Breitbart.

I have nothing good to say about the man at all but the feeling a family must have to lose their Husband, Father, friend, suddenly at that young of an age must be awful. I know how I felt losing a Father 25 years older and having seen him cease to be the person he was.
When I lost my Father he was in a state where he wasn't living any more. I had begun to pray for a quick and speedy end. I didn't want to see my Father linger any longer in the form he was in. The last thing I said to him was "Thank You" To this day I have not fully come to terms with no longer wanting my Father to linger in what was his present earthly state. I still feel a quilt for praying for a merciful end to my Fathers life. As hard as it was I had 3 months to ready myself and come to terms with the passing of My Father Andrew Breitbart's children and wife never got that time and that is truly a tragedy. Nothing else about his death, to me at least qualifies or even comes close.

I close with this for my Father...

Count Istvan

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart - 1969-2012

The old saying goes, "If you don't have anything good to say about a person, then don't say anything at all." Yet there are a handful of times where a person's death isn't all that sad (Names like the Reverend Jerry Falwell, Jesse Helms, and Osama Bin Laden immediately come to mind). Andrew Breitbart, in my mind, is an exception to this rule. While I do offer my condolences to the parents, wife, and four children he left behind and I will not say he deserved to die from natural causes, i'm not going to shed any tears over his death. Breitbart was an asshole masquerading as a journalist; a jerkoff who twisted the facts to fit his viewpoints and ruined a few careers wile doing it. From Shirley Sherrod to spitting on Ted Kennedy's corpse on Twitter, the man was an unpleasant, mean-spirited creep.

Edit From The Count: It speaks volumes that the first reaction to his death was yeah right another publicity stunt. This man has destroyed lives with his lies. As I said elsewhere. 2 deaths in the last 2 days, both small people. One in stature only, the other in every way imaginable. 

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