Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ballad Of Gray Hammy!

I published three 0f Yakki's responses tonight on older blog posts. Just to let him know the threads older than a week have comment moderation because of the amount of spam for Viagra and Russian brides we were receiving. We love Ya and hope you feels the same about us.

Been a busy day over at The Dollars fruit-stand as they have been spending the day going after Ellen, Jonathan, and Auntie because they fell the need to defend Dollar and Blackflon over their jokes about rape. This is a blog that allows Blackflon admitted pedophile, Jefferey who admits to fucking horses, that one gutless anon shitbag who wrote on two blogs that he fucks great danes and Bob Peters whom I am pretty sure only fucks himself. Why would anybody be shocked that they have no problem with jokes about rape? Amazingly the biggest nut of the group doesn't seem to be Blackflon, Koldys, or Peters but instead seems to be Gray Hammy. I offered to give Gray Hammy Blackflon's own admission to being a pedophile but as yet she has not taken me up on that offer. The offer still stands Hamster. Of course this group of the worst and dimmest also seem to think Jonathan is Auntie. Oh and everybody else is Pat. Don't ask.Personally I don't think Ellen, Auntie, or Jonathan should bother with the special kids over at Dollars the work they do is far to important to waste to waste their time. And Hamster The offer still stands.

The quotes Again from Blackflon... who went by Hound Watcher at the time...

Well, well. The Hounds are aghast at some pictures that children might see. Have any of you been to a middle or high school lately and seen all the cleavage hanging out?
Hound Watcher | 02.21.08 - 5:43 pm | # "

It's called teaching. I'm just trying to help the little devils get the leftist propaganda out of their mush for brains.

Ever hear of substitute teaching? You really don't have both oars in the water.


Anonymous said...

You might want to know what the spare change gang is saying about you:

"Grayhammy, Yes I'm Right. Let's face facts. I'm cool. You know it. I know it.

Anti-Americann sent this link to me. I think this is from Newshounds own "Count Istvan. In it, the Count says he told me something once. I have no idea what he is talking about, he doesn't post here and I don't post at NH, so he is not telling the truth, but once again he makes the same claim about B.


Actually, I don't think a law suit is needed to stop his libel behavior, I think it would only take one phone call to his parents.

Like Reply
55 minutes ago F

johnny dollar, Cable news blogger. An attorney for nearly 30 years, published writer, broadcaster, broadcast producer, and amateur musician. Johnny Dollar's Place: Cable News Truth.

That's the 'proof' about Blackflon? My God this Istvan is a world class dunce! If I hadn't retired I'd take Flon's libel case in a hot minute and that would be Exhibit A. (And the discovery of Ellen and her toadies...priceless!)"

And if you want a really nice visual for Dollar, go here:

Koldys appears about 20 minutes in.

Freeze frame, copy, and the sky's the limit.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Gray Hammy is nothing more than a pest, she thinks she is cool but obviously is not. She once said that Jeffy Bovine was a cool guy and that Obama hanging from a tree was funny. She is also known as Dollars Twitter troll, kind of like Blackanus is, his Newshound troll. Sadly as much bitching and moaning that they will not stop the fact that Obama will be re-elected in a landslide. To me that is the big picture.
I once made a post of wanting Billo to feel the same pain that Shawn Hornbeck felt, and I did mention rape (but I was just kidding) seriously it was a horrible comment I made, even in jest. Dollar jumped all over me for it. But when Anus make the comment about a woman that he knows nothing about except that she runs a blog, Dollar and even Chimeri justified it as a HAHAHA. Since when is rape a HAHA...It just shows

that they a scum and should be put out in the Friday trash....

Anonymous said...

I don't care what Dollar or his sycophants say about me. He could come out of retirement and team up with Bob Peters lawyer for all I care. How is it I am libeling Mark Bernard when all I am doing is re-posting the mans own quotes? Makes sense if you want to libel a Conservative quote him.

As for his other claims here is the thread where I discuss warning them about the company they keep...

Also a thread discussing a conversation I had with Mark about the subject...

Anonymous said...

Unknown i agree 100%

Yakki.PsD said...

Don't sweat the comment moderation bro. I know how some people are,and how they'll drop little troll turds all over the place.

I was there when Blackie said his peace about the schoolgirls. So he can protest all he wants to. He said it,and this is the internet where you can't take your creeper ways back and hide them. Let em sure. I'll testify if needs be.

I'd log in but lol,but I reset my login and am using the email generated pass. I need to reset it but we've been busy this week. I'll try and get my stuff straight so I'm not doing the name/url thing.

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