Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mississippi and Alabama Primary Threads

All the Cheese Grits, Biscuits and thoughts on the festivities go here.

Santorum wins Alabama. Why is Newt still in again? Has small lead in Mississippi. Oh yeah Williard might finish in third in both races. Oh and right now BYU getting rolled by BYU. Not a good night to be Morman.

Santorum wins Mississippi. Yehaw!

2 third place finishes for Willard.

Why are Gingrich and Paul still in this thing?

Remember during the 2008 election when Drudge would post something and trolls like 2008 would pee themselves? Drudge is still red meat for the retarded. 

BYU salvaged some mormon pride Willard lost.  Coming back from 25 down to win 78-72.

Mitt won Hawaii. Aloha!

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