Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet Dick Archer.

One plus to the new Newshounds it makes the troll droppings easier to collect.

Richard Archer commented on Blogroll 10 hours ago · Flag
Well so much for news and unbiased comment on society, politics and the world in general. Your list is a who’s who of hate mongers, terrorist spokes holes and purveyors of filth. You get a 100% score on the waistoid meter. 
Richard Archer commented on Jon Scott Ignores Homicidal Comment Made Against Obama At Santorum Appearance 10 hours ago · Flag
Oh come on, would you say the same thing if someone said Osama or Hitler, how about all the hate your friends use wishing various conservatives would get a disease and die or just plain call for death to people in America you disagree with. This is a non-story just abunch of wanna bees yakking thinking you’re smart or funny. How about some news and truth, you won’t find it on News Hound. I say to all try Fox News at least they report news. 
Richard Archer commented on Geraldo Rivera Continues His War On Trayvon Martin's Hoodie 11 hours ago · Flag
Scream, Noooo. This is about protecting the most innocent or most vuneralble in our society. Children should not be out alone at night in other neiborhoods because they do not have the maturity to act responsibly and by the way they are the group that commit most of the crime (see the debate over daytime curfew) and the female is more vunerable than a male to a physical attack and there is more at stake. Again we should protect our children by, yes, controlling what the wear, what they say and what they do. Sexually provocative clothing and actions by any girl is dangerous because the police and adult supervision can not prevent 100% of the attacks so common sense is needed in advance. Neither of these deserved nor asked for what happened but come on lets live safe lives and minimize risk, which the parents and friends or adults with knowledge of these children failed to take action against. Don’t blame the police or rules or horror to say the guide of God in the Bible, we all know risky behavior brings on evil consequencies. So lets examine the parents. 
Richard Archer commented on Geraldo Rivera Continues His War On Trayvon Martin's Hoodie 11 hours ago · Flag
I love how Fox News tried to placate the left by putting on a host of leftist, Geraldo, Gretta, MacCallum, Sheepherder Smith, and the list goes on… but you haters on the left just lump them in and attack them. Sort of like the feminist movement attacking Sarah Palin so much for believing in a cause. You guys are in it to destroy and take over for a totalitarian domination of people you feel superior over. 
Richard Archer commented on Monica Crowley: I'd Vote For A Pineapple Over President Obama 11 hours ago · Flag
The dolts are the people that will vote for Obama a second time. 
Richard Archer posted a note for scott bogle 11 hours ago
Don't lump the not curse word "slut" with those other words. Read the dictionary to understand meaning and usage, slut by definition is a useful word and might I say that I watched Fluke's testimony and she defined herself as a dictionary accurate "slut". Later she tried to step away from here "fake" unsworn, non-Congressional Committee testimony which then made her by definition a "liar". So Fox News reporters could have and should have used the descriptive words "slut" and "liar" when reporter on the flake Fluke. 
Richard Archer commented on Fox News Uses Trayvon Martin Death to Go After Gun Control Advocates 12 hours ago · Flag
Why didn’t you also include the gansta hoodie pic along with the innocent baby boy pic? All I heard first was basically the old story “Shot… while walking black.” Facts please. Where did this happen so we can look on Google Earth? What time was it? Why was Hoodie Trayvon there at that time of night? What are the crime rates in that residential development? Was Zimmerman part of any watch group? Was Zimmerman assaulted when Trayvon approached him? We haven’t been told enough to know whether it was a terrible tragedy or a criminal shooting. 

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