Friday, August 31, 2007

I Won't Call Him Anymore Nanes

Well, he has a successful radio show, while most of the people here calling him nanes are just a bunch of whiny losers posting on the internet all day.

Guess who he is talking about... Boortz of course!

Now They Aren't Even Trying

Exciting New Product

Liberal-Gone... apply directly to the liberal

Posted by: qwerty on Fri 8.31 1:16am

Thursday, August 30, 2007

In His Defense...He Admit's He's Drunk

Hola, me llamo MeGusta.

I am new (and drunk from mezcal, lol), but I can to chime in. LOL!

I read newshunds for ecellent fox bashing which it is very good at and makes me laugh alot, but I dont think it convinced anyone who liked fox to not like it. Or who thought it was fair and balanced that it is not at all which it isnt. Seems like more a good place to attract trolls like moth to flame. If fox "news" (LOL!) is as bad as you say and all want it to go away, probably it better to try your representatives and legislecher than internet posting to make it go away, no? Watching it con outrage would only make ratings go up I think. Then they stay around longer, not to go away. Then arguing about why to watch or wether to watch misses the point no? And doesnt make it go away, only makes O RLY richer if you watch it. Not clear aguement about getting informed about "teh enemy" by watching makes less sense than painting stipes on mule and calling it zebra.

Now you argue and make each other looks really dum. Sorry I cant to spell but you still look dumber tahn me. I dont watch fox "news" I watch espn deported instead. LOL! Or to read a book, then you get smarter.

Posted by: MeGusta on Thu 8.30 10:47pm

deported oops! espn deportes i mean! bad mistake of the irony there. LOL! but srsly, dont to ague or you get nohting done, amirite? only chiquitos and chiquitas argue like that, and gerow up to learn not to argue and work toegether. sorry the real count istvan i spell better when im not drunkj, really. i never said i was not dum ether, just not dum like aguing with amigos dum.

Posted by: MeGusta on Thu 8.30 10:53pm

Notice More And White Are Capitalized Bush is Not.

Parishes from around New Orleans used school busses to evacuate those who didn't have a car and for the most part it didn't work. Some of these Parishes received MORE damage than N.O. but are ignored by the media and bush haters because most of those residents are WHITE plus it doesn't fit into their templete.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is a Dumbass Litard?

It figures you dumbass litards would have a hard on over a 'gay sex encounter', shit, you losers get a hard on over any story involving man to man action. Rage on libtards, as if anyone really gives a damn what you pitiful chumps think anyway.


Boortz Has Been mentioned On Newshounds

When he or his lackies spot it they will send out the clarion call to descend upon Newshounds. And Nobody is better for material for this board than Boortzwholes because his followers are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet. I promised not to engage them and I won't but man if Ellen, who has a very low tolerance level, isn't on her game that thread will get plenty ugly with out my help.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

NonLib Was Ralph/Konsorvo.

He left a typically insane post here admitting as much. Anyway can you imagine if he did as he claimed have a 4 year old daughter?

He left this on Newshounds...

Edited By Siteowner
NotLib | Homepage | 08.26.07 - 2:24 am | #




Saturday, August 25, 2007

Non Lib Goes On.

I would also add that some of the regulars can't stop trying to pull someone off topic over in a corner where at that point they can take cheap shots, "kicking to the ribs per say", while the person dragged off gets banned and the regulars do not. Hummmm....Fair and Balanced, do they not want to hear both sides. Correct Prof. Dumbass. Wait a poster on this site I believe already has that name, If not I'm sure it's close to ProfDumAssSomething. Anyways, Ban Ban,Ban, Delete, Delete, Delete. That's all the know how to do on this site and the pussy's pose sing as regulars, are a bunch of 12yold's pretending to be grownup's while the women running this site are a bunch 70yold's trying to pass as 40yolds while trying to pass as someone who does not have to by 3 tickets on an airline cause that's how side their ass is.

Non Lib Is Drunk

And may I add that is three times banning me. I am trying to have a debate here.
3 times and to your answer I doubt you would have the intelligence yet the know how to keep coming back. To the point though banning me cause you don't like my answer as to banning me cause you can't debate my answers and not wanting your hounds or pups reading it or questing it is yet another issue.
Again the only one making an ass out of himself is you. Along with the moderators on this site who do not want to hear the other side yet chose to erase post and ban users.
Beg to differ. I served Johnny boy you did not, Even your Army pal ran off with his tail between his legs.

Non lib is Talking To Himself. Although I do agree I Am 20 Times The Man He Is.

And that Gent, is still 20 times the man you are cause he served his country. You, Not so much.....

Don't ban me again. I don't like that very much.

There, Their

What insults. You mean just answering there question the same way and tone they asked it?

Right Wing Left wing....

Yo you fucking idiot, where did I say once I was fucking there. Wow what a bunch of right-wing asswipes.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Olive Taste Test Over At The Thayers!!!

Akdeniz Market

August 22, 2007

The Ziyad Order Has Arrived!
Dana brand Yogurt products back in stock!

* Dana brand Yogurt
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Olive Taste Test! Have some fun with us this Saturday, August 25th with an olive
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Now For Some Fake Conservative Outrage

While I do not care to defend Republicans or Bush, I need to point out that Jeff is obviously the "compassionate and tolerant liberal" I hear so much about. I mean seriously, can't you just see the compassion in all those f-bombs he dropped. Most of us could care less if you are an anti-white male, anti-Christian, bigot. However, the fact that you are a moron that actually believes the President is not allowed to tap calls going overseas to suspected terrorists is frightening. Of course, when your cardboard box gets pipebombed by a terrorist I am sure Bush is the first person you will blame. And if you would like to have twenty million illegals in this country than YOU and Geraldo can pay the medical, dental, clothing, and food bills for all of them.....assuming you actually have a job. You aren't typing away in your mom's basement while collecting an unemployment check, are you?

P.S. Most jihadists, illegal aliens, and child rapists favor democrats. The only klansman in Congress is Robert "KKK" Byrd, a pork spending democrat.

Don't Worry Kevin...You're Still The Dumbest Man In America...

Ann Coulter had some great points in her column this week: Liberals know they're losing the demographic war. Christians have lots of children and adopt lots of children; liberals abort children and encourage the gay lifestyle in anyone with a flair for color.

They can't keep up

The Democratic Party is in the fight of its life against a conservative demographic trend. Its only hope is to gerrymander America to make the poorest half of Mexico a state. Only a massive influx of criminals, wards of the state and rioters can save them.

This is why Democrats are obsessed with giving two groups the right to vote: illegal aliens and felons. With Arellano, they get two for the price of one. To liberals, building a wall across the Mexican border is a violation of the Voting Rights Act.
To a liberal someone wanting to enforce border laws abd protect sovereignty of country they live in is a nut

Latest Rasmussen poll shows a majority-54 pct support Tancredo's proposal to cut off funding for sanctuary cities. A Good pct of Democrats support it too. Hell his amendment passed in dem-controlled house. Those Dems who voted for it were evil nativists.

50 Dems in House voted for Tancredo amendment-most are blue dogs who live in swing 50/50 districts. Which means they face accountability and standards and must face voters who do not post on sites like this (most voters that is) and those who didn't sit in underwar all the time and blog 24/7 on a computer in moms basement or garage.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh Danny Boy...

We win everytime a terrorist dies.
Danny | 08.21.07 - 4:47 pm | #

Northwoods A Rightwing Crapfest Of A Poster

There are American soldiers of all religions killing Islamic radicals in Iraq. Good for them. But most American soldiers are Christian.

There are Muslin soldiers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq making numerous radicals very dead. They are our allies.

The Brits, along with other colilition members, are fighting and dying to defeat the Jihadists and are remarkablly effective as always.

But here, in the sick leftist crapfest of a blog, all one hears is defeatism.

I Dare Obob To Post something Intelligent

KO is a friggin liberal traitor. BOR is still kicking KOs ass and will continue to do so. Only the hard left HATE AMERICA FIRST socialists cream in their pants over KO, who failed as a sportscaster and sports talk show host. Yea, come on and try to impeach BUSH, you left wing radicals. DO IT, I dare you!

A Ralph Checklist

Ralph under one of his many suck puppet names left this comment on my blog. I am posting it because it serves as a check list for his sock puppets.


-Mr. President

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wow I was right. Ranger Myze does support pedophiles.

i did not bring up the BJ, but with hilary running all this stuff is going to have to be re-played. If you dont like it find another cadidate...

which crime was foley convicted of ??? What happended when foley's behavior came to light by his party mates, they made his resign. Dems just let them stay and hope for a OJ jury outcome. You think Jefferson will give up his seat until he is handcuffed and locked in, no way.

Ranger Myse Asks A Question... I Think.

are you morally bankrupt, you think its ok for a perverter like clinton (married to boot) to, yes , prey on an intern. Any company, organization, military job or would immediately fire a person of authority that took advantage of a subordiate, thats what makes what clinton did so wrong.

And the fact that if he thought nothing was wrong with what he did why did he have to lie and have to write a false deposition for her. Why can't guy like bill be proud of what he has done, people like you think its ok so why all the lies, his supporters could care less they would support him regardless of that type of behavior.

Simple Things Amuse Simple People

you libs have had NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, LA Times, etc... for years! It's funny....republicans have Hannity, Rush, and Fox...and you can't stand it! Cracks me up

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Melanie Morgan...Family Values Gal and Biker Whore...

If Ralph see's this he will be over here masturbating for a solid week.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Moderator Madness Part 2

A Newshounds Mods...says


How low would this President go to salvage his tattered image? Would he, in fact, use his own daughter's wedding to create a positive image with newly married young female voters?

What do you think?

Then shuts down the thread because She didn't like the answers.

I was there tonight I can tell you that Uber/Enrico tried to trash the thread but they were ignored. What made the mod mad was the regulars discussing Jenna's obvious pregnancy.

There is a thread on off topic about regulars not arguing with regulars and I agree 100% with it but This just doesn't make sense at all. Why even have a place to leave comments? Why ask us what we think if you don't care?

Enrico Wishes He Was Jenna's Baby Daddy

How long until Chelsea gets hitched?

She'll have to find one of those guys that like women with tree trunks for ankles. Like her dad.


We Heard You The First Time

Maybe Jenna's just getting married.


Maybe Jenna's just getting married.


Enrico Fermi | Homepage | 08.18.07 - 10:13 pm | #

So Foxy Pretty Much Believes GW Is Using His Own Daughter To Boost Poll Numbers

Boy you people are really stretching here.

You know why you write a post like this?
Because it is exactly how hypocritical bottom feeding liberals think.

The left would use their own daughter to boost poll numbers so they figure everybody else would.
This thread only proves how absolutely disgusting these lying liberals are.

I Bet They Aren't Jealous Over Her Pregnancy

The problem is: the moderators are angry, menopausal old ladies who are jealous of Jenna Bush's youth and beauty.

A Connecticut Moron In Newshounds Court

Bill O'Reilly is an American Icon.You people would have villified Mark Twain too if you were around back then.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wow What A Wit!

Even you mongrels can alter Wikipedia entries....if you're smart enough.


Mike and Filiz Thayer Newsletter

There were 2 this week.

Akdeniz Market

August 17, 2007

Fresh Baked Goods!
Arriving this morning, we've got your traditional favorites and new items!

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Filiz Thayer
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More Moderator Madness

Note: More Complaining about the Mods. If that's not what you want to read skip.

I received a PM from a regular who shall remain nameless to tell me that the troll Non-lib* showed up on a thread and proceeded to shit all over it. the writer of the PM then claimed that the regulars were ignoring him. The moderator of the thread in question responded the way The Newshounds moderators always respond. She threatened the regulars while doing nothing to stop the troll. Then she shut off the comments and left this message...

NOTE: Regulars are letting the trolls take over this thread. I have things to do -- aside from sitting at my computer deleting off topic comments all night -- so this post is closed. If you want to yell and scream at each other and put each other down, please go to our forums. Thanks.

It must have broke their hearts that I wasn't on line tonight but I would like to translate the mods message. The bold is from the mods the Italics my translation.

NOTE: Regulars are letting the trolls take over this thread. I have things to do -- aside from sitting at my computer deleting off topic comments all night

I have no idea what to do to stop the trolls and I am too lazy to police the board that I am in charge of so I am blaming the regulars for the fact that I don't know what I am doing.

so this post is closed. If you want to yell and scream at each other and put each other down, please go to our forums. Thanks.

I am going to show all of you I have the power by taking my toys and going home even though none of these threads would get this bad if we spent half the time policing that we spend on power trips and chewing out regulars. We could be spending the time policing our boards instead of writing 5 page petty emails to regulars but we are not about to do that. Thanks.

Now I was outside tonight because the temperature here finally dropped below a thousand and not on Newshounds after 5:30. I didn't see any of the posts in question but having seen the way the moderators of Newshounds work I believe the person who sent me the PM.

It's well known I do not understand the moderation of Newshounds at all. I don't understand why the things that "regulars say" outrages them while they are never anywhere to be found when a troll shows up and shits on their hard work. I even emailed The Newshounds the other night when Non-lib first showed up insulting regulars and asked why they were not moderating his quotes and didn't get a response. Personally I am shocked that even though I wasn't even on tonight I didn't receive an email from the mods blaming me for the mess tonight.

There are 2 things I would like to suggest to the moderators to make Newshounds a better place.

1. Dump haloscan. haloscan sucks and it cause more problems than it solves.
2. Have the Ladies continue to monitor Fox News. they are great at it. Have them write each thread but get somebody else to moderate. Whether it's the time constraints or the fact they just don't know how to monitor a message board. It's obvious they aren't capable of doing both. And things just might get worse. This was left on Crazy Ralph's blog Americaphile...

Mr. President said...


We appreciate your contributions to ThinkProgress. KKKarl wanted me to tell you that your posts did not go un-noticed.
Dr. Dog,

I too am taking a break for a bit. My names still work but I'm going to wait until they let their guard down. Besides, we accomplished what we needed to do so that KKKarl could retire. It was an Honor to serve with you Dr. William Dog, and if you ever change your mind I'm sure you could get back on TP.

There is another liblog called "Newshounds"

The libs there think that I have been banned, but they are wrong. Honestly, it's not as professional as TP was but on a good day the trollin' is entertaining.

Maybe I will see you there.

I have seen what they did to think progress and trust me The Newshounds either don't, won't or can't stop it. I look for 5 or 6 regulars to be banned soon.

* examples of Non libs Civil genius can be found at...

And my reaction to the Mods complete lack of reaction even after I emailed them and got no response...

30 Years Later Still The King.

Nebraska played in the Liberty Bowl in 1977 and the program is my favorite in my collection. Nebraska won 21-17 scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

another fact from Fox'

Lets put it this way, Radical Islamists would be much happier fighting Harry Reid, Barack Obama and Dick Durbin.
Thats a fact.

Fox , Kevin and Damalkin Sittin In A Tree

People like O'Reilly are what is needed on the media channels. You can get the liberal rants on any other regular tv network or cable networks.

Daily Kos founder called American contractors killed in Iraq "Soldiers of fortune" and "mercernaries" hell Kos allows posts attacking Lieberman because he's Jewish and supporter of Israel-same guy who is keeping Senate for the Dems.

There are a few things not allowed in this world a)stepping on Superman's cape b)critcizing liberals on tv or radio-I mean they can call Gop anything they want all day long. Whatever

Jay; Limbaugh invented political talk radio and has been on for almost 20 years. Come on now.

Isn't Limbaugh the same dude who almost singelhandely saved AM talk radio? I mean Larry King didn't do it. The RDR began with Limbaugh and ending the liberal media monopoly that existed as recently as 1988 when you had the 3 dinoasaur networks and few papers. He helped spawn the new media.

Matt Lauer
Katy Couric
NY Times
LA Times
Chris Matthews
Washington Post

O'Reilly can be repetitive and boring at times i'll agree. I like Gibson better he always has good analysis.

Who gives a shit about Air America? Certainly not I. Try another talking point.

Who else but Fox News mentioned that the guy who killed those 3 teens in Newark was illegal alien and showed his picture too. The rest of the media ignored story and picture was missing (hint: guy's not white-maybe why).

Bottom line is the liberal message fails to attract viewers and listeners.

Hell less than a million watched the last Democrat debate hosted by you know who.

WWE Monday Night Raw had higher ratings then the CNN/Youtube Dem debates.
Remember Live Earth-it flopped on NBC and shows that we rerurns or cancelled shows reairing during the summer had more viewers. hell even John Walsh's AMW did better.

Those under 30 target group taped or watched WWE monday Night Raw over the Youtube debate by far.

MSM is really trying to carry Obama on his rant Monday by saying he made a mistake. Fox News played the clip and its on Youtube also. To be fair the weather might have been warm and he was tired.

Progressive talk is just that -Talk and nobody is listening.

Fox News to be fair doesn't give Obama the kid-glove and Oprah treatment he gets elsewhere. I mean he won as a Democrat in a Democrat state-illinois-not a major accomplishment.

Clinton never broke 50% and Carter as a complete mess any democrat before Carter was a Republican compared to todays left/Democrats

Carter lit the Middle east flame and ran.
Progressives just like clockwork start with the insults and name calling as soon as they are challenged.
Daily Kos IS a hate site. Just because Moulitsas put on a happy face on "Meet The Press" doesn't negate that. That's why the trolls have your number and are not f###ing stupid.

Kos has allowed posts that attack Liebermann because he's Jewish and a supporter of Israel

I read dailykos daily and it is filled with stuff that is twice as bad as anything O'Reilly even thinks of saying.
Coulter had a great point on obama-she said he forgot that he has to appeal to more people than those who sit on a computer 24/7 in their parents basement. I mean the leftists see the foaming press coverage for other networks and they believe it.
Bush has been the only president to begin to stomp out the flames, you are going to have sparks and flame ups yes but the appeasement tactics of Carter and Clinton are over.

You're correct I was wrong Live Earth didn't flop on NBC-hell it did well when compared to most stuff on that network. Even Fox's AMW-which never does well beat out Live Earth.

The RNC has outraised the DNC this year. Rasmussen recent poll showed Dems have no edge on gop candidates for president in 2008.
Kevin | 08.15.07 - 1:37 am | #

Even Fox is missing the story in Israel of the comeback of BIBI-the guy the liberal media said was done-a has-been. BIBI correctly stated that Barak's 2000 withdrawl from Lebanon caused the 2006 war in Lebanon-clinton was involve in that deal too.

IMHO the Dems can't get legislation passed regarding Iraq like they did from 1973 to 1975 is they have smaller majorities and most gopers in house are newt and delay types not the doormat bob michel types.

I watched this show entirely and thought it was great. They played the entire obama clap-which is on youtube now.

Just shows when you get passed the liberal media and oprah-style puff pieces Obama lacks credibility and substance.

The AP in record time produced a piece to support obama's rant. AP is part of the so-called 'unbiased'-lol media.

Kevin is just curious.

People are being squeezed is the assumption going on today. Just curious what's the attendance at Casinos these days? going strong. What's the attendance at Pro baseball games-record levels where you get to sit in hard seats for 30 or more dollars a person and can spend 50 dollars easily. Don't forget those who camped out to get the 500 dollar Iphone, etc.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Good Are They With out The Electricity?

i forgot to mention when i was in school many kids who got free lunches wore new shoes and 100 dollar starter coats. Plus people can't pay electric bill but have a computer or ps2.

This Is Why Chrish And Michael Can Take Their Outrage And Shove It Up Their...Beep

Grab a third chair babe, I see a cheek falling to the side.

thought so bitch, take the strap on out from under your bed and F*** youself once again, Oh and when You produce a terrorist threat, make sure you pass that on to your homeland buddies. LOL
Yep it is pal, Ever heard of a proxy server. Loser. Trace it Bitch. LOL
Mods the Great Count Chocula is Upset.
LOL, I allways new you used a sock to get yourself off. Answer me this, How do you get that strap on to do what you want it to do. LOL

Count Chocula You can not ban someone using a proxy server, Oh, you can try, LOL
LOL, that's good, NOT. If you understood your stance on any subject, you would see that this site falls short of any real argument. Always has and Always will. I don't give a shit if you are a regular, like the Count likes to spout, you are still screaming to No ONE! Fox will be around a lot longer than this site. Happy Trails, and quit shitting and squatting on my path.
Talking points from Hilary herself. Wait, she just said she was going to fix all that and that she was a Christan. Bad Hilary, Bad. LOL

If anyone needs to pull the Dick out of their mouth, it would be you sir. Try for a change to bend over, Edwards passes on the lube, and I would suggest you do the same. Hilary loves it straight up so that again would be a good choice.
Your page rank is = to a "0" that means no one see's you or finds yo unless the go 3,000 pages deep into a search.

That says to me "Loser" Your post trying to link off of NewHounds, which is a PR of 5 is you just sucking the life out of NewHounds. They don't mind your rant's and have no clue you are killing there page rank but yet again that just shows the stupidy of the people running this site, wouldn't you say?

Good luck getting that rag of a site you call, Uhe-em, a website, LOL, to get noticed. Again, I see the letter L forming on your forehead made by your left hand. Right hand is a little busy is it not?

Which of course was Oklad lover, Queen of Queens, Bigger dick than he could swing, Omydicksobig, short for Humm.....
Sorry im not projecting but you are surely Jacking. Hey, Switch hands so it feals like a stranger. LOL
If not I'm sure John had, yet again, another Inbread.

Moderator, Moderator, Clean up Isle 7. We have been handed our ass yet again, can you make it disapare? Please Moderator, we know you have no life just like us so you can not be busy with normal famile crap you have to be online. Why, Why, Oh master must you torture us?

If anyone is a coward it is you my friend. You missed some cum there on my leg, please clean that, Thanks. Now go back to your website till I call you again.
Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's FrankC......

What am I going to dooo.......He's bound to be smarter than me, wait, he's a Dem, that's very unlikely. LOL

The only material you need Count Chocula is that with out a helping hand you can not only not get off, but yet know where to reach to get off. It's more than Chocolate, It's a life lesson.

Well Frank if you would have passed Junior High Maybe you would have.
FrankC for Prez, He's gotta be smarter then O'bamma, from the Fintstones or Hillary again from the Flintstones or Edwards, hum..... from the Munsters.

Where's The Outrage?

Bring it Bitch. Im in St. Louis care to meet downtown? Put up or Shut up or your mouth will be most likely be like your ass and be full of me.
LOL Terrorist threats. LOL really, Care to provide me with the threat, Loser.

And I'm here in St. Louie when you show up to visit you sister, oh and you may want to bring her for backup.
Pussy boy needs his sister to back him up.

Again I have to ask...Where are all the people who pop up out of the woodwork to be outraged when ever I post anything?

Better yet where are the moderators who can't send me off an email fast enough to tell me they agree?

Really, Not as bad as your three ass cheek sitting loser. Watching something on a daily basis that you cant stand to watch. What a live that must be all for a PbD, which means what,
"Psyco Bitch w/a Dick" really do your parents know how far you have cum.

I Guess The key Having Your Post Stay On A Chrish Thread Is To Have A Severe Mental Handicap.

Anyone hated by rabid leftists like Rove was and is is cool to me.

bush haters and leftists remind of teachers in school who went on and one forever and afterwards, you ask yourself what the hell was their point?

Monday, August 13, 2007


The fact that FOX has millions lof listeners and the fact that George W. Bush has such low ratings is evidence that all of the liberals who are always crying about FOX being the propaganda arm of the Republican Party are simply blowing smoke up everybody's you know wheres. If everything the liberals said about FOX was true wouldn't it stand to reason that all of these millions of viewers would have such a biased view of the President that his numbers would be much higher than they are ? Of course it would stand to reason. It's simple logic.I submit that the liberals are lying about FOX's pro-Republican bias and the President's low approval ratings are the proof. I rest my case.

Apparently This Doesn't Rate High On The Newshounds Moderater Outrage Meter.

You are really one for the books. Do you always make yourself look so ignorant?
"rational, critical thinkers" are in very short supply on loonie-left websites like this that are only consumed by hate.

I am not going to waste my time arguing with a total idiot like you.
Anyway, this whole argument is stupid because it is based on a stupid comment by a stupid person, john t.

I will move on.

The Count Down Clock Is Back.

I took it down for three seconds to try a different style of clock but I like the old one better. That 3 seconds was long enough for my stalker to notice it was missing.

What happened to your countdown clock to kick off there toughy count?

He's gonna have me arrested for stealing graphics.

Too bad he didn't bother to read or just flat out can't read this...

The Big Red Network Widget

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Let us know if you'd like to see a different style, size or design. Widget makers are standing by!

He seems to live in Omaha which bothers me. What a nutter.

You Ever Wonder Why Conservatives Only Have One Thought?

Is this a great collection of minds or what? Look at Boortz! For the first time in his life he found a group he could join where he's actually as smart as everybody else. What exactly are Medved and Beck doing? Where's Morgan? She would have brought the cards. I guess that was Bennett's responsibility.

Ok Stick a pencil in the counts eye sockets now!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

R.I.P. Tommy Thompson

Thompson Reportedly Bowing Out Of Presidential Race

Off To The Bunker For Awhile

There's a shithole of a storm a brewin in these parts so we are going to safety for a few but I wanted to post this nugget...

Raise your left hand if your an asshole!!!!

Yep that's you left wing scum sucking asswipe!!!
CluelessDNC | 08.12.07 - 6:43 pm | #

Thanks To TheRoachman for spotting this!

This Is A Laugh.

The Troll has left a message which won't get posted but this part is pretty funny.
The Bold is from the troll.

Wrong again Countess Stevie. The founder of Big Red Network has been notified that you are using the same countdown graphic as his site,

Take a look what it is says under the countdown graphic genius.
Add this to your site.


as have the Administrator's of UNL and the football program.
All though I am sure the fact that they have a fan who is a Democrat keeps them up nights but something tells me they have bigger issues to deal with right now.

Here's my question. Should I just erase these pearls of wisdom or keep them and once they add up post them as my own brand of hate mail?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The View From My Ass

A New Look On My LJ.

First Order of business The Count has to take care of is to thank his great friend Diana for the new Live Journal layout. If you are one of the 3 reading this on the LJ you have seen it already. If you are one of the 4 reading this on the blog and want to see what "The Castle looks like now...

It's no secret I have a deep appreciation for The Paleta Sisters, Thank you again Diana.

Trolls Posting Personal Information

This week there has been a troll who has been posting the personal information of the moderators on the main boards. This bothered me because here there has been a troll who has posted what he thinks is my personal information. In My case I am lucky because the 2nd grade drop out has got the wrong person. Apparently This particular Einstein finds it hard to believe that there are two people in this world who are both Nebraska Cornhusker fans and named Steve/Stephen and the fact that I happened to have downloaded a countdown from this other Steve's blog means nothing to him. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the fool who is trolling my blog bothering not only myself but some innocent family man in Maryland whose only crimes are running a Nebraska blog and being named Steve was the same fool who was posting the full names addresses and phone numbers of the moderators at Newshounds. To quote Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher Larry Holmes could have figure it out.

I posted one of the particularly insulting posts from the doppleganger troll on this board.

I posted this leaving on the name the troll used to sign the post which was a mistake but after I posted it we had a storm which took away the cable connection for the internet and I couldn't log back on. When I finally got back on I received an email from the Mod which stated more or less that she wanted me to stop talking to the trolls and could I take off her name from my blog which I did. This is one issue that I side with mods 100% on and I believe that the same fool who is posting the information of Not only people who probably don't even have a clue what Newshounds is posting the personal information of the women who are running the site. I can certainly understand the moderators frustration and anxiety over this problem but as is always the case whenever the Mods have a troll problem they can not deal with they do what they inexplicably always do...take out their frustration on the regulars.

Newshounds Vs Count Istvan

As Frank Sinatra would say there isn't much that I have learned through all my foolish years but one thing I have learned is that sometimes it's best not to put speak your thoughts or put them down on paper when you are too pissed to think straight. I decided to wait a day to write this. because I don't think in this particular case that I am wrong and If I would have wrote this last night being the temperamental jackass that I am No matter how right I think I am now... I would have said something that would have made me wrong for sure.

Before I begin I hope I don't offend any of the regular posters of Newshounds and I want to repeat something I have said a million times and will say a million more. I LOVE the job the Newshounds ladies do. I think it's incredibly hard work and there is no real reward from watching a bunch of 6th grade Monkeys run a news channel. As you know I have had my run-ins with the Newshound ladies before and they decided, as is their right, to ban me. I didn't like it and I didn't agree with it at the time but now looking back at it in hindsight they weren't wrong in their decision I concede this fact 100% but last night the behavior and attitude of one particular Newshounds moderator was in my opinion not only wrong but insulting and shows how they truly view the people who support their hard work.

It started innocently enough a thread was started entitled...

Couple Dead in Murder-Suicide After They Were Featured on The O'Reilly Factor

In this thread the mod ends the article with this...
"Note to trolls: This does not translate into support for child molestation, for chrissake."

I was the first to respond on the thread and responded by saying "troll support for child molestation is one of many things that separated them from us"

Was it a smart-ass thing to say? Yes.
Do I believe all trolls are Child molesters No.
Was it In the best taste? No.
Do I feel bad for posting it? No.

Even if the Trolls aren't child molesters themselves odds are they are supporting one.

Oh boy did it trigger the faux outrage. The Most outraged was Michael. Why are all the dumb-asses on the board named Bob or Michael? Anyway I digress, Michael was just outraged at my post! outraged I tell you! Funny enough even though he claimed to be a long time lurker this post from earlier in the night didn't bother him...

You're the ones who are guilty of dividing this country,not us.You're the ones who have turned this war on terrorism into a partisan political issue. I'll tel you what roachman. I have a constructive idea for you . Go fuck yourself . Get off my blog, you fucking commie jew nigger-loving homo mother fucker.... "I'm not surprised you agreed with him. Just like him you seem to have no problems with regulars being told to "fuck off". You have the same selective outrage Michael does. Take a look at the names I and others get called sometimes. You will find I am tame."

The questions still stand. where are the Mods when regulars are being called names on a nightly basis? Why can't they conjure up the same outrage when 2008 or Enrico are spamming up the board that they do when I post something defending them or myself? Now I really didn't want to think that the mods, or this mod in particular, don't care about the people who support their work but it's hard not to think that when the mod herself says in so many words that she doesn't that's what her second email was about. After our email exchange this mod proved that above all else she is petty. She went and erased every post that I had written in the thread above the one in question in even though none of my posts on the thread were insulting or directed towards a troll.

I guess The mods have to do what they have to do and it's their right to run their board the best way they know how. Even if that is referring to your supportive regulars as a little "cyber-clique" and embracing the trolls. I mention in the last VFMA that I stopped my monthly donation to DU to contribute to Newshounds because I believe Newshounds does the better work. I still feel that way But I canceled my monthly contribution after last night.
The mod has asked me to "please stay off my threads." Fair enough. but If my posts aren't good enough for your threads my money, as little as it might be, isn't good enough to help support you writing them. Like DU I'm not saying I won't contribute but not every month.

Now on to something more pleasant.

Last night wasn't a total cluster fuck spent arguing with moderators over their selective outrage I got the 2007 Nebraska Cornhusker football media guide and flipped through it.

As is the case the past three years it is the NCAA maximum 208 pages but at first blush it seems to be a better guide than the last two. I agreed with the NCAA's decision to limit the pages of the media guides they got way out of hand, but I wish they would have settled in 250 instead of 208. I have every media guide since 1969 and back then they were pocket sized books with about 150 pages

In 1991 they went to the bigger format and by 2003 the book had grown to 455 ( Missouri's was over 600 pages)pages.

In 2005 The NCAA stepped in and said the books could be no bigger than 208 pages. In the case Of Nebraska's media guide they have cut out the season review which use to be my favorite part of the book. Even with the cut back in pages they could still have a game by game season review,
They don't need to use 55 pages to sell Lincoln and the school, and the sickening two page kiss his own ass biography of Steve Pederson could be cut in half easily. Still I look forward every year to getting the media guide. it's a sign that football season is here and this Calcutta like suck my left nut summer shit is on it's way out.

So The Count Pretty Much Sucks At NCAA2008

I finished my first season on NCAA 2008 with a 9-5 record. I am Nebraska naturally and my first year wasn't too smooth. I lost to USC 33-14, I lost to A&M 38-31, Texas twice 31-17 and 24-19 in the Big XII championship. Then came the worst of all...I lost to sorry-assed Ohio University in the motor city bowl 32-24! Frank Solich of all people! For the record I didn't not support the firing of Frank Solich and still consider him a legend of the University of Nebraska as a coach and especially as a player. Even if you thought he should be fired as a coach I do not understand the anger directed by "fans" at a man who gave so much of life to Nebraska. I also am a supporter of Bill Callahan. I don't believe you have to be one or the other, you can be both.

Two death's of Note.

James Bond Continuation novelist John Gardner past away August 3rd at the age of 80. He wrote 14 James Bond Books some Very good, some Pretty good and some not so good but I for one am thankful for his contribution to the series and will miss him. He also created Boysie Oaks a cowardly secret agent who was a parody of James Bond. you can read a fine tribute to him at...

And Lee Hazzelwood, Singer, songwriter and producer died at the age of 78. He had a few hits as a duet partner with Nancy Sinatra such as a remake of the June Carter Johnny Cash hit Jackson and wrote several hit records including These Boots Are Made For Walking for Nancy Sinatra and Jessica Simpson and Houston ( a personal favorite of the Count) for Dean Martin. As a producer he produced among other things Frank and Nancy Sinatra's hit Something Stupid. You can read about him here.

Late Edit...
Bridge collapses in Minneapolis, A Mine cave in Utah and 36 shooting in 30 days in Omaha on top of a cluster fuck of a war. Oh and this man is the decider!

A coincidence? I think not.

Mitt I Hunt Romney won The Iowa Straw Poll YAWN! but there was some interesting stuff in the yahoo article.

Announcement of the results was delayed for 90 minutes because a hand count was required on one of the 18 machines. (oh the Irony)

The biggest loser of the evening likely was former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who finished in 6th place with 1,039 votes. He had said repeatedly that if he didn't finish in the top two his campaign was likely to end. He left the event before the results were announced.

In Milwaukee, his campaign said Thompson would make an announcement about his future within 48 hours.

Bye Bye Tommy

And I am not ready to Hang Tweety for Sexual harassment but this is odd to say the least.

That's it. For real this time.

Count Istvan.
Oh and Watch The Istvan Factor

Thanks ET and Sergei!

I've had Enough Of The Douchebag Spamming My Blog.

From now until whenever I have turned on the comment moderation. If you post and I do hope the newshounds regulars keep posting your posts will be put up as soon as I approve it. This way I can get rid of all the posts from idiots, half-wits and Rangers.

Count Istvan

I Don't? Damn!

Count doesn't get to be the judge and jury. However, he has more power than 99% of Americans have. He has a national platform express how many sane people feel about people such as those that are luckily dead now. Also, pertaining to the other thread, he has his platform to express how most sane people feel about judges that give a slap on the wrist type of sentence.

A Regular Has Request!

My current goal in life is to say something so outrageous to have it posted on you site.
MLP | 08.11.07 - 1:52 am | #

MLP's actually a regular and a very good one at that so request Granted

i Don't Think Michael Is Really A Writer. i Don't Know What Gives It Away

paige--don't really frequent here on any regular sort of level--have checked it a bit (handful of times) for a couple of months after certain stories break-i like how the hosts cover things, even if i disagree--they're really good. maybe it's my timing, but typically it gets real ugly real quick from posters though. i admit, i am ultra sensitive to language (i write for a living) and so when i read some of the grime here it makes me appreciate the standards of newspapers and magazines. as well, i made a comment here a few weeks ago and was viciously accused of being this person or that person or a republican or a nazi or on and on and on--wearying and extremely offputting stuff.

sorry you asked? ;)


Friday, August 10, 2007

Damn I Thought He Was Dead But...It's Good To Know

Count, I are supportive of child molestation! I sure hope you are not?
Hank Stram | 08.10.07 - 11:58 pm | #

No I am not.

All You Liberals Do Is Hate.

Go run your nonsense by somebody else roachman. For 7 years now people like you have done nothing but oppose every single thing this President has done and berate anybody that doesn't agree with you and then you have the audacity to ask for ideas to bring this country together ? Don't play me for a fool asshole. You people aren't interested in seeing this country come together. You thrive on this shit and then when somebody like me comes along you act like we're the haters and you're all pure as the driven snow. You're the problem in this country, not people like me. You're all nothing but a bunch of arrogant little cretins who refused to lose gracefully in 2000 and have done nothing but divide this country ever since. It's people like you who have this destroyed whatever semblance of unity we might have ever had , not George W. Bush and the people who voted for him.You're the ones who are guilty of dividing this country,not us.You're the ones who have turned this war on terrorism into a partisan political issue. I'll tel you what roachman. I have a constructive idea for you . Go fuck yourself .

Guess Who?

Ralph comments on Chelsea. From his own blog.



P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!!
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P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!!
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P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!! P.I.A.P.S.!!!!!

P I A P S ! ! ! ! ! !


R O T F L M A O ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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