Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big 10 Predctions Week 5

Big 10 Predictions Week 5.
Wisconsin 98 Nebraska 3*
Michigan 38 Minnesota 14
Illinois 31 Northwestern 28
Penn State 31 Indiana 7
Ohio State 24 Michigan State 21
Notre Dame 23 Purdue 14

*sarcastic prediction based off of pure love of Wisconsin and pure Hatred of Nebraska coming from Omaha World Herald. Honest prediction Wisconsin 31 Nebraska 21. Hope I am wrong.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacation! Closing The Blog...Sorta.

Banned And Dangerous Will be open only to the mods Until Monday September 26th. Jonathan and RF please feel free to add something here if the time and mood strikes.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Pushes To Add George W. Bush To Mt. Rushmore

Rush has been hanging out with Ralph again.

Rush Limbaugh Pushes To Add George W. Bush To Mt. Rushmore

Big 10 Picks Week 3

Big 10 picks weeks 3. Early because I am leaving town for 12? 13? Days Wednesday. No picks next week at least publicly :) 9-3 Last week 19-5 Season

Nebraska 31 Washington 17
Michigan 49 Eastern Michigan 14
Penn State 37 Temple 16
Iowa 24 Pittsburgh 13
Purdue 31 Southeastern Missouri 13
Miami (Ohio) 28 Minnesota 21
Michigan State 28 Notre Dame 23
Northwestern 31 Army 24
Indiana 38 South Carolina State 10
Wisconsin 52 Northern Illinois 14
Arizona State 23 Illinois 20
Miami 19 Ohio State 17.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Final Score

42 29

Crazy game. I might have more to say after a day's rest I am really tired tonight. Fun game after they finally put it away. Hey how about those Hawkeyes?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gameday 2011 #2


Last week like most every other team in the country Nebraska looked as rusty as any team who played a game since December is bound to look yet that hasn't stopped Nebraska from running into a crowded theater yelling fire where of course there is none. Some "fans" have now convinced themselves that Nebraska, a 28 point favorite, will lose this game. Nevermind Fresno State lost to California last week 36-21 in a game that wasn't that wasn't that close. Oh by the way Cal is worse than Nebraska.

I have to admit before last week I would have said bet your mortgage on Fresno State with a 28 point spread. Now I would say do not touch this game. Fresno State won't score much but will Nebraska be able to score enough to cover that large a spread? Fresno State has played many tough teams in many tough stadiums. I doubt they pee down their legs at the site of the red N on the white helmet. Still if Nebraska can correct some of the sloppy play they showed last week they should win this one pretty comfortably.

One last thing in Fresno State's favor. I am going to the game. Got tickets from a friend for a Birthday present. Last time I went to a game in Lincoln 2009. Iowa State 9 Nebraska 7. Let's hope this is a much happier outing to the mother church.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big 10 Predictions week 2.

Big 10 Picks Week 2. 10-2 in week 1.
Nebraska 38 Fresno State 10
Michigan State 35 Florida Atlantic 3
Iowa 31 Iowa State 14
Wisconsin 49 Oregon State 21
Illinois 34 S.Dakota St. 10
Ohio State 35 Toledo 13
Alabama 27 Penn State 10
Northwestern 52 E. Illinois 14
Minnesota 38 New Mexico State 14
Purdue 38 Rice 28
Virginia 28 Indiana 21
Michigan 28 Notre Dame 27*

* Don't feel good about this game either way. When in doubt go with the home team.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Final Score

40 7

Gameday 2011 Week #1


What to look for:

Pretty simple really. How sharp is Nebraska? If there is a week for crazy shit to happen it's opening week. Michigan State thought to be Nebraska's main rival for the Legends division crown looked dreadful tonight but still managed a 28-6 2win over Youngstown State . I would imagine such a win wouldn't do much to excite Nebraska nor it's fan base. So just winning the game like last years South Dakota State mess isn't enough. It would be nice to see Nebraska get some playing time for it's very young backups at QB and RB tomorrow as well. I don't see how Chattanooga is going to manage to score a whole lot of points off of Nebraska's defense.

The Last 5 years openers for Nebraska
Louisiana Tech 49-10
Nevada 52-10
Western Michigan 47-24
Florida Atlantic 49-3
Western Kentucky 49-10.

I would imagine the score in this one will be similar. I say Nebraska shows opening day rust and spits and sputters at times but still wins by a pretty comfy margin. 45-14.

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