Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh The Irony Part...Who Knows


Obama disowns critique of McCain's military record

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer 20 minutes ago

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Democrat Barack Obama rejected a retired general's suggestion that Republican John McCain's military experience didn't necessarily qualify him to be president, as GOP surrogates lined up to label the remarks indecent and disrespectful.

A day after retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, now an Obama supporter, discussed McCain's experience as a Navy pilot and prisoner of war in Vietnam on a Sunday talk show, his remarks set off the pattern that has become familiar from innumerable earlier flaps over surrogate remarks during the presidential election year: The candidates, Obama and McCain, took the high road while the bare-knuckled language was left to their surrogates.

At a news conference here Monday, McCain himself said of Clark's comment, "That kind of thing is unnecessary" and distracts from real pocketbook issues voters care about.

So now in bizarro right-wing nut world to question ones service in the military is indecent and disrespectful? When did this become a rule? It had to be after 2004 that's for sure.

Quantum of Solace: Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for the new James Bond movie, Quantumn of Solace debuts tomorrow night with the speacial sneak preview of Hancock but the trailer has already been leaked on YouTube, so here it is.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Count Is Back

I will have a longer post later tonight. I am back. Omaha had a bad bad wind storm while we were gone and our neighborhood got hammered but amazingly the damage to our yard and house was very very very minor. Which is amazing because most of our neighbors have all or part of a tree down.

Jesus Christ, Mark Noonan is thick!

Hey, ya'll! Sorry for the lack of updates; it just so happens that The Count, ET, PbD(RalphyFan) ans I coincidentally took vacations in the same time period. Right now, i'm taking some time off to write this ironic blathering i've found over at Blogs For, courtesy of Mark Noonan's unbelievably unawareness of irony.

4. Mark Noonan | June 29th, 2008 at 2:51 pm
Worst thing about this, in my view, is the Cult of Personality aspect of it…this sort of thing has no place in American politics and defeating Obama is taking on a very vital aspect…we can’t afford a man in the White House who has a personality cult following him and willing to do his bidding, come what may…

This coming from the group who, with unquestionable pasion, fevor, and jaw-droppingly stupidity, have supported....George W. Bush?! Of all people who know first-hand about being suckered into a "Cult of Personality," you, Noonan, shouldn't be the one to talk!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is Obama's new seal against the law? Or: How despeate the right is to smear Obama

By now, you've heard of Barack Obama's new seal he's toting. Also by now, you've heard of the conservatives doing their dammed hardest to make political straw into 18 karat gold. The ultra-right-wing site, has even gone as far as called for the arrest of Obama because of it!

Why the right-wingers would choose to attack Obama over a fucking political slogan is obvious: use this non-issue - like the Reverend Wright flap and the 'bitter' comments - to rally the masses of ignorant, loyal, cock-sucking foot-soldiers of the GOP. That's and play the politics of fear-mongering, with the hope that Americans are naive enough to ignore the faltering economy, the ongoing hellhole that is the Iraqi War, the growing acceptance of the climate crisis and the need to act ASAP, etc. and vote against their own best interests.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Way to Go, Democrats!

Way to take a stand against Bush and his unlawful wiretapping program.....or not.

House easily passes compromise surveillance law

By PAMELA HESS, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 25 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The House Friday easily approved a compromise bill setting new electronic surveillance rules that effectively shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government's terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping on phone and computer lines in this country.

The bill, which was passed on a 293-129 vote, does more than just protect the telecoms. The update to the 30-year-old Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is an attempt to balance privacy rights with the government's responsibility to protect the country against attack, taking into account changes in telecommunications technologies.

"This bill, though imperfect, protects both," said Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., and a former member of the intelligence committee.

President Bush praised the bill Friday. "It will help our intelligence professionals learn enemies' plans for new attacks," he said in a statement before television cameras a few hours before the vote.

The House's passage of the FISA Amendment bill marks the beginning of the end to a monthslong standoff between Democrats and Republicans about the rules for government wiretapping inside the United States. The Senate was expected to pass the bill with a large margin, perhaps as soon as next week, before Congress takes a break during the week of the Fourth of July.

The government eavesdropped on American phone and computer lines for almost six years after the Sept. 11 attacks without permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the special panel established for that purpose under the 1978 law. Some 40 lawsuits have been filed against the telecommunications companies by groups and individuals who think the Bush administration illegally monitored their phone calls or e-mails.

Where's the fucking leadership Nancy Pelosi promised us in 2006? I sure as hell don't see it.

Noonan & Margolis releasing private email addresses?

So I found this interesting: one of the bloggers at Blogs for Victory, Chris, is angry and the Matt and Mark for what he claims, that the pair have been giving out his private email address to one of the regulars.

6. Chris | June 20th, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Mark and Matt,

I don’t know what the hell this is about but I’m pretty fucking pissed that you are giving out private emails of commentors here to assholes that want to bother people with their stupidity. Below is a brief back and forth at my SUPPOSEDLY “hidden” email address between myself and some dickhead that thinks he’s funny:

Dickhead: wrote:

In response to your post:
This is a campaign blog, not an independent news source, in case you were claiming bias.


Who are you and why are you emailing me? The comments section of the blog state clearly that e-mail addresses won’t be made public. Therefore, I assume you must have some administrator’s rights to the blog. Either way, I don’t want to hear from you outside of that blog.

E-mails aren’t publicly posted. I’m sure with your stellar personality, you wouldn’t have to worry about being deluged with e-mails just the same. The will be the last correspondence you receive from me. I’m sure you’re busy spreading sunshine.

Mark and Matt: This is completely unacceptable and, as this breach is clearly related to someone with access to administrative rights on your blog, makes you two look like a couple of amateurs who have no understanding of web etiquette nor a respect for the privacy of your readers. Fix it this shit NOW.

If this is true, then it's a low I never expected Noonan and Margolis to take.

Update: it looks like Noonan and/or Margolis have taken down the comments. Figures. Chirs is welcome to come on this blog and tell us his version of what happened. Mark Nooonan and Matt Margolis are welcome to explain their side of the story if they wish to as well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Want To Apologize For Jeremiah

Little did I know that when I Invited him here to post that he wouldn't shut the fuck up.

Uh Jerry You Do Know What Jesus Turned The Water Into Right?

Before I get into Jerry's nonsense A little business

Jonathan I am leaving for Vacation Saturday I will be gone for 8 days.

ET. I have gotten the newest edition of the Bentley saga and the answer to your IP question is No I do not. (sorry)

Now on to The Self righteous Jeremiah. let me just say that I myself can not stand to be around people who are drunk. I had enough of that growing up. I am convinced that I would be, if I allowed it to happen, an alcoholic myself. That is why I never have more than two drinks ever and seldom have more than one. I am scared of alcohol. That being said...the latest nonsense left by The Reverend Jeremiah in the comments section deserves it's own thread.

Jeremiah said...

I like your poll question, because you guys are making first class fools of yourselves...

I do not drink.

At the present, I have a brother who used to drink, but thank Almighty God he has been delivered. The other night, he almost slipped into a coma, we rushed him to the ER and while he was in there we took pictures of him to show him what it looks like to destroy yourself.

He said all he wanted was a friend...over and over he said, 'You guys are the only ones that's ever been there for me.' Over and over....he looked so pitiful, just like a skeleton.

He drank almost 10 drinks of 101 proof Wild Turkey in ONE hour, which almost over-taxed his heart and kidneys the doctors said, he could have slipped into coma and died very easily.

I have never drank any alcoholic beverage...but I can testify to its harmful effects. And it's like I told my brother after he sobered up...God never created alcohol..Man did. As what God made perfect, man in his fallen nature to choose to do evil changes what He made into a lie of the first order...

The Distillers in this country have destroyed so many families.

We can't stop alcohol from being made, because they people do not think about the others that it is they cry for more. They tout the notion or lie rather ... "Drink responsibly". What a cruel, Satanic joke.

So just keep fooling yourselves...HAHAHAHA!

Of course Jesus himself drank wine and it's been proven that alcohol, wine especially, if it's drunk in moderation is good for you. I have to ask what is with these crazy right-wing fundy freaks? The Santorums take home their still born baby and sleep with it The Reverand Jeremiah goes to the hospital with his Brother in a coma and takes pictures. Do you need any further proof these people are nuts?

Update from Jonathan: Count, I too, will be going on vacation to the battleground state of Florida to visit family. Thankfully, they have a computer and Windows Vista so me and ET will be able to perform our duties on here.

From the Count:
ET is leaving on vacation also. I hope you an ET both have fun safe trips.

Poll Question.

Jonathan I got rid of my question because yours was worded better. it pretty much asks what I was asking anyway. What pisses me off, but doesn't surprise me any, is that the media picks up on the GOP attack machine and runs with it. Of course Republicans are great at the tactic of insulting their opponents spouses while somehow keeping their own off limits. Of course it's easy to do if you own the media. Let's look at the last several first ladies of Republican's.

Pat Nixon...Alcoholic.

Betty Ford Alcoholic.

Nancy Reagan...Cheated on her husband, Based every decision in her life around astrology and the zodiac.

Barbara Bush...Bitch

Laura Bush...Drunk (killed her boy friend drunk driving) Possible marijuana user.

Now the next possible Republican first lady...
Cindy McCain...Drug addict and in her husbands own words ...(a cunt)

Yeah these are the people who should be judging other people's Wives.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Note to racist Blogs for Victory bloggers

Little background info: I've been called a "nigger" more times than you can count in the course of my short life, so if you think dropping the n-bomb is going to phase me, you might as well think of some ignorant name to call me. Plus, I don't let you racist creeps get to me. I'm too good of a person to even give a shit what you think about me. But I do appreciate you losers leaving for the record, the kind of company your buddies Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis like to associate themselves with.

Blogs for Victory parrot: Fascism Is Just Fine With Me

This idiot might as well have said it.

3. neocon | June 18th, 2008 at 3:32 pm

I don’t think 100 years in Iraq is long enough. In addition, I think we should suspend Habeus Corpus indefinitely, for everyone, until we get a handle on this terrorism.

have a nice day
peace, neocon

At least this creep confirms what I've grown to learn about rank-and-file Bush loyalists: they're fine with turning the country into a fascist police state, as long as they're kept safe from a fictitious bogeyman created by this administration.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Should Make the Count's Day

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, this year's NBA Finals Champions!

This is The Count. Hell Yeah! I am so thrilled and happy. If MTL is still posting on off topic give him a high five from me!

I'll just post these here.

Man oh man! Does it end tonight?

Good news and bad news.

Bad news The Celtics were stuck on the plane in LA because of mechanical failure on both planes. (what are the odds?) The Celtics didn't get back into Boston until about 10:15 last night.

Good news. Perkins is going to play and he's going to start. He just has to man up on Gasol and Odom.

IF...IF...IF...I say IF I get to finally have that victory cigar tonight I may have to smoke it indoors In my smoking room. There is a rain storm going on north of us in Wayne and Norfolk and while they don't think it will make it down here they are not ruling it out. If it hits here it will hit about the time this game ends.

For the 6th time let me just say how much this 8 o'clock start times sucks ass. I can't imagine what it is like East of here having to wait until 9: This is one case I envy Sergei and those folks out west.

Can not fall behind by 20 tonight. These 40-20 starts have to stop. Of course if Boston gets up 40-20 that's OK. One thing we have learned no lead is safe.

I've got Victory's Collar for good luck.

Oh man. LA has the phonies at there crowd and we have Celtic legends in ours. Does it get any better?

One more fucking commercial break.

The refs tonight are Salvatore, Crawford and Rush. Celtic nation just gave a collective oh fuck!


And Salvatore strikes already.

Were going to get fuck hard tonight

RAY RAY for 3!

These refs suck


Rondo playing hard.

Shit Kobe is on fire.

Rondo misses a lay up!

The effort is awesome but the shots aren't falling.

Rondo baby!

It's going to be up to Kobe to keep LA in this.

so far Kobe is all they have. Unfortunately he is on pace for 60 points so far.

Bill Belicheck is at the game with his boobs...I mean girlfriend.

Ray Allen poked in the eye no call. Perk barely touches somebody 2 fouls.

Boston is just getting screwed hard.

KG is on.

KG on fire!

How quick do these tax cheats masquerading as Refs get KG out of the game?

Pierce doesn't have it tonight. That's understandable. Boston's defense is great.

ALLEY OOP! Garnett!

2 fouls on Rondo. These refs suck my left nut hard.

There we go Paul!

Kobe ignoring his teammates.

PP fouled by Walton Jr. LA had one to give.

Damn Powe doesn't get the shot off.. Oh well MUCH BETTER START 24-20 Boston after 1.

Keep up the D.

Settle down guys.

Great defense on Kobe. These refs again.

Big Baby in the game.

We can't play. The refs will not let us play.

It's time to walk off the court. These guys aren't going to let you win. it's time to send a message.

Pierce for 3!

There you go Powe foul their ass out.

There's a charge they call a block.

Leon Powe baby!

Foul on Farmar and he has the nerve to bitch. You are fucking Jordan Farmar douche. Shut the fuck up.

Here is what to love with Boston right now. The effort especially on Defense is fantastic.

Can't miss free throws

Bill Russell is like 80 and he looks like he is ready to kick these refs asses.

Posey for 3! Boston out fighting LA!

Big Baby getting it done.

Another 3 for House TO LA! House and Posey! House and Posey! And Big Fucking Baby!

Pierce you have to shoot that.

Michelle Tafoya looking good tonight

Here comes RAY RAY!

3 fouls on Fisher.

Posey for another 3!!!

Boston is sticking on Kobe and LA so far doesn't have anything else.

OK the effort is great and we have a nice lead but need I remind anybody that no lead is safe ever.

Big Baby coming out. Nice minutes Big guy!

The lead right now is 13. That's nowhere near insurmountable. Hell 30 points wouldn't be. Boston just has to keep up the effort on Defense.
One pass too many for Perkins.

UH OH! Farmar's dead! Nope no he's not.

OH KG! did you bring the shit tonight? God Damn!

Boston just playing awesome right now.

OMG!!! KG! Just threw it up got fouled and it went in. With that shit going in you have to feel it's your night.

58-35 Boston at half.

Do I have to tell you? Yeah it feels great right now BUT THIS IS NOT OVER.

Shit ABC just gave Boston the game. UH OH!

Nice way to come out. Rondo hit's a jump shot.

3 on Perk.

My Nephew just called. He's 5. I was telling him it's not over keep rooting them on.

4 fouls on LA Euro.

See that's what scares me LA gets a dunk. can't let up.

The Pierce takes it hard to the hoop.

Shit LA 3.

Rondo scores and is fouled.

lakers are starting to hit but so far Boston is answering.

3 for RAY RAY!

Rondo has been great tonight.

Lakers hit 5 shots in a row and the Boston lead increased.

I just can't believe after all of this it's going to stay this easy. I still keep waiting for LA'S run.

Garnett ties up Gasol he is playing so well tonight it's not even funny.

Yeah IF I get to have my Victory cigar it will probably be inside. Storms are moving in.

Haha Sasha has 5.

Shit Scal isn't dressed, he won't get in.

Come on guys I know you are up by 30 but finish strong men.

That was all effort. Pierce missed a 3 because he is gassed,. Kobe tried to get cute Rondo stole the ball gets fouled and shoots free throws.

This has not been good Rondo this has been great Rondo.

Kobe is just going to take every shot.

Tony Allen is in the game to try and stuff Kobe.

Come on guys.

There you go Rondo.

Blocked Kobe's shit.

PJ Brown baby!

There goes that run.

Air Ball Kobe. 89-60 after 3 quarters.

Kobe is out. is that the white flag?

Kobe and Gasol are out.

Boston has KG and Pierce out as well. Rondo to the hoop.

Rondo fouled shot counts and he is fouled.

Flagrant foul. let me say this I am obviously not rooting for LA. But that call sucked.

Clear path foul not flagrant. Eh.

Big Baby fouled. Looks like Phil has to wait until next year to surpass Red Auerbach.

Ray Allen for 3!

Ray Ray another 3. OK I am going to say it. 101-70. This is over.

Kobe and Boston's stars back.

How great has Rondo been?

Ray Ray hit another fucking 3. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


I wonder if ET will get in now.

Rondo poked in the eye.

Rondo out House is in.

Boston is up by 34 at they are still out playing LA.

18 steals for Boston an NBA finals record.

Garnett block!

RAY RAY for another god damn 3 :)

Ray Allen has tied the record for the most 3's in an NBA finals game. Do they let him shoot another? I say hell yes. These are pros.


Pierce for 3. Just too sweet

What the hell is Odom doing?

Garnett comes out. He is gassed. The Big 3 comes out.

Boston's bench busting ass. Leon Powe grabs a rebound and puts it back in.

Leon Powe dunk!

Get ET in.

Posey fall away 3. Oh Jebus it's just our night.

This one is for Red...

And DJ

Wait Scal is dressed get him in.

We Want Scal

Brian Scalabrine all dressed up with nowhere to go.

OH OH OH Big Baby coast to coast dunk. he's been great tonight.

Alley OOP! They are just pouring this shit on.

3 for LA. who cares.

I guess it's a 2

Doc Rivers get's the Gatorade.

131-92 Final

Boston Celtics 2007-2008 World Champions.

And the GOP wonders why African-Americans Side With the Democrats?

Ben Smith over at Politico introduces a button that will be on sale during the Texas GOP Convention.

Anyday now; one of these dumb crackers is gonna drop the n-bomb......

Is the Google un-American? Or: How Bush-Backers Deluded Themselves Into a State of Denial

Ever since the 9/11 attacks, George Bush and his party have tried to fight the Global War on Terror by reminding the American citizen some food for thought:

A. We're the good guys; we're going to keep you safe from the evil-doers with the funny-looking towers wrapped around their heads and the long, raggedy beards; we're gonna find 'em, and kill em, and keep this up 'till there are no more terrorists in the world.

B. Anyone who dares question our motives or our plan, to have their judgment questioned at best, branded un-American and a supporter of the terrorists, at worst.

C. The Republicans want to track down and rid the world of the terrorists, the Democrats (or Defeatocrats, moonbats, or any word combination that makes the otherside sound like a bunch of pussies), with their 'Due Process', 'the 4th Amendment of the Constitution', and their 'Habeas Corpus', are making it harder for us, the good, strong guys, to fight the GWOT, and in some cases, aiding and abetting the enemy.

D. In a time of war, it is essential that we stand by out country and our troops, but most most importantly, our commander-in-chief and we must never waver in both his decisions and his loyalty.

E. Did we forget to mention that we, the Republicans, are the ones who want to keep you safe, and the Democrats are trying to protect the terrorists becasue they hate Bush for 'winning' in 2000?

This line of horseshit has been spoon-fed, swallowed, digested, and spoon-fed again time after time for five years, until the American people did what the GOP didn't want to have happen: we caught on to this ruse and said enough was enough.

So what do you do when your meal-ticket strategy of feeding Americans a spoonful of lies and scare-tactics goes by the wayside and has run it's course? Simple - continue to use what put you on the map and pray that there are just enough Americans who are still asleep and still oblivious to what has transpired in their country for the past seven years. So it comes to no surprise to me when I read conservative lapdogs who bash other people, institutions, and other groups for not marching lockstep with Our Great Leader, even though Americans have longed tuned themselves out from hearing such trivial nonsense, thank God. Yet, I have to bring this instance of a right-wing site taking on the search engine Google, not for taking a stand against the type of fear-mongering BushCo is infamous for, but for not displaying doodles on certain holidays.
But in the last few years, as Google has grown to dominate the world of Internet search, some people have detected a more sinister motive behind its choice of days to commemorate. From the National Review to NewsBusters and InstaPundit, some of the country's most prominent conservative opinion journals and news sites have published stories and blog posts denouncing Google for subtly pushing a liberal worldview in its doodles while steadfastly refusing to commemorate patriotic or religious holidays.

Few keep a closer watch on Google than the editors of National Review. For years, they have monitored Google's doodles in search of value judgments about America. When Google ignored Memorial Day in 2006, editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg wrote on NRO's Corner, "It's kind of sad. They change their logo for all sorts of holidays and occasions. Just last week they paid tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday. But Memorial Day doesn't seem to rate anything at all." In 2007, online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote, "What, no Easter? I wasn't expecting a risen Christ, but at least an Easter bunny?" Last June 6, Lopez sniffed, "So today is the D-Day anniversary. Today is the day RFK died 40 years ago. So Google is celebrating Diego Velazquez's birthday, natch."

Even when Google commemorates Independence Day, Lopez has looked for hints of a clandestine liberal sensibility. Last year, she printed a comment from a reader who claimed that the American eagle on Google's logo was clutching olive branches—but not arrows, the symbol of America's military might: "I think they've gone with a remodeled 'peace is patriotic' bumper sticker. They just couldn't bring themselves to do something 'American' without making some kind of signal about current policy."

The Google is now having it's patriotism questioned for not displaying patriotic doodles on certain holidays. What's next? Sean Hannity will dedicate a special report on a group of mothers who haven't made frosted red, white, and blue sugar cookies on Independence Day?

Nevermind that it's Google's own business whether or not to display what they choose on certain holidays, it shows just how detached and how numb these Bush loyalists are, to the point where attacking a search engine site for not doodling some form of celebrating the Fourth of July is fair game.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Right-wing death threat of the day

“The depth of both true Faith and of Reason escapes you and in this you are to be felt sorrow for because the Kingdom of Knowledge has its gates sealed shut to you. ” - Pain

Who else gets a warm a fuzzy from Pain.

As one who abhors Islam, if you ever cross my path, I will slit your throat.

Have a nice day
peace, neocon

Talk about stupid....

And here I thought the nutcases at Blogs for Victory were idiots. Two new conservative blogs I've found that match Mark Noonan, Matt Margolis, and their followers in brain-dead stupidity and out-right ignorance: Little Green Footballs and The People's Cube.

Update: Check out my new post over at Jonathan's Corner.

The View From My Ass

I'd like to tell you I am writing because I am in a deep analytical mood but the truth is I am writing because I still currently too pissed to sleep.

The race for the Democratic nomination is over of course and thank God for that. But I was talking to The Contessa Friday night about what I sensed was hypocrisy fron many of Hillary Clinton's female supporters. I have defended Hillary Clinton often during the race because I thought she was the victim from unfair criticism from all sides. But many of her Female supports were in my judgment guilty of the very same things they have been accusing others of... blatant sexism. Many of Hillary's supporters have charged that much of Obama's support was due to three facts...
That he was a Man
That he was Black and
That he was a Black man.

Now of course there are people who, wrongly by the way, voted for Obama because he is a Man and she is not. However when Clinton supporters (almost all female in this case) were asked why they were supporting their candidate the answer was often because it's time for a Woman. If voting for a candidate because that candidate has a penis is wrong, and I believe it is, then voting for a candidate because they don't is equally as wrong. To me that seems pretty obvious. And no I am absolutely not saying that Hillary's supporters all backed her just because she was a woman, Nor am I saying all or or most of her Female supporters did so, all I am saying is "because she was a woman" was not a valid excuse.

Let me just say before I get bombarded with posts calling me a sexist. I have and will back female candidates in political races. I would have been 100% behind Hillary Clinton if she won the nomination.

Speaking of Women Great editorial from Frank Rich in the Sunday times about Women and Obama.


From the editorial

" But while the McCain campaign apparently believes that women are easy marks for its latent feminist cross-dressing, a reality check suggests that most women can instantly identify any man who’s hitting on them for selfish ends. New polls show Mr. Obama opening up a huge lead among female voters — beating Mr. McCain by 13 percentage points in the Gallup and Rasmussen polls and by 19 points in the latest Wall Street Journal-NBC News survey.

How huge is a 13- to 19-percentage-point lead? John Kerry won women by only 3 points, Al Gore by 11.

The real question is how Mr. McCain and his press enablers could seriously assert that he will pick up disaffected female voters in the aftermath of the brutal Obama-Clinton nomination battle. Even among Democrats, Mr. Obama lost only the oldest female voters to Mrs. Clinton.

But as we know from our Groundhog Days of 2008, a fictional campaign narrative, once set in the concrete of Beltway bloviation, must be recited incessantly, especially on cable television, no matter what facts stand in the way. Only an earthquake — the Iowa results, for instance — could shatter such previously immutable story lines as the Clinton campaign’s invincibility and the innate hostility of white voters to a black candidate.

Our new bogus narrative rose from the ashes of Mrs. Clinton’s concession to Mr. Obama, amid the raucous debate over what role misogyny played in her defeat. A few female Clinton supporters — or so they identified themselves — appeared on YouTube and Fox News to say they were so infuriated by sexism that they would vote for Mr. McCain.

Now, there’s no question that men played a big role in Mrs. Clinton’s narrow loss, starting with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Mark Penn. And the evidence of misogyny in the press and elsewhere is irrefutable, even if it was not the determinative factor in the race. But the notion that all female Clinton supporters became “angry white women” once their candidate lost — to the hysterical extreme where even lifelong Democrats would desert their own party en masse — is itself a sexist stereotype. That’s why some of the same talking heads and Republican operatives who gleefully insulted Mrs. Clinton are now peddling this fable on such flimsy anecdotal evidence.

The fictional scenario of mobs of crazed women defecting to Mr. McCain is just one subplot of the master narrative that has consumed our politics for months. The larger plot has it that the Democratic Party is hopelessly divided, and that only a ticket containing Mrs. Clinton in either slot could retain the loyalty of white male bowlers and other constituencies who tended to prefer her to Mr. Obama in the primaries.

This is reality turned upside down. It’s the Democrats who are largely united and the Republicans who are at one another’s throats.

Yet the myth of Democratic disarray is so pervasive that when “NBC Nightly News” and The Wall Street Journal presented their new poll results last week (Obama, 47 percent; McCain, 41 percent) they ignored their own survey’s findings to stick to the clichéd script. Both news organizations (and NBC’s sibling, MSNBC) dwelled darkly on Mr. Obama’s “problems with two key groups” (as NBC put it): white men, where he is behind 20 percentage points to Mr. McCain, and white suburban women, where he is behind 6 points.

Since that poll gives Mr. Obama not just a 19-point lead among all women but also a 7-point lead among white women, a 6-point deficit in one sliver of the female pie is hardly a heart-stopper. Nor is Mr. Obama’s showing among white men shocking news. No Democratic presidential candidate, including Bill Clinton, has won a majority of that declining demographic since 1964. Mr. Kerry lost white men by 25 points, and Mr. Gore did by 24 points (even as he won the popular vote)."

Amen Frank.

Now on to Tim Russert. The Rude Pundit had a great line. Did Iowa all of the sudden dry up? yes his death was sudden and for some tragic and on the day he died I mentioned I was not a fan but it was a sad thing. Now we can be sad but let's be honest. If you have been watching MSNBC'S 72 hour Russertathon you mat have came away with the impression that the Man was an honest to goodness American institution who single handedly invented Political journalism. A man who was beyond reproach. honest. loyal, hardworking and above all Neutral. Well the time has come from a little good old fashion truth. The man was a neo-con ass kissing, soft ball throwing, hack. Yeah
there's a time for sadness and there is a time for truth. He destroyed meet the press, his gotcha performance with Hillary Clinton in the Cleveland debate was a disgrace and his willingness to kiss the ass of any neo-con sitting across from him will never be forgotten. Sorry Timmy but the truth is the truth.

Anyway I feel a little but better now. I am still pissed that there is going to be a game Tuesday. And I am worried that with Pierce playing all game tonight and Perk still probably out of the line up Boston's gas tank might be hitting E. But hey win Tuesday and it's all good.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 5

OK I am going to get a quick 18 on on Hotshots and Then it will be about post time.

I want this thing to end tonight., My wife wants this thing to end tonight, our 10 readers who don't give a shit about basketball want this thing to end tonight. It would behoove just about everybody if Boston just ended this thing tonight.

God rest Tim Russert I am sure his family is crushed. But honestly he wasn't worth 72 minutes of coverage let alone 72+ hours that MSNBC is giving him.

Happy Fathers day to all of the Fathers out there. I bet you thought I screwed up and thought it was last week.

Luck Be a Lady Tonight...

My Dad would be thrilled if Boston wins the title tonight. Although he won't know until tomorrow. I don't care where he is he's going to bed at 9. :)

Leon Powe is starting tonight for Perk. Perk is out :( Will we see Scal?

Can we please get game 2 Leon Powe?

I've got Victory's collar.

Scal is dressed.

I like the look tonight. much better than Thursday.

If LA has any nut sack what so ever this will be a very tough game to win.

LA has the white uniforms on tonight. Looking for any change in luck they can get?

Jack Nicholson is talking to Doc Rivers.

Larry King is at the game.

Here we go.

Will Kobe even bother with his teammates?

Oh Lord Dick Bavetta.

Kobe shoots a 3 and scores.

Settle down guys.

Take a timeout. don't waste time.

That's a great sign. Kobe just took a terrible shot. Fisher hurt?

10-2 here we go again.


Rondo has to shoot that.

There you go Rondo. take it hard.

SHIT! Come on Powe!

Three by Kobe!

Fuck! 18-5 LA.

How can you come out like this in this game?

It's going to be all Kobe. If he stays hot we are in trouble

Kobe can't fucking miss

come on PJ you can't miss layups!

We won't come back this time.

How can you fucking come out and play like this tonight?

If there is a plus KG came to play.

2 on Garnett


Boston is not bothering to play defense.

And Missing free throws.

39-22 LA At the end of 1.

Might be a good idea to play some fucking defense.

What the hell happened to the defense?

Pierce starting to take over.

LA put in some stiff called Chris Mihm and Peirce is abusing him.

This is a terrible lineup for LA

What is Phil thinking with this lineup?

Thank you Phil Jackson.

And Boston has some momentum now because Phil decided to put in that hideous line up. You know Kobe will be back in after the time out.

Tony Allen!

Shit 3 on KG. That was really stupid on KG's part.

Gasol missed them both.

Peirce dunk!

Peirce is not going down tonight!

Come on guys!

If Boston wins this tonight it's on Phil.

Don't shoot ET!

Have to go with Rondo and House at the point. ET can't make a basket and he's a liability on defense.

You have to rebound!

T on Euro!

Tony Allen makes a layup then Odom makes a basket and gets fouled

Great defense from Boston.

3 from Ray Ray!

When does Peirce get a rest?

That should be a T on Kobe.

Peirce for 3!!!!

And LA is ahead only 55-52 at half.

It's all right there in front of us.

Good inbounds play for Ray Allen

Tie game! Allen for 3!

Foul on Kobe. We've got'em questioning themselves.

Who touched Kobe there? Bullshit call

There you go KG to the hoop!

Charge on Kobe!

Rondo!!! they only gave him 2.

Shit that 4 on KG? Whew the foul was on PJ Brown.

What the fuck was that call? Travel on KG Dammit!

Peirce hard to the hoop. Every time you go to the hoop good things happen.

Another charge on Kobe? 4 fouls!

Shit. Fisher fouled and makes a miracle shot.

Lead up to 7 that quick. time for a TO. that was poor That was all on Rondo. I think they come back with House.

House and Posey have to step up right now.

Shit ET is in the game until Eddie House stops bleeding.

The refs keep putting Fisher on the line.

Ray Allen keeping us close. No it was ET.

4 on KG

House back in.

Boston just playing awful to end this quarter

LA ahead 79-70 and Boston can't buy a basket.

That was the first 3rd quarter that LA has won in this series.

Odom is hurt

He got hit in his fellas

Odom hits a 3. This is going back to Boston. fuck.

Do you get Paul out now?

5 on KG that was stupid. Oh just out of bounds.

It's time to get the big 3 out.

This should be a T on boyish-bitch

ET just threw in a prayer and got fouled

Dammit KG go strong.

Kobe is getting frustrated

Posey for 3!

Out on LA! do they pucker up?

Does LA tighten up?

No matter how this turns out Perice has been awesome tonight. He has shut my ass up.

KG tie game!

Pau Gasol has been great tonight

5 on KG.

5 on Perice just that quick.


Odom at the line

Makes the first Shit he made them both

Can we get stops?

Great Job KG! Now make these.

Dammit KG!

Missed them both!

Can't fucking rebound

That's game Kobe stole it got it back and dunked it.

Is Boston going to have enough gas to end this Tuesday?


House made a 3.

103-98 LA Final

Does Boston have enough for Tuesday?

Late Edit Why I call Sam Cassell ET

Ignorant, white-trash homophobes piss me off!

As you know, there are many subjects that can, and will, piss me off, but the issue of gays and the ignorant stereotypes that have been perpetuated about the gay community from dumbfuck, white trash rednecks will almost always guarantee me dropping f-bombs on a thread. Such is the case with this particular moron, FmrMarine.

6. FmrMarine | June 14th, 2008 at 11:04 am


I live these athiest-pornographers, Christian haters who espouse homosexuality which directly leads to AIDS all worried about the planet.

while pushing marxism which has murdered over 100,000,000 people and abortion which has murdered over 50,000,000 people.

These people are as or more dangerous as islam.

This was my response:


14. Jonathan | June 14th, 2008 at 4:55 pm

I live these athiest-pornographers, Christian haters who espouse homosexuality which directly leads to AIDS all worried about the planet.

Uh, Fmr Marine:
First, it’s ‘love’, not ‘live’.
Second, let me teach you how to spell the word ‘atheist’ - A-T-H-E-I-S-T. Now you try.
Third, provide evidence that homosexuality is directly linked to AIDS, or just admit that you have no idea what the hell you’re blathering about…..on second thought, just admit that you’re an uninformed idiot. My uncle Ronald, is a gay man, and he does not have AIDS or HIV. In fact, AIDS and HIV does not know sexual preference. All it knows is that if you were having unprotected sex with another partner, or you were using unsterilized needles or whatnot, you will contract the disease.
Quit spewing ignorant stereotypes about gays you uninformed, dipshit redneck!

Late Edit From The Count.

Go ahead and call him a dipshit :) No need to censor yourself. The truth should never be censored. The Truth as Jeremiah will tell you, will set you free.

Watts And Williams Thinking Of Voting For Obama


Black conservatives conflicted on Obama campaign

By FREDERIC J. FROMMER, Associated Press Writer Sat Jun 14, 7:18 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Black conservative talk show host Armstrong Williams has never voted for a Democrat for president. That could change this year with Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's nominee.

"I don't necessarily like his policies; I don't like much that he advocates, but for the first time in my life, history thrusts me to really seriously think about it," Williams said. "I can honestly say I have no idea who I'm going to pull that lever for in November. And to me, that's incredible."

Just as Obama has touched black Democratic voters, he has engendered conflicting emotions among black Republicans. They revel over the possibility of a black president but wrestle with the thought that the Illinois senator doesn't sit beside them ideologically.

"Among black conservatives," Williams said, "they tell me privately, it would be very hard to vote against him in November."

Perhaps sensing the possibility of such a shift, Republican presidential candidate John McCain has made some efforts to lure black voters. He recently told Essence magazine that he would attend the NAACP's annual convention next month, and he noted that he recently traveled to Selma, Ala., scene of seminal voting rights protests in the 1960s, and "talked about the need to include 'forgotten Americans.'"

Still, the Arizona senator has a tall order in winning black votes, no doubt made taller by running against a black opponent. In 2004, blacks chose Democrat John Kerry over President Bush by an 88 percent to 11 percent margin, according to exit polls.

J.C. Watts, a former Oklahoma congressman who once was part of the GOP House leadership, said he's thinking of voting for Obama. Watts said he's still a Republican, but he criticizes his party for neglecting the black community. Black Republicans, he said, have to concede that while they might not agree with Democrats on issues, at least that party reaches out to them.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mark Noonan: Why Should We Give a Shit About the Environment?

I kid you not. all the times I’ve heard us being told to save the planet, I’ve never really heard a good explanation of what we’re saving it for…given that the inevitible end of the earth is, well, the end of the earth and that pile of recycled soda cans won’t be doing anyone a bit of good when that happens.

Translation: Why should I care? Earth's gonna croak anyway, plus Jesus will be comin' back any day now and take his loyal followers home!

Hey asshole, there will be a new generation of people inhabiting and living on Earth, long after we're dead and gone; it wouldn't be fair to leave the planet as some unlivable pigsty becasue people like you turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the damage. This is the only place we call home, we have an obligation to leave it as clean as possible so that the next generation won't have to read in the history books how we fucked it up at their expense.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Good Pastor Jeremiah Returns!

Greetings, liberal sinners, to a new sermon from the Reverend Jeremiah. Tonight, the good Reverend returns with what he views as the obligations of all good Christians everywhere.

As a recent survey points out, Americans are divided evenly on the issue of homosexuality, and this is a sign that the acceptance of immorality in our society is becoming or has already become first place in peoples' hearts and minds. Why? You ask...For many reasons, attributed to the same group of ideologues called Liberal Democrats, just call them plainly - 'Democrats', because the whole of the Democrat party has become a whole sort of nastiness. The problem in a nutshell, is the Democrats have a most insane set of opinions, opinions that are anti-America and anti-Christian and anti-Family, of course, anti-Christian and anti-Family comprises most of their agenda. So, how did they create this mess? They took God and shoved Him out of our schools, good Christian people who taught good, wholesome values to our children...pushed out. "We hate ya. We don't want ya!" and you can see what has happened, can't you? The hate has pervaded the minds of our children...the children then grow up thinking they have an easy road ahead, and they say, "There's nothing to worry about, I can always depend on the government", and the government does, they hand them all the money they need to murder their little babies, to fund for diseases that they've gotten from being taught they can have sex any time they want too...the government's going to have to stop this funding and tell the people, say, "Hey, if you don't want to get a disease, or don't want to have a children, then don't have sex until you're ready to be committed to your husband or wife...but they won't, they'll just keep handing them the free dough, and the diseases will continue to spread, and babies will continue to be murdered on a daily basis.... and ...generation afer generation, America becomes weaker, and with scornful eyes other countries watch as America comes to Her demise. You know, America once looked to God, and peace filled the land with a harmony of working families going about their everyday happy lives...rejoicing and praising God for everything they had. Now, people just can't seem to get enough fame, money, riches, sex and material pleasure....and they don't want God anymore. Well, I'll tell you, God doesn't like what He sees, and He may get angry at America, unless people wake up! If you think these tornadoes and wildfires and earthquakes are bad...then you haven't seen anything compared to God's Awesome Mighty hand of power come to force!

We can avoid God's anger, if we'll only seek Him and ask Him for guidance.

Many churches (Church pastors, Youth leaders, Counsellors, and Congregations) are partly to blame as well, because too many church leaders are accepting the homosexual lifestyle as "normal" or "ok", and you have half the congregation for homosexuality and half against homosexuality.....this severely weakens the message and influence of the church, and it severely weakens society too. And that's what I mean, you see, that's why America is failing, because too many church leaders won't step to the plate with the courage to challenge their members morally.......In order to make a difference, you must be ROCK solid on what God's Word says......When God's Word says it's Wrong.....It's WRONG! And homosexuality is deathly WRONG!! And there's no earthly man that can change what God's Word says. PERIOD!

So, to all you churches out there, listen up....America's future is dependent upon you, and all Christians, everywhere, as God's messengers to get the message out, and put our foot down about the damage that homosexuals and homosexuality are doing to America! If you love America, and you love God, you will challenge and warn them about these dangers!

God bless!

Edit From The Count. New Poll Question concerning this thread.

Another Weather Update

I just want to repeat since some people have asked about it. Omaha is not having the flooding problems that Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and all of Iowa are having. We had a a small Tornado go through early Sunday morning that hit the Millard area of town and Wednesday we had a pretty good storm that lasted most of the night. but outside of some hail damage and a few blocks in Millard most everybody in Omaha (except the three families who lost their sons at the boy scout ranch) Has come through the past few days with little damage.

Tim Russert 1950-2008

WASHINGTON - Tim Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of “Meet the Press,” died Friday after a sudden heart attack at the bureau, NBC News said Friday. He was 58.

Russert was recording voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” program when he collapsed, the network said. No details were immediately available.

Russert, the recipient of 48 honorary doctorates, took over the helm of “Meet the Press” in December 1991. Now in its 60th year, “Meet the Press” is the longest-running program in the history of television.

In 2008, Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Timothy John Russert Jr. was born in Buffalo, N.Y., on May 7, 1950. He was a graduate of Canisius High School, John Carroll University and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He was a member of the bar in New York and the District of Columbia.

Ok No secret I was no fan of Russert and his bending over for Republicans who appeared on his show but this was sudden. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

the Supreme Court Defies It's Puppet Master


Court says detainees have rights, bucking Bush

By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer 25 minutes ago

In a stinging rebuke to President Bush's anti-terror policies, a deeply divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign detainees held for years at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba have the right to appeal to U.S. civilian courts to challenge their indefinite imprisonment without charges.

Bush said he strongly disagreed with the decision — the third time the court has repudiated him on the detainees — and suggested he might seek yet another law to keep terror suspects locked up at the prison camp, even as his presidency winds down.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey said the ruling would not affect the Guantanamo trials against enemy combatants.

"I'm disappointed with the decision, in so far as I understand that it will result in hundreds of actions challenging the detention of enemy combatants to be moved to federal district court," Mukasey said at a Group of Eight meeting of justice and home affairs ministers Friday in Tokyo.

"I think it bears emphasis that the court's decision does not concern military commission trials, which will continue to proceed. Instead it addresses the procedures that the Congress and the president put in place to permit enemy combatants to challenge their detention."

"Obviously we're going to comply with the decision, we're going to study both the decision itself and whether any legislation or any other action may be appropriate."

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the 5-4 high court majority, acknowledged the terrorism threat the U.S. faces — the administration's justification for the detentions — but he declared, "The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times."


Damn! Pinocchio is deifying Geppetto and Geppetto doesn't like it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 4

Well it's game 4.

I see where CNN wonders if Michelle Obama is fair game and Republicans say she is. Fair enough. That must mean Cindy McCain is as well. And we all know Cindy McCain is a drug addled "Cunt" Cunt being her husbands term for her.

Well I have finished Let Me Tell You A Story last night. Part of that was do to the storm. Part of it was due to the fact that it is a great book. I have to get Red's autobiography. I can only watch weather people repeat the same shit over and over again before I go nuts. Weather people aren't my favorite people anyway. Although last night you couldn't really give them any static last night. Even if the game was last night I wouldn't bitch. Last night was not good. Today it is mostly sunny and not that hot. A very nice night indeed.

Got Victory's collar.

Phil's asleep

I do not like the look on The Celtics players tonight.

Why does Boston look so scared?

Could these games start any later?

All the phonies are present and accounted for.

Steve Javee is working the game. Oh no!

Both teams are already playing better than Tuesday's shit fest.

Javee is going to kill us.

Peirce is off early again.


Boston is going to get fucked silly tonight.

Garnett misses a lay-up. we're fucked.

keep taking it to the hoop.

This could get ugly.

Boston getting out hustled.

Boston is not ready to play. You could see it.


Kobe fouls shits himself.

5 in a row from Boston

That's the end of the first quarter

LA 35 Boston 14. This proves The louder, the more obnoxious, the bigger the puke you are the more you succeed.

These officials suck

LA over the back

I wish somebody would punch Javee

Garnett two in a row

I am this close to turning on The Spanish desperate housewives on Univision.

Ray Allen for 3!

See if you push it you get the calls

Down to 14. 10 straight points

12 straight points was enough for these refs.

Posey for 3!

Terrible block call

3 on Kobe!

How many layups can Boston miss?

Hey they called a foul on a LA Euro!

LA hit's a 3 at the buzzer. 58-40 at the half.

LA thinks the game is over

Boston looks much better so far in the second half. 8-2 start

Perk is hurt. This is starting to really sucks

LA fans have no class

Every Boston run is being answered

Boston being held no call

Back up to 20

7 pt run lead back down to 13. Can Boston sustain this run?

Steve Javee is so fucking worthless

Down to 11

Time out LA

It is really nice out tonight. I just walked out for a minute. It would be really nice weather for a Victory Cigar. Well let's be honest. I am going out to smoke one regardless.

Every time Boston has a chance to come back the Refs kill them.

5 On Posey

Pierce takes it to the hoop and gets fouled. Just keep doing that shit

House for 3!

Ray Ray!

21-3 run to end the third Quarter and LA is ahead 73-71 after 3.


This doesn't need to be said but I'll say it anyway...This game is there to be had.

Just be smart.

Foul on Powe

Javee continues to kill us.

That LA Euro should be tossed.

Tie game!

terrible no calls

Kobe dribbles the ball off his shoe so they call Pierce for a foul.

So is it time to come back with KG?

Boston just can't get the lead

How is that not a foul?

LA lead is up to 4.

Posey for 3!

There you go Garnett keep going to the hoop

First lead of the night!!!!!

So help me I have to puke.

KG! Boston lead is 5.


I don't mind admitting I am 33 years old and I am as big a fucking wreck as I was when I was 10.

I am going to go. I am too nervous to type.

97-91 Boston

3-1 Boston!

What is you excuse tonight Phylis?

Fuck Yeah!

Latest from Jer - Part 2

Here's Jeremiah's response to RalphyFan (ET, PbD) on the thread about abortion, and if you honestly expected Jeremiah to apologize, then I've got this fancy bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you....

That's the trouble with you Lefties, M'am, you have trouble think only what you want to think, see only what you want to see, hear only what you want to hear.

I never called you daughter any number of "names"...No, I say that's how the majority if children are treated ... In other words ... IT'S NOT THE CHILDREN'S FAULT!!!

If YOU treat YOUR children in the same manner that the state wishes too to treat your children, with the non-shalante, anything goes attitude YOUR the one to blame!!

Do you understand?

Open you mind, and soak in the good that God's Word has for you...My purpose here is not to "denigrate" and "put down" people...but to help you understand what's right, and where society has went wrong.

Now, whether you truly are a mother is no way for me to tell, for all I know you could be some pedophile down the street, you make no name for yourself.

But whoever you are, please know this, and know it well.....There's no way in this world that I would tell you something that hasn't already been proven...and by that, my friend I mean, is that there's a God who cares and understands your every need, a God who loves you more than anything else in this world...and He wants you to know that.....Maybe that's the reason you're here...ever think of it that way?

Am I proud of myself? Well, considering that I've tried to the best of my abilities to live up to what God's Word says I feel some measure of worth, because God said He wanted me to live, I must have some purpose in this world, or else I wouldn't be here. And to me, that purpose in life is to be here as a witness for you, because YOU have a purpose, and God wants to know if your willing to accept His forgiveness and ask Him to come into your life and be made a new person with joy unspeakable...and that's how it is, God works in mysterious ways, and what does in your life it will reflect back at you with a brightness of new spiritual growth and vigor...and from then on, you can't help but smile, because God has made a whole different person out of you.


God bless!

June 12, 2008 12:42 PM

I love how Jeremiah masks both his ignorance and his condescending behavior in one of his smoke-and-mirrors sermons he rants about every chance he gets.

Latest from Jer

Earlier, on the issue of abortion and birth control, I said to our "friend" Jeremiah...

Jeremiah, this is pathetic.

Who are you to project yourself onto the dreadful agonies a mother contemplating abortion must go through?

You have never and WILL never have to endure such a decision.

You will never face the choices such a woman must face - the prospect of a father shrugging and saying, "So what, it's YOUR problem"; the rapist chortling at his victim's dilemma; the family member responsible for the pregnancy and the whole remaining family in denial as the victim shoulders all the blame and responsibility.

And, add to that, consider the situation of the young woman drawn in by the young man who then shrugs his shoulders and says "Hey, not my problem!" You would put the burden upon his victim? To bear an unwanted child foisted upon her?

There is a solution. Ready access to birth control methods. Avoidance of this tragic scenario before it ever occurs.

Oh, but, wait! That cannot be! Because your God has said that women should not have control over their own bodies. That their fertility is subject solely to the whim of the men in their lives, and anything that contravenes that interferes with God's Plan.

Geez, Jeremiah. Wake up and have some compassion for the women who are the VICTIMS of your callous position. You would force women whose conception has been against their will to bear children? Holy crap - what will those kids experience as a result of their unwanted birth? Perhaps unwanted by both mother and father?

Every child should arrive in this world welcomed and loved. Your post does nothing to assure this.

Birth control helps to assure that children are welcomed and loved.

Lack of birth control, as you seem to advocate, makes it likely that newborns may be as unwelcomed as they are embraced, as rejected as they are welcomed.

Show me a scenario where birth control results in unwanted children.

Show me.

June 7, 2008 6:43 AM

Jeremiah said...


Where your ideology of birth control is failed, is in the fact that you use birth control as a means to justify earlier and earlier ages for girls to have sex. Essentially, forcing the idea of sex onto adolescents. Adolescents aren't prepared mentally for the task of rearing children, but not always, you see, some children have parents who actually care about their children, good Christian parents who will give their love and support in any way they can to help their child rear their child.

But to give children as young as 11 birth control is not caring at all for children - Because for number one - it leads them into fornication, because they think they're being "safe"...and furthermore, they have it all planned out in advance, they say to themselves, 'If something happens that I accidentally have a child, I'll just get an abortion.'
So who is to blame then? The girl? No! Because she doesn't understand what caring and love for a child means...because all she's been taught is to have and enjoy her sexual desires by those in the school system who think they've given these children a license to fornicate. And furthermore, not realizing the scars that abortion brings physically but most of the time mentally. They have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives...but do you or the school teachers care? No, you just laugh and go've had your jollies and so now you have no need of her essence, slavery to sex - treating people no better than a filthy rag.

So what it really all boils down to, is that we have to deal with people of your intellect who have no sense of right and wrong in the world, making excuses for bad behavior, and this, my friend, is evil.

We should be telling these young girls to wait for that special commitment ordained by God in the unity of Christ Jesus who gives us the strength to endure and raise a family. And when we do this, where there is doubt, it is replaced with assurance, and where there is haste, it is replaced with patience to run the race joined together with our Father who art in heaven Eternally happy.

June 10, 2008 12:49 AM

This could not stand.

And I replied...

Where the HECK (pre-editing for you, Jer) did I advocate sexual behavior for 11-year-olds? I'm a parent to a daughter aged 14. I understand this issue VERY completely. I've taught her well and I am assured that she's not going to "play the field" at her tender age. Not because of some cosmic God In The Sky but because she has some level of self-respect.

And I deeply - DEEPLY - resent your crass insinuation that just because I do not share YOUR worldview I am "making excuses for bad behavior" and turning my child into some kind of whore. You cross a moral line when you claim that stance based on your religion, Jeremiah, and if you're honest you know you owe me an apology...because even you should not have the gall to claim that YOU have greater authority over someone else's child than that child's parent has.


"I laugh," "I go on," "I have my jollies"?? What are you claiming? That I, AS A PARENT, somehow rejoice in a child's sexual exploits? Where do you get off claiming that?

My daughter is a smart, tuned-in young lady who is not about to play around. But she's also wise enough not to buy into your scenario which makes her subordinate to any and every evangelical ideologue who claims that her body is not her own, but HIS.

You owe me an apology, Jeremiah. You know that it is owed and it is owed NOW.

How dare you suggest that my wonderful daughter is "no better than a filthy rag"?

Your words.

You freaking owe me an apology. We may disagree on theological matters, but you have just called my daughter any number of tawdry names, and THAT, sir, you must answer for.

Own up. How DARE you impugn my daughter's virtue? Show some of the much-vaunted respect you claim to have for womanhood and apologize. Now.

Or acknowledge that you have named a blameless 8th grader as a "filthy rag," in your own words, just because you can do so anonymously on the Internet.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

June 12, 2008 5:31 AM

For Anybody Who Speaks Ralph

What is a Guru Maggot?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weather Update

Don't know if any of you have been seen the news but my neck of the woods is having a wild weather night. Wind, Rain, Hail, Tornadoes the works. My area was hit hard by rain and hail and I will be shocked if We don't end up back down in shelter yet again tonight. We have been down for about 3 hours until we just came out. The storm is on a line in Nebraska that follows I-80. There is still more south of us so even though it's SOMEWHAT calm now in Omaha I suspect we will get another round.

The Big story from this storm is that a tornado took out a Boy Scout camp in Little Sioux Iowa and killed at least 4 people. Not a fun night.

Late Edit. This is an Amazing storm. so far Omaha Has been comparatively lucky so far but Iowa is just getting killed. They are saying more thunderstorms later but they don't think we will get anything as bad as we have had.

And this week's most ignorant conservative post goes to...

Jeremiah, for this:

Some would say "offensive" ... But am I offended? No! Not at all, because, you see, it's Conservatives turn take this country back from the degeneration that has divided America...and renew it with some decency.

Can there be any doubt that he's a full-blown moron with an I.Q. lower that our current president?
BTW Jeremiah, a brief history lesson: conservatives took back the country two decades was called the Reagan Revolution. Idiot.

How Is The Economy Affecting You?

I think it's hitting all of us in one way or another. between gas prices and the rising cost of groceries amongst other things.

I am glad for 2 things.

1. I don't drive. I never thought I would say this but thank God I don't drive. I can't imagine what it would do to us if we had 2 cars to feed.

2. Thank God I live close to most everything. We have to go aways to the mall but since neither of goes to the mall but 3 or 4 times a year before December big wup.

We are going on a vacation this year. I totally understand people who aren't and can't. However it's not what you would call a long (in terms of millage) Vacation. We aren't even leaving the state. And we are staying in a Cabin most of the time and cooking our own food. So it's a bit of a different vacation for us certainly. But I couldn't not go on a vacation. That would make me feel like I am letting the fuckers win.

One other point. Jonathan and I are Obama supporters but I have to say I am a little upset about one thing Obama is proposing. I thought the first round of rebate checks was a finger in the dyke type move that really wouldn't help anything. Obama wants a second round of Rebate checks. I just don't see that helping anything. What I propose would help is a decrease in gas prices of about $2:00 a gallon. Sure Gas would still be higher than it use to be but way cheaper than $4 a gallon. As long as people are losing money to go to work the Economy won't be helped.

Oh and God Bless the Republicans for shooting down the tax on Oil Companies. I actually got an Automated call from Lee Terry my Congressman wanting me to participate on a over the phone town hall meeting on gas Prices. I hung up. It's a good thing too because he may have taken me literally when I told him to suck my left nut.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 3

I know a lot of Celtics fans are already bumming about this game. They are worried That Phil's whining will have an effect. They are worried that having Bennett Salvatore working the game will work against Them. ( Bennett Pay Your Taxes) Honestly I am more calm tonight than I have been the whole series. And it's because of Laker fan. Laker fan is such a whiny punk puke that really whether Boston wins the series or not is not of as much consequence as I originally thought. Don't get me wrong now I want to win this series. But at the end of the day no matter what I will still be a Boston Celtic and they will still be LA Lakers. And In my book that makes me the winner. So what ever happens...happens. The Lakers and their fans are losers no matter what.

Some Pre-game pictures...

Phil Jackson

Kobe Bryant

I feel like singing...

Oh, céad mile fáilte
They'll greet you down at Donovan's
As cheery as the springtime
As Irish as the conovans
The wish of my heart is
If ever I had anyone
That ev'ry luck that lightens life
May light upon the Donovans

I have to say I like LA'S player intro Video. Very Classy.

So I finished Colonel Son and the second time around it was a much better read. Now I am re-reading Let Me Tell You A Story by red Auerbach and John Feinstein.

Got Victory's collar in my hands for luck.

The media wants LA to win this series so bad.

One thing about games in LA. Every time the Lakers go on a run the Camera will focus on bouncing breasts.

Here we go.

Kobe Air Ball.

Kobe is bitching

Ray Allen is off.

calm down Ray.

Boston should be up 10-1 and they are up 2-1.

Bennett Salvatore is such a douche.

Boston needs a TO.

Kobe missed a dunk but LA gets the rebound and Tax evader calls a foul on Boston.

Kevin Garnett way off

Yup Kobe will have 60 free throws tonight. But Boston is playing like shit

Is it time for a TO yet?

Kobe missing free throws

See if you take it to the hoop you will get foul calls

Thank God LA isn't playing well either.

Ray Allen for 3.

There you go. Perk to Rondo.

Come on KG.

Joey Crawford holding up a game.

Rondo missed a lay up.

Kobe 8 free throws already

Rondo! he has to keep hitting those.

Travel on Kobe and...

Posey for 3.

Boston keeping in there

Nice behind the back by Kobe Boston blocked the shot.

LA fans behaving like normal throwing things on the court.

Boston is staying close. That's what they have to do. They survived LA's initial bout of piss and Vinegar.

P.J. Brown! The bench coming through.

Bad shot Cassell

Here comes Leon Powe

Phylis is starting to whine

Powe gets fouled no call.

And the Big 3 has done nothing and...

It's tied 20-20 at the end of 1 quarter. so you have to feel good if you are a Celtic fan.

3 on Odom! Powe again

Here's Walton Jr.

Cassell is killing us.

Ok this is a dangerous time.

Yeah and Powe is called for traveling.

Keep it up Powe

That should have been a T on LA Farmar was going to throw a punch.

Nice shot Walton

Allen for #3!

Garnett can not hit.

Terrible call on Boston

Ok now the refs are kicking in.

Garnett dunk. Maybe this will wake is ass up.

Come on KG

LA up by 11 now.

Paul pierce Air ball. Now it could get ugly

Perk dunk!

Pierce has 3 fouls

Thank god LA can't hit their FT's

Foul On Bryant and Phylis and Kobe

Ray Allen misses the technical

Make these FT's Posey

Ray fucking Allen can not make a free throw

Boston can not play worse. But it's still there for them.

Ray Allen! he's missing his FT's but making his 3's

Fuck Bennett Salvatore.

Kobe missed them both

Rondo fouled no call.

You know what?

Boston couldn't play worse and they are only down 43-37 at half.

Rondo tripped and they call traveling.

Rondo is hurt

Put in House

Neither Peirce nor Garnett can hit.

Perk fouled with the shot.

Ray Allen! This game is there.

4 on Perk.

Garnett missed a dunk but he went to the hoop. Keep doing that.

Missed the free throw

Eddie House for 3!

This game is there to be had.

Garnett hook shot tie game.

Garnett hit's a jump shot. and Takes 2 pt lead then...

The refs call a BS 4th on PP

Kobe missed the free throw again

Ray Allen for 3!

Time out LA! LA is scared shitless!

I wish KG would finish strong

foul on Kobe

Ray Allen makes all 3 ft's

Kobe is just about all they have.

Have to make free throws

PJ brown misses. Quarter over. 62-60 Boston. It's all right there

Come on Pierce

LA hit's a 3 Ray Allen answers.

This is a huge stretch without PP and KG

Here comes Pierce.

Pierce is just way off

Charge on Odom

Powe fouled

Can not make free throws

Kobe can't make a free throw either.

5 on PP. and that was a flop

Have to get KG in there

Rondo coming back in

Wife just told me not to have a fit of they lose. Honestly no matter what I feel even better about this series

Here comes LA.

Paul Pierce is just paying awful

Come on guys

Thank you Rondo

Now for the first time This game doesn't look good

Paul Pierce finally hits a basket and gets fouled

Missed the free throw dammit.

Foul on Kobe and Kobe...

Can Pierce make a free throw?

Got 'em

KG down to 2!

could have tied. But house missed a good shot.

and LA hit a 3. Shit.

Pierce fouled no call

LA's got this one I am afraid. But I feel real good about this series

House for 3.

Kobe taking LA home.

LA wins 87-81. And I feel even better about Boston's chances.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Scotty Boy.

I was glad to see that people agreed with me for the Most part that Scotty McClellan should just hut up at this point. I am sorry he is no hero. When he could have done something he kept his mouth shut. Now his conscience bothers him? bullshit. Scotty is making good money soothing his conscience and that's what he is all about. If it's possible I actually think less of him for writing this book. ratting on your friends to try and stop them from doing something completely evil is one thing and that would have been commendable. But selling your friends out for publicity and money after the fact? I am sorry the son of a bitch is a snake and I beg you not to buy his book. If you have to read it check it out or buy it used cheap.

Phil Jackson Is Whiny Bitch

Whah! We Didn't get the calls! Whah!

Random Questions: All Things Must Come To An End Edition

So here I am with with more Random Questions! This week I ask about why all good things, including high school, have to end; why Hillary supporters are threatening to vote for McCain; why is that the Japanese make better cartoon shows than us Americans; and why Hillary Clinton couldn't ran her campaign the same way she have her amazing concession speech today.

- Why must all good things come to an end? After four years of tests, homework, and typical teenage angst/bullshit that I've dealt with, I have finally finished my Senior Year at Otay Ranch High School, and I will graduate less than a week from Thursday. Looking back, there are a million things I could have done different, but I wouldn't change a thing because it's all lessons learned. The people I will miss the most are my Newspaper Editorial and Regular Staff, as pictured above (Erika, Marriah, Alex, Richard; all you guys rock, and we're the best motherfucking staff ever!), and my friends (Nick, Desiree, Eric, Justin, Grant, and anyone else I left out: y'all are the greatest!). The Class of 2008 has been though some crazy stuff thought the years (the California Wildfires, that stupid Souja Boy concert, to name a few), but we've finally done it!!! Onward to whatever our futures have in store for us! Oh, and here's all the issues of the Ranch Review that have been put out this year, and don't forget to look out for yours truly!

- Why couldn't Hillary Clinton have ran her campaign the same way she gave her graceful and emotionally-charged concession speech yesterday? Clinton's speech reminded why I have always held the her and Bill in high regard all these years, and its a shame that she didn't in this nomination phase of the presidential elections. In my eyes, this is the main reason why she lost to Barack Obama: When she was down, Hillary resorted to the hit-below-the-belt tactics instead of taking the high road. Now that she's stepped down and committed herself to helping the presumptive Democratic nominee win the White House, two things need to happen: First, Obama supporters need to extend the hand of friendship to Hillary's base in a way that is respectful and shows that we're all in this race together as Democrats committed to defeating John McCain in November. The second, is the next random question that has me wondering......

- Even with Hillary bowing out, why is that some of Clinton's supporters are still threatening to vote for McCain? From

They're mad as hell, and Hillary Clinton's supporters aren't going to take it anymore.

Some Clintonites are so mad about Barack Obama's Tuesday victory that they've launched a web site to build support to launch a lobbying group to support Republican John McCain.

"We're going to run campaign ads to defeat Obama," says Ed Hale, a 63-year-old rancher and a Clinton supporter from Wellington, Texas. "We have doctors, lawyers, CPAs, the blue bloods, and then we have rednecks like me. It's a very diversified organization."

The apparent peeling off of a portion of Clinton's supporters from the Democratic party illustrates the difficult task party officials now face in rallying the troops behind Obama. Open dissent within party ranks provides Republicans with openings to exploit.

Hale launched the "Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain" group last Saturday. The campaign claims to have 5,000 supporters, and its website visitor counter says that it has already attracted 37,807 visitors.

Exactly what would be accomplished by voting for a man who sides with the Shrub 95% of the time, yet toting that even though he's basically a loyal Reagan conservative he's still the Maverick candidate of eight years ago? We'd still be in this hellhole called the Iraqi quagmire, the tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% would still be in place, and we'd still be implementing the wrong fucking policies that got us to where we are right now: A country where more than 3/4ths of it's citizens believe America's on the wrong track and a world community that looks at us like we're ready to blow and raise hell. Oh, and did I forget to mention that women can kiss a right to have an abortion goodbye with a McCain presidency? Don't let bitter and hurt feelings dictate America's future.

- Why do the Japanese make better cartoons than Americans? I remember the days when American cartoon shows like Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Invader Zim, and other cartoon shows were the shit to watch. Now I can't even stomach the crap they put now. I mean, Camp Lazlo and Danny Phantom? That's the best we can do now? Compare those shows to anime cartoons such as Strawberry Panic!, Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo!, and Full Metal Alchemist, its not even a fair fight. And the worst part is that the shows I can't stomach are hits, while I have to go on YouTube to watch Gundam Wing! Note to American cartoonists: watch shows like Full Metal Alchemist and Strawberry Panic!. You just might learn something.

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 2

So last night a Tornado touched down in Omaha in the Millard area. The tornado touched down and caused damage to several houses across the street from where my best friend lives. Thankfully he had very minimal damage to his property. In fact he only had some busted branches. Thank goodness for that.

I see where the ignorant, racist dog fucking, anonopussy has been gracing us with his presence. What a fucking moron that clown is.

I am having a glass of Sangria. I hope that calms my nerves a little.

I-80 going west from 42nd street is closed to traffic because semi caught on fire.

Phil Jackson is awake.

Man is this game HUGE. Win this one and it's guaranteed that this thing is coming back to Boston unless Boston wins it out there. Lose this and Boston is in trouble.

Kobe is such a fucking puke.

If they keep calling that shit this will be a long night.

Pierce has come to play. Way to miss a lay up Kobe.

Foreign Puke for LA has 2 fouls already.

Too many turnovers for Boston.

so far Paul Pierce is saying everybody get my back

Nice Pass Kobe!

Another bullshit call. Called it on Garnett.

Technical foul. We're up against it tonight.

Kobe is like 1 out of ten and has 3 turnovers but going to a commercial hey show Kobe's one basket.

I don't like the way Boston is not moving on offense.

NICE cross over from Garnett!

Ray Allen for 3! ties the game.

Then the refs call a foul on him.

That's 2 phantom calls on Perk.

Foul on Kobe!

Kobe bitches.

Allen misses the free throw. Dammit!

2 on Kobe? My Gawd!

Garnett made the shot but that is not good basketball. Boston is too stagnant.

Powe misses a Free Throw.

Powe misses them both.

LA Hit's 3 to take a 22-20 lead at the first quarter break.

The pace of the game is great and LA has foul trouble but Boston has to play better.

Can they please foul somebody other than Powe?

Got it.

Got them both.

Powe to the hoop is fouled again Phil isn't thrilled

Terrible free throw.

Powe is kicking ass. If he could make his FT's it would really be awesome. As it is he's getting people in foul trouble.

Made them both.


Time Out LA!

Who pissed in Leon Powe's Corn Flakes?

Keep Powe in as long as he is kicking ass.

Kobe's back.

Posey for three!

Powe is a monster tonight! This is how you win titles. Some guy who normally does little to nothing going off.

Garnett is still off.

And Kobe is starting to hit.

LA is starting to get back in this. Kobe is starting to hit.

Poe gets a standing O! Did he ever deserve it.

Perk fouled and gets the shot! Now make the free throw son.

LA getting rebounds.

Terrible shot from Garnett.

They call over the back on Perk and LA has been doing the same thing the whole game.

Garnett is just way off.

Paul Pierce is just playing huge.

Ray Allen for another 3! Back up to 10.

3 on KOBE!!!!!

Gasol is keeping LA in this.

Blocked by Rondo to Garnett who threw it up court to Rondo who dunks!!!

Rondo steals misses a shot gets the rebound and gets fouled.

Come on Rondo

1 out of 2

No basket 54-42 Boston at half!

So far the story has been been Pierce and Boston's bench. if Garnett can get going this would be really sweet. If there is one team that having a lead against means nothing it's LA.

2nd half. Here we go.

Lead up to 16.

Can't get sloppy

I wish LA would put Kurt Rambis in the game. That guy could foul out faster than anybody I have seen.

Did Kobe get T'D?


Boston needs a time out.

Paul pierce settles everybody down again. He has been so huge.

Perk with 4.


Good job KG. Take it to the hoop get fouled.

God! You have to make free throws!

Kobe is in a zone

I do not like the way this is going. at all right now.

Down to 11.


it's down to 9 and Kobe is on a roll.

It's not suppose to be easy.

Boston not moving again!

another steal! somebody take the ball from Garnett!

Pierce again!

Kobe air ball!

And it's back to 16.

Over the back on LA is apparently perfectly legal.

Ray Allen for 3!

Kobe throws away and Powe dunk.

Kobe keeps them in the game he takes them out of the game.

Let's finish this!

Charge on Odom! I think that's 5

Bad shot Ray Allen. Let's be smart

Another Poe Dunk.

Powe another dunk!

He's a fucking monster.

Boston 83 LA 61 after 3.

I got my Cat Victory's collar with me as a good luck charm. so far so good.

Leon Powe has been unbelievable.

LA is making a push.

Taking Pierce out.

Kobe now making nice assist

KG makes a jump shot.

LA is not going away

Garnett misses but Powe with rebound.


LA is making their push and it's still 20.

Leon Powe is believable! they aren't defend him.

Garnett 20ft'r! lead is 24.

Keep up the pressure.

First bad shot Powe has taken.

Kobe misses an alley-oop.

Three for LA.

This game is NOT over.

Boston needs a time out.

Come on guys finish this.

Down to 14. this game is not over.

Another LA three. shit!

Thank God he missed that 3.

Come on Boston I am begging you to finish this off.


Shit Kobe made a 3.

Come on Rondo.

No lead is safe against these fuckers.

Jesus Larry Bird looks old.

Missed the free throws. why God?

Kobe taking over.

Down to 6 and I am about to cry.

Down to 4 biggest choke job ever.

Why does God hate me?

Pierce made two free throws.

Air Ball blocked. Posey fouled.

Come on Posey

He made them both.

LA misses the three game over.

Thank God.

Boston 108 LA 102.

Well they did what they had to do but those last 6 minutes damn near killed me.

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