Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 3

I know a lot of Celtics fans are already bumming about this game. They are worried That Phil's whining will have an effect. They are worried that having Bennett Salvatore working the game will work against Them. ( Bennett Pay Your Taxes) Honestly I am more calm tonight than I have been the whole series. And it's because of Laker fan. Laker fan is such a whiny punk puke that really whether Boston wins the series or not is not of as much consequence as I originally thought. Don't get me wrong now I want to win this series. But at the end of the day no matter what I will still be a Boston Celtic and they will still be LA Lakers. And In my book that makes me the winner. So what ever happens...happens. The Lakers and their fans are losers no matter what.

Some Pre-game pictures...

Phil Jackson

Kobe Bryant

I feel like singing...

Oh, céad mile fáilte
They'll greet you down at Donovan's
As cheery as the springtime
As Irish as the conovans
The wish of my heart is
If ever I had anyone
That ev'ry luck that lightens life
May light upon the Donovans

I have to say I like LA'S player intro Video. Very Classy.

So I finished Colonel Son and the second time around it was a much better read. Now I am re-reading Let Me Tell You A Story by red Auerbach and John Feinstein.

Got Victory's collar in my hands for luck.

The media wants LA to win this series so bad.

One thing about games in LA. Every time the Lakers go on a run the Camera will focus on bouncing breasts.

Here we go.

Kobe Air Ball.

Kobe is bitching

Ray Allen is off.

calm down Ray.

Boston should be up 10-1 and they are up 2-1.

Bennett Salvatore is such a douche.

Boston needs a TO.

Kobe missed a dunk but LA gets the rebound and Tax evader calls a foul on Boston.

Kevin Garnett way off

Yup Kobe will have 60 free throws tonight. But Boston is playing like shit

Is it time for a TO yet?

Kobe missing free throws

See if you take it to the hoop you will get foul calls

Thank God LA isn't playing well either.

Ray Allen for 3.

There you go. Perk to Rondo.

Come on KG.

Joey Crawford holding up a game.

Rondo missed a lay up.

Kobe 8 free throws already

Rondo! he has to keep hitting those.

Travel on Kobe and...

Posey for 3.

Boston keeping in there

Nice behind the back by Kobe Boston blocked the shot.

LA fans behaving like normal throwing things on the court.

Boston is staying close. That's what they have to do. They survived LA's initial bout of piss and Vinegar.

P.J. Brown! The bench coming through.

Bad shot Cassell

Here comes Leon Powe

Phylis is starting to whine

Powe gets fouled no call.

And the Big 3 has done nothing and...

It's tied 20-20 at the end of 1 quarter. so you have to feel good if you are a Celtic fan.

3 on Odom! Powe again

Here's Walton Jr.

Cassell is killing us.

Ok this is a dangerous time.

Yeah and Powe is called for traveling.

Keep it up Powe

That should have been a T on LA Farmar was going to throw a punch.

Nice shot Walton

Allen for #3!

Garnett can not hit.

Terrible call on Boston

Ok now the refs are kicking in.

Garnett dunk. Maybe this will wake is ass up.

Come on KG

LA up by 11 now.

Paul pierce Air ball. Now it could get ugly

Perk dunk!

Pierce has 3 fouls

Thank god LA can't hit their FT's

Foul On Bryant and Phylis and Kobe

Ray Allen misses the technical

Make these FT's Posey

Ray fucking Allen can not make a free throw

Boston can not play worse. But it's still there for them.

Ray Allen! he's missing his FT's but making his 3's

Fuck Bennett Salvatore.

Kobe missed them both

Rondo fouled no call.

You know what?

Boston couldn't play worse and they are only down 43-37 at half.

Rondo tripped and they call traveling.

Rondo is hurt

Put in House

Neither Peirce nor Garnett can hit.

Perk fouled with the shot.

Ray Allen! This game is there.

4 on Perk.

Garnett missed a dunk but he went to the hoop. Keep doing that.

Missed the free throw

Eddie House for 3!

This game is there to be had.

Garnett hook shot tie game.

Garnett hit's a jump shot. and Takes 2 pt lead then...

The refs call a BS 4th on PP

Kobe missed the free throw again

Ray Allen for 3!

Time out LA! LA is scared shitless!

I wish KG would finish strong

foul on Kobe

Ray Allen makes all 3 ft's

Kobe is just about all they have.

Have to make free throws

PJ brown misses. Quarter over. 62-60 Boston. It's all right there

Come on Pierce

LA hit's a 3 Ray Allen answers.

This is a huge stretch without PP and KG

Here comes Pierce.

Pierce is just way off

Charge on Odom

Powe fouled

Can not make free throws

Kobe can't make a free throw either.

5 on PP. and that was a flop

Have to get KG in there

Rondo coming back in

Wife just told me not to have a fit of they lose. Honestly no matter what I feel even better about this series

Here comes LA.

Paul Pierce is just paying awful

Come on guys

Thank you Rondo

Now for the first time This game doesn't look good

Paul Pierce finally hits a basket and gets fouled

Missed the free throw dammit.

Foul on Kobe and Kobe...

Can Pierce make a free throw?

Got 'em

KG down to 2!

could have tied. But house missed a good shot.

and LA hit a 3. Shit.

Pierce fouled no call

LA's got this one I am afraid. But I feel real good about this series

House for 3.

Kobe taking LA home.

LA wins 87-81. And I feel even better about Boston's chances.


Jonathan said...

Could really care less about the NBA.
As a sidenote, my Padres got smashed by the Dodgers, which pisses me off, losing to those fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I have been a Boston fan for years since I was a child. Honestly if They weren't in this thing I wouldn't much care. :)

Anyway Maybe I should talk about the Republican's keeping the poor oil Companies from having to pay more taxes.

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