Sunday, June 8, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 2

So last night a Tornado touched down in Omaha in the Millard area. The tornado touched down and caused damage to several houses across the street from where my best friend lives. Thankfully he had very minimal damage to his property. In fact he only had some busted branches. Thank goodness for that.

I see where the ignorant, racist dog fucking, anonopussy has been gracing us with his presence. What a fucking moron that clown is.

I am having a glass of Sangria. I hope that calms my nerves a little.

I-80 going west from 42nd street is closed to traffic because semi caught on fire.

Phil Jackson is awake.

Man is this game HUGE. Win this one and it's guaranteed that this thing is coming back to Boston unless Boston wins it out there. Lose this and Boston is in trouble.

Kobe is such a fucking puke.

If they keep calling that shit this will be a long night.

Pierce has come to play. Way to miss a lay up Kobe.

Foreign Puke for LA has 2 fouls already.

Too many turnovers for Boston.

so far Paul Pierce is saying everybody get my back

Nice Pass Kobe!

Another bullshit call. Called it on Garnett.

Technical foul. We're up against it tonight.

Kobe is like 1 out of ten and has 3 turnovers but going to a commercial hey show Kobe's one basket.

I don't like the way Boston is not moving on offense.

NICE cross over from Garnett!

Ray Allen for 3! ties the game.

Then the refs call a foul on him.

That's 2 phantom calls on Perk.

Foul on Kobe!

Kobe bitches.

Allen misses the free throw. Dammit!

2 on Kobe? My Gawd!

Garnett made the shot but that is not good basketball. Boston is too stagnant.

Powe misses a Free Throw.

Powe misses them both.

LA Hit's 3 to take a 22-20 lead at the first quarter break.

The pace of the game is great and LA has foul trouble but Boston has to play better.

Can they please foul somebody other than Powe?

Got it.

Got them both.

Powe to the hoop is fouled again Phil isn't thrilled

Terrible free throw.

Powe is kicking ass. If he could make his FT's it would really be awesome. As it is he's getting people in foul trouble.

Made them both.


Time Out LA!

Who pissed in Leon Powe's Corn Flakes?

Keep Powe in as long as he is kicking ass.

Kobe's back.

Posey for three!

Powe is a monster tonight! This is how you win titles. Some guy who normally does little to nothing going off.

Garnett is still off.

And Kobe is starting to hit.

LA is starting to get back in this. Kobe is starting to hit.

Poe gets a standing O! Did he ever deserve it.

Perk fouled and gets the shot! Now make the free throw son.

LA getting rebounds.

Terrible shot from Garnett.

They call over the back on Perk and LA has been doing the same thing the whole game.

Garnett is just way off.

Paul Pierce is just playing huge.

Ray Allen for another 3! Back up to 10.

3 on KOBE!!!!!

Gasol is keeping LA in this.

Blocked by Rondo to Garnett who threw it up court to Rondo who dunks!!!

Rondo steals misses a shot gets the rebound and gets fouled.

Come on Rondo

1 out of 2

No basket 54-42 Boston at half!

So far the story has been been Pierce and Boston's bench. if Garnett can get going this would be really sweet. If there is one team that having a lead against means nothing it's LA.

2nd half. Here we go.

Lead up to 16.

Can't get sloppy

I wish LA would put Kurt Rambis in the game. That guy could foul out faster than anybody I have seen.

Did Kobe get T'D?


Boston needs a time out.

Paul pierce settles everybody down again. He has been so huge.

Perk with 4.


Good job KG. Take it to the hoop get fouled.

God! You have to make free throws!

Kobe is in a zone

I do not like the way this is going. at all right now.

Down to 11.


it's down to 9 and Kobe is on a roll.

It's not suppose to be easy.

Boston not moving again!

another steal! somebody take the ball from Garnett!

Pierce again!

Kobe air ball!

And it's back to 16.

Over the back on LA is apparently perfectly legal.

Ray Allen for 3!

Kobe throws away and Powe dunk.

Kobe keeps them in the game he takes them out of the game.

Let's finish this!

Charge on Odom! I think that's 5

Bad shot Ray Allen. Let's be smart

Another Poe Dunk.

Powe another dunk!

He's a fucking monster.

Boston 83 LA 61 after 3.

I got my Cat Victory's collar with me as a good luck charm. so far so good.

Leon Powe has been unbelievable.

LA is making a push.

Taking Pierce out.

Kobe now making nice assist

KG makes a jump shot.

LA is not going away

Garnett misses but Powe with rebound.


LA is making their push and it's still 20.

Leon Powe is believable! they aren't defend him.

Garnett 20ft'r! lead is 24.

Keep up the pressure.

First bad shot Powe has taken.

Kobe misses an alley-oop.

Three for LA.

This game is NOT over.

Boston needs a time out.

Come on guys finish this.

Down to 14. this game is not over.

Another LA three. shit!

Thank God he missed that 3.

Come on Boston I am begging you to finish this off.


Shit Kobe made a 3.

Come on Rondo.

No lead is safe against these fuckers.

Jesus Larry Bird looks old.

Missed the free throws. why God?

Kobe taking over.

Down to 6 and I am about to cry.

Down to 4 biggest choke job ever.

Why does God hate me?

Pierce made two free throws.

Air Ball blocked. Posey fouled.

Come on Posey

He made them both.

LA misses the three game over.

Thank God.

Boston 108 LA 102.

Well they did what they had to do but those last 6 minutes damn near killed me.

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