Monday, June 16, 2008

Right-wing death threat of the day

“The depth of both true Faith and of Reason escapes you and in this you are to be felt sorrow for because the Kingdom of Knowledge has its gates sealed shut to you. ” - Pain

Who else gets a warm a fuzzy from Pain.

As one who abhors Islam, if you ever cross my path, I will slit your throat.

Have a nice day
peace, neocon


Anonymous said...

Seriously there is a war going on that will give him a perfect opportunity to work off his anger.

godzilla104 said...

Unlikely, as he wouldn't have his keyboard to hide behind.

Neocon's a cowardly asshole, and he always has been.

theroachman said...


The guy would not know a Muslim if one was living under his bed.

nutroots-mania said...

Jonathan is a fucken ignorant nigger but can't help it. I got a message for you too-my middle finger right in your face.

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