Thursday, June 12, 2008

NBA Finals Real Time Thoughts. Game 4

Well it's game 4.

I see where CNN wonders if Michelle Obama is fair game and Republicans say she is. Fair enough. That must mean Cindy McCain is as well. And we all know Cindy McCain is a drug addled "Cunt" Cunt being her husbands term for her.

Well I have finished Let Me Tell You A Story last night. Part of that was do to the storm. Part of it was due to the fact that it is a great book. I have to get Red's autobiography. I can only watch weather people repeat the same shit over and over again before I go nuts. Weather people aren't my favorite people anyway. Although last night you couldn't really give them any static last night. Even if the game was last night I wouldn't bitch. Last night was not good. Today it is mostly sunny and not that hot. A very nice night indeed.

Got Victory's collar.

Phil's asleep

I do not like the look on The Celtics players tonight.

Why does Boston look so scared?

Could these games start any later?

All the phonies are present and accounted for.

Steve Javee is working the game. Oh no!

Both teams are already playing better than Tuesday's shit fest.

Javee is going to kill us.

Peirce is off early again.


Boston is going to get fucked silly tonight.

Garnett misses a lay-up. we're fucked.

keep taking it to the hoop.

This could get ugly.

Boston getting out hustled.

Boston is not ready to play. You could see it.


Kobe fouls shits himself.

5 in a row from Boston

That's the end of the first quarter

LA 35 Boston 14. This proves The louder, the more obnoxious, the bigger the puke you are the more you succeed.

These officials suck

LA over the back

I wish somebody would punch Javee

Garnett two in a row

I am this close to turning on The Spanish desperate housewives on Univision.

Ray Allen for 3!

See if you push it you get the calls

Down to 14. 10 straight points

12 straight points was enough for these refs.

Posey for 3!

Terrible block call

3 on Kobe!

How many layups can Boston miss?

Hey they called a foul on a LA Euro!

LA hit's a 3 at the buzzer. 58-40 at the half.

LA thinks the game is over

Boston looks much better so far in the second half. 8-2 start

Perk is hurt. This is starting to really sucks

LA fans have no class

Every Boston run is being answered

Boston being held no call

Back up to 20

7 pt run lead back down to 13. Can Boston sustain this run?

Steve Javee is so fucking worthless

Down to 11

Time out LA

It is really nice out tonight. I just walked out for a minute. It would be really nice weather for a Victory Cigar. Well let's be honest. I am going out to smoke one regardless.

Every time Boston has a chance to come back the Refs kill them.

5 On Posey

Pierce takes it to the hoop and gets fouled. Just keep doing that shit

House for 3!

Ray Ray!

21-3 run to end the third Quarter and LA is ahead 73-71 after 3.


This doesn't need to be said but I'll say it anyway...This game is there to be had.

Just be smart.

Foul on Powe

Javee continues to kill us.

That LA Euro should be tossed.

Tie game!

terrible no calls

Kobe dribbles the ball off his shoe so they call Pierce for a foul.

So is it time to come back with KG?

Boston just can't get the lead

How is that not a foul?

LA lead is up to 4.

Posey for 3!

There you go Garnett keep going to the hoop

First lead of the night!!!!!

So help me I have to puke.

KG! Boston lead is 5.


I don't mind admitting I am 33 years old and I am as big a fucking wreck as I was when I was 10.

I am going to go. I am too nervous to type.

97-91 Boston

3-1 Boston!

What is you excuse tonight Phylis?

Fuck Yeah!


et said...

This has nothing to do with this thread, Count, but I just wanted to say that I hope the flooding in your part of the world hasn't created any big problems for you.

Anonymous said...

Omaha has been really quite lucky. Even last night as bad as it was wasn't near as bad as what the poor people in Iowa are getting. of course the sad part of the last storm was the four Boy scouts getting killed.

Most people here in Omaha the worst they had was some roof or car damage from the hail. But compared to losing a child (3 of the 4 boy scouts were from Omaha) that really is a small price to pay.

Actually there was a Tornado Early Sunday morning that almost effected my one of my best friends and a relative of the Contessa. But thankfully it passed over their house but it did hit some houses across the street from them and caused a lot of damage. They were quite lucky too. somehow they slept through it.

Today you would never know there was a storm last night. The high was about 80 and tonight it is just beautiful out. About 65 or so.

et said...

Thanks for the update, Count. Stick to high ground this weekend!

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