Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poll Question.

Jonathan I got rid of my question because yours was worded better. it pretty much asks what I was asking anyway. What pisses me off, but doesn't surprise me any, is that the media picks up on the GOP attack machine and runs with it. Of course Republicans are great at the tactic of insulting their opponents spouses while somehow keeping their own off limits. Of course it's easy to do if you own the media. Let's look at the last several first ladies of Republican's.

Pat Nixon...Alcoholic.

Betty Ford Alcoholic.

Nancy Reagan...Cheated on her husband, Based every decision in her life around astrology and the zodiac.

Barbara Bush...Bitch

Laura Bush...Drunk (killed her boy friend drunk driving) Possible marijuana user.

Now the next possible Republican first lady...
Cindy McCain...Drug addict and in her husbands own words ...(a cunt)

Yeah these are the people who should be judging other people's Wives.


et said...

I say, let it go to the campaign trail. Michelle Obama's profile is increasing along with her popularity. We're going to be hearing more of her own story, which is not one that screams Detached-From-Reality Beer Distributor Heiress by any means. Every point she scores will make every attack against her seem more mean-spirited and baseless day by day, and Cindy McCain's Botoxed-seven-ways-from-Sunday demeanor isn't going to lend her the same charisma or feeling of camaraderie with the average working woman.

The Obama campaign is doing the smartest thing they could by taking the high road where Mrs. McCain is concerned while crafting a voice, narrative and active role for Michelle. What's more, it's a role that everyone will be paying attention to in the wake of the Democratic primaries and the meme that Obama can't appeal to women. The Presidential hopefuls' spouses will be under scrutiny like never before as a result.

It won't be so much what either campaign is saying about the potential First Ladies as about what they are saying for themselves and about their spouses.

In that encounter, my money's on Michelle.

Anonymous said...

What makes me see your point even though I don't necessarily agree is the fact that if Democrats fought back it would most likely backfire on them. Democrats do not have the media in their hip pockets like Republicans do. So if Democrats did bring up Cindy McCain's demons they would be portrayed as mean and nasty.

One thing that I do not understand.

Why are Democratic blogs a threat and Republican blogs a source?

Anonymous said...

Also I want to point out that I don't dislike any of these women...well other than the Bush's...and Cindy McCain freaks me out...but Betty Ford has used her addiction to help others. Nancy Reagan disagrees with George W. Bush on several issues that effect the lives of millions. But none of these Women were trouble free.

et said...

[Why are Democratic blogs a threat and Republican blogs a source?]

I think it's been because ACCESS has been the currency the MSM has chosen to trade in over the past decades, and acknowledging the Democratic blogosphere in the current and previous administration would be tantamount to ensuring you're shut out by the newsmakers you depend on for your "stuff."

I think the pendulum will swing in the other direction when, as seems to be shaping up, November turns into a rout for the Republican party in the House, Senate and WH races.

If we watch carefully over these next couple of months I think we'll begin to see some movement in that direction. I don't care how many BBQs McCain serves up. At the end of the day, the news media knows who butters their bread...and none of them wants to be linked to a failure.

Jeremiah said...

I like your poll question, because you guys are making first class fools of yourselves...

I do not drink.

At the present, I have a brother who used to drink, but thank Almighty God he has been delivered. The other night, he almost slipped into a coma, we rushed him to the ER and while he was in there we took pictures of him to show him what it looks like to destroy yourself.

He said all he wanted was a friend...over and over he said, 'You guys are the only ones that's ever been there for me.' Over and over....he looked so pitiful, just like a skeleton.

He drank almost 10 drinks of 101 proof Wild Turkey in ONE hour, which almost over-taxed his heart and kidneys the doctors said, he could have slipped into coma and died very easily.

I have never drank any alcoholic beverage...but I can testify to its harmful effects. And it's like I told my brother after he sobered up...God never created alcohol..Man did. As what God made perfect, man in his fallen nature to choose to do evil changes what He made into a lie of the first order...

The Distillers in this country have destroyed so many families.

We can't stop alcohol from being made, because they people do not think about the others that it is they cry for more. They tout the notion or lie rather ... "Drink responsibly". What a cruel, Satanic joke.

So just keep fooling yourselves...HAHAHAHA!

Jonathan said...

I like your poll question, because you guys are making first class fools of yourselves...

Uh, Jerry - how is this poll question making us look like fools? The only thing I asked was the following question: Should Democrats attack Cindy McCain as atonement for the GOP attacking Michelle Obama?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan I think he meant the one on the question on the side. Where people are admitting if they had to chose they would rather be with a psychopathic nut than himself.

Anonymous said...

You do know Jonathan that alcohol if consumed in a moderation is good for you right?

Anonymous said...

OOPS I meant you do know Jeremiah not Jonathan. Sorry Jonathan.

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