Saturday, June 7, 2008

Now Can We Stop The Hillary Hate?

The Woman conceded with grace and dignity. Threw her support behind Barack Obama and told her supporters to do the same. What are we going to say now to keep are hate on for the Clintons?
Really the Hillary Clinton hate in this election has shown me far more about her detractors than it ever has about her.

Let's look at her "sins"

She makes a campaign ad asking if it's 3 in the morning and the phone rings in the White House who would you want to answer it?

Yes she made a campaign ad claiming she was more qualified to be president than her opponent. Of course that is her job if she is trying to win an election and every single political candidate since the dawning of time has done the same but when Hillary did was EVIL and wrong.

She was supported by Newspapers owned by Murdoch and Scaife.

As I said at the time when the Scaife rags endorsed Hillary it made perfect sense. The Clintons have made Scaife a media mogul. They are damn good business for him. And Hillary who at that time had lost 10 straight states was in no position to turn down any endorsement nor should she have. This was another much ado about nothing.

She made herself the Candidate of the White Trash.

This was probably the only thing (at least major thing) I thought Hillary missed the boat badly on. It was a last ditch effort to try and win the nomination and it was not the best strategy. Still Every other Candidate in her position would have done the same thing. it's called trying to win an election.

She mentioned the assassination of R.F.K.

This was with out question the Dumbest Hillary controversy. She never said she wanted or was hoping Obama would be assassinated. Never inferred it never came close to doing so. This came from the overactive brain of the anti-Hillary brigade. What she said was R.F.K. was assassinated in June...which he was.

Gave a speech to her supporters on Tuesday after Obama had gotten enough delegates and didn't officially step out of the race.

I don't know what was funnier. the reaction from the pimple brigade over at DU about this speech or the reaction from the "experts" at place like CNN. The Pimple Brigade was too busy calling Hillary Cunt and Bitch to listen what She was saying and CNN proved that the best political team in the Buisness sucks my left nut. I heard the speech and in between laughing my ass off at the "That Cunt Bitch is going split the party and run as an independent" posts at DU I posted here that what I heard was with out question a concession speech. Yes she gave her big money doners, supports and campaign workers one last night to have a yell while telling them she was thankful for them, she loved them, and was going to continue to fight for them. THAT CUNT BITCH!

Of course the geniuses over at CNN said it was anything but a concession speech proving once again that they hear what they want to hear and know not their ass from a hole in the ground. I heard the same speech and the tone of the speech, the past tense, the phrasing of it...said one thing to me. She'll be dropping out soon. Of course she announced the next day she was going to drop out. (The Count smarter Than CNN?) This of course stopped the Pimple brigade at DU from their blind hatred of the woman right? Please!

I Guess I don't get the Clinton hate. She wasn't my choice to be President but neither was she another Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller. Her voting record is about the same as Obama's. Both have made better choices than George W. McCain but neither are perfect. And The Clintons have been about the only real winners for The Democratic party in 30 years. Are these really the people we want to denigrate and bad mouth?

I know I can't stop anybody from their Hillary hate. It's their personal choice, But I would like to show those of you, especially on the left, who have decided and are convinced. Hillary is an "Evil Cunt Bitch"...

Take A real good look at what you look like, the company you keep, and who you might become if you haven't already.

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