Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CN Still Doesn't Get It

Tonight On Log Cabin 360 CN political reporter Kentucky Fried Crowley opined "The Reverend Wright issue has come to define Obama" Further proof that KFC has no clue what she is talking about. Just like Hillary Clinton and John McCain what will define Obama has nothing to do with "Reverend Wright" and everything to do with his solutions to getting out of Iraq, Gas prices, The economy...you know... the issues.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I Remember When The First N In CNN Stood For News

Fox News sucks dick. I know it and you know it. But don't think for one minute that it's competitors are Much better. CNN has made an absolute joke of it's self with it's 24/7 news coverage of the Reverend Wright non news story. (And of course they have yet to discuss the far more controversial John Hagee. And never will) Today David Gergen said he was offended that Wright implies that he is a symbol of the black church and is not. I guess Gergen is.

David Gergan Black Church Expert.

Even worse than Gergen is CNN's new policy of putting on any Black Female Republican they can find. Amy Holmes must be tired because CNN has an all new tokenette. I tell you people laughed when CNN paid good money for J.C. Watts little black book but that Mother Fucker has now paid for itself.

One wonders if CNN will ever live up to it's name again and become a Cable "NEWS"Netwowk or if it will continue down it's current path and just continue to be another Cable Network.

To paraphrase the Chairmen of the board "Start Covering The News"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Am Back

I am back. will write maybe tomorrow. Had a nice little trip back to The Contessa's stomping grounds although I was mortified to hear her relatives actually giving me talking points straight from Boortz. Fair Tax my ass. Anyway Open thread.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Count and I are movie geeks

The Count loves his James Bond novels and movies....I fawn over Harry Potter novels and movies.

So we're damn excited to know that two of the biggest film franchises have just released their new teaser posters for the fall campaign.

Quantum of Solace

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Two Brits squaring off for box office superiority in the fall.
I love it.

Open Thread: Awesome Movie Posters

So I thought these were a few pretty sweet summer movie posters that I'd like to share.

The Dark Knight

This is such a badass poster. I loved what Christopher Nolan did with the Batman franchise in Batman Begins and judging from the trailer and Heath Ledger's last performance as the Joker, this will be the the movie to beat this summer.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

To be honest, I've never really got into the adventures of Mulder and Scully hunting down aliens, but I understand that this was a phenomenon in the 90's and the poster looks really cool.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mouse Limburgh Dreams Of A Denver Riot.

Fat Ass Dreams Of A Riot

Rush Limbaugh says he was not calling for a riot in Denver during the Democratic National Convention — he only "dreams" of it, to the tune of "White Christmas."

The conservative talker discussed the possibility of Mile High unrest this August his national show for a second day in a row today.

"Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots. I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of riots in Denver," he said mimicking the holiday tune.

He explained on-air: "Riots in Denver at the Democrat Convention would see to it we don't elect Democrats," Limbaugh said. "And that's the best damn thing (that) could happen for this country as far as anything I can think."

Glenn Spagnuolo,an organizer with the protest group Re-create 68, called Limbaugh "a fool."

"We don't need another 5,000 illiterate Limbaugh listeners coming to Colorado," he said, mocking a comment this week by State Rep. Douglas Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, calling migrant workers "illiterate peasants" as he debated a bill to accommodate up to 5,000 guest workers in the state.

Calls to a Limbaugh spokeswoman were not immediately returned.

Mayor John Hickenlooper said, ""Anyone who would call for riots in an American city has clearly lost their bearings."

Ranger Racist

Ranger Bob Racist


Happy Birthday my friend. It's not often a black man makes it to 18

Jonathan I am leaving in the morning until Sunday. do not let Ranger or 08 post no matter what. if you think it's them get rid of it.

More Proof That 6 or 7 People Will Own The Rest Of Us In A Few Years

Arby's Buys Wendy's

(04-24) 04:00 PDT Columbus, Ohio --

After two rejections, the owner of Arby's roast beef sandwich restaurants is buying Wendy's, the fast-food chain famous for its made-to-order square hamburgers and Frosty dessert, for about $2 billion.

Triarc Cos. Inc., which is owned by billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, said Thursday that it will pay about $2.34 billion in an all-stock deal for the nation's third-largest hamburger chain started in 1969 by Dave Thomas. Wendy's had rejected at least two buyout offers from Triarc.

Thomas' daughter Pam Thomas Farber said the family was devastated by the news.

"It's a very sad day for Wendy's, and our family. We just didn't think this would be the outcome," said Farber, 53.

If her father were alive to hear news of the buyout, "he would not be amused," she said.

Ralph Says Game Fucking On.

Nevermind the rest of Ralph's latest mess in which he gives himself credit for the new security on New Yorks subways and just read this..

This surely tops "set the captives free" as Ralph's best sentence ever.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Count Tells It Like It Is.

Bush is the biggest fucking mistake in the history of America. His daddy should have shot him in the coal bucket,instead of on his momma's stinky beaver.


Ralph Stalking Obama?

Ralph asking for Obama to call him.




Ok first of all Dude what is with this red shit? and Second of all Don't you think Obama is a little too busy campaigning and laughing to call your counseling number.

By the way. Any guesses as to what Ralph's counseling number is?

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Happy 18th birthday Jonathan. Honestly I think you'd find the first three choices to be anti-climactic and disappointing but you should do whatever the fuck you want. And enjoy it.

By the way. Can you please put the polls on top because they are easier to read. :)

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Network Coverage.

Thought About making this a question but the trolls would just spike the vote. Which network do you think gives the best most competent coverage of this election or politics in general? Or like me have you given up on TV news and now use the internet mostly for your coverage?

That Didn't Take Long.

It appears that Hillary will win Pennsylvania and the only question is by just how much. It didn't take long for the cring over voting machines to start over at Democratic Underground ( and I am seriously questioning the accuracy of the first part of that name) because their candidate didn't win.

It Must Be The machines

Now don't get me wrong I don't like Voting machines anymore than the next guy and I agree they are a serious problem but using this excuse every time your candidate loses really cheapens a serious problem.

Obama was expected to lose tonight. Obama said he was going to lose tonight. Call me a fascist or an apologist or whatever you like but I honestly believe the people of Pennsylvania have decided that they prefer Hillary to Barack. I wish they hadn't but they did. And it's their right to do so.

I mentioned this on Super Tuesday when Hillary led Missouri all night and was even given the state by some only to see Obama come back and win a razor thin vote. If That had been the opposite DU would have been up in arms crying foul! foul! foul!

DU is the Phil Hellmuth of Political boards. If they don't get the results they want they want an immediate investigation. because Lord knows their candidate has never lost.

This is how pathetic the Obama/Hillary fights have gotten

A long time ago, there used to reasoned, lively discussions about which Democratic candidate should be: the former First Lady-turned Junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, or the charismatic Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Those who supported Hillary made the argument that she was the most experienced because of her 8 years at President Bill Clinton's side. Those who supported Obama made the argument that it was long past due to change the status quo in Washington, D.C., and the country needed to come together after 8 years of division from the current Administration. Both sides could agree, at one time though, that whoever won the party's nomination, would be a much better alternative than the same policies that have sent America into the rut it is currently in, thanks in large part to the George Bush Jr. and the Republican Party. There even used to be talk of brining the best of both worlds together to form an incredible dream team not seen since O.J.'s murder trial in the 90's: an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket.

That was two, maybe three months ago when all this good feeling was taking place.

Now-a-days, Obama supporters and Hillary backers can't stand the sight of the other person's candidate. And the list of big-named celebrities donating and supporting either candidate is more evidence of how out-of-hand this in-fighting has become.

Not that it matters much, but Clinton's got better celebrities.
gayleg | Posted 05:13 PM on 04/21/2008

You really think so? Clinton supporters are misinformed or willfully evil, in any case.
qwr | Posted 05:35 PM on 04/21/2008

Aww its okay, maybe Elton John can put on another benefit show for you and your broken dreams.
barrista | Posted 03:50 PM on 04/21/2008

Eva Longoria Parker,Ellen DeGeneres,Barbra Streisand,Magic Johnson,Ugly Betty, Mario Lavandeira,Nata Portman,Jack Nicholson,Ted Danson,Elton John,Rob Reiner ! ! !
and EDUCATE yourself leave a comment ( I DARE YOU ! ) wake up and do what is good for
the country.
dvdpt | Posted 01:25 AM on 04/22/2008

Is there any truth to the rumor that America Ferrera has gotten Chelsea Clinton an acting gig? Apparently, the show will be called, "Ugly Chelsea."
qwr | Posted 05:20 PM on 04/21/2008

All Right!!! Natalie Portman supports Hillary Clinton. Natalie is a very smart young woman compared to Scarlett Johansson

Ani ohev otach Natalie Portman. Ja ne.
paciere | Posted 06:21 PM on 04/20/2008

Both sides are now fighting over celebrity endorsements. Un-fucking-believable.

A question for these guys: what the hell is wrong with you people??? Seriously??? I'm a proud Obama supporter and Democrat, but even I think that these bitch-fights in internet chatrooms have become pathetic and shameful! NewsFlash, Democrats: this isn't 2004 when we were stuck with a limp dick in John Kerry. We have two accomplished and exciting candidates who will make history as either the first African-American or woman candidate nominated by a major political party to run for the highest office in the land, and either Obama and Clinton will be a better choice than the piss-poor, corrupt, and do-nothing Republican administration Americans have been subjected to for eight longs years! Who gives a damn who Padme (Portman) or Danny Ocean (Clooney) supports for the Democratic ticket? Be and act like fucking adults, for Christ sakes!

My rant anout the ongoing Obama/Clinton suppoters feud

Can be read at Jonathan's Corner, and it's not pretty, both the comments and my thoughts.
Make sure to comment and throw in your two cents as well.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Um Ralphy Better Read Again

Ralph just shit all over himself with glee over a no surrender tour...


Some Lowlights...





FULL OF MEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUIS SEPARABIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Um Ralph better look at the link again dude...

George Bush III For President

It starts...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


And Ends.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Ralphy I hate to tell you this. This is 2008. 2007 was last year.

A White Rapper With A Song About Ellen

Ellen Brags
Check out this song whose real title is Damage Control. Our friend, GT, wrote it as part of his effort to expose FOX News. It features Sean Hannity, Hal Turner, and Bill O'Reilly, among others. I'm even mentioned in it. GT is hoping to make an LP highlighting the distortions of FOX News and is seeking input from readers. You can read his message and find an email link after the jump.

Good luck GT. The big question is what will there be more of? # of comments on the thread about this song 6 or the number of copies this song sells. My money is on the 6.

By the way I remember when Newshounds used to be about exposing Fox news and not about Mods bragging about songs that were written about themselves. Yet more proof that Ellen is ego ran a muck. Ok I heard it. The guy basically says thank you to Ellen. Then says free speech over and over again. nevermind the hypocrisy I want to know how much you want to bet Ellen paid this dude to write it?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scaife Rag Endorses Clinton


PHILADELPHIA — Could it be the "vast right wing conspiracy" is having second thoughts? Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton was endorsed Sunday by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, whose owner and publisher, billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, personally funded many of the investigations that led to President Clinton's impeachment in 1998.

It was one of a handful of endorsements the New York senator has received from Pennsylvania newspapers before the state's primary Tuesday. Most of the state's major papers have endorsed Barack Obama.

In its endorsement, Tribune-Review editors said Obama is too inexperienced to be president and that his recent comments about bitter voters living in small towns showed a lack of respect for middle-class values.

"In sharp contrast, Clinton is far more experienced in government — as an engaged first lady to a governor and a president, as a second-term senator in her own right," the paper said. "She has a real voting record on key issues. Agree with her or not, you at least know where she stands instead of being forced to wonder." Clinton met with the Tribune-Review's editorial board, including Scaife, last month. Afterward, Scaife wrote an editorial titled "Hillary, Reassessed," declaring how impressed he had been by the former first lady.

"Her meeting and her remarks during it changed my mind about her," Scaife wrote.

Yeah? Here's the truth. Scaife gets more readers and makes more money with Clinton in the White House. Why? Because his cult followers hate her more. Bashing Clintons keeps Scaife in high cotton and keeps his "mellonheads" entertained. Bashing Obama just doesn't have the same pull or thrill. Watch for the DU crowd to jump all over this story and be wrong as usual. This is not Scaife endorsing Clinton because the two have formed some bond. This is Scaife endorsing Clinton because it's good business. And that's what Scaife is all about.

To Mark Noonan

Who posted this yesterday:

Mark Noonan said...

Temper, temper!
April 20, 2008 12:44 AM

What can I say? You hit a nerve when you said the following: One of the keys to understanding liberals is to understand that they don’t like America - not really.

Yet, there is some truth to what you have said: liberals lime me, don't like the America George Bush has ran during his reign as Commander-in-Chief.
We hate the fact that he has taken us into a war for all the wrong reasons and intends to stubbornly waste more American blood and treasure and leave the mess for the next president to clean up and say, "my hands are clean!"
We hate how this man hired a bunch of bobble-headed yes men and placed them into high-ranking positions of power to make himself look like the brightest bulb in the room.
We hate how government agencies - from FEMA to the Justice Department - could not escape the arm of Bush's shallow partisanship and now have been reduced to a joke.
We hate how fear post 9/11 became nothing more than a tool of the Bush Administration to divide its citizens and smear anyone who did not agree with their ridiculous actions as un-American and unpatriotic.

Bottom line: we hate the America that our president has shaped to fit his own disastrous agendas!

And that is why you received the one-finger salute.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Open Thread

So anyway Red 24 White 14. As spring games go this one was pretty entertaining. More on everything I saw later. Right now I am really tired. I am going to pop some popcorn and watch the Calzaghe Hopkins fight with the Contessa. Provided I don't fall asleep or The Contessa don't beat me up too bad during the fight I will be on later with something.

Oh kudos to the Dr. Paul supporters who were out campaigning at the stadium still fighting the good fight. Don't let the dream die!

Anyway stop in say your peace. :)

The View From My Ass

If You Don't Read Anything Else...

I have to be totally honest there is nothing important being written here today except this...

ConnCon 2008 is scheduled for September 25th through the 28th To quote what Ralphy fan wrote here earlier...

"It's the second group gathering of Newshounds regulars, and with Kim, Pb.D's fantastic legwork it's happening late this September in her new stomping grounds of Hartford, CT!"

Read more about this Here

Right now being honest I would put my odds of being able to attend at about 3 to 5% but I am not ruling it completely out.

I will post the website on the link site so we can be kept up to date on the happenings of this exciting event.

Poop On The Pope

What is the difference between Warren Jeffs and The Pope?
After thinking long and hard about this question I have decided there are 2.

1. The Pope was elected as a false holy figure and Warren Jeffs nominated himself.
2. Warren Jeffs only has a small cult following in bumblefuck (Colorado City) Arizona. The Pope has followers world wide from billionaires to untold third world poverty dwellers.

So when I saw that Tom Tancredo had ripped the Pope and knowing full well that I was going to also rip the Pope I braced myself for the prospect that I might be agreeing with Nut Tancredo. I needn't worry. Now if nut would have called out the Pope for much of the massive third world poverty that outdated Catholicism teaching against birth control has brought about in the world I would be the first to say "you know what Mr. Nutcredo you are 100% correct" Instead Nutcredo has a different bitch entire. Nutcredo doesn't give two shits about third world poverty but instead he believes the Pontiff should be throwing holy water and sending all of those little 2nd and 3rd world fuckers sneaking into America straight to hell. Yes instead of calling out The Pope for his part in the mess that the anti-birth control teachings of the Catholic church has created world wide he is calling out the Pope for not stopping, or not telling those people leaving to come to America to stop. I can just see it now The Pope standing on a podium telling his followers..."Keep over populating yourselves into oblivion but DO NOT go to the United States to seek a new life Or you will go to hell.

Here in a nutshell is my problem with The Pope or the idea of a Pope. The man is a man every bit as holy as the kid who made my foot long roasted chicken sandwich down and that Subway last weekend and being elected by others doesn't make him more so. The Bible, if one goes by such things, and one has to assume the Catholic church does, talks against the very idea of a Pope. The Pope is a man. No worse and damn sure no better than any other mortal man. I bet when Italy's soccer team or Notre Dame's football team losses he throws a fit and drops F bombs like the rest of do when our team loses. So getting back to my question what's the difference between Warren Jeffs and The Pope? They're both frauds, But the Pope is a bigger and more dangerous fraud than Warren Jeffs could only hope to be in his wildest dreams.

Confessing my love Univision Style.

Now that I have pissed off my Catholic reader(s) Maybe it's a good time to confess my new Univision crush. (Lord knows these Women aren't catholic) :) First with the news that Jackie Guerrido the weather babe for Premier Impacto and Despierta America is getting married Wednesday.

Jackie Guerrido

It's all good though because I have moved on and have a new Primer Impacto crush...Ilia Calderon

In other Univision News a new telenovela that starts later this month looks promising. it's called Fuego en la Sangre. It stars Elizabeth Alverez and Ninel Conde. That's a reason right there to give it a look. Actually it's at least 4.

Explaining last Weeks Poll Question.

I hate reality TV. The only reality show I have found myself watching was celebrity fit club when the drill Sergeant and Cletus T. Judd almost beat the shit out of Screech. In the past after going through untold channels of Survivor, Big Brother and what ever the fuck else there was I always knew that at least I had one refuge from the madness and it was TV land. Yeah watching Granny wrestle a man in drag isn't award winning TV but by fuck it wasn't that reality bullshit. So what does TV land do? come of with this high school reunion bullshit. Way to go guys! The one channel designed to get us away from reality show bullshit is now...giving us reality show bullshit. Fuck you TV land. Like you couldn't fill the time by bringing back Quincy.

Spring Game Tomorrow.

YES! finally it's here. I got my tickets early so I only paid $10. Ticket Express is selling them now for $95 and getting it. Pretty crazy for a scrimmage. Anyway the game is expected to be close to a sell out and the weather is suppose to be just perfect. After a week of see-saw weather here in Nebraska Tomorrow is suppose to be 68 and sunny. If that holds out it will be a first for me. Every time I go to the Spring game it's either 40 and raining or 290. I've gone in 94, 96, 97, 98, 03, and 04 and the only year I remember it being half way decent was 98 when it was in the 60's but the wind blew so hard that it started a sand storm and wind kept blowing in my eyes. No such worries are predicted this year. Maybe it's a sign from above.

Now the Spring game is a scrimmage, at some point they'll run clock, they don't call blitzes, you can't hit the Quarterback, in other words it's meaningless. The only thing that can come out of it that matters is an injury. And given the meaningless nature of the game it's no surprise that the game is often very dull. There are however some reasons to be excited about tomorrow...

1. Coach Pelini's first spring game.
This is first and foremost. Callahan is gone. His act is in NY back with the NFL were he can fuck up the Jets. In fact every two weeks or so i check their website just to make sure. All but two of his partners in crime are gone as well. If you aren't excited about the changes made you either are 1. Not a Nebraska fan 2. one of the BRB Dipshits or 3. an idiot. Actually that is quite redundant.

Fuck You Bill

YES he's still there.

2. Tom Osborne is back as the AD and Steve Pederson is still out. Again much like Callahan I have to check this every few weeks to make sure.

I pissed on 40+ years of tradition

3. A new Voice of the huskers.

Complain all you want to about Greg Sharpe not being the homer the late Lyle Bremser of Kent Pavelka were or about the fact that Sharpe is GASP! a Kansas State graduate, anybody who isn't thrilled to have the quality work of Sharpe instead of the sheer incompetence of that wanna be chipmunk Jim Rose is a damn fool. When Rose was hired in 2002 I told anybody who would listen that they would rue the day they hired that clown. "They said Count give him time he mat surprise you" Well he did! He was far fucking worse that I could have imagined. And amazingly every year he got worse! Well thankfully on the subject of Jim Rose The Count wasn't alone for long. Whether it was the fact that his voice got higher than Theodore's or Simon's when he got excited, had no fucking clue what was going on, knew the nickname to every high school in the state and thought it was cool, thought he was funny and was just fucking stupid or the fact that he said stupid shit like give him backward progress to the... Rose quickly became a state wide joke. Unfortunately his corporate ass kissing meant that despite the fact that he was laughing stock on message boards and radio stations through out the state he kept his job. But after his sugar Daddy Pederson got fired Rose had his infamous "breakdown" And Sharpe, who had done the Nebraska PPV football games and basketball games on TV for years was brought in to replace him late last year and everybody said "that can't be Rose I understand what's going on"

Thank God Rose Is Gone!

Greg Sharpe will serve as the play-by-play announcer for the University of Nebraska football and baseball broadcasts in 2008. Sharpe began his duties on Thursday, Feb. 7.

In addition to his duties as the play-by-play voice of Husker football and baseball, Sharpe also serves as the play-by-play announcer for men’s and women’s basketball on Fox Sports Midwest. He also hosts the football and baseball coaches TV shows, appears on Sports Nightly, and hosts various functions throughout the year. He also serves as an account executive in the sales operation of the Husker Sports Network.

Welcome Greg. I know you will be as much a part of end of the dreaded Pedeyhan era as Pelini and Osborne.

I have not been this excited about Nebraska football since at least 2001. This will be a tough year. I suspect this team will be about 8-5, but if you are a Nebraska fan and you can't excited about the changes. You aren't a Nebraska fan.

The Count Is leaving Town...

Now now don't celebrate too hard. It's only for two days. Next Friday the Contessa and I are making for parts unknown and won't be back until Sunday night. I will say this. There will be no gambling involved and unlike some people who say they are leaving and seemingly are around for more than they were before they "left" I will in fact be gone those two days.

Anything else I can bore you with?

I don't think so.

I'll leave with this just an opinion.

I think the American media is giving John McCain a 20 point advantage.


Whatever :)


Count Istvan


Mark Noonan is a Condescending Little Fuck

Just listen to the utter smugness that comes from this prick.

What does this tell us? Just more evidence that Obama - whatever else he may be - is an entirely out-of-touch liberal elitist. No non-elitist in his right mind - even if he opposes the war - would ever say such a thing. Only someone with monumental contempt for average Americans would use such phrasing.

Out of touch? This coming from the idiot who still supports Bush Jr. and his mess in Iraq when the vast majority of Americans have turned against him?

One of the keys to understanding liberals is to understand that they don’t like America - not really.

This doesn't warrant a response, it only warrants something like this:

Friday, April 18, 2008

And You Don't Think He Cares

Bush On Deal Or No Deal

NEW YORK (AP) -- A presidential thank-you is part of the deal for a contestant on NBC's game show, "Deal or No Deal," when President Bush makes a surprise appearance.

The episode, airing Monday, features Capt. Joseph Kobes, as he attempts to win enough cash to pay off his parents' home. But the dealmaking is briefly halted for Kobes, a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient who has served in Iraq three times. Bush surprises him by appearing on a screen to express gratitude for his service and wish him luck in the game.

Bush's message was taped at the White House.

The game of odds, hosted by Howie Mandel, calls for a contestant to predict the amount of cash contained in any of 26 sealed briefcases. The top prize for guessing correctly is $1 million.

No details were released on how Kobes, an Army transportation officer from Sumner, Wash., fared in his quest for the jackpot.

Announcing ConnCon 2008!

It's the second group gathering of Newshounds regulars, and with Kim, Pb.D's fantastic legwork it's happening late this September in her new stomping grounds of Hartford, CT!

Visit the Con blog outpost here for all the details. Hope to see some of the Banned And Dangerous crew there!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Revisiting Reverend Jerry's Bullshit On War

War, like other evils, is often wholesome.-Reverend Jeremiah

Really Jerry?

Nice wholesome war

WASHINGTON - Some 300,000 U.S. troops are suffering from major depression or post-traumatic stress from serving in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 320,000 received brain injuries, a new study estimates.

Only about half have sought treatment, said the study released Thursday by the RAND Corporation.

“There is a major health crisis facing those men and women who have served our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Terri Tanielian, the project’s co-leader and a researcher at the nonprofit RAND.

“Unless they receive appropriate and effective care for these mental health conditions, there will be long-term consequences for them and for the nation,” she said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The 500-page study is the first large-scale, private assessment of its kind — including a survey of 1,965 service members across the country, from all branches of the armed forces and including those still in the military as well veterans who have left the services.

Its results appear consistent with a number of mental health reports from within the government, though the Defense Department has not released the number of people it has diagnosed or who are being treated for mental problems. The Department of Veterans Affairs said this month that its records show about 120,000 who served in the two wars and are no longer in the military have been diagnosed with mental health problems. Of the 120,000, approximately 60,000 are suffering from PTSD, the VA said.

Veterans Affairs is responsible for care of service members after they have left the service, while the Defense Department covers active-duty and reservist needs. The lack of information from the Pentagon was one motivation for the RAND study, Tanielian said.

Problems affect more than 18 percent of troops
The most prominent and detailed military study on mental health that is released is the Army’s survey of soldiers at the warfront. Officials said last month that its most recent one, done last fall, found 18.2 percent of soldiers suffered a mental health problem such as depression, anxiety or acute stress in 2007 compared with 20.5 percent the previous year.

The Rand study, completed in January, put the percentage of PTSD and depression at 18.5 percent, calculating that approximately 300,000 current and former service members were suffering from those problems at the time of its survey, which was completed in January.

The figure is based on Pentagon data showing over 1.6 million military personnel have deployed to the conflicts since the war in Afghanistan began in late 2001.

RAND researchers also found:

  • About 19 percent — or some 320,000 services members — reported that they experienced a possible traumatic brain injury while deployed. In wars where blasts from roadside bombs are prevalent, the injuries can range from mild concussions to severe head wounds.
  • About 7 percent reported both a probable brain injury and current PTSD or major depression.
  • Only 43 percent reported ever being evaluated by a physician for their head injuries.
  • Only 53 percent of service members with PTSD or depression sought help over the past year.
  • They gave various reasons for not getting help, including that they worried about the side effects of medication; believe family and friends could help them with the problem; or that they feared seeking care might damage their careers.
  • Rates of PTSD and major depression were highest among women and reservists.
Still think war is nice and wholesome Jerry?

When one or more of the 300,000 comes home and commits a major act of domestic terrorism are we going sit back and act shocked and ask how did this happen?

Here's another installment of Political Hypocrisy Theater

Remember when Hillary Clinton blasted rival Barack Obama for his condescending remarks about bitter working class Americans who cling to their guns and religion, saying "Pennsylvanians don't need a president who looks down on them," she said. "They need a president who stands up for them, who fights hard for your future, your jobs, your families."?
Well, it looks like the former First Lady has some explanin' to do.

In January 1995, as the Clintons were licking their wounds from the 1994 congressional elections, a debate emerged at a retreat at Camp David. Should the administration make overtures to working class white southerners who had all but forsaken the Democratic Party? The then-first lady took a less than inclusive approach.

"Screw 'em," she told her husband. "You don't owe them a thing, Bill. They're doing nothing for you; you don't have to do anything for them."

So what you were saying about that whole "I don't think [Obama] really gets it that people are looking for a president who stands up for you and not looks down on you," again, Mrs. Clinton?

Fresh Ralph

Here are the lowlights.

Lucky Charms like multiple color posting claiming Ellen Degeneres and Hillary are lovers


Ralph shows his sexual fantasies...



Ralph orgasims on the computer...

YES!!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

FILTH!!!!! FILTH!!!!! FILTH!!!!!

Ralph explains his and other nuts hatred of Hillary


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Reverend Jeremiah on War

Good morning, you bastards from a basket, to a long-overdue sermon from the Reverend Jeremiah. The sermon today? The good pastor's take on war and how the Holy Bible is the source of Truth.

Folks often wonder why war is necessary, why there is so much blood-shed, and how it can be avoided. Well, I’ve come today to give the reasons I see as would be necessary and just-worthy cause to lead a nation or nations to war. I may not be able to settle all the answers, but perhaps, at very least, enough to solve a few un-answered questions that some might have regarding the necessities for it, and how we might avoid it.

The first point I want to emphasize with regards to why wars are begun and I cannot stress this enough – War has its beginnings, or roots rather, from the beginning of time, it is traced back to the first man Adam who by his transgressing against the all-powerful authority of Almighty God, cursed all mankind down through the ages, which is our inheritance from age to age, and therefore, it is a struggle between ideology (fleshly desires/man’s ideas), and/or spiritual differences. Thus, we have those who desire oppression and those who desire Liberty, in essence, the more wholesome word we use as Americans, Freedom.

The Bible is an inexhaustible source of truth that will lead us to numerous wars that took place during that particular era of time, in which the evils that pervaded societies, called for some sort of action be taken to restore humility and justice, so that those societies could be freed from the shackles of despair which entangled them. For example – In the book of Joshua, chapter 6, we find Joshua led an army consisting of the Israelites. Now, before I comment any further regarding this war that Joshua set out to do, these were God’s commands given to Joshua and his army by way of angelic revelation, Commander of the Lord’s army. This particular battle was the battle at Jericho…What were the people of Jericho doing that would warrant war to overtake them? Quite succinctly, because they were worshipping false idols, that led them to do evil things. In order to have a better understanding of this, we must start in Exodus and read through to the book of Joshua, which is the time of Moses until God gives Joshua Moses’ inheritance and beyond. This was during the time period when God had set His Laws and commands in place and anyone that broke those laws and chose to defy God would be overtaken. From the time of Adam man set out to do things in his own manner, choosing to do things that were displeasing to God, such as Pharaoh who held God’s people in bondage, and God commanded Aaron to meet Moses in the wilderness so that Moses could tell Aaron the word of the Lord and all the signs which he had commanded him. In the instance of Pharaoh God did not command an army, but struck Egypt with plagues.

So, why did these conflicts arise that called for the destruction of these places? The question can be answered in that, even though God loved mankind enough to give him a home here on earth … through free will, man used his sense of choice to work toward goals opposite from the goals which God had in mind for them to do, which was to uplift and glorify Him in all they done, so that they could be blessed in everything. It’s really not so simply stated if you look at it in the context from which we gain standards of morality and hope from, in our everyday lives, those standards can only be met when one acknowledges that a Higher Power works to the benefit of the individual.

When we forsake our guidance in Almighty God and follow the desires of the flesh, in whatever way the flesh leads us, we wonder about in all different directions, and our mind has nothing that conforms to the ideals of humility and kindness to lead us in the way we should go, and therefore, un-necessary oppression and suffering occur. Why? Because the oppressors which are guided by their own vices, who don’t believe in a Higher Power are driven by a sense of superiority to the rest of mankind, who has feelings that the oppressor does not wish to take into consideration…In other words, there is no sense of right or wrong in the individual who does not acknowledge their source of hope.

All down through the ages, through Biblical times which we were graciously afforded a record of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ per se, we have the opportunity to learn from former generations, where by events that unfolded, we learn that people purposely made the mistake of thinking that they could subjugate (Power by force) their own Nation of people into a set agenda or ideology that granted them control over the masses by human dictatorship. We often call this form of rule today, as – Socialism. Socialism is a similar type of system that was found during Pharaoh’s time of rule, in which the peoples’ reliance was solely in the State to provide their needs for survival, it must be stressed that in this form of rule it is always dependent upon the dictates of the State whether the people prospered or failed. However, as history has proven, in all cases where Socialism was the rule, no nation of people has ever been happy within its cold grips. It is then noted that the peoples cry for mercy is as if they were never heard, being, in essence, silenced, to suffer at the hands of the State, whom, by their own judgment, deem the quantity of their inheritance absolute, therefore, not in any certain terms guaranteeing prosperity for their people, but in most cases, we’ve learned that the State prospers with great abundance, leaving their people deprived of their rights to Liberty and ownership of property, without suffrage (right of decision).

This horrible injustice can be found in the not so distant annals of world history, a man who is known the world over for his reign as the most brutal dictator along with two others of similar ideology, Stalin and Lenin. Adolph Hitler, not only took the rights of property away, he took his ideology into a murderous rage, as being responsible for the deaths of over 11 million Jews – We know this injustice as the Holocaust.

It’s the ideologies of people like Hitler and Stalin that lead to war, because not only are property rights on the line, but life and limb also, in the struggle to preserve your life. You see, to understand why an injustice like Hitler’s despotic rule can…It all goes back as I mentioned earlier to the afore-mentioned account of original sin when mankind through free-will (free-will is the key phrase here), made the [choice], as choice is what defines free-will, chose to disregard a power greater than himself, a Power that rules the entire earth and universe. No man has authority on earth, no man. We are placed on earth, and appointed to do God’s Will … you see, this is where Hitler proved he had no regard or respect for this Higher Authority over him, and likewise those who followed him and carried out his insane orders.

Don’t you see the link here? Any Nation or Nations that do not submit to a Higher Authority, chaos becomes as a result of that Nation.

I have no authority, and it’s not what I think that is best for the world, but the One who has the power over me.

People who wage war are those who seek to defend their Liberty from oppressors like Hitler, and likewise, to free those who are under Hitler’s tyrannizing forces, and for those who work to this end, God’s Mighty right hand is working on their behalf. Why? Because they seek to do what He desires from His position as truth for all ages, and not what “they” want, personally…and for people to be what? To have freedom, and to understand that He is their peace that they had longed for so desperately when they needed Him the most. God wants our attention. He is needed in every step of progress that we take in the world. He is our only progress. He governs/rules the world, not us.

Finally, yes, war is sometimes inevitable, but it can be avoided. How? To recognize that God does not want us to aimlessly kill for “convenience” or because someone was considered “inconvenient” to us, no, we are to cherish every single life, no matter how great or small, we all have a place in this world, and that place is to glorify and uplift Jesus Christ Our Lord.

If need be, and conflict should arise out of the misunderstanding that some hold as their “right” to seek do unjust acts of barbarism then I believe God would want us to do everything necessary to defeat this enemy.

I leave you with this...

War, like other evils, is often wholesome. The waters that stagnate corrupt; the storm that works the ocean into rage renders it salutary; heaven has given us nothing unmixed; the rose is not without its thorn. War calls forth the great virtues and efforts which would sleep in the gentle bosom of Peace.

God bless!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Newshounds Check In

Thank you to LilCrash, Visitor 55 and Dr. Matt for stopping by. This is an open thread for Newshounds folks to drop in and say hi or fuck you or whatever. :)

The Golden Boy Vs Steve Forbes

On May 3rd Oscar De La Hoya is fighting Steve Forbes. Unfortunately the Steve Forbes in question is not this guy

But this guy


By the way Steve Forbes the boxer is one of those guys the sport is full of. Solid professional guy who always gives it his best and has managed to have a solid career as a "fringe" contender. In other words he's real easy to root for but honestly doesn't have much of a shot in this fight.

Steve Forbes the publisher and politician worked his way off the mean streets by being the son of Malcolm Forbes. In other words...he's a leaching parasite

Is Tony Dungy Another False Hero?

Indianapolis Colts head Football Coach Tony Dungy is in Omaha to deliver the keynote speech at the Salvation Army's 2008 DJ's hero awards and the Omaha World Herald did an interview with him. I found this quite telling...

You sparked controversy in Indiana in 2007 when you spoke out against gay marriage. What's your feeling on expressing religious views as a public figure?

"One of the great things about our country is you do get a chance to say what you believe. When you are in a high-profile position like a head coach in the NFL, you have a bigger stage and what you say goes farther in terms of impact.

"It's just a matter of choosing to state your beliefs and say what you think. . . . People like Coach Osborne and Coach Brown were role models for me to do that.

"I think along with privilege goes responsibility. . . . Being a counselor and a role model for the young men I come in contact with, being true to my beliefs, is something that's important.

Being the World Herald they didn't follow up the questioning by asking if the suicide of Dungy's son in 2006 had anything to do with Dungy's beliefs. If somebody were to come out and say the same things Dungy had said and used the term "African Americans" or some other term instead of homosexuals would he still be ok in expressing his beliefs? Would he still have a job? Would he be hailed as a man of great character and faith while he was giving a speech on being a hero? Would he be even asked to give the speech?

Dear Lord In Heaven I Do Love Football

This is ESPN Reporter Molly Qerim. Get this woman on the sidelines every week ESPN.

Campbell Brown knows who Connects With The Midwest,

Campell Brown CNN news analyst and fuck toy of Republican strategist and Fox Whore Dan Senor knows Barack Obama's "bitter" comments will continue to hurt him because it shows he doesn't connect with the people in the Midwest. Yeah and Campbell Brown does. As I am sure John McCain does.

Campbell Brown part of that "liberal" media.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Carmello Anthony Arrested for DUI

DENVER - NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony was arrested early Monday on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, hours after his worst game of the season. The Denver Nuggets forward was arrested on Interstate 25, police said. He was alone in the car and pulled over for weaving and not dimming his lights.

Detective Sharon Hahn said Anthony failed a series of sobriety tests. He was charged with DUI, then taken to police headquarters before being released to a "sober responsible party," Hahn said. Anthony is due in court May 14.

Mark Warkentien, the Nuggets' vice president of basketball operations, said the team was aware of the situation but declined comment. The Nuggets did not practice Monday and Anthony wasn't available. He's expected at practice Tuesday.

I will never understand this. nevermind that the Nuggets are locked in a playoff chase and they really don't need this shit. With the money these guys make why in the world can't they just hire somebody to drive themselves when they are going to hit the clubs?

What a load of bullshit!

There is some bullshit on the campaign trail that i'm capable of ignoring, but here is some out-right ignorant bullshit that I can't stand to listen to. Here's John McCain asking Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama to denounce former President Jimmy Carter for promoting discussions with Hamas.

“The very idea that a former President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief would meet with a terrorist organization demands a clear stance from all presidential candidates. Refusing to take a stand, as Senator Obama has done, is not the strong leadership we need today. If Senator Obama is not decisive enough to condemn former President Carter, how can he be strong enough to deal with the threat they pose to America and to our allies?”

He's right! The U.S. doesn't negotiate with the evil-doers! We bomb those motherfuckers back to the stone-age, and put a boot up their ass! That's the American way! [/sarcasm off]

Since when did this country ever condemn a leader for making an attempt to promote and use diplomacy with their enemies? And McCain must be getting senile, since a certain former president that he establishes himself to be used diplomacy in dealing with the former Soviet Union.

Where does McCain get off saying some stupid bullshit like that?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here's a Sneak Peeek from my latest edition of Random Questions

- Why are the idiots who dreampt up the Iraq war quagmire continuing to voice their opinions on a.) the dangers of leaving the war-torn country and b.) why we need to attack Iran? Neocon parrots from William Kristol to Dick Cheney to blowhards like Sean Hannity are the same people who said that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction, that the war would last from six days to maybe six months, that the insurgency was in the last throes of power, etc, and after five years of this senseless war, all their predictions were dead wrong! When you continue to fuck things up in regards to foreign policy, should you not be considered an expert, or at lest should you quit running your mouth? Hell, if these knuckleheads told me that it was raining outside, I would have to check with some non-partisan government agency to make sure they were telling the truth!

Read the rest over at Jonathan's Corner, and feel free to answer this, and the last two RQ's I have posted.

The View From My Ass

Let's See What Three Hoagies And A Bottle Of Dr. Pepper Can Inspire Out Of Me.

Man it's been a while since I have done this hasn't? Actually I have sat down to write several of these and haven't finished them. But tonight I put my mind to writing something, anything, even if it is of little significant importance. Of course what do I write that ever is of those things?

Chrish And Ellen

Actually I am not going to say anything about either one of them today. So both they and their spies can go away now... This is a feel good edition. Spring is Nigh (although if you live in Nebraska you wouldn't know it) The Spring game marking the absolute end of the disastrous Pedeyhan era is really and truly over. This is a smile and look ahead edition.

Banned And Dangerous Royalty.

When I was informed of the petition on off topic i decided to write a little message to the board and let them know my side I was going to give it to ET who agreed to post it for me. Let me tell you that the little message turned into a 5 page diatribe about mismanagement, followers, appeasers, and paranoid schizophrenics and let me tell you I still stick by every word of it. But almost as soon I sent it that little inner voice inside all of us said Boy that just did you no damn good. See other than the typos of which there were many, everything I said was the truth. But if there's one thing we have learned form from the presidential election saying what's true isn't always saying what's smart and thankfully ET gave me a chance to write a much shorter much smarter message which she posted for me. Her wisdom and guidance in this situation is just further proof to myself that what this country needs in the near future is the leadership of a Woman. Maybe just not the woman running for President now :) Anyway those who read my live journal know that I have jokingly named Spanish soap actress Dominika Paleta Matron Saint, Well I have decided it's time to name a Matron Saint ( or what ever title she prefers) of Banned And Dangerous. And to her eternal chagrin I am sure, for her kindness, wisdom, friendship and understanding I have decided it can't be anybody but ET.
ET Thank You again.

Bring Back The Count!

Thank you to everybody on off topic for the support. I don't see myself coming back anytime soon. For reasons I have given before and some I may give at another time. But believe me when I tell you I love, miss, respect and appreciate every one of you. And don't hesitate to stop by and say hi.


If you have read either Banned And Dangerous Or House Of Ill Repukes you may have noticed an influx of anonymous posts made by one or more douchebags showing off their complete lack of class, Intelligence and breeding. I seriously wonder just why they are doing this. Over on Newshounds they remind me off the little 3ft piss ants we have all dealt with in school. You know the ones who do or say something to piss you off and then when you are just about to wail on them and make them shit their britches they shout for the teacher and the teachers save their asses. Then they give you that little fucking smile while they are checking to see if they had just soiled themselves. And of course over at NH the little 3ft piss ants and the teachers are in business together, but on our own Blogs Yakki and I not only can beat them until they soil their little pull-ups it's kind of our obligation and unfortunately for them cries for their little partners in crime won't save them here. Of course after they have been beaten down and what little self esteem they had is long gone and they still insist on more punishment I have found this little guy comes in handy.

You're free to use it Yakki.

What's The Difference Between The People Who Run Newshounds and Creighton?

Actually that sets up a nice joke but I won't go there. The difference is that in the last week I sent an email to both of these institutions that I have been critical of, in the past week and Creighton actually took the time to answer back. Anonofool (read above) posted under the name of Creighton AD Bruce Rasmussen. I emailed Creighton and told them who I was and that I wasn't a fan and though I already knew the answer did Mr. Rasmussen take time out of busy schedule to post on my blog? I got a very nice response from Creighton. Act shocked Mr. Rasmussen did not. The poster is most likely the same crazy, scared, moronic fuck who posted that he sent an email to University of Nebraska warning them of my blog. I must admit that they did email me shortly after that happened and have several times since. Of course it's to alert me when tickets to events go on sale. Anonymous posters=pussies.

You've Got To Love That Liberal Media

Two quotes from Presidential candidates came to light this week...

Barack Obama said:

"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them…And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not," he reportedly said.

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,"

John McCain said to his Wife:
"At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt."

Guess which of these statements that great Liberal media jumped all over spun to death? Got to love that Liberal media. No wonder Johnny calls the media 'his base".

Part 2 the non Newshounds non political portion to come soon.


Count Istvan


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Has It Been A Week Already?

Julia Piscitelli: The Latest Disgraceful Democrat On FOX News

Reported by Ellen - Sat 1:30 AM

I'm going out of town for a while and probably won't be doing much posting over the next week or so... what a great note to leave on.

See y'all soon!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Daily Show On Fox News

Oh Shit How Dare He

Obama on Illegal immigration

"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them…And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not," he reportedly said.

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," he also said, according to the Web site.

CNN is going to stay on top of this story. Somehow I doubt they will bother to mention that Obama is 250% correct.

Newshounds Question

Whenever I click on a thread to read the comments now it either slows my computer to a crawl or opens 3 windows. Is anyone else having this problem?

Edit: Thank you ET for being a wise friend and not allowing me to step deeper into the dog shit than I had to. I re-wrote the post I want you to post on Off topic. It's much shorter but I feel does a much better job :)

Leo Pusateri: who gives two shits about the poor?

Ladies and Gentlemen: here's another example of compassionate conservatism from Blogs for Victory.com.

3. Leo Pusateri | April 11th, 2008 at 8:45 am

The average Middle Classite got less than 100 bucks a year in tax cuts from Bush if you made a million dollars you got 42 000 a year.

Could it be because that maybe, just maybe, that millionaires pay more in taxes than the average “Middle Classite”? Could it be that the top 25 percent of all wage earners pay 86 percent of all Federal income taxes? Or that the top 1% pay 39 percent of all Federal income taxes?

They more than pay their fair share, sweetie.

6. Leo Pusateri | April 11th, 2008 at 8:51 am

They were tax cuts for those who pay the most taxes and not tax cuts in real terms for the bulk of Americans the Middle Class and the Poor.

Of course they favored the wealthy in bottom-line dollar terms, because the wealthy pay the lion’s share of the taxes. The poor don’t pay federal or state taxes. As a matter of fact, the poor probably get more money back than they pay in taxes via the Earned Income Tax credit.

11. Leo Pusateri | April 11th, 2008 at 10:20 am

Spare me. In the last 7 years the gap between top and bottomhas grown faster than at any other time and the middle class has shrunk.

If the rich weren’t free to get more rich, the poor would be even worse off. Capital begets captial, in terms of investment, and those who invest wisely invariably see good returns on their investment.

But their money is not invested in a vacuum. Investment necessarily creates demand for jobs. And as everyone knows (or should know), a good job which is ultimately the best form of welfare program.

So Joe, spare me your Trotskyite class-warfare rhetoric. It’s getting mighty old.

Take a step into the 21st century, okay?

12. Leo Pusateri | April 11th, 2008 at 10:22 am

10. Pain | April 11th, 2008 at 10:16 am

Who “needs” the money more Leo? The Rich or the Poor? Who “wants” the money more seems to have been the over arching concern here of the Elites.

Spoken like a true Bolshevik. Spoken like a true limousine liberal elitist. Bravo!!

Caption This

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Obob.

For Obob and his Great Dane lover...

Hope you like.

BTW,I contacted that community for you and explained to them that you had come to my political blog,looking for man-cock. I explained also,that you are an angry young poofter who was rebuffed by me,and that is why you are posting under an assumed name.

I don't know whether or not they will remove your comment,as you were talking about your dog and all,but at least now the owners of that site understand your angst!

You may thank me at your leisure. Just don't try to hump my leg.


McCain True Family Values Man

Calls wife a cunt?

McCain's Temper

Book: McCain temper boiled over in '92 tirade, called wife a 'cunt'Nick Juliano
Published: Monday April 7, 2008

John McCain's temper is well documented. He's called opponents and colleagues "shitheads," "assholes" and in at least one case "a fucking jerk."

But a new book on the presumptive Republican nominee will air perhaps the most shocking angry exchange to date.

The Real McCain by Cliff Schecter, which will arrive in bookstores next month, reports an angry exchange between McCain and his wife that happened in full view of aides and reporters during a 1992 campaign stop. An advance copy of the book was obtained by RAW STORY.

Three reporters from Arizona, on the condition of anonymity, also let me in on another incident involving McCain's intemperateness. In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain's hair and said, "You're getting a little thin up there." McCain's face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." McCain's excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.

Randi has left the building

And what a damn shame it is.

Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.

Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company.

We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America. We will soon announce exciting new talent and programming that will accelerate Air America’s growth in the future.

Love her or hate her, Randi Rhodes had the facts and never took shit from anyone. The kind of firecracker spirit she had is what made me listen to Air America Radio from the start.
I'm confident that Sam Seder might take Randi's slot, but it sure as hell won't be the same. And with Rachel Maddow more-than-likely going to get her own show or become a permanent political analyst for MSNBC, Air America might face a problem of finding the new hit star for the network.

Adios, Randi. You will be missed. At least to this AAR listener.

Caption This

I have more Random Questions

That need to be answered over at Jonathan's Corner.
In fact, my first set of RQ's need to be answered as well.

Comment on both entires, please.

To the troll who loves the cock:

I took the liberty.

For you,dear heart!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bobby Knight Motivates

Ok I Just Find This Funny


The chairman of the DNC, a partisan?? Gee, who knew!

Not according to Matt Margolis.

Howard Dean can’t seem to open his mouth without saying something nonsensical… Earlier this week he said that John McCain isn’t a strong candidate … yet both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are “extraordinary.”

Howard Dean is as partisan as they come, but for him to make both those claims is just plain stupidity. John McCain has more experience than Hillary and Obama combined. Four years ago, Democrats claimed that John Kerry’s four months in Vietnam made him more qualified to be commander-in-chief, but today they say that John McCain, who served far longer and endured far more than John Kerry did, is a weaker candidate than both Hillary and Obama, neither of whom served in the military. Hillary and Obama support disastrous policies…. They both want to cut and run from Iraq. They both want to raise taxes. They both want socialized health care. Yet, Howard Dean calls them extraordinary…

Here was my response:

#10. Jonathan | April 9th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

The chairman of the DNC is a partisan? Gee, what a shocker. Jesus, I’m seventeen, and even I could point that out to you, idiot.

Furthermore, if Ken Melman were still the chairman of the RNC, I’d bet you $500.00 that he would come out and proclaim McCain as an extraordinary candidate and say that Obama and Hillary are insignificant. I’ll go even further and say that you would boast and brag from the highest mountain top, yelling at the top of your lungs that the Democrats will be creamed come November.

So please, spare us your false outrage, Matt. Your party would pull the same kind of stunt that Howard Dean pulled and you wouldn’t care a bit.

Those fuckers at Disney are at it again!

What are the corporate pimps at Disney up to now? Unleashing another High School Musical movie, that's what!

Details over at Jonathan's Corner.

Zippity Doo Dah Part 2

The answer is because the public school system sucks dick. What else would it be, slick?
I don't. But Islamic terror acts are much more numerous and more deadly at this time in our history. There is no comparison when it comes to the number of terrorist acts and the number of dead people as a result.

The Christian religious fanatics are less numerous and less deadly than the Muslim fanatics.
Yep - that's what I said - Jesus just loves burning books. Seriously though, if you are going to put words in my mouth, surely you could think of something more creative and derogatory?

What an absolute joke you clowns are. You can't debate me with logic so you result to petty insults and snide remarks.

I wouldn't even try to bother educating these shit for brains. If 10,000 people were killed by an Islamic extremist, while 1 was killed by an abortion clinic bomber, they would still be equivalent in these warped minds.
Do you see anyone here supporting abortion clinic bombings?


john t
The drive-by media is desperately trying to talk down the economy so as to elect a Democrat President.

I'm glad that you're honest enough to admit it. It validates everything that is written in the scriptures to be true.

BTW, your hatred of myself and my brothers does not phase me in any way. In fact, it strengthens my resolve.

I hope you are sitting in a padded cell. You like evolution better than religion? Think about the millions upon millions of people who have been killed in the name of Social Darwinism, which is a perversion of evolution. Lets start with Hitler. What do you hate now, you idiot?
You don't know what you're talking about. Do you have some kind of reading comprehension problem? Have you read my earlier posts about Iraq? And I'm not a Catholic, either, btw.

Are the Dems still invested in defeat in Iraq?
Abbey does. But, he/she/it is full of shit.
I thought the Democratic Congress was supposed to take care of that. They haven't accomplished jack.
Not everyone who doubts or disbelieves evolution believes that the Earth is 6000 years old. But since you feel like projecting, why not accuse us of being snake-handlers while you're at it?

Seriously, is this the best you can do? Hurl petty insults. I'm laughing at you and still waiting for someone to say something intelligent!

Victory is when all the terrorists are dead. You a long for the haul? Don't worry, you don't have to fight. Just keep your pussy mouth shut.
We haven't had "mums" since '76. Catch the spirit, loser.
I'm glad you're happy. But if you hang out around here and wait for some intelligent comments, I'm afraid you may be waiting a long time!
Why are you so interested in my personal beliefs? Do you doubt that true Christians exist?

I'm not here to preach Christianity. But I do like to point out the hypocrisy of the liberals here whenever they rip into Christianity one second and screech about acceptance and tolerating all different lifestyles, points of view and religions the next second.

The NIE says Al Qaeda's stronger and the threat of global terrorism is greater than any time since 9/11. So this current course we're on isn't working too good."

So, the alternate course is to abandon Iraq to the terrorists?

I wonder what the nutroots think about the boring Petraeus hearings? Petraeus is running rings around Obama and the other senators.

George W. Bush, an elected president, has behaved like a dictator since Sept. 11, 2001. If "our" representatives in Congress care, they haven't done anything about it. Bush has pretty much cut Congress out of the action. "

LOL!! I hope he doesn't stay president for, like, 50 years like that Castro guy. This must not be Tim Robbins, Cindy Sheehan, or any other far left idiot that has visited Cuba recently.

Actually, the French were called the "resistance." No one doubt that there is a resistance movement in Iraq. The only difference is that the French resisted Nazi tyranny. Al-Qauda in Iraq is resisting the establishment of free government. I hope this is not too much for tyour pea-brain to digest.
If it helps you to feel better about yourself and your worldview to think of me as some deranged carcicature of humanity, please feel free to do so. I promise not to lose any sleep over it.

It is true that the deranged, kook, fringe nutroots may be disappointed in what is going in the hearings.

The job of delivering democracy on the end of a bayonnet?

Or the removal of Sadam and the WMD's?
Patriot Actor | 04.09.08 - 1:48 pm | #

One in the same.

Patriot Actor | 04.09.08 - 1:48 pm | #

How many relatives do you have over in the Middle East?

FrankC | 04.09.08 - 1:49 pm
You think that the kook fringe nutroots are influential in America today?

Completely off topic, but does anyone know whatever happened to Count Istvan?

Because the job isn't going to be done with us there."

Why should I believe you? You said the surge was doomed to fail.
john t
What do you think of the kook, fringe nutroots?
Yeah I saw that. Really, is that the worst thing you can find that I've said here?

Do you have any idea how many times I've been cussed at, called a racist, nazi, pedophile, fill in the blank whenever I've had the audacity to simply disagree with someone here?

I'm not complaining, mind you, nor am I asking for it to stop. Actually, it's part of the reason I keep coming back here. I'm trying to understand how liberals think and what kind of people they are. Posting on these blogs is a fascinating insight into the minds of people on the other side.

Of course you do. LOL!!! If we had been debating economics, you would be teaching economics. The old, "I am an expert at whatever it is we are debating." Pathetic, son.
Are you in his class? Or, do you teach college, too?
Actually, I've learned alot. While I still disagree with you guys about 90% of the time, every once in a while I do learn something new and see something from a different point of view that I hadn't thought of before.

Some of you are more articulate and reasonable than others. Fortunately, I have thick skin and ignore the uglier ones. The ironic thing is, I have tons of liberal friends IRL and things never get nasty whenever we discuss politics or religion.

The ironic thing is, I have tons of liberal friends IRL and things never get nasty whenever we discuss politics or religion."

That's because these people cower in their momma's basements behind computer screens. In person, one of these college professors would likely piss their pants in a face to face confrontation.
No, but you do bloviate, you popinjay.

Snowbridge? I am a grizzly, you bitch.
Are you back again? We have to put up with your ridiculous anectdotes and analogies. Hooyah.

If you couldn't talk about liberals or Democrats - or even Republicans - in stereotypical terms, then we would not have two national political parties, you blithering ass.
Fair enough. For what its worth I've really ticked off some conservatives on a conservative website before. They all hated me accused me of being a goody two-shoes liberal!

Of course they were completely wrong. I'm really just an independent thinker who is fairly open minded and willing to hear other peoples views on things.

Thanks for the feedback. You have been one of the more intelligent people to talk to here. I'll try to remember what you said.

I'm outta here.

You guys are amazing. How quickly the conversation goes from having to save our troops from an unwanted war started by Halliburton, to portraying the troops as rapists and murderers.
LOL!!! You telling me that I could not list the fucking characteristics that differentiate the two parties? What a moron. Do you close your eyes to vote? What's it matter? Same outcome either way, huh? Good grief.
Yes. People "would like" to see our troops brought home within a year. So would I. People "would like" free beer too.

The problem is: If Iraq descends into mass choas and genocide, the Democrats will be blamed for it.

Obama and Hillary know this. They don't even talk about a deadline for withdrawl anymore. Instead they talk about a "phased" or "orderly redeployment." Which means nothing. It means our troops will be in Iraq for years no matter who is elected. Sorry, but your candidates have thrown you under the bus. It's about time they quit listening to their defeatist base of angry leftists.
This coming from an ignoramus is understandable. You do realize that the different stances the parties take on the issues is no accident, right? It all emanates from differing conceptions of man. I am not going to elaborate for you. Why don't you Google something? Like I would vote for a pro-business Republican, who believes in the sacred mission of America, one election, only to change over the the commie party, which wants to take my money, my guns, and any other piece of property I have.
Obama and Hillary know this. They don't even talk about a deadline for withdrawl anymore. Instead they talk about a "phased" or "orderly redeployment." Which means nothing."

True dat. Don't these morons ever wonder why the troops aren't home, even though Americans "would like" them home?
In claudo's black and white world, Hagel represents all Republicans.
You are right. "Commie" is out of style. I believe libtards refer to it as "massive wealth realignment." You know, so it resonates in the burbs.

An abortion clinic was bombed on 9-11. What a tragedy. It ranks way above the job accom plished by the Islamoids. As long as you believe that, you will be marginalized.

Dont call this a liberal blog. You will upset stash, er, I mean stosh.
Yeah. And Saint Joan of Arc was set ablaze back in 1431, so the Cristians are the same as the Islamofascists.

The disease of moral equivilancy is hard to understand, and will always drive a rational person up the wall. The root pathology of the modern left is always a twisted and sick moral equivilancy which they actually seem to belive! I've stopped trying to understand it. It's too irrational.

They will say:

Bush is the same as Hitler.

Bombing an abortion clinic is the same as knocking two skyscrapers full of people out of the sky.

Dropping a laser guided bomb on a military target is the same as a terrorist deliberately blowing himself up in a crowded market full of civilians.

It's madness. There is no other explanation for it.
I think the Obama and Hillary should come out in favor of a draft. Do you think they will do that? Do they have the guts? I think we know the answer to that, now don't we? and where was bill during Vietnam?

As far as casualties go, 4000 in five years is not many when compared to past wars. In the Battle of Cold Harbor during the Civil War, for example, 8,000 union soldiers were killed or wounded in just 30 minutes! General Grant ordered an infantry charge into the Gen Lee's Confederate positions -- and his men were cut to pieces. And that was at at time when our population was much smaller. Then Grant was elected president after the war. Go figure. The drunk would never get away with that today.

General P is a much different type of general and good man trying to win the war and save lives. Democrats should be careful when they attack him. It has already come back to bite you in the ass once already...
The Democrats wanted to stop the Civil War before it was won. They said the casualties were too horrendous. If Lincoln was not reelected, wht South would be a separate nation today.
I can't talk about my service. I was in Vietnam on a secret mission up the Mekong River into Cambodia with John Kerry.
Being called a "pinhead" by you is like being called "ugly" by Rosie O'Donnell.
Here's a quarter. Call your mother and tell her that all of that money she spent on your tuition was a complete waste of money.
Which war was the first war of US imperialism?
Patriot Actor | 04.09.08 - 3:42 pm

The American Revolution.

Keep in mind the westward expansion of slavery and extermination of the Indians were the work of the Democratic Party. The probusiness Republicans didn't want the hassle.
The Democrats also passed the Jim Crow laws. Klansmen were also Democrats. Ask Robert "Sheets" Byrd.

No, they hate all non-muslims. We are, in their words, "infidels."
Will, Anti-christian bigotry will eventually be the downfall of the so-called Democratic Party.

Keep in mind many of the Democrats here are angry homosexuals and lesbians. They are an important voting block for the Dems, so don't expect any of them to speak out against the ugly bigotry you hear on hate sites such as this.
Liberals often think history began last weekend.
Pull the belt a little tighter as you type, Zippie, e-n-j-o-y!!
Liz PbD | 04.09.08 - 4:40 pm
Whatever you say Butch.
Maybe we should just turn the other cheek as our religion is mocked and ridiculed. But then agian, that may get the Democrats too excited.
Some homosexuals are not female. I had some friends once who had some window treatments done by a male homosexual, yet he was not a lesbian.
It's not nice for a catholic to hate.
The Democratic party was the party of segregation in the South for almost a hundred years. Hundreds of blacks were lynched by Democrats. It's a historical fact. Dam, you are so ignorant it's breathtaking.

That's one of the redeeming things about WWII--no innocent women, children, or other civilians died in any allied fighting or bombing, or when caught between allied and Nazi forces.
Hello there, its me again. Wow, this thread has really gotten out of hand.

I often get irritated when Ellen goes on a rampage and deletes my posts but now I can sort of see why she does it. If she wasn't heavy handed than every thread would end up like this one. I remember when I first started posting here that is the way it used to be. If these threads aren't well policed they devolve into insult matches between the liberals and one or two of the conservative posters.

At any rate, since I've taken then time to check in I'll go ahead and response to few posts:

1) The 2:38PM post was not made by me. Someone was impersonating me to get to Libslayer. But I'm flattered that my opinion is considered important enough to impersonate!

2) Regarding the posts accusing me of being a fake Christian. I got quite a chuckle out of those and found them highly amusing on various levels. Suffice it to say it didn't have the desired effect on my emotional state of mind that the original posters were probably hoping for.

Anyway, I'm out of here. Happy flaming!

Oh stop calling names. It makes you sound almost as dumb as you look.

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