Thursday, April 3, 2008

Matt's trying to spin straw into gold

Either that, or this political hack is trying to get a pick-up as a GOP apologist for Fox Propaganda Network.

It’s hardly surprising that there was no fanfare over this endorsement.

Maybe its because no one gives a shit who Jane Fonda supports?

This is an endorsement that has the potential to really hurt Obama… especially if he ends up with his party’s nomination.

Only in the vast realms of the conservative subconscious, could something as small as Fonda's endorsement, affect his shot at the presidency.

That last thing Obama would need in the general election, when his opponent was a POW in Vietnam, is the woman who was taking pictures with North Vietnamese who were fighting against American troops.

And how much are you willing to bet that Fonda's endorsement of Obama will become one of the top issues when going into the ballot box come November, should the Senator from Illinois win the Democratic nomination? Face it, Matt, the only people who could, or would for that matter, give a rat's ass about this non-story are GOP loyalists and the mases of ignorant, brain-dead, lock-step sheeple that follow the GOP.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody give a shit about Jane Fonda period anymore?

Anonymous said...

REPORTER 1: Jane, who are you voting for?

REPORTER 2: Who gets your vote?

FONDA: Obama.

REPORTER 2: Oh, my God. Heaven help us all.

Yakki.Psd said...

Only you care Anon. Or maybe old farts who remember her from their youth.

Hell,if I never have to look at plain Jane again it won't break my heart. Frankly she's nutty.

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