Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Newshounds Check In

Thank you to LilCrash, Visitor 55 and Dr. Matt for stopping by. This is an open thread for Newshounds folks to drop in and say hi or fuck you or whatever. :)


FrankC said...

Hiya Stephen,

How have you been pal, I hope you're doing well. We miss your humor intelligence and yes you're occasional F Bombs aimed at the likes of Ranger Boob et al. Setting up these occasional open threads is a good idea, it helps us keep in touch. Talk to you soon.


Dr. Matt said...

I like open threads.

Chrish And Ellen:

You two pathetic culminations of Nazi scumbag, subhuman vile, wastes of carbon...fuck you both.


Have a nice day. :)

MLP said...

Hello Count!
Miss ya over at that other place....but I'm not going there as much as I used to either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank and MLP:)

Dr Matt:

I won't go so far as to label them Nazi scumbag but I do believe that one is pure evil and the other has some severe mental issues.

There are still People at NH who really do want to do what's right . They are the ones trying to show others just how corrupt Fox news is and how bad for America it is,

They are doing it because it's something that they truly believe in. Sadly there are also People who are making up for lost hopes and dreams by trying to bring down the people that have the kind of audience and power that they themselves would love to have.

The question is was that always the case? I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say no. I think they all started out to do good work because it was the right thing to do. It can't be argued that Chrish and Ellen aren't hard workers. (I won't even argue that much of the work they do is outstanding and extremely important) Hell in the case of Ellen she works too hard, but I think somewhere along the way their best intentions went awry as they slowly became the very people they were warning us against.

Now it's almost like Animal Farm over there and in many cases you can't tell the pigs from the humans.

Dr. Matt said...

I have no problem labeling those two low-life losers "Nazis". They may work hard, but the Nazis worked hard murdering a few million Jews. I wouldn't piss on Chrish and Ellen if they were engulfed in flames. In fact, I would point, laugh, then break our some marshmellows.

They are no different then the losers at freeperville or the trolls they so sadly get worked up over.

But, that's just my 2 cents! :)


Have a great Thursday!

Dr. Matt.

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