Thursday, April 3, 2008

O'bob Rowed The Boat A Shore

all the PUKE they continue to regurgitate out of their filthy ..., homosexual mouths.
Hussein OBOB | 04.03.08 - 10:24 pm | #

Can you proove that I ever said that Wright was a Democrat?

The NH hags want to keep you NH HATE AMERICA FIRST idiots down on the farm right??????


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Jonathan said...

Why do the mods keep allowing these knuckleheads to post this crap onto the mains?
Can they really blame us for retaliating when these jerkoffs have the stones to question our patriotism when we just happen to point out the obvious truth that our president has disgraced, vilified, and dragged our good name through the mud and that he should atone for his actions?

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