Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scaife Rag Endorses Clinton


PHILADELPHIA — Could it be the "vast right wing conspiracy" is having second thoughts? Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton was endorsed Sunday by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, whose owner and publisher, billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, personally funded many of the investigations that led to President Clinton's impeachment in 1998.

It was one of a handful of endorsements the New York senator has received from Pennsylvania newspapers before the state's primary Tuesday. Most of the state's major papers have endorsed Barack Obama.

In its endorsement, Tribune-Review editors said Obama is too inexperienced to be president and that his recent comments about bitter voters living in small towns showed a lack of respect for middle-class values.

"In sharp contrast, Clinton is far more experienced in government — as an engaged first lady to a governor and a president, as a second-term senator in her own right," the paper said. "She has a real voting record on key issues. Agree with her or not, you at least know where she stands instead of being forced to wonder." Clinton met with the Tribune-Review's editorial board, including Scaife, last month. Afterward, Scaife wrote an editorial titled "Hillary, Reassessed," declaring how impressed he had been by the former first lady.

"Her meeting and her remarks during it changed my mind about her," Scaife wrote.

Yeah? Here's the truth. Scaife gets more readers and makes more money with Clinton in the White House. Why? Because his cult followers hate her more. Bashing Clintons keeps Scaife in high cotton and keeps his "mellonheads" entertained. Bashing Obama just doesn't have the same pull or thrill. Watch for the DU crowd to jump all over this story and be wrong as usual. This is not Scaife endorsing Clinton because the two have formed some bond. This is Scaife endorsing Clinton because it's good business. And that's what Scaife is all about.

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