Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New post at HOIR,my wanna-be lover returns.


My GAWD(tm). Are wingnuts completely lacking in imagination or what?

It's sad that a society as fine as ours,pumps out these mental midgets daily. Or maybe their parents are just so fucked in the head that they squash all creativity out of em,lol.

Let's see what the shagmaster thinks of making my page get hits,eh?


Win~win for me.


Anonymous said...

you treed yourself a good one there. of course playing your game he's only bound to have his ass handed to him.

Yakki.Psd said...

Oh I've got him coming along. He's approached implosion once already,then he left and didn't comment for a few days. I'd imagine he was flaggelating himself during tht time.

He's back though,so I'm gonna crank it up a notch.

Bruce Rasmussen said...

Hey Yakki "the liberal cumdumpster", psd,

Fat, bald, and stupid is no way to go through life. Probably time to just end it....or you can wait a few years for massive coronary failure to finish the job. Shouldn't be long now. Either way, it's a LOL-LOL for me!

LOL, "PERFIDITY." Yeah, it was creative license. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

Count, no one can understand you with your tongue in Yakki's sphincter.

Yours truly,
Bruce Rasmussen,
Creighton University Athletic Director, and Member of the Omaha Sports Hall of Fame

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bruce for posting here. With all you have to do, being the AD for Creighton and all it's great that you took time out of your busy day to post here. I am sure you are getting everything ready for Creighton's annual spring football game... oh wait that's right.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bruce...


Check that place out you'll like it.

Yakki.Psd said...

Can anyone understand "bruce"? And do the muffled sqwakings*due to so many pairs of nuts on his chin) of a cockjockey mean anything?

All signs point to "no".

Like I said Anonypussy. You're making me famous! And I'm going to make you famous. Everyone is going to know how you came to my blog and professed your love for me. They're going to know how much you desired me to slap some meat in your ass,lol.

It'll be another win for you though,right?


Anonymous said...

Yakki We are suppose to believe that this is Bruce Rasmussen The director of Athletics for Creighton University. A school here in Omaha that I am quite critical of for a variety of reasons.

Yakki.Psd said...

Yeah,I got that bro.

But since he's an anonymous pussy,I had to call him something. It was either "Bruce" or asslicker.

I chose the nicer of the two options!

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