Monday, April 21, 2008

A White Rapper With A Song About Ellen

Ellen Brags
Check out this song whose real title is Damage Control. Our friend, GT, wrote it as part of his effort to expose FOX News. It features Sean Hannity, Hal Turner, and Bill O'Reilly, among others. I'm even mentioned in it. GT is hoping to make an LP highlighting the distortions of FOX News and is seeking input from readers. You can read his message and find an email link after the jump.

Good luck GT. The big question is what will there be more of? # of comments on the thread about this song 6 or the number of copies this song sells. My money is on the 6.

By the way I remember when Newshounds used to be about exposing Fox news and not about Mods bragging about songs that were written about themselves. Yet more proof that Ellen is ego ran a muck. Ok I heard it. The guy basically says thank you to Ellen. Then says free speech over and over again. nevermind the hypocrisy I want to know how much you want to bet Ellen paid this dude to write it?


Anonymous said...

I think we have proof positive that's it's no longer about Newshounds and now it's Ellen. me wonders what the other mods who have used their hard earned time and work think about Ellen taking all of the credit

lilcrash said...

I need more proof than that, But it would'nt surprise me.

lilcrash said...

In my best Tony Montana impersonation

"I was just kidding"

count ... email this to ellen & give her my best plz...


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