Monday, April 14, 2008

What a load of bullshit!

There is some bullshit on the campaign trail that i'm capable of ignoring, but here is some out-right ignorant bullshit that I can't stand to listen to. Here's John McCain asking Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama to denounce former President Jimmy Carter for promoting discussions with Hamas.

“The very idea that a former President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief would meet with a terrorist organization demands a clear stance from all presidential candidates. Refusing to take a stand, as Senator Obama has done, is not the strong leadership we need today. If Senator Obama is not decisive enough to condemn former President Carter, how can he be strong enough to deal with the threat they pose to America and to our allies?”

He's right! The U.S. doesn't negotiate with the evil-doers! We bomb those motherfuckers back to the stone-age, and put a boot up their ass! That's the American way! [/sarcasm off]

Since when did this country ever condemn a leader for making an attempt to promote and use diplomacy with their enemies? And McCain must be getting senile, since a certain former president that he establishes himself to be used diplomacy in dealing with the former Soviet Union.

Where does McCain get off saying some stupid bullshit like that?

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Anonymous said...

And what's more his "base" will give him a free ride.

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