Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Reverend Jeremiah Explains the Atheist's Problem

Good evening, fag lovers, to another late-night sermon from the Reverend Jeremiah. Tonight's sermon has Jeremiah analyzing the problem with the Atheist. And, by analyze, I mean, generalize the mindset, and act in a condescending manner.

In the Atheist's view of his surroundings, he finds himself in a world full of plant life, animal life, insect life, microscopic life, aquatic life, millions of different life forms, yet, when describing our thoughts in which we perceive our surrounding and learning about them, they say ... "There can be no explanation for our thought process, and therefore, they are just part of us and our DNA, and we just go with the flow." The really dark side of this non-believing ideology, is what comes at the end of the thought process, "At the end of all thought communication, is just a vast emptiness, void, as we cease to exist."

So the Atheist must then be scratching his head, wondering to him/her's self, "Why am I here?" But do they? No.

Doesn't add up, does it? If there is no future purpose for our lives, then why should we be here in the first place? How could it even be possible for us to simply live and exist without a purposeful plan made for us? With a universe so unbelievably gigantic beyond comprehesion, making us virtually invisible, non-entities amid the vast span of space...and yet, we know it is there, it is all around us, our conscience telling us every second of every day, "10 trillion galaxies, well, no one actually knows how many there are, and here I am, on the only planet within those trillions of galaxies that has life on it, How in the world did I wind up being a part of this majestic eco-system? And to beat all, of all the life forms, I'm the only one out of those millions of species that can comprehend the vastness of this monstrous place.

What if God is in it? "Oh, nooo, nooo, this is all there is, this is all we have."

You see, friends, for the Atheist, it's a sad, depressing, and dark world...all they have is what exists within this material world, and nothing to look forward to, because it's "the end", they "cease" to exist making their existence in the world "pointless."

What it really all boils down to, is that the Atheist does not want to acknowledge that he/she is weak... in other words, there's the presumption that every person has the "power" to overcome his/her's obstacle no matter how great an obstacle that may be, simply by taking advantage of all they think there is to to take advantage of. The reality is, they are 'helpless.' Not because they think they "don't need any help", but because they choose to believe that this is "all there is" to make progress. So now a new problem arises - We have to ask the Atheist who is living now, if this is all there is, and the end, or death of the physical body results in the death of the thought process making it "void of substance, just an endless pit of vanity" then what will succeeding generations after you have to look forward to...vanity also? In essence, making not only yourself worthless, but those who follow you also. Did you ever stop to think, the same material that you work with, is the same identical material that your successors will work with, making it all worthless junk as well, because how much does it benefit you; and your successors in the end, if there is nothing but a "bottomless pit of vanity for you, when you cease to exist? You didn't make it, it was already here when you came into the world, and if this, the material, is all there is, then how did it get here? Something so complex as this world couldn't have just "magically appeared", because if it just "magically appeared" then what was the purpose behind it, and us human beings, being the only species on earth with the ability to comprehend it confounds that question even further.

So, splain away, if you can...I'll give my version, or believer's version I should say, tomorrow, or the next day.



Yakki.Psd said...

That's Jeremiah's problem. He's looking at evolution like it is "magic".

It's not magic Jeremiah. What goes on in your backwoods bumpkin church in West Virginia?

That's magic.

et said...

the Atheist does not want to acknowledge that he/she is weak

This is rich, coming from a corner where feigning helplessness while knowing through some unmeasurable metric how honored and blessed you are is a specialty!

Follow me on this for a minute...

Evangelicals make a big deal about how you can only be saved through Jesus, without whom you are nothing. And presumably after your salvation you should continue to have something like humility for your small role in creation and your comparative insignificance before an all-powerful deity.

YET, there's this parallel thought track of being part of God's Elect, one of those whom Christ was sent to redeem, so therefore you must be extra-special and worthy and in effect a "holy warrior." You may even take up preaching yourself, in which case you're even more powerful, presuming as you do to know the mind of God and to impart it to those less-wise members of the Chosen.

It all makes for a weird cocktail of unworthy but special, helpless yet empowered, undeserving but among the Elect.

At no point in this process do any of these people seem to take on the larger questions of Philosophy that people like Sartre and Descartes and Locke and Hobbes did. Ask an evangelical whether their perceptions might be flawed because they are all received through human sensory apparatus, and you'll probably get tracts waved in your face and be called numerous names for your trouble.

At least the atheist has the mojo to look at those big-picture questions and admit an honest "I don't know" to them.

The good news is that in most parts of the world, people like Jeremiah would be laughed right out of the park. From what I've seen in my travels, the only other place such blind, unthinking homage to dogma has such a hold is in the Middle East, in extreme sects of both Islam and Judaism.

And look at how well that's working out...!

Ah, well. Jer remains good for a late-night laugh, and for reminding me how glad I am to live in a saner country now.

Yakki.Psd said...

ET: You have email.

Count: You have email.

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