Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Reverend Jeremiah on War

Good morning, you bastards from a basket, to a long-overdue sermon from the Reverend Jeremiah. The sermon today? The good pastor's take on war and how the Holy Bible is the source of Truth.

Folks often wonder why war is necessary, why there is so much blood-shed, and how it can be avoided. Well, I’ve come today to give the reasons I see as would be necessary and just-worthy cause to lead a nation or nations to war. I may not be able to settle all the answers, but perhaps, at very least, enough to solve a few un-answered questions that some might have regarding the necessities for it, and how we might avoid it.

The first point I want to emphasize with regards to why wars are begun and I cannot stress this enough – War has its beginnings, or roots rather, from the beginning of time, it is traced back to the first man Adam who by his transgressing against the all-powerful authority of Almighty God, cursed all mankind down through the ages, which is our inheritance from age to age, and therefore, it is a struggle between ideology (fleshly desires/man’s ideas), and/or spiritual differences. Thus, we have those who desire oppression and those who desire Liberty, in essence, the more wholesome word we use as Americans, Freedom.

The Bible is an inexhaustible source of truth that will lead us to numerous wars that took place during that particular era of time, in which the evils that pervaded societies, called for some sort of action be taken to restore humility and justice, so that those societies could be freed from the shackles of despair which entangled them. For example – In the book of Joshua, chapter 6, we find Joshua led an army consisting of the Israelites. Now, before I comment any further regarding this war that Joshua set out to do, these were God’s commands given to Joshua and his army by way of angelic revelation, Commander of the Lord’s army. This particular battle was the battle at Jericho…What were the people of Jericho doing that would warrant war to overtake them? Quite succinctly, because they were worshipping false idols, that led them to do evil things. In order to have a better understanding of this, we must start in Exodus and read through to the book of Joshua, which is the time of Moses until God gives Joshua Moses’ inheritance and beyond. This was during the time period when God had set His Laws and commands in place and anyone that broke those laws and chose to defy God would be overtaken. From the time of Adam man set out to do things in his own manner, choosing to do things that were displeasing to God, such as Pharaoh who held God’s people in bondage, and God commanded Aaron to meet Moses in the wilderness so that Moses could tell Aaron the word of the Lord and all the signs which he had commanded him. In the instance of Pharaoh God did not command an army, but struck Egypt with plagues.

So, why did these conflicts arise that called for the destruction of these places? The question can be answered in that, even though God loved mankind enough to give him a home here on earth … through free will, man used his sense of choice to work toward goals opposite from the goals which God had in mind for them to do, which was to uplift and glorify Him in all they done, so that they could be blessed in everything. It’s really not so simply stated if you look at it in the context from which we gain standards of morality and hope from, in our everyday lives, those standards can only be met when one acknowledges that a Higher Power works to the benefit of the individual.

When we forsake our guidance in Almighty God and follow the desires of the flesh, in whatever way the flesh leads us, we wonder about in all different directions, and our mind has nothing that conforms to the ideals of humility and kindness to lead us in the way we should go, and therefore, un-necessary oppression and suffering occur. Why? Because the oppressors which are guided by their own vices, who don’t believe in a Higher Power are driven by a sense of superiority to the rest of mankind, who has feelings that the oppressor does not wish to take into consideration…In other words, there is no sense of right or wrong in the individual who does not acknowledge their source of hope.

All down through the ages, through Biblical times which we were graciously afforded a record of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ per se, we have the opportunity to learn from former generations, where by events that unfolded, we learn that people purposely made the mistake of thinking that they could subjugate (Power by force) their own Nation of people into a set agenda or ideology that granted them control over the masses by human dictatorship. We often call this form of rule today, as – Socialism. Socialism is a similar type of system that was found during Pharaoh’s time of rule, in which the peoples’ reliance was solely in the State to provide their needs for survival, it must be stressed that in this form of rule it is always dependent upon the dictates of the State whether the people prospered or failed. However, as history has proven, in all cases where Socialism was the rule, no nation of people has ever been happy within its cold grips. It is then noted that the peoples cry for mercy is as if they were never heard, being, in essence, silenced, to suffer at the hands of the State, whom, by their own judgment, deem the quantity of their inheritance absolute, therefore, not in any certain terms guaranteeing prosperity for their people, but in most cases, we’ve learned that the State prospers with great abundance, leaving their people deprived of their rights to Liberty and ownership of property, without suffrage (right of decision).

This horrible injustice can be found in the not so distant annals of world history, a man who is known the world over for his reign as the most brutal dictator along with two others of similar ideology, Stalin and Lenin. Adolph Hitler, not only took the rights of property away, he took his ideology into a murderous rage, as being responsible for the deaths of over 11 million Jews – We know this injustice as the Holocaust.

It’s the ideologies of people like Hitler and Stalin that lead to war, because not only are property rights on the line, but life and limb also, in the struggle to preserve your life. You see, to understand why an injustice like Hitler’s despotic rule can…It all goes back as I mentioned earlier to the afore-mentioned account of original sin when mankind through free-will (free-will is the key phrase here), made the [choice], as choice is what defines free-will, chose to disregard a power greater than himself, a Power that rules the entire earth and universe. No man has authority on earth, no man. We are placed on earth, and appointed to do God’s Will … you see, this is where Hitler proved he had no regard or respect for this Higher Authority over him, and likewise those who followed him and carried out his insane orders.

Don’t you see the link here? Any Nation or Nations that do not submit to a Higher Authority, chaos becomes as a result of that Nation.

I have no authority, and it’s not what I think that is best for the world, but the One who has the power over me.

People who wage war are those who seek to defend their Liberty from oppressors like Hitler, and likewise, to free those who are under Hitler’s tyrannizing forces, and for those who work to this end, God’s Mighty right hand is working on their behalf. Why? Because they seek to do what He desires from His position as truth for all ages, and not what “they” want, personally…and for people to be what? To have freedom, and to understand that He is their peace that they had longed for so desperately when they needed Him the most. God wants our attention. He is needed in every step of progress that we take in the world. He is our only progress. He governs/rules the world, not us.

Finally, yes, war is sometimes inevitable, but it can be avoided. How? To recognize that God does not want us to aimlessly kill for “convenience” or because someone was considered “inconvenient” to us, no, we are to cherish every single life, no matter how great or small, we all have a place in this world, and that place is to glorify and uplift Jesus Christ Our Lord.

If need be, and conflict should arise out of the misunderstanding that some hold as their “right” to seek do unjust acts of barbarism then I believe God would want us to do everything necessary to defeat this enemy.

I leave you with this...

War, like other evils, is often wholesome. The waters that stagnate corrupt; the storm that works the ocean into rage renders it salutary; heaven has given us nothing unmixed; the rose is not without its thorn. War calls forth the great virtues and efforts which would sleep in the gentle bosom of Peace.

God bless!



Anonymous said...

War, like other evils, is often wholesome.

Fuck you Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Finally, yes, war is sometimes inevitable, but it can be avoided. How? To recognize that God does not want us to aimlessly kill for “convenience” or because someone was considered “inconvenient” to us, no, we are to cherish every single life, no matter how great or small, we all have a place in this world, and that place is to glorify and uplift Jesus Christ Our Lord.

So I voted for and still support Bush who started just such a war.

Jerry is nuts.

et said...

Oh, whatever would I DO without the lunacy-laced ravings of Jeremiah to explain the workings of this wicked world to me?!

War, like other evils, is often wholesome.

There's still time for him to experience that wholesomeness firsthand. Imagine how many infidels he could convert while on duty in Iraq! What do you say, Jer?

I look forward to the day when these morons are laughed out of the room in the way I vaguely remember used to apply, once upon a time.

godzilla104 said...

Good Lord... War, like other evils is often WHOLESOME?

This from a self important uneducated moron who obviously never actually fought a moment of combat in any war whatsoever.

Jeremiah=Blind faith+ignorance of the highest degree.

Anonymous said...

Wow we got so spam. We must be moving on up :)

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