Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ray Price 1926-2013

Though Jack Greene had the nicknamed the Jolly Greene Giant had a wonderful voice and his string of hits in the late 60's including some country standards like There's goes my everything and statue of a fool was impressive. It's Jones and Price who were truly the "Giants" That's not a shot at Jack whom I am also a fan of. George Jones was the soul of country music. Country Music was his love. His taste in music unashamedly ran from country to country and back to country and if you want to tell me he was the best ever at it you'll get no argument from me.

But Price's influences went beyond Hank Williams and Bob Wills. To the likes of Sinatra, Crosby and Cole. Price's first big hits Please Release me Crazy Arms are country standards. Any song covered by Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis and Louis Armstrong has to be great right? Of curse then followed a slew of Country standards City Lights, Heartaches by the Number etc. In 1963 he recorded what is considered the gold standard of Honkey-tonk albums Night Life. By the mid 60's he begun to evolve in to a more polished balladeer. By the 70's and his recording of For The Good Times his music had evolved enough that he was actually physically attacked at many personal appearances.

In terms of record sells his "snub" of country music didn't cost him. His records sold better than they ever had. In terms of his standing in the community of Country critics it cost him dearly. He wasn't elected to the country music hall of fame until 1988 when he famously said "about damn time"

At the time of his passing when Country music bears almost no resemblance to what it once was his career decisions have been more than justified. Today those records that once angered some are now regarded as Country music at it's finest. I love the Jack Greenes and George Jones of the world. Jones especially is a favorite and for sure their likes will never be seen again. Their legacy some of the greatest music ever recorded. But the Ray Prices, Jim Reeves and Patsy Clines of the world, the folks who left behind the twang, hay stacks and went "uptown" while keeping their country roots were the greatest talents on earth.

Part of the backlash against Price in the 70's came because some felt he was acting as if he was "too good for Country Music." Well I doubt that was the case but if it was...you couldn't really argue with him could you?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's A Winter Repeat

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif VS

This year meet in the Gator Bowl (Fuck the corporate name)  And I think the term "fuck" about covers it. Good news is Georgia's also 8-4 and also without their QB. And it's not a bowl game they are thrilled with. I wanted the Chicken wings with Kansas State but if we have to go to "Cracksonville" this is abut as good of an opponent as we could have drawn as far as having a chance to win.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Eileen. We Miss You Everyday.

I think it could be said that in many ways these have been times that have tried my soul. In what was in an all too short a span of time the presence of 4 beautiful souls have been taken from us. I say this in no way to disparage the memory of any of these 4 beautiful people all you need to know about their greatness, love and understanding is that they excepted The Count as a friend. No easy to task. But the passing of Eileen Turri was one that I have taken especially hard.

Such an intelligent, beautiful, loving soul. I have said many times I was in nearly in awe of her. The way she carried herself her amazing understanding and intelligence. I have had my own share of demons and issues in the past year. I do not doubt that losing her all to soon as well as the passing of such wonderful people as Kimberlee, Jon, and Donna have played a role in whatever It was that I was going through this spring and summer. I also have no doubt that had Eileen been here she would have said in her stern but loving way...You're better than this it's time to get on with your life. And then of course she would have stood by you the whole time as you did just that.

I don't fully know Eileen's personal stance on issues of Spirituality. I do know that even if she personally wouldn't identify herself as one Christians could do so much worse to find a role model on how to conduct their lives than Eileen. However I do know where I stand on such issues after a fashion. I will not close by saying God Bless Eileen Turri. I will just close by saying God blessed me for having known Eileen Turri.

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