Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Score

7 19

First of all for the talk from Nebraska coaches and players about wanting to be In San Diego and being motivated to go to work they absolutely were not. Players tweeting 2 hours before game time may have been a good sign their minds weren’t on this game. But it goes deeper than that. You have a talented QB who is a head case. I think his teammates do not like him and they have quit playing for him. It’s not all on Taylor Martinez but I think either he needs to grow up or be gone.

Also there are some coaching changes that have to be made on the offensive side of the ball. Watson, Gilmore and Cotton all have to go.

But let’s be honest here. The whole team stunk tonight. The defense was terrible. Yeas they only gave up 19 points but Washington missed a wide open receiver who would have scored, two field goals and got stopped on 4th and 1And Nebraska’s special teams which have been great all year also stunk tonight. The whole effort stunk.

And let’s give credit where it’s due Nebraska stunk Washington did not. Washington did what they were suppose to do and did it well. They kicked Nebraska’s ass far worse than 19-7. Locker had poor passing numbers but was every bit the leader Martinez was not. Washington played as well as Nebraska played poorly and they won. Let me say this again in big letters WASHINGTON KICKED NEBRASKA’S ASS ALL OVER THE FIELD.

Oh and as for Nebraska’s 987 yards in penalties this wasn’t A&M. They were there and another sign Nebraska wasn’t ready to play.

I love Bo Pelini however the one knock against him thus far from me is his teams have games where they are not mentally ready to play. The Texas Tech and Iowa State games played last year, the South Dakota State, Texas and Washington played this year, far many inexcusable performances.

As for this season in time once the pain of the horrid ending goes away there will be some nice memories. Beating Washington badly, Beating KSU, Mizzou, Oklahoma State and even CU as badly as we did. However this nosedive at the end of the year makes this a very disappointing season no question about it.

Next year? Maybe I am just really negative right now but with that schedule and so many questions 7 or 8 wins would be tops. Anything above that would be an accomplishment.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gameday # 14 The Bowl Game


Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl Nebraska 10-3 Washington 6-6. Nebraska hasn't played a team with a record this bad in a bowl game since they played 6-6 Mississippi in the Independence Bowl in 2002 and Nebraska was on 7-6 themselves that year.

What to watch for:

Motivation. It's that simple Tonight a semi-motivated Oklahoma State team beat a motivated Arizona 36-10. Nebraska beat OSU 51-41 Arizona beat Washington 44-14. Yeah that doesn't always mean anything but it gives you an example of who the better team should be. Another example is Nebraska 56 Washington 21 in Seattle earlier this year. If Nebraska is motivated at all they'll win point blank.

My Nephew Caleb is coming over to watch the game tomorrow night. He's 8. Can I keep my language in something resembling control?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Missouri Fails Yet Again.

Up 24-20 and well on their way to putting the game away Missouri's Blaine Gabbert throws an INT for a Touchdown and then has a call correctly overturned in a 27-24 defeat to Iowa in the Insight Bowl. I have to take a bath now to get rid of that I was rooting for Iowa smell. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

An Editorial From The Count

Ed Hochuli Still Sucks

Remembering Clutch Brett Favre

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- More records fell at the hands of the St. Louis Rams.

But this time, rather than the speedy offense, it was the vastly improved St. Louis defense setting NFL marks Sunday in a 45-17 rout of the Green Bay Packers. The victory sent the Rams to the NFC championship game against Philadelphia.

The Rams (15-2) picked off six passes by Brett Favre, returning three for scores; rookie Tommy Polley went 34 yards for his touchdown and added another interception.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- As the clock ticked down in regulation, Donovan McNabb saved Philadelphia's season -- and a city's psyche.

And with one desperation heave, Brett Favre threw away Green Bay's chance at another Super Bowl.In a battle of two of the NFL's elite quarterbacks, McNabb and the Eagles prevailed 20-17 in overtime, as Brian Dawkins' interception of a high Favre heave set up David Akers' winning field goal.

Favre, who was 15-of-28 for 180 yards, did not speak with reporters after the game.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- Oh, brother!

Eli, the baby of the Manning quarterback clan, finally has arrived.And he's taking the New York Giants on yet another road trip -- to Glendale, Ariz., site of the Super Bowl.

He got a reprieve in overtime after Corey Webster intercepted a struggling Brett Favre -- the kind of mistake Manning often has made before his recent turnaround.

As for Favre, his emotions were clear: "I was disappointed that the last pass I threw was intercepted."He wound up 19-for-35 for 236 yards and two interceptions. It's now a decade since the career leader in most NFL passing categories has been to the big game.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nien Nunb

I knew he had to have a name. Now I can quit calling him Lando's Co-Pilot.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Vacation in Orlando

I'm currently in Orlando, Florida with my aunt and uncle to celebrate Christmas. Ill still be able to make a few posts during my week here, so have a happy and safe Christmas to my Banned and Dangerous family!

Meet Tim Tebow The Next Brett Favre

With Brett Favre's career finally coming to a crashing and ugly end the media needs their next creation. The next mediocre White QB they can turn in to the second coming of Jebus. And they've found him. Tim Tebow. Tebow was a media diva in College so much so that the term Tebowner was coined. Unless Tebow is absolutely terrible look for multiple pro bowls and many more Tebowners to to follow

The Next Brett Favre Tim Tebow.

A Sanity Break for our Fundie Observers

I came across an instructive article tonight at The Smirking Chimp, and have to say that I couldn't agree more!

Here's how Ted Rall's piece on taking religion OFF the calendar begins:

We are a secular nation. We enjoy the constitutional right to exercise any religion--or none whatsoever. So why is Christmas a federal holiday?

The U.S. has no national religion. Yet Christians get special consideration. Aside from Christmas, they also get the quasi-Christian holiday of Thanksgiving. Financial markets are closed on both of those, plus Good Friday.

Devotees of other faiths must ask their employers for time off. Jews aren't supposed to work on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first and second days of Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah, Shavu'ot, or the first, second, seventh and eighth days of Passover. They have to take up to 13 days off from work each year, more than most employers offer.

The message to Jews and other non-Christians is plain: you are second-class citizens. Separation of church and state is a fraud. You wanna practice your faith? Do it on your own time.

You might think that the government's official embrace of Christmas is a cultural relic of America's puritan past. But you'd be mistaken. For nearly 100 years, Christmas was not on the calendar of federal holidays. On December 25, 1789, the first Christmas under the new U.S. constitution, Congress was in session. Ulysses Grant made it a federal holiday in 1870.

Could it be clearer? I don't think so.

Yet thanks to these rulings, almost a century into American independence, now everyone trots along in step with a calendar that commemorates Christianity pretty much exclusively. Someday, I really must do some research into the debates and discussions that brought us to that point in 1870, as well as those running up to the later 1950s decision (though our favorite trolls would have it that the Founders meant it to happen All Along) to add "In God We Trust" to US currency. I'm betting that both took lines fairly similar to today's squeals from the fundie right about how oppressed Christians are in society. Oh, yes, how silenced and marginalized you are, with your own dedicated broadcasting networks and such...

Here's what I'd do, if I ran a company that actually employed anyone other than me and my spouse, and required any kind of schedule accountable to the outside world.

I'd shut down from roughly mid-December until after New Year's. Paid. This is only fair to working parents who have to deal with school schedules - now probably so entrenched that even a Federal change in observances wouldn't alter anything - and probably encompasses most families' seasonal celebrations to some degree: most traditions have something happening around Solstice, and even if you don't, the days are short, so the down time is welcome. Besides, in most B-2-B enterprises, activity slows to a crawl at this time, anyway. Better the goodwill engendered by the time off, than the tedium of employees marking time when Nothing Is Happening Anyway. Any business will prosper more with the lights off and nobody home than the overhead for a token staff doing nothing significant.

All other time - sick leave + vacation - I would make completely discretionary, to be scheduled at the individual's option, with his or her supervisor's and department's approval. You want to take Valentine's Day or your Girlfriend's Birthday off instead of Memorial Day? Go for it! There would have to be some kind of formula which governs whether or not it is practical for the business to open or not, on any given day, based on the number of available staff on duty, of course. And a rationale for the employer saying no, we can't do that, but what about this? In the general spirit of compromise. But I fail to see why private, much less public, businesses should be involved in institutionalizing any one faith.

I used to get nudged by salespeople I worked with, for taking May Day off. "Communist," one of them teased me; and, another, "Pagan rites of Spring!" Oh, if only he knew!

Rall's point stands. Institutionalize one thing, for any One Group - majority or minority, doesn't matter: it's still a clear line-crossing of the Establishment Clause - and you de facto diminish the Other.

Sadly, I don't think his vision will materialize anytime soon. But I am deeply pleased that Rall had the courage to articulate the vision so accurately. You can't claim freedom of religion while enacting policies that favor one religion above others. And that is precisely what US policy has been doing for decades.

And now, in the spirit of his post, I'm taking the day off from blog commentary, to memorialize the post-Solstice blogospheric lull.

Merry Yule, y'all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bob Tilton Still Bilking Dipshits

Bob Tilton is still on the air and still asking for his followers to send him a $1000. Tonight he assured me that sending him $1000 was God's plan for me and if I didn't send him the $1000 I might suffer pre-mature death. Then of course his assistant brought in a stack of prayer requests and pledges he took the first and said here's Ricky Ricardo from Houston sending in a $1000 vow of faith.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Football Real Time Thoughts

Yeah Favre is playing so Jaws and Chuckie get to blow him one last time and take a chance on their mouths freezing like that.

Man what would a Monday Night game be with Hank Williams Jr. screaming like a douche. Sure would like to find out.

Michelle you're looking good tonight girl.

Hey Frank Gifford. Is he still married to Kelly Ripa?

And here comes Ol Bocephus to scream. I got my dad's name my talent now is slight I'm fucking Sarah Palin while watchin' Monday Night.

Dammit Chicago tackle.

I've said this before Brett Favre is a horrible actor. Watch when he throws a bad pass he'll be hurt again but when he completes a pass he's dancing and shit.

Well that's a shitty start. Oh well keep it close let Favre lose it.

BTW Jen Sterger sure is moving well for being "injured"

Even though this is a meaningless game for Minnesota if they win the media will make it out to be the Super Bowl watch.

It's not going to count but just about the time they start to really lather Favre's testicles he throws a pick.

That pick counts bitches. Never fails. The Favre testicle washing followed by a crushing Favre interception.

Nice snap Minnesota! Great job ladies!

So are the refs going to win one last game for the old gunslinger tonight?

Oh nice coverage Minnesota! Is there a flag? Where's the flag?

I think Adrian Peterson is about to go rob a bank.

Christ almighty Bears tackle.

End of the first quarter and it's 10-7 Bears

Stuffed! Come on Minnesota if Brett is the ol' Gunslinger you should go for this.

what the fuck is that Cutler? Really?

So close to another soul crushing Favre turnover.

For fuck-sake Bears tackle.

UH OH Brett's dead. Brett's dead he's up and I'll bet he'll be back in unless he's is concussed.

I almost forgot how much Jay Cutler sucks.

Ok Brett has a concussion which I actually believe because his head bounced off the hard turf, however the way this game is going I think he would be about done anyway. He wouldn't stay out there with the Vikings getting pounded.

And the snow has turned to rain which will make the game even more dangerous.

Minnesota's offensive line might want to block somebody or they may have to go get Tommy Kramer out of rehab again.

I'm telling you right now you'll never see a spur of the moment game like this again at a cold weather site. Too dangerous. Totally different if it's a site where they play all the time and they can keep the field warm.

Fan on the field. Fan on the field.

Oh the vikings fans throwing snow balls. That's classy.

Nice pass Cutler.

RIP Steve Landesberg. Always love Barney Miller.

Joe Webb appears to be fine runner. Of course if he gets hurt...

Oh my bad that's Jack Webb.

Geez Webb has a rocket but it's knocked down 17-7 Chicago halftime.

Hey There's the ex Mr. Clair Huxtable. He left her for Michael Jordan.

Devon Hester returns the opening second half kickoff to the 6 yard line of Minnesota.

No Jay it's not a touchdown you threw it incomplete.

And Chicago couldn't go 6 yards. Jay Cutler is keeping this a close game.

20-7 Bears.

And Hester scores this time. Flag is on Minnesota. And Game over man Game over. 27-7 Chicago.

And Joe Webb says no it's not over. Nice run.

Is it me or do the Vikings have special teams issues?

There you go. Nice pick up on 3rd and 7. Points here would be huge for Chicago.

And Touchdown DA BEARS. 34-14 Chicago.

I think this one is in hand So I am gonna sign off. If anything major happens I'll comment.

BTW this game was turning towards the Bears when Sterger was playing however look for his testicle lickers to claim his injury made a difference.

On what Planet was Favre ever a great clutch performer other than planet Gruden or planet Ubernippy?

final score Bears 40 Vikings 14

Misses The Old South

God what a douche!

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour says he doesn’t remember the Civil Rights era being “that bad,” citing his attendance at a Martin Luther King Jr. rally nearly 50 years ago.

I just don’t remember it as being that bad,” Barbour (R), 63, told the conservative Weekly Standard, which did a lengthy profile on the governor. “I remember Martin Luther King came to town, in ’62. He spoke out at the old fairground and it was full of people, black and white.” [...]

Barbour said they wanted to hear King speak, but he could not recall what the reverend said.

“I don’t really remember. The truth is, we couldn’t hear very well. We were sort of out there on the periphery,” he said. “We just sat on our cars, watching the girls, talking, doing what boys do.

We paid more attention to the girls than to King,” he added.

Thank you to the fine people at Political Carnival.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bowl Round Up.

Ok let me just get this out of the way now. There ARE NOT too many bowl games. You don't like the bowl games don't watch that is what Dancing with the Big Brother Bangladesh is for. What does it hurt that there are 35 bowl games? Nothing. Quit bitching about there being too many bowls.

Now that I got that rant out of the way. It seems that when the early bowls are exciting or there is an upset it sets the tone for the entire bowl season. Let's hope that isn't the case this year because the first three bowl games today were turds. Well since my team is favored by 2 touchdowns maybe I should be happy if these games did set the tone for the bowl season. Anyway grades.

New Mexico Bowl: BYU 52 UTEP 24. D.
Humanitarian Bowl Northern Illinois 40 Fresno State 17 D.
New Orleans Bowl Troy 48 Ohio 21. F.

University Of Troy Punter Sports Worlds Greatest Beard

Will Goggans from the University of Troy grew his beard full and dyed it blond so he could play Santa.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

BREAKING: Senate ends Don't Ask, Don't Tell

It's about damn time!

WASHINGTON -- The Senate voted 63-33 on Saturday to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell, defeating a 17-year policy of banning gay and lesbian service members from serving openly in the military.

Five Republicans crossed the aisle to vote against the policy: Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Scott Brown (R-Mass.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio).

The Senate vote is a vindication of Obama's decision to push for congressional repeal as opposed to unilateral executive action, though activists note he could have done both. The Senate will make a final vote on ending the policy at 3 p.m.

"The important thing today is that 63 senators were on the right side of history," Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told HuffPost, adding he sees the bill as a "stepping stone to further advances for the gay and lesbian community."

Edit: a few of the freaks at Blogs for Victory (how long has it been since I've written about that place, eh?) aren't too happy about the outcome of DADT.

December 18, 2010 at 4:46 pm
so now what, they pass more legislation requiring the use of tax dollars for the spread of STD’s among sodomites with M-16s?

December 18, 2010 at 4:49 pm
I believe we are beyond help in this country.
we will fall in not to many years, GOD who ordained us as a nation will also judge us and it wont be pretty.

Making the Grade: Niners-Chargers, Week 15

Playing on short rest and without TE Antonio Gates and WR's Patrick Crayton and Malcolm Floyd, Phillip Rivers connected with 8 different receivers, including the return of the Vincent Jackson Chargers fans remember, as the pair and the Chargers D steamrolled San Francisco, 34-7 on Thursday night. Here are my grades for the game:

Quaterback: Save for the 28-13 debacle vs. Oakland, Rivers has been dynamite all season long. He may not break Dan Marino's single-season milestone of passing for 5,000 yards and he may not win the MVP this year, but he has become only the 3rd QB in Chargers history to have three consecutive season in which he has thrown for over 4,000 yards (Dan Foust and John Hadl). Rivers completed 19 of 25 passes for 273 yds. and three TD's...all to Vincent Jackson. A

Receivers: No Patrick Crayton, or Malcolm Floyd, or Antonio Gates? Doesn't matter when you're no.1 receiver Jackson returns to pick up the share of the load. The bridges may have been burned for good thanks to the dispute he had with A.J. Smith in wanting a bigger contract and holding out for most of the season, but tonight he shined by doing what he does best: using his height and speed to out maneuver cornerbacks, and he did that 5 times for 112 yrds. The supporting cast - Randy McMichael in for Gates with 5 catches for 55 yds., Darren Sproles with 5 catches for 30 yds., and Kelley Washington with 2 catches for 49 yds. - all contributed. The lesson: anyone who's open for #17 to throw to is a threat. A

Running Backs: We know the Chargers are a pass-happy team - they're ranked no.3 in total passing yards in the NFL - but they've finally found balance in passing and running the ball, something they didn't have last year. Mike Tolbert and rookie Ryan Matthews carried the ball 17 times each and combined for 102 yds. and one rushing TD by Tolbert. Its far and away the running game Charger fans remember, but its doing the job in becoming a complement to the fantastic passing game. B+

O-Line: One of few complaints I have about Thursday Night's game: first half, Rivers was getting constant pressure from the Niners linebackers and front four in the first half, and had issues most of the night trying to create lanes for Tolbert and Matthews. A good game in protecting Rivers and giving him enough time, but opening holes for the running game was a bit of a a disappointment. Then again, you your team wallops on the opposition 34-7, what do you have to complain about? B

I'll have my grades on the Chargers D and the rise of an upcoming star later on in the day.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

R.I.P. Blake Edwards

scenes from A Shot in The Dark by far the best movie in the Pink Panther series.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 14 Thoughts From the NFL - Part 1

This week, the Patriots assert themselves as the best in the NFL, the Chargers had their best weekend in football after they got manhandled by the Raiders, Minnesota's problems kept getting worse on Sunday and last night, and later i'll describe who's in trouble with three weeks left in the season and who will make it. But first, let me get to the big story of Week 14:

* As if the New York Jets had enough problems to worry about (Mark Sanchez throwing 5 INT's in his last three games, Braylon Edwards dropping catchable balls, the team getting steamrolled by Tom Brady in Week 13 and now getting punked by Chad Penne in Week 14) but now they have 'dirty cheaters' to add to their problems. Sal Alosi was fined and suspended by the League on Tuesday for intentionally tripping over Dolphins player Nolan Carroll. Today, we learned that the trip seen 'round the world wasn't just a coincidence.

Sal Alosi tripped up when he told the New York Jets his side of the story.

Now, the embattled assistant coach could be looking to save his job.

Alosi, New York’s strength and conditioning coach, was suspended indefinitely by the team Wednesday after he acknowledged that he told five inactive players to stand next to each other for a punt return, during which he tripped a Miami Dolphins player.

“As we continued our investigation, we discovered some new information,” general manager Mike Tannenbaum said in a conference call from the NFL owners meetings in Dallas, “and the players at the Miami game were instructed by Sal to stand where they were to force the gunner in the game to run around them.”
Not only did Alosi trip over a player...he asked 5 of his own guys to help him cheat. Of all the bitch moves one can make in the NFL, this is probably as low as you can go. Good on the Jets organization to indefinitely suspend this punk ass.

* After San Diego got the ass-kicked by Oakland a second time last week, last Sunday's divisional match up vs the Kansas City Chiefs was a must-win, do-or-die type game, a game I was sure the Chargers wouldn't win, because KC just doesn't make that many mistakes over the course of the season (credit Todd Haley for getting his boys primed and ready every single week). Then Matt Cassel had an emergency surgery to remove his appendix, and presto!, the Bolts shutout KC 31-0. Two things: 1.) The running game between Darren Sproles, Mike Tolbert, and Ryan Matthews rushed for 207 yards total. Where was this kind of attacks when we were facing the Raiders last week? The Bolts running games was non-existent as they ran for 21 total rushing yards vs. Oak-town. 2.) The Chiefs cannot be this terrible without Cassel leading the way. To put in perspective how bad they played - The Chiefs average in rushing yards per game is 165.4, the most in the NFL. Sunday's game? They rushed the ball for a grand total of 48 yards. Combined total yards that afternoon was 67 and only 5 first downs. If the Chiefs don't get back Cassel vs. the Rams on Sunday, they could be well on the outside looking in for the playoffs.

* Watching New England's embarrassing playoff loss to the Ravens last year, I thought that the Belechick dynasty had come crashing down...finally. I was wrong. Dead wrong. The team everyone is afraid to face in the playoffs is primed and ready to grab one more Lombardi trophy to an already legendary era in their history. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are back, and they've crushed both the Jets 45-3 last Monday Night and the Bears on Sunday 36-7 on a snowy day in Foxbrough. Damn.

Freaking Bots And Ralph

I accidentally erased the post about the Big 10's new logo and division names when I meant to erase a bot comment. Fucking Bots.

2nd Ralph has commented twice about the Metrodome's roof collapsing. Both posts in typical Ralph fashion were saying (I Think) that this is proof that global warming is a hoax. Because lord knows it didn't get cold in Minneapolis before. And call me crazy I am pretty sure the globe is bigger than downtown Minneapolis.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy S#$t!!!

You are not going to believe this news story: A man living with HIV has been 'cured' by the use of stem cell research.

An HIV-positive man who received a stem cell transplant for leukemia has been cured of HIV infection, doctors announced recently.

While the case was first reported at the 2008 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, doctors have now published an updated report in the journal Blood, which affirms extensive testing.

"It is reasonable to conclude that cure of HIV infection has been achieved in this patient," the doctors wrote.

In 2007, Timothy Ray Brown suffered a relapse of leukemia that required a stem cell tranplant. Brown, also known as "Berlin patient," was given stem cells from a donor that lacked the CCR5 receptor, "a condition that is present in less than 1 percent of Caucasians in northern and western Europe," according to London-based AidsMap.

"The man received bone marrow from a donor who had natural resistance to HIV infection; this was due to a genetic profile which led to the CCR5 co-receptor being absent from his cells," they explained. "The most common variety of HIV uses CCR5 as its ‘docking station’, attaching to it in order to enter and infect CD4 cells, and people with this mutation are almost completely protected against infection."
Wow...that is honest to God, an amazing story. I hope the field of science can do more research on this breakthrough, because if we see more tests that lead to positive results like the one I just read, this would be the biggest medical breakthrough since the vaccination of Polio back in the 50's.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapses

The War On Christmas Stockings

Via Right Wing Watch we are linked to a tale from Calgary, of how the local Salvation Army "Captain," one Pam Goodyear, has summarily banned from the donation barrel anything that she thinks smacks of witchcraft or the occult. Twilight, Harry Potter, ouija boards, even something as simple as a rabbit's foot - all kaput!

Now, the scandal is not that the Salvation Army - aka "Sally Ann" - would not like these things included in the thousands of gift bags they prepare each year. That comes as no surprise. (And, in fact, it's only in Calgary that this applies - by no means is it a nationwide policy of the SA.) What is at issue is the fate of the unwanted donation items:
The toys and stuff Goodyear bans is supposedly given to other agencies. However, there are conflicting reports online that a Calgary Sally Ann staff member told a volunteer to toss wizardry, vampire and werewolf themed stuff and that the Calgary Sally Ann didn’t pass them to other agencies to distribute.
Where it gets really interesting is in the comments on the original story. Apart from one or two posts simply stating that the items SA would prefer not to include should be made absolutely clear up front, so that toys that some not-so-holier-than-thou kids might enjoy will find welcome homes rather than being scrapped, it's become a mini Bible-thumping hoedown that would do Bill War-on-Christmas O'Reilly proud!

Here are a few [sic. throughout] examples:
Its not “what they think” its what God has revealed in scripture and that is that the occult powers are real and we have to in no uncertain terms avoid and abstain from sorcery. And it is not wise to promote this abomination to young impressionable children. You want to impress your kind go ahead but who are you to dictate how Christians are to raise their children? Hey! why dont you go tell a high ranking freemason or another occultist like a Satanist that their majick is fictional. Mark down what happens to you every day after this in your journal, if you think it is wise.

It’s a sad day when someone has to defend her efforts to not be party to the corruption of children through the occult and the giving of toys and literature that confuses evil with good. How far we have fallen! It’s also a sad comment on the strength of the Christian witness in our world when people at large don’t even realize why these things are not appropriate to be given to a Christian organization, any more than say pornography would be!

You all did get that “right”? ” Christmas” and not BlackMass or any other occult ‘holi’day or celebration that Witches and Warlocks celebrate. ‘Salvation’ Army not Hells’ Army (witch by the way incorporates atheism). [Ed. Note - I'm sure that spelling of "which" as "witch" is completely coincidental...]

Witchcraft is a whole different matter – its not just about practicing white, or whatever ‘ colour’ witches, its about ‘wrong spirits’ and you don’t mess with wrong spirits END OF STORY.
Got to put this in the same category with the Oklahoma legislator who wouldn't participate in a state "holiday parade" because the terminology was, shall we say, festival-neutral, daring to acknowledge that, no, it's not just Christmas at this time of year. It's also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule/Solstice, and the other more ancient celebrations they themselves co-opted and built on. All Northern Hemisphere cultures and sects have, and have had, some kind of a "hey, the light is returning after all!" event around this time of the year. Reducing it down to any single creed is, from my point of view, just sloganeering. Also, downright Grinchy.

SA doesn't want to hawk Potter or werewolves? Entirely fair. Want nativity pageants at your church or parochial school? Welcome to it - knock yourselves out. Insist that Wiccans celebrate Black Mass and kowtow to Satan? I'll argue with you from a much more informed perspective, but I'm pretty sure it will be pointless and I'll have to leave you to your blessed ignorance in the end.

But let's agree to live side-by-side with other people who might be different from ourselves, and let's agree that it's OK. Peace on Earth, remember? This is a time of gathering and goodwill for people from all walks of life and all flavors of belief, including no belief in a higher power at all.

Proselytize elsewhere and in another season. Give the thumping a "holiday." Or, if you must insist, a "Christmas."

Also, for the record? My reason for not supporting the SA is that the institution as a whole has a history of anti-homosexual bigotry as well as monetary support in that direction. I don't want my pennies supporting that, despite the other good work I am sure they do.

And if you wonder what I think of this post chronicled at FSTDT recently:
Wiccan [sic.] should have their kids taken away. Anyone who isn’t raising their children in a Christian home should have their children taken away, it is mental, emotional and spiritual abuse.
I invite you to try, Thumpers. Bet you run pretty fast in the other direction the moment you get the notion that I'm "looking at you funny."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The View From My Ass

Congratulations to the President for making a shrewd decision to counter balance Bernie Sanders wonderful 10 hour filibuster. And oh by the way congratulations to all of the other Democrats for standing up with Bernie and really showing your convictions. One thing nobody can accuse you Democratic politicians of is standing up for what you say you believe in. I'll say one thing for the Repukes. Must of their ideas suck ass but by God they stick by and don't abandon their suck ass ideas. Imagine if Democrats stuck by their better ideas. Anyway I digress back to praising President Obama. Today he made one helluva a shrewd move to counter balance Bernie Sanders. He turned to Bill Clinton to sell his policies. You see this was as good a move by the President as last weeks cave in was bad. For just as Sister Sarah of the north couldn't convince me that the Capital of Nebraska was in fact Lincoln (like she would actually know) Bill Clinton could sell me that the Capital of Nebraska was Obert. (Population 40) Bill Clinton is natural born salesman and in his profession that is of course a very good skill to have. Bill could take any piece of shit and polish it up so nice that you would buy it and place it high on your mantel piece. Most people have a set idea on whether or not the President made a wise choice in extending the Bush tax cuts. Personally I think he made one helluva a mistake, however if there are some people out there who are not set in their convictions on the matter Bill Clinton is the man to win them over. He'll even convert a few who are on the other side of the fence. The man is a A+ salesman no doubt. I must however ask one question of both President Obama and the Clinton's. If the President is going to keep turning to a Clinton to sell every tough decision he makes why exactly did they bother running against each other in the first place? Just asking.

I haven't smoked a cigar in a week until last night. Yesterday being the nicest day we've had in these parts in several weeks with the Temperature breaking 50 and the lows even being where the highs normally are I had made up my mind that last night I was going to toke up for better or for worse. The problem is by 2 in the morning I still had not smoked my cigar. Finally about 2:15 against my better judgment I lit up. BAD IDEA. First of all smoking a cigar just before you go to bed guarantees that when you wake up the next day not only is your mouth dry but it contains a taste that can only be describes as Elephant piss dripping off of Jabba The Huts legs. And nothing not tooth paste, not antiseptic, not cough drops nothing can get that taste out of your mouth. And depending on how shitty the cigar is that taste can linger. Since I smoked a C level cigar I have just now lost most of the taste. The second reason smoking a cigar late is a bad idea is common sense. You aren't your sharpest at 2 in the morning as a rule and there for it's not the best time to be messing with a fire hazard...duh! Still knowing this I kept my vow to smoke a cigar last night while listening to my IPOD. Well keep track of your ash is usually a smart idea. When it gets long knock it off in your ashtray. Because if it falls off It can burn whatever it lands on. Last night it was my left hand as I picked the cigar up with my right hand. And yes this was far from the first time this has happened. I came damn close once to burning a body part that most men would tell you was more valuable than a hand with Cigar ash. I've dropped a cigar went to catch it and caught the lit in. Amazingly other than a hole in bedding I have never done any serious damage as of yet with my habit.

Just as I don't profess to be the smartest man in the world I don't believe I am half as stupid as the stupid shit I often do. I mean I know the correct way to spell all of the little errors that will turn up in this little piece of shit rant on planet boob's blog tomorrow and yet i still make the peace of shit errors. (Intentional) Still I am the guy who reads hot surface when light is on and sticks his hand on the stove. On the other hand the Contessa, a very smart woman who rarely does stupid things, once passed a store called the winery and asked me what I thought they sold. Tonight as we drove from a restaurant in Council Bluffs back into Omaha to go downtown to see the lights we drove through Southeast Omaha which or those of you who aren't familiar with Omaha is highly Hispanic and many o the signs in the area are in Spanish as that is who the businesses cater too in that area. We drove by a store with signs in Spanish and the Contessa trying her best recollection of her Marceline, Missouri high school Spanish said "cigarettes and liquorish." After a few seconds of trying to figure out why a store would sell Cigs and Liquorish or how they could even get away with such a combination I said Hon pretty sure that it says "Cigarettes and Liquor"

Speaking of the Contessa I have to fill out her College Football office poll and number the games 1 to 35 with 35 being the game I am most confident in. Pretty sure that will be Oklahoma-UCONN with Nebraska-Washington being 34. I do wonder how confident one can be predicting Florida International and Toledo or Middle Tennessee State and Miami of Ohio. I have already made sure that I wont be thrown out of the house should she not win. And I am pretty sure I won't see a penny should she do so. One bowl game puts me into a bit of an ethical dilemma. The Insight Bowl Iowa vs Missouri. On the one hand you have a fan base filled with an amazing amount of cockiness and self-worth for a program that has very little actual history of being successful and on the other hand you have...Missouri. Sure Iowa fan talks an amazing amount of shit for a team that wins one major bowl every 50 years and sure you could fill what they know about football into Glenn Beck's jock but they are better than Missouri's hideous fan base. For one thing Iowa fan will actually go to the game. For another as shitty as Iowa's football glory is it beats the holy fuck out of Missouri's. So even though it's against almost everything I stand for and it will leave a taste in my mouth that rivals the shit taste of a middlin' cigar that has been building up in your mouth while you sleep SKY HIGH BY THE FOURTH OF JULY IN IOWA! One wonders if Missouri has their usual bowl fan showing of 12 people if even Bill Clinton could sell their program to prospective bowls after this. If anyone could it would be Bill that is if President Obama can spare him.



Friday, December 10, 2010

Song Of The Night.

Not really a fan of the late Jerry Reed (though I love both Smokey And The Bandit and the Waterboy...I know I know...) Anyway He wrote this and both Johnny Cash and Elvis would record it a few years later. Johnny's version would hit the market before Elvis' and be the hit. I prefer this version. Love the song sappy though it maybe.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Senate Republicans block health aid for the 9/11 workers

These people searched for survivors, inhaled the toxic smoke of the rubble while working around the clock, and helped clear the remains of one of the largest twin buildings in world history, among other jobs and responsibilities in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and this his how our Congress repays these heroes? Absolutely shameful.

Republican senators blocked Democratic legislation on Thursday that sought to provide medical care to rescue workers and residents of New York City who became ill as a result of breathing in toxic fumes, dust and smoke from ground zero...

In a vote largely along party lines, the Senate rejected a procedural move by Democrats to end debate on the 9/11 health bill and bring it to an up-or-down vote; 60 yes votes were needed, but the move received only 57, with 42 votes against.
All 42 Republican Senators voted against this bill. All of them basically told the workers to suck it up and to give more to the rich.

The Republican Party has undergone a series of transformations in just eight short years. They've gone from overzealous, chest-pumping Neanderthals who have the stones to question anyone who dared criticize Bush Jr., to a party that supports torture and violating civil liberties in the name of "defending the homeland", now to greedy lawmakers who care only about keeping Corporate America in the black, to hell with everyone else.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christians do a better job than anyone else.

Another round of self-righteous Christians who think they're better than everyone else. This installment comes from John Cook, a member of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee who tried to out current Texas Speaker of the House Joe Strauss. Here's the kicker: the Tea Party reactionaries involved didn't want to tear him down because of his political beliefs - the man was one of their own - rather, because he wasn't the correct religion. You see, Strauss is a practicing Jew, and that was a big no-no for Cook and his Tea Party ilk.

“When I got involved in politics, I told people I wanted to put Christian conservatives in leadership positions,” he told me, explaining that he only supports Christian conservative candidates in Republican primary races.

“I want to make sure that a person I’m supporting is going to have my values. It’s not anything about Jews and whether I think their religion is right or Muslims and whether I think their religion is right. … I got into politics to put Christian conservatives into office. They’re the people that do the best jobs over all.
Of course, Mr. Cook wants the reporter to know that he's not, in any way, shape, or form, a shit-kicking, ignorant-thinkin' bigot. Far from the contrary: He has Jewish friends!

“They’re some of my best friends,” he said of Jews, naming two friends of his. “I’m not bigoted at all; I’m not racist.” [...]

“My favorite person that’s ever been on this earth is a Jew,” he said. “How can they possibly think that if Jesus Christ is a Jew, and he’s my favorite person that’s ever been on this earth?”
When people say some bigoted shit, then say that they're not prejudiced because that person claims he/she has minority friends...isn't that a sure giveaway that you're a bigot?

If anyone is wondering...

Yes, i'm still on the Banned and Dangerous least I think there's a payroll...*Mental note*: ask the Count about when my next paycheck comes in. Anyway, i'm still around, I haven't shut down my other blog The Way I See It and there's still stuff I want to talk about - including the President caving again to the GOP on the Bush tax cuts, the awful sports weekend in San Diego, etc. - but my classes are my first priority and it'll stay that way up until Dec. 16, the last Final Exam I have to take before i'm released for Winter Break.

Hope all is well on here.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

R.I.P. Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards, the political wife whose public battle with breast cancer, coping with marital infidelity and continued advocacy for the downtrodden raised her profile above that of her husband, died Tuesday, WRAL News has learned. She was 61.

Very Sad News.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Almost Forgot

To our favorite co-blogger and matron saint of this kingdom.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Official College Bowl Announcement Thread

Will post all of the bowls here. Change in plans with Iowa and Nebraska maybe.

Uh. yeah. Nebraska Vs Washington in the Holiday Bowl. Wouldn't disappoint me to not go and say fuck it. This sucks.

It's not often I agree with Planet Boob but I wanted Nebraska and Iowa. This Bowl Rematch against a 6-6 Washington team sucks rocks. The only thing we can really do about it is go down there and kick their ass.

all times eastern

New Mexico
Albuquerque, N.M.
University Stadium
Dec. 18
2 p.m.
uDrove Humanitarian
Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
Boise, Idaho
Bronco Stadium
Dec. 18
5:30 p.m.
R+L Carriers New Orleans
Ohio vs. Troy
New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Dec. 18
9 p.m.
Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg
Southern Mississippi vs. Louisville
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Tropicana Field
Dec. 21
8 p.m.
MAACO Las Vegas
Utah vs. Boise State
Las Vegas
Sam Boyd Stadium
Dec. 22
8 p.m.
S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia
Navy vs. San Diego State
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 23
8 p.m.
Sheraton Hawaii
Hawaii vs. Tulsa
Aloha Stadium
Dec. 24
8 p.m.
Little Caesars
Florida International vs. Toledo
Ford Field
Dec. 26
8:30 p.m.
AdvoCare V100 Independence
Air Force vs. Georgia Tech
Shreveport, La.
Independence Stadium
Dec. 27
5 p.m.
Champs Sports
West Virginia vs. NC State
Orlando, Fla.
Florida Citrus Bowl
Dec. 28
6:30 p.m.
Missouri vs. Iowa
Tempe, Ariz.
Sun Devil Stadium
Dec. 28
10 p.m.
Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman
East Carolina vs. Maryland
Washington, D.C.
RFK Stadium
Dec. 29
2:30 p.m.
Illinois vs. Baylor
Reliant Stadium
Dec. 29
6 p.m.
Valero Alamo
Oklahoma State vs. Arizona
San Antonio
Dec. 29
9:15 p.m.
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
Army vs. SMU
Gerald J. Ford Stadium
Dec. 30
New Era Pinstripe
Kansas St. vs. Syracuse
Bronx, N.Y.
Yankee Stadium
Dec. 30
3:20 p.m.
Franklin American Mortgage Music City
North Carolina vs. Tennessee
Nashville, Tenn.
LP Field
Dec. 30
6:40 p.m.
Bridgepoint Education Holiday
Nebraska vs. Washington
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 30
10 p.m.
Meineke Car Care
South Florida vs. Clemson
Charlotte, N.C.
Bank of America Stadium
Dec. 31
Hyundai Sun
Notre Dame vs. Miami
El Paso, Texas
Sun Bowl
Dec. 31
2 p.m.
AutoZone Liberty
Georgia vs. UCF
Memphis, Tenn.
Liberty Bowl
Dec. 31
3:30 p.m.
South Carolina vs. Florida State
Georgia Dome
Dec. 31
7:30 p.m.
Northwestern vs. Texas Tech
Cotton Bowl
Jan. 1
Florida vs. Penn State
Tampa, Fla.
Raymond James Stadium
Jan. 1
1 p.m.
Capital One
Alabama vs. Michigan State
Orlando, Fla.
Florida Citrus Bowl
Jan. 1
1 p.m.
Gator Bowl
Mississippi State vs. Michigan
Jacksonville, Fla.
Municipal Stadium
Jan. 1
1:30 p.m.
Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO
Wisconsin vs. TCU
Pasadena, Calif.
Rose Bowl
Jan. 1
5 p.m.
Tostitos Fiesta
Connecticut vs. Oklahoma
Glendale, Ariz.
U. of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 1
8:30 p.m.
Discover Orange
Stanford vs. Virginia Tech
Sun Life Stadium
Jan. 3
8:30 p.m.
Allstate Sugar
Ohio State vs. Arkansas
New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Jan. 4
8:30 p.m.
Middle Tennessee vs. Miami (Ohio)
Mobile, Ala.
Ladd-Peebles Stadium
Jan. 6
8 p.m.
AT&T Cotton
LSU vs. Texas A&M
Arlington, Texas
Cowboys Stadium
Jan. 7
8 p.m.
BBVA Compass Bowl
Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky
Birmingham, Ala.
Legion Field
Jan. 8
Kraft Fight Hunger
Nevada vs. Boston College
San Francisco
AT&T Park
Jan. 9
9 p.m.
Tostitos BCS National Championship Game
Auburn vs. Oregon
Glendale, Ariz.
U. of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 10
8:30 p.m.

I suspect the person who wrote this had his advances rejected.

People who have not served in the military, especially those that have not been in combat, have no clue what having an openly gay person coming on to you does to unit cohesion. It's bad enough if you have an effeminate acting male. But, "openly" usually means the ones that are not shy about coming on to total strangers.

And, this does not even address the issues of HIV and other STD's... Or other things that do not require intimate contact but merely sharing a foxhole...

SpiritualMadMan, Baptist Board 38 Comments [12/4/2010 5:53:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 41
Submitted By: Jodie
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final Score

23 20

Unlike that shitfest in Aggie land this game was decided by the kids and Oklahoma's were a little better. Love the effort even if the execution was lacking. Not in the mood to second guess coaches + I am not qualified. Bottom line Oklahoma was better and they won.

After the first quarter Oklahoma was the much better football team. In fact it was pretty amazing Nebraska was still in the game. Youth and injuries, especially youth, really killed Taylor Martinez tonight and with Martinez playing an A+ game against a top 10 quality team like OU Nebraska was really going to struggle to win this game. A lot of people complaining about Sean Watson Whatever I am not a coach and won't play one. I do know Watson not once fumbled of threw a bad interception in the end zone that cost Nebraska 3 points.

The best news the Big 12 is over and done with. I'll sleep well tonight. I still love my boys as much as ever. Uh oh look for Planet Boob to post that last sentence as proof I am a Homersexual. :)

Gameday #13 Big XII Championship


Late Edit: Sorry, Count.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Terms Of Insanity How Would You Rank These Three FNN Personalities?

Pictures in Order Of My Rankings

Clearing Up Nebraska's Bowl Picture

At this point Nebraska's bowl picture looks pretty simple. There are 3 slots Nebraska could go to with The Cotton Bowl already saying it wants A&M.

Beat Oklahoma and it's The Fiesta Bowl in Glendale Arizona. Opponents would be either Connecticut (OH BOY!) West Virginia or Stanford.

Lose To Oklahoma the most likely destination would be the Bowl in Tempe Arizona. Against Michigan

There is a chance that Nebraska could go to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio if they lose to OU however the fact that the other team in the Alamo Bowl figures to be Arizona makes this possibility very slim. Nobody, not Nebraska, not Arizona, not the bowl folks, not ESPN wants to see these two teams play in a bowl game again after last year's 33-0 beatdown in the Holiday Bowl.

So basically if you're planning on going to the bowl game plan on a Phoenix suburb.

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