Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Football Real Time Thoughts

Yeah Favre is playing so Jaws and Chuckie get to blow him one last time and take a chance on their mouths freezing like that.

Man what would a Monday Night game be with Hank Williams Jr. screaming like a douche. Sure would like to find out.

Michelle you're looking good tonight girl.

Hey Frank Gifford. Is he still married to Kelly Ripa?

And here comes Ol Bocephus to scream. I got my dad's name my talent now is slight I'm fucking Sarah Palin while watchin' Monday Night.

Dammit Chicago tackle.

I've said this before Brett Favre is a horrible actor. Watch when he throws a bad pass he'll be hurt again but when he completes a pass he's dancing and shit.

Well that's a shitty start. Oh well keep it close let Favre lose it.

BTW Jen Sterger sure is moving well for being "injured"

Even though this is a meaningless game for Minnesota if they win the media will make it out to be the Super Bowl watch.

It's not going to count but just about the time they start to really lather Favre's testicles he throws a pick.

That pick counts bitches. Never fails. The Favre testicle washing followed by a crushing Favre interception.

Nice snap Minnesota! Great job ladies!

So are the refs going to win one last game for the old gunslinger tonight?

Oh nice coverage Minnesota! Is there a flag? Where's the flag?

I think Adrian Peterson is about to go rob a bank.

Christ almighty Bears tackle.

End of the first quarter and it's 10-7 Bears

Stuffed! Come on Minnesota if Brett is the ol' Gunslinger you should go for this.

what the fuck is that Cutler? Really?

So close to another soul crushing Favre turnover.

For fuck-sake Bears tackle.

UH OH Brett's dead. Brett's dead he's up and I'll bet he'll be back in unless he's is concussed.

I almost forgot how much Jay Cutler sucks.

Ok Brett has a concussion which I actually believe because his head bounced off the hard turf, however the way this game is going I think he would be about done anyway. He wouldn't stay out there with the Vikings getting pounded.

And the snow has turned to rain which will make the game even more dangerous.

Minnesota's offensive line might want to block somebody or they may have to go get Tommy Kramer out of rehab again.

I'm telling you right now you'll never see a spur of the moment game like this again at a cold weather site. Too dangerous. Totally different if it's a site where they play all the time and they can keep the field warm.

Fan on the field. Fan on the field.

Oh the vikings fans throwing snow balls. That's classy.

Nice pass Cutler.

RIP Steve Landesberg. Always love Barney Miller.

Joe Webb appears to be fine runner. Of course if he gets hurt...

Oh my bad that's Jack Webb.

Geez Webb has a rocket but it's knocked down 17-7 Chicago halftime.

Hey There's the ex Mr. Clair Huxtable. He left her for Michael Jordan.

Devon Hester returns the opening second half kickoff to the 6 yard line of Minnesota.

No Jay it's not a touchdown you threw it incomplete.

And Chicago couldn't go 6 yards. Jay Cutler is keeping this a close game.

20-7 Bears.

And Hester scores this time. Flag is on Minnesota. And Game over man Game over. 27-7 Chicago.

And Joe Webb says no it's not over. Nice run.

Is it me or do the Vikings have special teams issues?

There you go. Nice pick up on 3rd and 7. Points here would be huge for Chicago.

And Touchdown DA BEARS. 34-14 Chicago.

I think this one is in hand So I am gonna sign off. If anything major happens I'll comment.

BTW this game was turning towards the Bears when Sterger was playing however look for his testicle lickers to claim his injury made a difference.

On what Planet was Favre ever a great clutch performer other than planet Gruden or planet Ubernippy?

final score Bears 40 Vikings 14

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