Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christians do a better job than anyone else.

Another round of self-righteous Christians who think they're better than everyone else. This installment comes from John Cook, a member of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee who tried to out current Texas Speaker of the House Joe Strauss. Here's the kicker: the Tea Party reactionaries involved didn't want to tear him down because of his political beliefs - the man was one of their own - rather, because he wasn't the correct religion. You see, Strauss is a practicing Jew, and that was a big no-no for Cook and his Tea Party ilk.

“When I got involved in politics, I told people I wanted to put Christian conservatives in leadership positions,” he told me, explaining that he only supports Christian conservative candidates in Republican primary races.

“I want to make sure that a person I’m supporting is going to have my values. It’s not anything about Jews and whether I think their religion is right or Muslims and whether I think their religion is right. … I got into politics to put Christian conservatives into office. They’re the people that do the best jobs over all.
Of course, Mr. Cook wants the reporter to know that he's not, in any way, shape, or form, a shit-kicking, ignorant-thinkin' bigot. Far from the contrary: He has Jewish friends!

“They’re some of my best friends,” he said of Jews, naming two friends of his. “I’m not bigoted at all; I’m not racist.” [...]

“My favorite person that’s ever been on this earth is a Jew,” he said. “How can they possibly think that if Jesus Christ is a Jew, and he’s my favorite person that’s ever been on this earth?”
When people say some bigoted shit, then say that they're not prejudiced because that person claims he/she has minority friends...isn't that a sure giveaway that you're a bigot?


et said...

I'll ask again, of course purely rhetorically: What the Hell is Wrong With Texas???

Anonymous said...

They're better than you.

et said...

I'll turn 'em into newts! (They won't get better...)

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