Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Score

7 19

First of all for the talk from Nebraska coaches and players about wanting to be In San Diego and being motivated to go to work they absolutely were not. Players tweeting 2 hours before game time may have been a good sign their minds weren’t on this game. But it goes deeper than that. You have a talented QB who is a head case. I think his teammates do not like him and they have quit playing for him. It’s not all on Taylor Martinez but I think either he needs to grow up or be gone.

Also there are some coaching changes that have to be made on the offensive side of the ball. Watson, Gilmore and Cotton all have to go.

But let’s be honest here. The whole team stunk tonight. The defense was terrible. Yeas they only gave up 19 points but Washington missed a wide open receiver who would have scored, two field goals and got stopped on 4th and 1And Nebraska’s special teams which have been great all year also stunk tonight. The whole effort stunk.

And let’s give credit where it’s due Nebraska stunk Washington did not. Washington did what they were suppose to do and did it well. They kicked Nebraska’s ass far worse than 19-7. Locker had poor passing numbers but was every bit the leader Martinez was not. Washington played as well as Nebraska played poorly and they won. Let me say this again in big letters WASHINGTON KICKED NEBRASKA’S ASS ALL OVER THE FIELD.

Oh and as for Nebraska’s 987 yards in penalties this wasn’t A&M. They were there and another sign Nebraska wasn’t ready to play.

I love Bo Pelini however the one knock against him thus far from me is his teams have games where they are not mentally ready to play. The Texas Tech and Iowa State games played last year, the South Dakota State, Texas and Washington played this year, far many inexcusable performances.

As for this season in time once the pain of the horrid ending goes away there will be some nice memories. Beating Washington badly, Beating KSU, Mizzou, Oklahoma State and even CU as badly as we did. However this nosedive at the end of the year makes this a very disappointing season no question about it.

Next year? Maybe I am just really negative right now but with that schedule and so many questions 7 or 8 wins would be tops. Anything above that would be an accomplishment.

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