Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Somewhere in America an Anonymous Republican Is Flipping Of His Computer
Hijack this people, "middle finger in the air" You don't want a
conversation or a debate you just want it your way. Sorry you may have both
house but your still not going to get it your way. Im out feel to comment once I
leave. Out.
Anonymous 01.31.07 - 9:55 pm #

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Conservative lesson is civility
No Larry as a matter of fact I don't want to entertain that thought. And
I'll tell you why. And that is because for 7 goddamned years now he have heard
nothing but bellyaching from you little Bush hating bastards and that is all we
have heard. You little punks wouldn't even let this man take the oath of office
7 years ago without putting up a stink. And when you did that you in essence
said to me and millions of others like me who cast our vote for George W. Bush
that as far as you were all concerned our votes didn't count. So fuck you Larry
and fuck your complaints about this administration. They're all just a
continuation of the bullshit we've been hearing from you punks ever since
Election 2000. I stopped giving a shit about garbage like you a long long time
ago. I hope a fucking terrorist cuts your fucking head off you Bush-hating
leftist scumbag. I hope they cut all your heads off.
Ronald Bukowski 01.30.07 - 10:19 pm #

G-Dawg at the Improv
The reason you hardly ever see FOX correct or amend their comments is
because FOX is always accurate.
G Dawg 01.30.07 - 10:06 pm #

The Ranger favors dictatorship

"Clinton was so weak politically"Of course at the time, Clinton's ratings
were *double* of Bush's.It's not all about polls, but rather doing the right
thing for the country despite what the polls say. That's real courage my
friend!Another lesson from Ranger Bob!
Ranger Bob 01.30.07 - 8:30 pm #

I think there are times when the will of the people is not always
what's best for the country ( i.e privatization of social security).
Ranger Bob 01.30.07 - 8:37 pm #

And he is calling someone else a dumb ass?
What a couple of dumbasses you two are. Did Berger risk criminal prosecution
just to take copies?You chumps will believe anything your socialis masters tell
you..Top 5 Percent Owns This Site Homepage 01.30.07 - 8:35 pm #

Jason Teaches Logic.
If CLINTON and SANDY 'stuff docs in pants' BERGER would of killed OSAMA BIN
LADEN when they had him ... and they had OBL in their sites (13 times). Yes, if
Clinton & Berger would of done what they were suppose to, WE WOULDN'T BE
Democrats are WEAK on protecting America.
Jason 01.30.07 - 8:34 pm #

America does not to be protected. But I do agree with you that our public
education is in trouble. To fix our public schools we first need abolish the
Teachers Union and get Conservatives as teachers. As you know, The Teachers
Union is the largest union in the country and teachers are democrats.Now you see
why our public school students are so stupid, LIBERALS are teaching them.On the
other hand, teachers at private schools are not in the union and they are not
liberals, they are conservatives. And how do students from private school do
compared to public school students?That proves it.
Jason 01.30.07 - 8:50 pm #

Not as lame as Charlie
This site really sucks. "You watch FOX so I dont have to"?? Hate to make
your career seem really dopey...but...I dont have to watch one does.
Why dont you try to advance the ball and create something. Or even have an
original thought. "You watch fox so I dont have to" That's so lame...
Charlie 01.30.07 - 7:58 pm #

Pull up a chair and take it all in...
Right! Personal insults cursing and vile name-calling is tolerated if
directed at GOPers but CUPCAKE will not be tolerated! Very Amusing.We have the
likes of DEE representing herself as "STUPIDITY CZAR' when in fact, FOX has her
panties in a such a twist she devotes her time to scrutinizing their on-air
content. Unreal.
JimboWHO Homepage 01.30.07 - 5:38 pm #

SOZ do cops bake?
JimboWHO Homepage 01.30.07 - 5:39 pm #
or is
that SOX?
JimboWHO Homepage 01.30.07 - 5:39 pm #

You liberals might want to rethink your idea of bringing back the
Fairness Doctrine. Because if you get your wish the MSM won't be able to have a
show on global warming anymore without bringing on somebody with an opposing
James Bryant 01.30.07 - 5:44 pm #

would be the first to admit if global warming were a true issue. I am by my very
nature, skeptical of alarmists on both sides of the debate.
Tom 01.30.07 -
5:41 pm #

No, I am not a scientist, but I did have a minor in astronomy in
Tom 01.30.07 - 5:48 pm #

Global warming alarmists have only taken center stage in the last
10-15 years with Al Gore as the standard bearer. It has become a political
issue, not a scientific one. There are so many who are playing the "Chicken
Little" game. Al Gore is one. The research dollars at stake are tremendous. Most
scientists want that funding, hence, Stosh, a chance to make a name for
themselves by jumping on the bandwagon. BTW, my wife writes research papers all
the time for peer-reviewed journals in another scientific discipline and
complains from time to time of pressure put on her and her colleagues about the
results of their studies. What if 20 years from now we experience global
cooling? What would you say then?
Tom 01.30.07 - 6:03 pm #

No, I am not a scientist, but I did have a minor in astronomy in
Tom 01.30.07 - 5:48 pm #

"E-7" must be your level of empty-headeness. Great way to generalize the
majority of this country.
rightly conservative 01.30.07 - 6:02 pm #
(E-7's response)
When did 30% become a majority?
E-7 01.30.07 - 6:04
pm #

You guys know that Bill O believes in Global Warming. You like to forget
that, huh, and just hear what you want to hear.
rightly conservative
01.30.07 - 6:08 pm #

You don't wear sarcasm well. Doesn't go with your shoes today?
rightly conservative 01.30.07 - 6:10 pm #

(G-Dawg switched colleges)
FOOLS !!!lol....
Tar Heel 01.30.07 - 6:32 pm #

KERRY, PELOSI AND EDWARDS sure have you fools are
living in your trailer bitching about everything and all of them are living the
good life.lmao....SUCKERS !!!
Tar Heel 01.30.07 - 6:34 pm #

Oh The Irony part...fuck it...
Leave it to Newshounds to ignore facts that they don't like..
Top 5 Percent Owns This Site Homepage 01.30.07 - 5:37 pm #

If Tom could do anything different with his next post what would it be?
Try to be rational next time.
Tom 01.30.07 - 5:36 pm #

Drudge quotith the troll
Global warming caused by humans ??
JimboWHO Homepage 01.30.07 - 5:28 pm #

Who is more Liberal? The guy with bow tie or the Republican congressman who killed his intern?
Is there a blog to write about MSNBC leftism????I guess not, they can't even get
the people on their side to watch. Fox is doing an excellent job of getting the
far left wacko's to watch all their shows, it's incredible.Meanwhile Air America
cant get anyone to listen to them, comment on forums about them or get a radio
station to carry them without paying them big bucks. And this site gets
thousands of hits in the name of hate. The Dems seem to be everyting they say
they are not. Complaining about global warming and jumping in to their low MPH
suv's.Hopefully legistation will be inacted that will keep people like O'Reilly
and Hannity quite. The 1st ammendment is only ok for the left. Barbara Striesand
would be proud of all of you.
myze Homepage
01.30.07 - 5:36 pm #

Fresh troll Droppings
Lowe's has no backbone if they can't shrug off a couple of moonbat limpdicks
like you. Go Home Depot !DaveyBoy 01.30.07 - 4:16 pm #

ISNT BREAST FEEDING YOU??bubbachump 01.30.07 - 4:16 pm #

G-Dawg tells the truth
Ya, you nuts are correct. Anyone who doesn't walk in step and agree with
everything you liberal nuts agree with must be on the, and we are also Nazis, and Racists and we also
don't like the poor.
lmao...PS - Keep drinking that kool-aid.G Dawg
01.30.07 - 11:34 am #

We Gots ourselves another uniter
I'll attach any goddamned label I want on you Frank C. Don't you fucking tell me
what I should or shouldn't do you smartass little bastard. You don't speak for
me asshole.
Steve Pope 01.30.07 - 1:22 pm #

I'm not here to "enhance" my argument. I'm not interested in finding
common ground with you leftist scumbags. I am your enemy. And you are mine.
Steve Pope 01.30.07 - 1:25 pm #

Woke,If push comes to shove we will pick another battlefield other than
the ballot box to stop you leftists in your tracks. And remember we're all armed
Steve Pope 01.30.07 - 1:28 pm # ( They
are all so eager to find a battlefield yet none of them enlist.)

Another Republican Soldier In The Culture Of Life.
You should consider yourselves lucky there were no pro-war rallies. Because
if there were you leftists would all be holding memorial services right now for
your dead comrades.
Frank Rockford 01.30.07 - 8:14 am #

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who Are Mike Gallagher's Fans?

If these so-called 'protesters' disrupt the war effort, it wouldn't be out of the question to round them up and put them in camps until the end of the terror war. We did it in WWII. Why not now?Mr. Gallagher as stated an idea about concentration camps for the anti-war croud who aid the enemy. Now I am starting to understand where he is coming from after viewing the horrid acts over the weekend in D.C.Gallagher understands the terror threat to America and how we could be destroyed at any moment after 9/11.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 6:30 am #

Remember we are in a time of war. Mr. Gallagher knows more about these things than you and me.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 7:09 am #
0 am

WRONG! You are overlooking a very basic consideration in your prognostication. That is; YOU fifth-columnists, apologists for terrorists, and appeasers of Islamic-fascists are a buch of key-pounding , over the hill throw-backs to the peace & love '60s. Any attempt at insurrection by the Lefty-Loonies and attack on American instututions will be thoroughly leveraged by the Jihadis as cover for their terror-attacks on ALL of us. You are fools and tools being used by the likes of A.N.S.W.E.R. and other such front-groups. More so, there is a demographic matter you are forgetting. Per your "wouldn't be shit you and your 30%-ers could do about it". That 30% are gun-toting VETs,sports-enthusiasts, rifle range frequenters,pistol packing and basically well-armed Americans who will not let the likes of your ilk do jack-shit without a fight. Now really, think about it. Get past your revolutionary arrogance and passion. We "30%" are armed and prepared to confront the Progressive-elitists; firstly in cyberspace on blogs, and unfortunately, if required in-the-streets. So, to those of you who desire to become American-Jihadis and support those seeking the destruction of America through violent means...lock & load. You are woefully unprepared for the reaction that it will illicit.
America First 01.28.07 - 7:10 am #

America First:You are absolutely correct! These Left-wing blow-hards are all mouth. These are the very same folks who abohr weapons and advocate gun control. They do not understand the meaning of that ("gun control")phrase. It really means ..being able to hit your target accurately. These punks are merely reliving the glory days of peace marches, SDS, Weather Underground, and the SLA. They have'nt got a clue as to the fire storm they would initiate if they attempted to " rise up".
Nabob 01.28.07 - 7:23 am #

"...calling us traitors.". Only those of YOU who are advocating violent revolution as in " group of individuals got a following for a nationwide 'rising up'," insurrection & treason. Otherwise, if the accusation fits then wear it. If not, shut the fuck up. Thank you.
America First 01.28.07 - 8:23 am #

The degree of "how far right.." is defined by how far Left You are.America First 01.28.07 - 8:40 am #

Helen Thomas is 60 Minutes' Rooney in drag.
America First 01.28.07 - 8:42 am #

You and your fellow Leftists are being betrayed by the Democratic leadership that YOU prayed for and supported so feverishly. Want to know why? Because they used Bush-the-Boogyman as a catalyst to use fools like you. Now that they are in-power, they are casting you, and the rest of the Left-wing aside for a more mature and realistic appraoch to dealing with Islamic-terror. YOU have served their election purposes. Watch as they ignore your agenda.
Mad Max 01.28.07 - 8:56 am #

Posted: JanuMad Max 01.28.07 - 9:24 am # ary 4, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern By Chelsea Schilling© 2007

As per usual, you have descended into juvenile antics and rants. Time for adults to move on.
Mad Max 01.28.07 - 9:49 am #

"The rest of us in Thinking-America will get some good belly-laughs". You go right ahead with your false sense of victory. Beware, the progressive fringe of the Dem party has been betrayed,used and abused.Watch closely as the Dem party leadership gives you lip-service and follows an approach in Iraq, nat'l security, and ME strategy that will not be very different from what Bush is pursuing. Oh, the Dems will play semantics and loosey-goosey on what they tell YOU, but, just watch and see how YOU will be betrayed. Its a time proven tactic to play to the Left-wing's agenda and then cast them aside to embrace a more " main-stream" approach to reality.
Mad Max 01.28.07 - 10:05 am #

You liberals should read this article about how we are in WWIII and it is probably the most dangerous time in our country's history.Also, Israel's survival is at stake. They face another Holocaust from the Muslims. If you don't realise that Israel and America are in this fight together, then I will assume you are just an anti-semite.America and Israel will defeat the cancer that is known as Islam.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 11:02 am #

How can you liberals be against the Iraq war? Do you want a nuke attack against us? Or Israel? Oh wait, maybe for Israel b/c I know you liberals don't like them.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 11:06 am #

claudo,I take offence to your slander of Jesus Christ, referring to him as "Starship Jaysus." How dare you slander the Good Lord Your God.We Christians can only pray for a soul such as yours.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 11:10 am #

CafeenMan,Do you love your parents?It is a simple question.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 11:12 am #

Liberals were the people spitting on US soldiers when they came back from Vietnam.I wouldn't be surprised that the offspring of those pathetic people will be doing the same thing to our soldiers in Iraq when they come home from their victory in Iraq..
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 11:21 am #

The thing that I don't understand about you liberals who want to quit and run away in Iraq is why you don't support helping Israel?We are fighting in Iraq to protect our ally Israel. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and it is the victim of evil attacks from Muslims very often.Israel needs our help to destroy militant Islam. We helped them form their state after WWII. We give them billions of dollars to kill Muslims that attack them. We are in the fight together..
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 11:28 am #

Liberals are a bunch of wimps. Look who they cater too: fags, minorities, and illegal immigrants.Enough said. .
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 1:24 pm #

And not to mention the Democrats voted for the use of force to overthrow Saddam, although I'm sure most of the blame Bush crowd first conveniently forgot that fact. Another lesson from
Da Ranger!
Ranger Bob 01.28.07 - 1:26 pm #

Please put down the crack pipe. It is only hurting you..
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 1:37 pm #

Pro-peace = Pro-genocideJust ask the Jews in Germany..
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.28.07 - 2:06 pm #

Ranger Bob A Cherry Picker and A Liar.
Ranger Bob Posted...
The Fonda trip became unforgettable because it infuriated Americans,
especially Americans in uniform, many of whom still regard her as a traitor. She
praised the North Vietnamese, posed for a photo at a Communist anti-aircraft gun
emplacement, made several radio broadcasts for the Communist North Vietnamese in
which she called American military leaders "war criminals," then when some of
the POWs returned home and described mistreatment by the North Vietnamese, she
said Americans should "...not hail the POWs as heroes, because they are
hypocrites and liars."
Ranger Bob 01.27.07 - 11:26 pm #

Which he found at...

Too bad he didn't post the opening paragraph...

The Truth: This story hearkens to a real visit to North Vietnam by Jane Fonda in July of 1972, but the stories about betraying POWs is not true.

Credit goes to John T for catching the Ranger in this lie.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Should I Add Anonymous To The Rangers Know Names?
Too bad John Turd cant admit he is ever wrong!
Anonymous 01.27.07 - 11:29 pm #

Oh the Irony Part 3
The need for acceptance for John T is paramount.
The Ranger 01.27.07 - 11:09 pm #

The Ranger Posts Debunked Nonsense...

Muslims are our friends we should embrace them, as President Clinton
did!Terrorist pilot Mohammad Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986.
The>>>> Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the
Oslo>>>> agreement with the Palestinians in 1993, Israel had to
agree to >> release>>>> so-called "political
prisoners.">>>> However, the Israelis would not release any with
blood on their >> hands.>>>> The American President at the
time, Bill Clinton, and his >> Secretary of>>>> State, Warren
Christopher, "insisted" that all prisoners be released.>>>> Thus
Mohammad Atta was freed and eventually thanked the U S by flying>>>>
an airplane into Tower One of the World Trade Center. This was >>
reported>>>> by many of the American TV networks at the time that
the >> terrorists we>>>> first identified.>>>> It
was censored in the US from all later reports.>>
Ranger Bob 01.27.07 - 10:23 pm #

And another good one!video of Lt.Col. Oliver North testifying at the
Iran-Contra hearings>> during the Reagan Administration.>> There was
Ollie in front of God and country getting the third degree,>> but what he
said was stunning!>> He was being drilled by a senator; "Did you not
recently spend >> close to>> $60,000 for a home security
system?>> Ollie replied, "Yes, I did, Sir.">> The senator continued,
trying to get a laugh out of the audience, >> "Isn't>> that just a
little excessive?">> "No, sir," continued Ollie.>> "No? And why
not?" the senator asked.>> "Because the lives of my family and I were
threatened, sir.>> "Threatened? By whom?" the senator questioned.>>
By a terrorist, sir" Ollie answered.>> "Terrorist? What terrorist could
possibly scare you that much?">> "His name is Osama bin Laden, sir" Ollie
replied.>> At this point the senator tried to repeat the name, but
couldn't>> pronounce it, which most people back then probably couldn't. A
>> couple of>> people laughed at the attempt. Then the senator
continued. Why are >> you>> so afraid of this man?" the senator
asked.>> "Because, sir, he is the most evil person alive that I know of",
>> Ollie>> answered.>> "And what do you recommend we do about
him?" asked the senator.>> "Well, sir, if it was up to me, I would
recommend that an assassin >> team>> be formed to eliminate him and
his men from the face of the earth.">> The senator disagreed with this
approach, and that was all that was>> shown of the clip.>> By the
way, that senator was Al Gore!
Ranger Bob 01.27.07 - 10:26 pm #

The changes his name a little bit after he gets his ass handed to him
Why do you hate your pathetic life so much?
Ranger 01.27.07 - 10:58 pm #

Yes!!! Some More G-Dawg!
Gallagher rocks ... and he set it straight. Fonda should of been arrested
and put in prison 30 years ago.She is traitor and so are you liberals.Why do
liberals hate America?Why do liberals love the enemy so much?TRAITORS !!!PS -
Oh, by the way, MSNBC and CNN were all attacking Fonda.lmao...

G Dawg 01.27.07 - 10:41 pm #

************Movement to Classify 'Liberalism' as Mental
Disorder Gains SteamAmerican Psychiatric Association approves the inclusion of
"Political Paranoia" in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
DisordersNEW YORK, NY—When Zacharia Goodman recently sought out the help of a
therapist, it was no mystery as to what was ailing him. The 27-year-old copy
editor was so consumed by his belief that President George W. Bush stole the
2004 election that he was having trouble sleeping, completing rudimentary tasks
at work, and carrying on conversations about topics not related to politics.The
therapist he consulted wrote Goodman a prescription for the social anxiety drug
Paxil and encouraged him to spend less time reading left-wing Web logs and
listening to Air America.This particular story has a happy ending; Goodman
admits that he's already far less irritating to be around than he was just a few
weeks ago. But countless paranoids just like him may be going untreated, say
mental health professionals. The reason: the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders or DSM presently excludes political paranoia from its 933
pages of symptoms, diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

G Dawg 01.27.07 - 10:46 pm #

Hey libs, don't forget to take your 'meds' before you go to are on 'meds'.lmao...
G Dawg 01.27.07 - 10:50 pm #

The Ranger calls himself a hero
You mean a hero to liberals :)
Ranger Bob 01.27.07 - 10:35 pm #

He Calls Himself Hussein O'Bob But Could He Be Ranger O'Bob?

Yes, the liberal left wants to tear down everything that has been built over the
last 225 years and the Moslems will be happy to assist them and then chop off
their heads. So if we bring all the troops home and do away with the military
what are you liberals going to do to protect us from folks like the
Islamofascists, the North Koreans and the invasion of third world illegal
immigrants? How are you going to run the industry where all those taxes you want
to collect for universal health care? You stinking cowards want it to be a
socialist utopia. Hey, go to North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela. Your HATE AMERICA
FIRST rhetoric does not fool anyone who has any sanity left.

Hussein O'bob 01.27.07 - 10:00 pm #

Hey, John T, you are showing your ignorance. Followers of Mohammed have always been known as MOSLEMS. Muslims is something that the blacks came up with when Cassius Clay embraced Islam. You NHs are just behind the times and I will continue to call the Islamofascists MOSLEMS!!!!!!

Hussein O'bob 01.27.07 - 10:10 pm #

Hey, you left wingers are willing to let the MOSLEMS take all of us back 1300 years, Right? I just said that you lefties are ready to throw away our 225 years of being the greatest nation on the face of the earth. But, then you are HATE AMERICA FIRST.

Hussein O'bob 01.27.07 - 10:13 pm #

Oh The Irony Part 2
I'm with you Marty. I wish you liberals would stand up and fight. We've
been waiting 6 years for you radicals to start the civil war in this country
that you're all so bent on having. So lets get it on liberals. You got the
majority. It should be easy to beat the rest of us. So stop bellyaching already
and start your fucking war !Tom 01.27.07 - 9:11 pm #

Friday, January 26, 2007

SSS Has Oscar Fever
This is just like watching the academy awards...assholes giving out asshole
awards for being the biggest and best assholes.CONGRADULATIONS YOUR ALL
WINNERSNews Hounds...we sniff you dont have to.
SnakeSkinSkull 01.26.07 - 3:59 pm #

From Newhounds regular Claudo...
Count Istvan would appreciate that little troll "pearl."
claudo 01.26.07 - 3:59 pm # ...

He does indeed.

Stackman Quotes Rambo To Make a Point

It's people like that who Hannity exposes that the liberal media won't.
Sean is a great American and love his country and the military.Hannity has done
more for the military with his Freedom Concerts and other things than any of you
liberals on this blog combined 1000x over. And you wonder why the military
despises democrats. We weren't allowed to win in Vietnam b/c of the liberals,
and they are trying to do it again.

Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.26.07 - 3:18 pm #

Remember what Rambo said in FIRST BLOOD: PART IIJohn Rambo: "Are
we going to be allowed to win this time?" referring to the liberals who didn't
allow them to win in Vietnam.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.26.07 - 3:29 pm #

Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian...Says Ralph

From Ralphy Land

ABOUT HER SORDID SEX LIFE?!?!?!?!?!?!:A former Secret Service Agent who was
assaulted in the White House in the 1990's with an ashtray by Hillary (Gay
Republicans-in-the-Closet) Rodenhurst-Clinton is now in contact with former
White House Aide now Fox News Commentator Dick Morris. Morris specializes in
blackmail and is reportedly now ready to Swiftboat Bitch aka Hillary on her
White House year's i.e. sexual affairs. The ex-Secret Service Agent has signed
an Affidavit that he was hit in the head by a glass ashtray after catching
Hillary Clinton in bed engaging in hot lesbian sex with her White House
Prostitute Susan. Note: Susan came to the White House in 1994 to calm Hillary
after she blew out the Democratic majority in Congress in 1994. It should also
be noted that Susan not only gave Herpes to Hillary but also to Leo Panetta and
T F L M A O ! ! ! !

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Running G-Dawg thread

live, being so full hate as you liberals. It sucks to be a liberal.
G Dawg
01.25.07 - 10:44 pm #

American Idol and 24 are the most popular shows on
TV. And both are on FOX.lmao....HOW DO YOU LIBERALS LIKE THEM APPLES ??lol....
G Dawg 01.25.07 - 10:45 pm #

I thought this site was about Fox News Channel? If that is the case,
then why is this site worried about about Fox Broadcasting?Next you fools will
be bitching about Fox Sports. lol...lmao...Do you realize what fools you
liberals look like because you are so MAD and UPSET about about American Idol
and 24? I had to call my brother about this one, and we were both laughing so
hard, my stomach hurt.lmao...
G Dawg 01.25.07 - 11:51 pm #

Struggling Ford hits a new low$12.7 billion loss in '06 by far company's
- Hey Ford, how do like them FAGGOTS now ??lol....lmao....FUCK FORD --- FORD
...lmao....FAGGOT LOVERS !!!
G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:32 am #

See what happens when Conservatives BOYCOTT something?I wonder if your little boycott with O'Reilly is going to work like this did.FORD losses $13 Billion ...KEEP THE BOYCOTT GOING ...DON'T BUY A..FORD orMAZDA or LAND ROVER or VOLVO orJAGUAR orLINCOLN orASTON MARTIN All of those are owned by FORD ...KEEP BOYCOTTING ALL OF BYE FORD !!!!

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:38 am #

No, people will just buy from other car companies that don't support the FAGGOT way of life.Like Chevy, GMC, Dodge or Chrysler or Jeep or Buick, Honda, Toyota or Nissan.And they will have to increase production and built more

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:43 am #

Honda to Build New Automobile Manufacturing Plant in Indiana$550 Million Plant to Employ 2,000 Associates and Begin Production in 2008 May Add Five New North Amereican Plants

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:46 am #

THE ECONOMY had been so bad under Bush that Hyundai built a new plant in Alabama, and so did Honda, they also built a new plant in Alabama also.And Toyota built a new Truck plant in Texas.Now Honda is building another plant in America and Toyota is planning on building 5 more plants.Yes, the economy is just terrible under

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:51 am #

And KIA just broke ground on a new plant. Yes, the economy is really LIBERALS think the economy is terrible, yet in the past 5 years we have had about 8 new auto plants either open up or start

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:56 am #

Hey dumbass liberals .... read that article. Spin that !!!lol...Liberals just can't accept the fact that Bush's tax cuts worked and that the economy has been on fire.PS - Too bad liberals are so angry that they don't even realize the economy is doing great.

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 1:08 am #

I haven't been on this site for a week. Just got back from a week in Miami.Anyone been to South Beach?Oh ya .... that's what I'm talking about.So it was fun fucking with you morons again. I hi-jacked the thread again.I go to Miami for a week, come back, and still can make you fools jump thru my

G Dawg 01.26.07 - 1:21 am #

G-Dawg and Ford part 2

Ford Helps Sponsor Explicit, Sickening Homosexual Scene Sales Drop 13% in
December Update on Ford Boycott Sales Drop 11.6%.
Homosexual Groups More Important Than Support For Employees, Dealers.
Homosexuals give Ford no public support despite falling sales due to AFA boycott Dealers Ask Ford to Stop
Supporting the Homosexual Agenda - Ford gives donation to pro-homosexual
marriage group
G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:29 am #

G-Dawg Knows Why Ford Failed
Ford to Advertise In Gay Press
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Check this out. Ford changed its mind
back in 2005 and went back to advertising in Faggot publications. Because of
that, Conservatives started to boycott FORD ... and look what happened last
year. FORD lost almost $13 Billion. - I wonder if Ford is going to
keep promoting the FAGGOT lifstyle.G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:25 am #

I'm Bright Enough To Know How To Spell Through
I don't jump thru your hoops, you liberals jump thru still
have put 2 and 2 together yet, have you?Not too bright, are you?
G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:17 am #

G-Dawg Is Back!
Hey dumbass Muslims, this is America. If you don't like America, then get
the fuck out. Get your stupid ass back to the middle east. And take your camels
with you.
G Dawg 01.26.07 - 12:03 am #

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SSS tells all

No one handled my ass.

SnakeSkinSkull 01.24.07 - 3:37 pm #

There's a difference?

Anither troll gets his ass handed to him.

SnakeSkinSkull 01.24.07 - 2:13 pm #

He gets set straight...

Yo. Moron.Fox Entertainment Channel had 10 mill. viewers (because of
AmericanIdol). Not FNC=Fox News Channel.
Foggg 01.24.07 - 2:44 pm #

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Ranger Heils The President
Mr. President I salute you! Thank god for Bush!
Ranger Bob 01.23.07 - 9:54 pm #

It's long and pointless it must be Cedarford

There are people who knee-jerk on unquestioning acceptance of "victims" and
demand others do the same. "Children never lie and are never responsible!!"
"Women never lie about rape!!Now it could be Shawn Hornbeck was kidnapped, and
it also could be that he ran away from what he thought was a bad family to the
big nice guy who promised him all sorts of presents, never having to go to
school again, and a 365 day a year vacation. The cops may have some very
interesting interviews. We will see what the charges are.Now, it may be wrong to
make assumptions, but one side is firmly convinced the Hornbeck kid is 100% a
victim and he is a hero and his family deserves to move out of the single-wide
to the free 4-bedroom house a wealthy developer just gave him for his courage
and example to others...Or, as others troubled by his actions note: 1. Kid had
free run for at least 4 years, full access to phones, internet, transportation -
but made no effort to contact his Mom, Stepdad, or siblings to let them know he
was alive.2. Kid contacted the police twice. The first to call in that his nice
new bike had been stolen. Cops who responded got a signed report from him that
his Dad was Devlin, and he altered his birthdate on the report from his true one
and reported his Mom lived out of state. That happened in 2002, 10 months after
he disappeared (notice I did NOT say kidnapped).Nature of his 2nd police meeting
not clarified.3. He had a number of friends in the neighborhood, stayed over at
one kids house, and never told any of them about what happened.Many more details
will come out. I suspect the wealthy developer might wonder about his house
gift. We also know he was upset that the "missing posters" were still up and
wrote the "Shawn is Missing" website using his Devlin alias and asking when the
Hornbecks would quit looking for Shawn Hornbeck, then writing back (or Devlin
did) saying he hoped that comment wasn't upsetting.Devlin himself is going away
for life for kidnapping the 2nd boy, but may just be hit with unlawful
guardianship if Hornbeck moved in with him willingly, and if he is a gay
pederast, whatever he did with his boytoy.

Cedarford 01.23.07 - 4:51 pm


A Blog entry from Ralph Van Impe


No Actually you're wrong.
What is the point of this site? It appears to be a bunch of liberals who
can't stand the fact that Fox News is on the air and is the number one cable
news network. Heaven forbid they ever make a mistake, meanwhile, the mainstream
news media come influence elections with their biased reporting. You guys are
pissed because Fox took away your monopoly on the news. Am I right here?
Randy 01.22.07 - 3:07 pm #

2008/Ranger Bob exposed again.

You can read the entire thread where he is talking to himself here

And read the short version here...
Thanks To Robrob

(From the "Carl Cameron Says People Won't Vote For Senator Clinton Either
Because She's A Woman Or Because She Is Hillary Clinton" thread) "OH, so now
your employer "wants" me to call. You really are too funny. You don't work for
any accredited law enforcement agency, you are a wannabee security guard. Not
worth my time champ." 2008, ###-###-####, ask for the duty agent. Time to put up
or shut up, "champ." - Robrob 01.22.07 - 7:17 pm #

You didn't have to get all huffy about it Rob... . 2008 01.22.07 - 7:18
pm # 2008,

Put up or shut up. - Robrob 01.22.07 - 7:23 pm #

Guess that wannabee security line kinda ruffled your feathers huh big guy
I'll call when I have some spare time Busy time at work you know . 2008
01.22.07 - 7:27 pm #

Robby is begining to scare me today. Big on
wanting a phone call isn't he? Amazing how Rob is "on the job" and able to spend
so much time on a "blog" Oh well another waste of taxpayer dollars.... . 2008
01.22.07 - 8:34 pm

2008? {chirp, chirp, chirp} Thought so... Robrob 01.22.07 -
11:51 pm

LOL!! The thing is Rob I never stated I
had any desire to speak with you champ. It would seem that I really should call
(###) ###-#### and the OPR doesn't it? It appears as though my
hard earned tax dollars are being wasted..... . 2008 01.23.07 - 7:45 am #

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trollapalooza! Volume 2!

Hillary's only plan for Iraq is to run away from the problem.
Christopher Giles 01.17.07 - 4:19 pm #

She has obviously managed to ursurp her heterosexuality.
Klaus X
01.17.07 - 4:30 pm #

Do you people just make this up as you go along? Jon Scott called her
"Senator" three times going into the press conference and coming out of it. I'll
give you a chance to correct your latest untrue allegation, but I hope you
don't. It's more fun for me that way.
johnny dollar Homepage
01.17.07 - 4:36 pm #

Your ignorance is appalling. When I catch people in lies about Fox News,
I post the video and audio clips to prove my case. And I will do so again, if
johnny dollar Homepage 01.17.07 - 4:45 pm #

Thanks for the complement, I am only 11 actually, I doubt I will be able
to stomach this site by the time I reach 13.
Klaus X 01.17.07 - 4:49 pm #

Man, you really get upset when someone sees through the scam. You can't
get upset every time some Fox hater is caught telling another lie. There isn't
enough time for that much outrage. Get over it.
johnny dollar Homepage
01.17.07 - 6:04 pm #

You liberals are so amusing. Everybody knows that if the President were
to say "You know,Senator that's a good idea" that Hillary would immediately flip
flop , make believe she never called for more troops in Afghanistan and
castigate the President for sending troops to Afghanistan when he should be
sending them to Iraq . Just like all of those flip flopping Democrats who were
saying as recently as last year that we needed more troops in Iraq but who are
now opposed to the idea solely because the President is now calling for more
U.S.D. Bond Ret. 01.17.07 - 6:28 pm #

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and whathisname who is going to be the new
Chairman of of the House Intelligence Committee have all said in recent months
that more troops were needed in Iraq. The problem with people like you Frank is
that you believe your party's propaganda that we conservatives don't pay
attention. But we do. And we hear everything.
U.S.D. Bond Ret. 01.17.07 -
6:33 pm #

So ? What is with you liberals and Chuck Hagel ? Why do you think he
speaks for the Republican Party ? And why can't you stay on the subject which is
Hillary Rodham Clinton ?
U.S.D. Bond Ret. 01.17.07 - 6:35 pm #

Hey Frank,I am not here to play your stupid little games. If you want to
continue to be willfully ignorant of what members of your own party have been
saying be my guest. I really don't care you partisan piece of shit.
Bond Ret. 01.17.07 - 6:39 pm #

Hey fuck you Claudo. I already told you I am not here to play your
fucking little games. You know goddamned well that what I wrote is true. I'm not
going to waste my time providing your arrogant ass with sources for something
you already know goddamned well yourself is true. Go fuck yourself.
Bond Ret. 01.17.07 - 6:44 pm #

The translation Frank is exactly what I wrote. I am not here to play
your fucking little games. Go fuck yourself you fucking leftist bastard.
U.S.D. Bond Ret. 01.17.07 - 6:48 pm #

Don't confuse my hate with anger Frank. I'm nopt angry with people like
you . I despise you. There's a difference. And the reason I despise you is for
the way people like you have divided this country ever since November 2000 when
you couldn't even give this President the respect of acknowedging that he beat
your candidate fair and and sqaure. Fuck you Frank. Fuck all of you. You like a
divided country ? You like the fact that people in this country can't even civil
conversations over political differences anymore ? Do you enjoy it ? Well you
assholes haven't seen anything yet. We've already had one civil war in this
country. Don't be so naive to think it can't happen again.
U.S.D. Bond Ret.
01.17.07 - 6:54 pm #

LOL!!!It's always a full moon here at Wally WorldThe things you people
dream up....
2008 01.17.07 - 7:03 pm #

There is one other possibility: Newshounds has no sense of humor
I Own This Site Homepage 01.17.07 - 7:26 pm #

Don't all of you think "An Inconvenient Truth" is true and not the work
of fiction it is? So Gore fights imaginary man made global warming and Jack
Bauer fights imaginary terrorists, Gore tortues the truth and Bauer tortures
dirt bags - don't see the difference really except the so called neo-cons who
watch 24 actually do know it is a work of fiction.
Leplace's Demon 01.17.07
- 8:18 pm #

Abby - learn to read. I didn't say global warming wasn't real - the
history of this planet is one of temperature shifts and changes, I specifically
said "man made global warming" which is really saying there is very little
evidence that C02 is the cause of it.
Leplace's Demon 01.17.07 - 8:36 pm #

Matt - taught philosophy of science for about 8 years so while I have no
particular scientific specialty, I do know what a hypothesis is, what it means
to claim x proves y, etc. I also wrote my dissertation on what it means to say
that quantum events "exist." I am currenty studying the implications of
molecular Bose–Einstein condensates. Thank you for asking.
Leplace's Demon
01.17.07 - 8:43 pm #

Smoking doesn't "cause" cancer though it is indoubtedly a very strong
contributing facor (what "causes" lung cancer in people who have never smoked?
Leplace's Demon 01.17.07 - 8:45 pm #

If engineers and scientists were able to "fix" global warming while
allowing us to continue driving SUVs and building McMansions, libtards would be
really pissed..
I Own This Site Homepage 01.17.07 - 8:55 pm #

24 reminds America weekly of what happened 5 years ago in NYC. If we
cut-and-run from Iraq, last week's episode can and will become reality in
America.I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in that America. The
day I dread is waking up to see on the news a mushroom cloud over a city after
the evil-doers have struck.Stackman,
Johnathan IV 01.17.07 - 9:50 pm #

think you liberals are just jealous because West Wing with it's fictional
liberal President got cancelled.
Pearl Harbor 01.17.07 - 9:59 pm #

John Kerry was never elected President so how do you know if he could
"do the job he was elected to do ? " All he's ever done for Massachusetts since
he got elected is managed to get himself re-elected over and over and over
again. But other than that you cannot point to a single thing he's ever
accomplished once he's been elected. 25 years in the Senate and the man doesn't
even a single piece of major legislation with his name on it.
Pearl Harbor
01.17.07 - 10:04 pm #

Is John Kerry still flying around by himself in his wife's private jet
and getting picked up at the airport in his SUV?.
I Own This Site Homepage 01.17.07 - 10:40 pm #

"Can I get me, uh, one uh them there, uh, huntin'
licenses?"-John "Everyman" Kerry, trying to act like a human during the 2004
I Own This Site Homepage 01.17.07 - 10:42 pm #

There is nothing more despicable than somebody who would use the
tragic death of a soldier for their own political demagoguery. Have you liberals
no shame ? Have you no shame at all ?Pearl Harbor 01.17.07 - 9:56 pm #

Those flag draped coffins being taken out of the rubble on 9/11 were
entirely appropriate and a timely reminder of why we should do everything in our
power to make sure that liberals like you who do not see terrorism as a threat
ever ever get elected.Pearl Harbor 01.17.07 - 10:08 pm #

Trollapalooza! Volume 1

OK I am sorry. I have taken a few days off from Newshounds to catch my breath. Oh I have posted here and there but not long enough to really savor the tasty morsels of Troll intellect. Here is my half-assed attempt to catch up with some of that troll goodness. Enjoy.

Over On Americaphile Crazy Ralph has nominated Melanie Morgan for the next publication of JFK's Profiles in courage.

I left this comment on his blog which I coppied from sourcewatch...

Melanie Morgan a profile in Courage?
"she became addicted to gambling. "I felt totally comfortable behind a
poker table," she told interviewer Troy Roberts. "I could just get high off the
cards. ... On the credit cards, I probably ran up $ 25,000. ... And that doesn't
count the cash that I was going through either." The gambling continued after
she became pregnant, "I ended up going into labor early," she said. "Of course,
I was in a terrible environment, smoke-filled room, hardly taking care of
myself. Yeah, I was gambling right up until an hour before I gave birth." After
her son was born, her gambling obsession led her to neglect the child, requiring
an informal intervention by Child Protective Services."

Oh those Crazy Christian Conservatives and their heros. I must admit though it does take real courage to totally ignore the fact you are giving birth and to keep playing poker right through it. Annie Duke once finished in the top 10 at the world series of poker 9 months pregnant but she had her baby in a hospital and then took time off to raise it. How much courage does that take? Way to go Melanie.

Well On To Newshounds...

I am not only suggesting but I'm telling yopu that all of you who accuse
this President of being a liar are thye liars, You're the liars, not the
President. And one of the biggest lies that you tell is when you claim your
views are mainstream. They are not mainstream. You're all a bunch of far left
nutcases . And I know that for a fact. I've attended some of your so-called
"anti-war" demonstrations . You people aren't anti-war. You're anti-American.
Your protests are sponsored by International ANSWER and other far left groups
which seek to destroy the United States. You use these protests as excuses to
wave the terrorist flag of Hezbollah, to denigrate the President of the United
States with your stupid posters of him with a Hitler moustache and to set up
your tables where you sell copies of Chairman Maos red book and other communist
propaganda. And you can call me a liar if you want but I have been to these
protests and everything I have just written here I have seen for myself
firsthand so I know for a fact that I am not a liar. You're the liars ! You're
not patriots. You're far left nutcases with an anti-American agenda.
Proud Neo-con 01.16.07 - 6:36 pm #

Hollywood, California Claudo. That's where I've attended your International
ANSWER sponsored "peace" protests. You got any other questions smartass ?
Proud Neo-con 01.16.07 - 6:47 pm #

And you think FNC fortunes are sinking? lol...Have
another glass of kool-aid.lmao...How do you like them apples?
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 12:53 pm #

The anti-Fox crowd say that Fox's ratings are on the skids every year.
Ya'll have been saying that for 3 years now, yet Fox ends up with the top 5 or 6
programs on cable news and 14 of the top 15.If you think ratings don't matter,
then you should talk to Air America.Obviously a career in TV or advertising
isn't in your future.
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 1:44 pm #

lmao...Check out the big brain on Brian... NOT !Some ignorant liberal post
that Air America's ratings are rising on some liberal blog and Brian reads it.
And Brian beleives it.lmao...Talk about not being able to think for himself.PS -
Hey Brian, have another glass of kool-aid. lol...
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 2:39 pm #

Once again John T jumps in the middle of something, not
know what we are talking about. Then he makes an ASS of himself, as usual.This
all started when nutjob Brian makes an idiotic statment saying that AAR ratings
are rising. And of course he no links to back this up. He just sounds good, so
he post it.I bet you were the one who got Brian hooked on
kool-aid.lmao....KOOL-AID alert !!!
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 4:00 pm #

Wow !!No wonder so many liberals end up committing suicide. Here
is a question to ponder: When do you ever see a liberal that is happy? NEVER ...
Liberals are ALWAYS angry, pissed off, depressed, frowning, complaining.PS - I
had to laugh when I saw Brian's post and he said AAR ratings were rising. PSS -
Liberals always claim to be so smart and educated, yet they make make such
stupid statements.
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 4:27 pm #

Look how the liberal Golden Gate Bridge officials were pissed off when Eric
Steel misled them about why he wanted to film the Golden Gate Bridge. His real
intention was to film all of the suicides, which was about 24 in a year ... that
is 2 a month.See liberals are like communists. They want to hide the truth from
everyone. My brother lived in Petaluma for 5 years and he told me that you NEVER
hear about the suicides on the Golden Gate. The local media doesn't report them.
Every other week someone jumps to their death and liberals don't want anyone to
know about - It
proves how unhappy and depressed liberals are. I will more would jump off the
bridge. lmao...
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 4:37 pm #

issues isn't NBC, which is a straight-up news organization."Now that's pretty
funny! I guess when the mainstream media leans left, its straight up in your
Rambo Rich Homepage 01.17.07 - 5:13 pm #

How do you liberals like the fact the two of the most popular
shows on TV, (24 & American Idol) are on FOX.FOX RULES #1And I know all you
liberals watch 24 & American Idol.Thanks for helping out Fox.lmao...Who's
Your Daddy ???Fox is !!
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 5:16 pm #

LOL!!!Come on FrankEver question one of the Hounds posts..ever?Why
should he? He agrees with EVERYTHING they say.
Ranger Robert 01.17.07 - 8:43 pm # ( oh he's
fooling me with that one!)

LOL!!I don't "whine" about anything I am a grown manI do it to
make claudo jump....looks like it worked pretty well on the rest of you as
2008 01.17.07 - 8:13 pm #

LOL!!Oh Please....I could care less about Media MattersQuite
obvious from the posts here you people enjoy being spoon fed by themJust as you
enjoy the daily feeding by the Hounds as you take their every word as gospel
without questionsheep....the whole lot of you.....2008 01.17.07 - 8:05 pm #

LOL!!!Come on FrankEver question one of the Hounds posts..ever?Ever dare to
question the fact it might be misleading or false?Or accept evry single post
without question eh?You are a sheep pal.
2008 01.17.07 - 8:22 pm #

I would rather watch Rita Cosby attempting to be Nancy Grace than that
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.17.07 - 3:51 pm #

Of course I question BoortzI'm not a simpleton like you or claudoI'm not
the one running around whining about being lied to on a daily basis like the two
of you do eh?.
2008 01.17.07 - 7:35 pm #

LOL!!David Brock is a loonBTWWill you ever even dare to question a single
word that the News Hounds write?Thought not....
2008 01.17.07 - 7:26 pm #

LOL!!!Poor liberals...Always the willing victimsAlways being
"lied to".
2008 01.17.07 - 7:00 pm #

They haven't got a cluelol
Anonymous 01.17.07 - 6:17 pm #

I've seen pictures of some of you ... and you are some ugly people.Ever
notice that the liberals that spend their whole life on blogs are fuckin Bastards !!!
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 5:32 pm #

I remember a few weeks back when that ASU MBA guy was talking to April and he
actually told here that if she put in a few lol... and lmao.... that you fools
would think April was either GDawg or ASU.And get this. A few days later April
did do that, and you fools did accuse her of being GDawg and ASU.And now you
think I'm
Who Dat ! 01.17.07 - 5:26 pm #

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Ranger's Lawyers have contacted me.

They tell me they no longer have a case.

Ranger Bob Threatens to sue me.

The picture on the left is not really the Ranger so...

So you are misrepresenting the Ranger it appears. I may have to have my lawyer
talk to your mom.

Ranger Bob 01.14.07 - 10:18 pm #

I guess I'll have to find a real pic of The Ranger.

And his Mom probably agrees with him... well maybe not.

"I'm fairly certain that I'm better in many respects than a lot of other
human beings..
I Own This Site Homepage 01.14.07 - 2:48 pm"claudo 01.14.07 - 10:07
pm #

Thanks goes to Claudo on Newshounds for pointing this one out.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Because we must keep Catholicism out of America!

LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER! By Michael Savage, an independent conservative.
A NATIONAL PARTY NO MORE! By Democrat senator Ziel Miller.Put those statements
together and it goes like this; The Democrat Party of today is a national party
no more because of the mental disorder called LIBERALISM! This is why the
Democrats want an open door policy to the illegal immigrats and they do not want
us to sell the illegals back to Mexico for breaking our laws by entering this
country illegally. They do not believe that the borders are a hazard to the
activities of suspected terrorists and latins who deal with drug and gang
activities. The people who sneak over the border are crimminals who should not
be here. This is why we as Americans must hold both parties accountable for the
sorry ass job they have done in securing us from the third world invasion that
is comming across our borders and the diseases and crime as well as different
religions. Because of liberalism the Democrat Party has become the enemy

Charles Butler 01.13.07 - 1:15 am #

Friday, January 12, 2007

Johnny Dollar asks the million dollar question.
Why is it so hard to tell the truth?
johnny dollar Homepage 01.13.07 - 12:34 am #

It's Friday and they're lonely.

I did so hope I could take a weekend off from posting troll idiocy but it's Friday, they're unemployed and they have never touched a tit in their lives other than their Dads.

This thread... is just crawling with troll ignorance.

there is this...
MLP,Do you think this is
respectably?Media Matters is made up of a bunch of long haired faggot leftists.
Their vileness is second only to the idiots that made this anti-fox site, which
by the way is BIASED.
NRB 01.12.07 - 11:49 am

G Dawg threatens grade school children...

Put it to you this way. If any of you move down here to the Atlanta area
and your son is in my son's grade ... your son will be getting his ass kicked
after school ... - We DON'T like Yankees.

G Dawg 01.12.07 -
3:02 pm #

G Dawg-ASU is also Michelle malkin
Liberals should be rounded up and put in reeducation camps. Put 'shock
collars' on them so they can't
ASU MBA 07' 01.12.07 - 1:37 pm #

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cavuto is a Liberal?

Neil Cavuto is pretty much a lib, what seperates him from the fodder that
regualarly posts here is he has integrity and doesn't hate the man nor does he
hate America.Neil reads the markets not the propaganda from the MSM, money talks
and does so without a word therfore no lies nor spinning of the message. People
lie and most of the time you can catch em if you follow their in
point - mikey moore, running around the country telling everyone that haliburton
is evil yet the man owns thier stockCan anyone say ENRON ??
DMan 01.11.07 - 10:01 pm #

This is Fox's Viewership.

FOX BUSINESS takes a different look at the economy than other business
operations.Remeber, FOX MEANS BUSINESS. Cavuto is the highest rated business
show and the COST OF FREEDOM business block in the most watches business block in all of cable news.When FOX launches their BUSINESS channel, CNBC will
probably go out of business because people will finally get a true picture of
the economy and how the terror war fuels it.
Stackman, Johnathan IV 01.11.07 - 8:57 pm #

Suicide Bob Is Back.
Bob is back. No not Ranger Bob but suicide Bob. So called because he likes to write "suicide" posts after he get his ass handed to him. His last suck post...

OK.You folks really have no idea how to have an intelligent discussion, do
you?This site just keeps getting more and more juvenile and silly. It honestly
has become a total waste of time for me, since there is no thoughtful political
discourse here most of the time.I will leave it to you to continue to pat each
other on the back and forgo any discussion with anyone with a differing
opinion.To call yourselves "diverse" is probably the funniest description you
could use.....Posted by: Bob at June 22, 2006 11:02 PM

But Bob is back spreading more nonsense than ever...

Sheppard Smith and Greta Van Sustern are recognized as being left of
center.Now, give me two names at CNN and MSNBC that are right of center.
Bob 01.11.07 - 7:03 pm #

I agree with Beck, although it is HLN and not CNN.However, Carlson might as well change his voting card.
Bob 01.11.07 - 7:05 pm #

Card carrying Republican supports everybody
Because he is my Commander-in-Chief. I supported the Honorable Bill "I did
not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton when he was President,
Card carrying Republican 01.11.07 - 4:15 pm #

Why does Card Carrying Republican continue to support this President?Gary
01.11.07 - 4:10 pm # I also supported Sammy "the buglar" Berger at the time as
Card carrying Republican 01.11.07 - 4:18 pm #

NewsHounds=Hannidate not my man.. fool. I did not vote him in.. But at least GWB has
somewhat of a spine..Unlike those politcal hacks from MASSA-2-SHITS.. WAR IS THE ONLY ANSWER..
FREEBORNMAN 01.11.07 - 11:48 am

Freebornman, Phoenix, Card Carrying Republican,You guys have a
clue, glad you're here so I don't feel as "picked-on."
barbie66 01.11.07 - 3:40 pm #

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Yo Daddy comes clean
I am a bum, I found this laptop on the street, it was logged on to this
site, so I started typing. Is that more beleivable? I am worthless and broke, I
eat at the soup kitchen. Please HELP ME!
Yo Daddy Homepage
01.09.07 - 10:18 pm #

Yo Daddy raps
Melanie (whoever you are). I am one of the "Evil Rich". My company provides
over 400 jobs for people. The more we are taxed, the less resouces our company
has to expand. The less resources we have to expand, the fewer jobs we create.
It doesn't just work that way for us, it works that way for the entire economy.
The more the gov't takes, the less capital there is for the private sector to
flourish. This makes everyone poorer - "the rich" AND "the poor". Government
does not efficiently use money. It wastes money.I realize it is difficult for
those who have never earned the money and written the checks to IRS to
understand, but "the rich" pay more than their "fair share"The "richest" 1% pay
33% of the taxes while earing 16.5% of the income. Google "IRS income statistics
for 2005" and I guarantee you can find this all over the internet.
Socialists/communists are morons, how many times must history prove it? Please -
get an economic education.
Yo Daddy 01.09.07 - 8:54 pm #

Yes you all that is my solution.If you Socialists want to live in a
Socialist country go move to one. This is a capitalist country we have here and
your kind are not welcome.
Liberalsarecrybabies 01.09.07 - 9:15 pm #

So my point is you Socialists should stop trying to stick your lazy
Socialist hands into my pocket. My money is my money, not yours. Go earn some of
your own.
Liberalsarecrybabies 01.09.07 - 9:20 pm #

I am talking about my personal taxes. My company is an "S-corp", so
corporate income is reported on my personal return. Effectively, the Alternative
Minimum tax controls the tax rate.Most of you people are complete pinheads
Yo Daddy 01.09.07 - 9:28 pm #

I have an "8 digit net worth"
Yo Daddy Homepage 01.09.07 - 9:31 pm #

For example, if taxes took 100% of income, would anyone be incentivized
to start a business to make anything? What would be the point - all your profit
motive is gone! Would you go to work if all of your income was just taken from
you? Now, consider if taxes took 99%, maybe a few would be willing to take some
small risk (or go to work), but still not many. Extrapolate this all the way to
0%, and the same is true everywhere in between.
Yo Daddy Homepage 01.09.07 - 9:44 pm #

As for the $210 mil comment - why should you care what that CEO made? It
does not affect you! If you don't like what he got, then don't invest in the
company that gave him $210 mil, and don't buy their products. His wealth does
not cause your poverty. In fact, he will get taxed at 35%+/- on $210mil and put
+/-$75 mil in the tax system many of you seem to dearly love.Yo Daddy Homepage 01.09.07 - 9:49 pm #

Another lesson from Ranger Yo Daddy!

Let's see he has a make believe fortune and he gives lessons could he be the Ranger? na...

How about I give you a lesson in not being such a faggot.
Yo Daddy Homepage 01.09.07 - 10:04 pm #

Another Mensa Boortz Buttboy
Why are democrats so stupid? Perhaps thats the reason they dont earn any
money and cry about people who do....get over it you bunch of losers...stop
trying to blame everyone for that fact your just a lazy shit with no
drive....The fact some dumb ass would actually waste time making a web site
complaining about Fox News ..... Just like the NY Times, CNN, and all the
mainstream media is liberal and talking shit out of their ass...LOSERS
Steve Gold 01.09.07 - 6:47 pm #

From The Boortz Buttboy thread again.

This thread is a goldmine of conservative idiocy.

For the conservatives here: why try to engage leftists in debate? They
can't. That requires rational skills, understanding of logical errors and
processes, an ability to project historical data into to future. These people
are Liberal because they're too stupid to be Conservative. (Well, the young ones
might just be ignorant, I was in my teens too. But the adults? Idiots.) Screw
talking to these fools. Like all primitive life forms they understand only
force. Vote, educate your kids, make a ton of money and ignore these talking ass
Kluge 01.09.07 - 5:05 pm #

Something from a new thread!
If liberals defund this war and let the terrorists win they should keep in
mind they will be the ones responsible for any repercussions that occur from
their irresponsible decision. And this won't be like Vietnam either where the
left can just close their collective eyes and ears to all of the deaths that
their surrender causes because those deaths are happening thousands of miles
away. This Muslim enemy has already proven itself quite capable of attacking us
right here on our home turf so this time around the deaths that result from the
liberal surrender could very likely be right here at home.
Liberalsarecrybabies 01.09.07 - 4:28 pm #

Actually we can say the same for Bush. See the post above you,
you ignorant liberal bitch.
Liberalsarecrybabies 01.09.07 - 4:45 pm #

The Jac Plan
I have a plan that would make people smarter and work harder.First)
Everyone must graduate high school. If you drop out, then a warrent is issued
for your arrest and when you are caught you are killed. (that would eliminate
some of the stupid people).Second) If you are on welfare, then you are not
allowed to have children until you are off of welfare. (stupid people won't be
producing more stupid people)Third) Anyone caught dealing drugs would be
executed. Fourth) Any illegals that are caught are executed.If we put this into
action then America would not have any problems.
JAC 01.09.07 - 1:01 pm #

Oh the Irony

there is nothing like a personal attack to spread your message of compassion for
the underprivileged, less fortunate titsuckers living off our tax dollars.

Rick H. Homepage
01.09.07 - 4:28 pm #

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